Monday, April 30, 2007


"Hey, great calls lately and great timing. You are doing a great service to your readers." From J.

Great Calls is why my members are making 2x there money is todays afternoon update !!!

From: Tom Malone [] Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 2:22 : TTT UPdate 2:15pm



NAS Not making progress in a week

I can't tell you historically how this is going to pan out but I would sure like to see a sharp sell off

That would get us into really oversold and pessimism would be back quick ..setting up a run to 14,000 by July 4th !!!

GS Not acting well

BUY 40 Contracts JULY 131 PUTS BUY PUTS 1:30pm

We have to stay put here and wait for the market to tell us more short term my target of 50 points high and 200 down may be in order they will hit this market when it least expects it with an "air pocket" down and then buying will resume.


Now wouldn't you like to be told some 15 minutes before hand to buy puts !!!! Then have 75 points tumble off the DOW !!!

The perfect way to be a profitable trader is to ride the market to the top and then get out of high beta and then buy you can read this blog we were 200% invested in this Bull putting every last penny into Great Stocks and Options that were up over 600%. Then we played earnings on stocks like QCOM up huge ...we sold ...GLW up huge we sold ....NDAQ up huge we sold...we went into oil plays and were hit today with just 50% stocks and 10% DIA Puts !!!! I was at Tim Knights Blog on Thursday evening saying I was bearish for the 1st time short term and I was buying puts for the 1st time since FEBRUARY !!!

I gave my members all the data needed and more as we got into puts and out of TECH as we knew high beta would get hit first !!!

So what is next ???

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