Monday, March 31, 2008


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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hey ,

Had to make some comments today as I am looking over all the blogs and news feeds and having been in a number of recessions and bull and bear markets it always amazes me about the perceptions of people and what they do during periods of crisis. The normal emotion is to "protect" and this is a wise thing for most Americans. The point I would like to get across today is this is 2008 and we are just about to dawn on even a more spectacular period in our history. I certainly agree the markets and our financial systems are susceptible to the BUBBLES of overindulgence and they will pick this HOUSING /CREDIT BUBBLE and say it is now time to stuff the survival gear in the mattress with silver coins and 6 month supply of canned goods is not appropriate. I have found that times of this nature have been the best times to buy common stock for the 3-5 year time horizon....I want to reiterate my view on the stock market....I am sure were are experiencing a type of BEAR Market but it is a very "Active" time one in which literally millions can be made ....I like to think of these periods like a baseball game between two teams of very high skill but with no time limit ...the players all get tired ..they all start to wear down and even cheat and use steroids or other supplements to get their fix and provide peak performance...did the markets use it up with the GREED OF HOUSING CREDIT ??? Is this the last of the last innings for the Bulls in their quest for continued dominance over the bears ????

We won't know that for years to come but in my field of market forecasting that lasts from a few minutes to 9 months ....we are in very good shape....the longer term past 9 months depends if we get some new players !!! Some rookies in the form of REGULATION and REASON. Politically the markets do not care if it is RED or Blue ...US markets care about the future and right now I have never seen so many pessimists on the state of our country.

I am in the camp of a total revitilization of our infrastructure and major American cities. And a worldwide buildout of the trillions of $$$ we have invested the world over ...Africa Middle east and the BRIC countries and the Koreas will someday be one with a vibrant economy. Will the next couple of years be a mess ..maybe ..but out of the volatility ...there may be a trading opportunity for you and your family message has always been that buy and hold just plain doesn't work is the common sense buying and selling of futures Stocks options that will create real wealth ..having STAYING POWER for the long term ...using methods of hedging to lower risk and to take advantage of this "active phase".

Lower volatility will return and then we will be begging for "action" ...for now it is time to be aggressive and take some chances that the CROWD may be wrong ....My bet is we get out of this mess with our skin on and we will ultimately test those highs .....maybe a big fall before then but I will be there to warn you ....if the crowd gets too optimistic !!!

For now try to use small positions and establish those longs by looking at our portfolio and adding when possible whether it is IRA or speculation !!!! It is time to take part in this market and become part of the wealth creating public...whether for 6 months or hopefully 6 years !!!

Don't fall prey to gathering silver and filling your coffee cans and mattresses with your savings...let's see how the economy bounces back from this ...I look at our 2008 #1 rated stock NUE Nucor and listen to the workers at their plants and that of X US steel and things seem to be good with those folks as their retirements and standard of living is rising ...maybe this may just step over into the rest of the economy...maybe sooner than we think ....things as they say in baseball "aren't over til the fat lady sings" and in my book ( due out in 2009) we are in the 3rd inning of a extra inning game and with the new rookies in the farm club....I want to play this market on both sides for the coming 3-5 years !!!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The put buyers are looking for trouble ???

WE will see ....

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Tom says (2:02 PM):
OK ???
Tom says (2:02 PM):
Everyone in the pool ???
Tom says (2:03 PM):
OK ???? 12 minutes
Tom says (2:03 PM):
Lay you bets down
Tom says (2:04 PM):
I am bullish ???
Tom says (2:04 PM):
I was the only one a week ago calling for 100 last week ...and now it is concensus ????
Tom says (2:04 PM):
Now I am feeling naked
Tom says (2:05 PM):
with a bad feeling they go .50 and go 100 discount and it confuses the market
Tom says (2:05 PM):
so you could buy short here and play the fall says (2:05 PM):
Frank says (2:05 PM):
i would say don't trade the first reaction
Tom says (2:05 PM):
Thomas says (2:06 PM):
trade the third
Tom says (2:06 PM):
the knee jerk is usually wrong and the 2nd is right ..even if it reverses
Frank says (2:06 PM):
bet we see some nice whip saws!
Thomas says (2:06 PM):
which is in direction of the first wave says (2:06 PM):
it seems like they're getting more and more drastic, any reason why they wouldn't go a full percent?
Thomas says (2:06 PM):
I always thought it is abc move
Thomas says (2:06 PM):
after FEd
Frank says (2:06 PM):
aruj: whats priced in?
Tom says (2:06 PM):
yes are right I am counting the A move now
Thomas says (2:07 PM):
so you think we will go higher today ?
Thomas says (2:07 PM):
after move down?
Tom says (2:07 PM):
arujunaa says (2:07 PM):
90% of 100
Tom says (2:07 PM):
we can buy the dip
Frank says (2:07 PM):
arujunaa says (2:07 PM):
frank, you still think another investment bank goes?
Frank says (2:07 PM): have no puts?
Tom says (2:07 PM):
was 120% yesterday
Frank says (2:08 PM):
absolutely, maybe a bank first
Thomas says (2:08 PM):
Tom did you buy VIX calls?
Tom says (2:08 PM):
LEH and GS gave a performance today
Tom says (2:08 PM):
Investment banks can't fold now ...
Tom says (2:08 PM):
Frank says (2:08 PM):
Tom says (2:08 PM):
but a regular bank can
arujunaa says (2:09 PM):
nothing is impossible
Tom says (2:09 PM):
well if the fed goes under
Tom says (2:09 PM):
Thomas says (2:09 PM):
Tom any hedge you have?
Tom says (2:09 PM):
no hedges
Tom says (2:09 PM):
adding the IB's to the FED reserve limits risk 99.99%
Tom says (2:10 PM):
they just used BSC as the poor bad boy
Tom says (2:10 PM):
we are all in trouble if the Fed goes down
Tom says (2:10 PM):
Here comes the VIX trders
Frank says (2:11 PM):
LEH from 20 yesterday to 43 today
Tom says (2:11 PM):
WOW !!!!!!!
Tom says (2:11 PM):
Going to puts on VIX
Tom says (2:11 PM):
Fast money
Tom says (2:11 PM):
fast market
Frank says (2:11 PM):
think of the gains in mar 20 calls
Tom says (2:12 PM):
LEH came through with earnings like GS
Tom says (2:12 PM):
what id the fed says they will take all mortgage paper and only ease .50 ????
Tom says (2:12 PM):
That is my bet
Tom says (2:12 PM):
IF says (2:13 PM):
I feel like I want to sell everything right now and just go into cash.
Thomas says (2:13 PM):
chub I did so says (2:13 PM):
some scary shizzz
Tom says (2:13 PM):
Fed will say they are buying all outstanding mortgages to market and sell .50 the market will tank and then Rocket
Tom says (2:13 PM):
Good Chubs BUY BUY BUY !!!!!!! says (2:14 PM):
buy what?? :-O
Thomas says (2:14 PM):
Thomas says (2:14 PM):
bread butter
Thomas says (2:14 PM):
Tom says (2:14 PM):
Just saying when you feel like selling BUY panics like this will make millions
Frank says (2:14 PM):
Tom says (2:14 PM):
Tom says (2:14 PM):
on both says (2:14 PM):
that's what they said?
Thomas says (2:14 PM):
Tom says (2:14 PM):
.25 from the other day
Thomas says (2:15 PM):
we tank
Tom says (2:15 PM):
Buy this selloff
Frank says (2:15 PM):
nay, market will be up 400 today
Tom says (2:16 PM):
wanted some ammo
Frank says (2:16 PM):
2 decenting votes, thats new
Tom says (2:16 PM):
always had 1
Tom says (2:16 PM):
now 2
Tom says (2:16 PM):
giving back 33%
Tom says (2:17 PM):
Vix calls would have worked
Tom says (2:17 PM):
Tom says (2:17 PM):
Frank says (2:17 PM):
the adict is in the corner spinning, he doesn't know what to do says (2:18 PM):
where are you getting this info? CNBC?
Tom says (2:18 PM):
ramping up
Tom says (2:18 PM):
yes says (2:18 PM):
can't find anything current on the internet.
Tom says (2:18 PM):
Tom says (2:19 PM):
playing chjicken with the markets and the FED is winning
Tom says (2:19 PM):
C wave up Thomas
Frank says (2:19 PM):
i have live news feed from ameritrade says (2:20 PM):
wow that was a quick run back up.
Tom says (2:20 PM):
Tom says (2:15 PM):
Buy this selloff
Tom says (2:20 PM):
Tom says (2:20 PM):
didn't want to break new historical says (2:20 PM):
haha, only had 4 minutes to act on it, Tom. :)
Tom says (2:20 PM):
Tom says (2:21 PM):
I picked up some at 12175
Frank says (2:21 PM):
.75 didn't tank the dollar
Tom says (2:21 PM):
Not official $$$$ says (2:22 PM):
Tom says (2:22 PM):
$ OK says (2:22 PM):
I'm surprised we're not 200 down...
Tom says (2:22 PM):
good statement
Tom says (2:22 PM):
like I had mentioned earlier
Tom says (2:23 PM):
OK ..I have a conference call with LM back at 3:00pm
Tom says (2:23 PM):
Tom says (2:23 PM):
TTT Out for a bit

Rich has left the conversation.

Frank says (2:25 PM): still have QLDGP?
Frank says (2:26 PM):
bid 5.4, ask 9.5. thats an incredible spread says (2:26 PM):
yeah, I didn't know that TTT got out. says (2:26 PM):
I'm pretty good with keeping up on the boards too... says (2:27 PM):
2 contracts, bought @ 7.5.
Frank says (2:27 PM):
now 6.6, 8.2 with 0 volume says (2:27 PM):
on Tuesday, QLDGP's spread was 6.1 bid, 11.10 ask... crazy.
Frank says (2:27 PM):
i don't like illiquid options says (2:28 PM):
Yeah, I wanted to get out on Tuesday, but I didn't want to take a loss on it. says (2:28 PM):
especially with the ask at 11.10. says (2:29 PM):
just gonna make it one of my cores along with the June spy call... says (2:29 PM):
hopefully it'll all pan out.
Frank says (2:29 PM):
taken my ultras off says (2:30 PM):
I was wondering Frank, how do you have all this money in your IRA but little in your regular trading account? says (2:30 PM):
did you start your IRA super early?
Frank says (2:31 PM):
1984 says (2:31 PM):
Haha, I guess "super early" is very subjective... I was 4 when you started it. says (2:31 PM):
so 2x ETF's are all you do?
Frank says (2:32 PM):
but i'm up 50% since november last year says (2:32 PM):
yeah, you were bearish at the right time, tip my hat to you. says (2:32 PM):
I think I still only know how to play it one way, need to learn about puts and shorting, and inverse 2x etf's.
Frank says (2:33 PM):
they are selling a little now
Frank says (2:34 PM):
i think what they did was as neutral as they could have been
BOB says (2:34 PM):
some s&p floor trader, Louis ........always said there are 3 moves after FED announcement, and the 3rd move is the direction to catch
Tom says (2:34 PM):
Yes ..That is correct
Tom says (2:35 PM):
8 Open positions Thomas ???
Frank says (2:35 PM):
a floor trader whose name doesn't end in a vowel...can't believe him:)
Thomas says (2:35 PM):
You see tom here is my abc
BOB says (2:35 PM):
Louie :)
Thomas says (2:35 PM):
yes 8 positions
Tom says (2:35 PM):
Frank says (2:35 PM):
oh, louie
Tom says (2:36 PM):
Thomas give me you 3 waves here ???
BOB says (2:36 PM):
guy was famous for buying s&p's during the 1987 crash
Frank says (2:36 PM):
aruj: what the bond guys doin?
arujunaa says (2:37 PM):
flattening the curve since inflation expectations are lower now that they "only" went 75
Tom says (2:37 PM):
dollar up commodities down ??
arujunaa says (2:37 PM):
selling short end, buying long end
Tom says (2:38 PM):
which is good for mortgages ??
Tom says (2:38 PM):
working well
Tom says (2:38 PM):
but stocks 1/2 cut
Tom says (2:38 PM):
50% retrace is not a great sign but nas is OK still
Tom says (2:39 PM):
looking to growth says (2:39 PM):
how'd that vix play work out? I can't tell, it looks like it's the same to me.
Thomas says (2:41 PM):
Tom you can see those waves on 2 min chart just after the announcement
Thomas says (2:41 PM):
for short term day traders
Thomas says (2:41 PM):
we could sell the first reaction against seeloff
Thomas says (2:41 PM):
you can see it also on 5 min char
Thomas says (2:41 PM):
Tom says (2:42 PM):
buy 2 ES at 1300
Tom says (2:43 PM):
replace the 2 sold
Tom says (2:43 PM):
at 1308
Thomas says (2:43 PM):
Thomas says (2:48 PM):
have to go for 30 min will be back
Tom says (2:48 PM):
Hope you got long with me ??
Tom says (2:49 PM):
GOLD SILVER crashing ??/
Tom says (2:49 PM):
should have had some shorts on
Tom says (2:49 PM):
they have driven me crazy
Tom says (2:49 PM):
need to stay away from them
Frank says (2:50 PM):
vix lod, fear gone, fed to the rescue buy buy buy
Tom says (2:50 PM):
Tom says (2:50 PM):
1000 point run ...
Tom says (2:50 PM):
too much pessimism
Jerry says (2:51 PM):
wow, sell off then rally
Tom says (2:51 PM):
yes another 1k on es
Jerry says (2:51 PM):
so it is all positive from FED??
Tom says (2:51 PM):
they went .75 and sold off 50% of gains now rally back
Jerry says (2:52 PM):
you still think we have more room for rally?
Tom says (2:52 PM):
Tom says (2:52 PM):
1000 points by june
Jerry says (2:52 PM):
ok. What is your target for XLKDV then?
Tom says (2:52 PM):
got the bottom
Tom says (2:53 PM):
Tom says (2:54 PM):
those VIX calls and puts did theor jobs ..they really moved
Tom says (2:54 PM):
GS earnings call was the best
Tom says (2:54 PM):
that did kill the bear
Tom says (2:54 PM):
for now
Tom says (2:55 PM):
Frank : great trade getting in and out of the ultra shorts
Tom says (2:55 PM):
you could have gotten mauled
Tom says (2:55 PM):
that takes experience ...not luck ????
Frank says (2:57 PM):
notice i took 1/4 position of each
Tom says (2:57 PM):
No ..I just noticed you knew when to get out !!!!
Tom says (2:57 PM):
which takes a lot of guts
Tom says (2:58 PM):
most stubborn traders will hold a position for ego
Tom says (2:58 PM):
you are not that type and really bodes well for our group
Tom says (2:59 PM):
and we will benefit from the 'timing' we both have developed on both sides
Tom says (2:59 PM):
seems just the other day I was 10 points under water on our bet ???
Tom says (3:00 PM):
now 70 es points up from the lows almost 600 points
Tom says (3:00 PM):
HOD for Nas
Frank says (3:01 PM):
i think the thing to watch out for now is a bull trap. i would use stops on gains and keep moving them up
arujunaa says (3:01 PM):
bond market crapping out for now. may see 24/48 hours of weakness
Tom says (3:02 PM):
in bonds or stocks ???
Tom says (3:02 PM):
I would think bonds
Tom says (3:02 PM):
not stocks as the up / down vol is giving a fresh buy signal
Tom says (3:03 PM):
Instant profits now for banks
Tom says (3:03 PM):
all banks now profitable if they have a calculator
Tom says (3:06 PM):
Aruj : you with me ???
Tom says (3:06 PM):
Nas at new highs up 100 + from yesterday at this time ???
Tom says (3:07 PM):
FNM FRE saying the housing crisis over says (3:07 PM):
haha, seriously??
arujunaa says (3:07 PM):
for now. i bought more qld at 66.00. but i will have to see what tomorrow brings. i'm cautious between 1325/45
Tom says (3:07 PM):
FED used ramping up the mortgage crisis in past tense like Paulson did ???? do you remember me saying that ???
Tom says (3:08 PM):
I think it is over ...the party on housing is done on the down side til summer
Tom says (3:08 PM):
got 60 days of peace
arujunaa says (3:09 PM):
hope you're right. now we could be in a short term situation where people use bad data to buy dips in stocks says (3:10 PM):
you're right about summer, Tom... says (3:10 PM):
June there's gonna be over $70 billion of adjustable rate mortgages adjusting that month.
Tom says (3:10 PM):
This is a classic Bull start or int bull run historically we will gain 10-12% in 90 days
Tom says (3:10 PM):
AFTER the cuts
Tom says (3:11 PM):
and after the upside thrust ..we now have a classic double barrelled buy signal
Tom says (3:11 PM):
very rare and has never failed
Tom says (3:11 PM):
so everyone knows it and you won't be able to get back in
Tom says (3:12 PM):
I will send you all more dat ...but believe me ...this is HUGE
Tom says (3:12 PM):
I know it is hard to believe as we just had a near blowup but we still never broke those lows !!!!!! says (3:12 PM):
a good time to be 100% long.
Tom says (3:13 PM):
and now we got the 2nd Thrust on internals ...just google "double barrelled buy signal"
Tom says (3:13 PM):
and I will send info out
Tom says (3:14 PM):
GOOGLE will give you the articles out there on Zweig and the 100% odds on a 10% min gains in 90 days
Tom says (3:14 PM):

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Monday, March 17, 2008


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Sunday, March 16, 2008


TICK - NASDAQ -469 382 -74 522 -386 530 -267
10-DAY CUMUL. -364 -276 -650 -209 -882 2634 -48

TRIN - NYSE 2.01 0.80 1.44 0.60 1.96 2.07 0.21
TRIN - NYSE 10 1.34 1.41 1.45 1.38 1.41 1.41 0.86

TRIN - NASDAQ 2.88 0.84 1.26 0.33 1.42 2.09 0.05
TRIN - NASDAQ 10 1.16 1.12 1.19 1.12 1.17 1.40 0.74

VIX 31.16 27.29 27.22 26.36 29.38
% FROM 10-DAY 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 8.0% -10.0%

VXN 32.01 29.86 30.05 28.56 31.38
% FROM 10-DAY 8.0% 2.0% 3.8% 0.4% 11.3% 6.0% -9.0%

TOTAL 1.40 1.22 1.11 1.12 1.48 1.20 0.80
TOTAL 5 1.27 1.23 1.24 1.25 1.27 1.20 0.85
TOTAL 10 1.24 1.23 1.23 1.23 1.22 1.20 0.90
TOTAL 21 1.15 1.13 1.13 1.12 1.12 1.10 0.90

EQUITY 1.16 0.82 0.84 0.89 0.99 0.88 0.55
EQUITY 5 0.94 0.89 0.95 0.92 0.93 0.75 0.60
EQUITY 10 0.92 0.89 0.90 0.89 0.88 0.75 0.60
EQUITY 21 0.84 0.82 0.82 0.81 0.80 0.73 0.60

ISE SENTIMENT 75 98 101 85 56 175 100
ISE 10 81 81 81 80 81 150 125

OEX 1.16 1.39 0.87 0.87 0.63 2.00 1.00
OEX 5 1.10 0.90 0.82 0.78 0.77 2.00 1.25
OEX 10 0.95 0.92 0.89 0.99 1.00 1.70 1.25
OEX 21 1.08 1.05 1.05 1.04 1.02 1.60 1.20

OEX OPEN INT 0.95 0.94 0.87 0.87 0.86 1.75 1.00

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Thursday, March 13, 2008


TTT HEDGE FUND 2008 Portfolio 3-13-2008

GOLDMAN SACHS GRP +1.42% 165.33

FOSTER WHEELER +0.40% 60.44


ULTRA QQQ PROSHAR +2.00% 68.32

GILEAD SCIENCES +0.77% 48.38

ISHARES DJ US BDI +1.43% 40.42

ULTRA RUSSELL2000 +3.32% 46.64

PROSH ULTRA SMALL +3.68% 49.144

ULTRA BASIC MATER +4.47% 90.9001

PST ULT RSL2000 G +3.46% 47.00

ZWEIG FUND INC -0.43% 4.63

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Name Change Last

GOLDMAN SACHS GRP -0.04% 163.01
FOSTER WHEELER -1.31% 60.20
ULTRA QQQ PROSHAR -1.95% 66.98
GILEAD SCIENCES +1.60% 48.01
ISHARES DJ US BDI -1.99% 39.85
ULTRA RUSSELL2000 -1.01% 45.14
PROSH ULTRA SMALL -1.60% 47.40
ULTRA BASIC MATER -1.18% 87.01
PST ULT RSL2000 G -1.43% 45.43
ZWEIG FUND INC -0.85% 4.65


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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WHO WAS 100% LONG at the BOTTOM ??????????????????????

Name Change Last

GOLDMAN SACHS GRP +4.81% 163.07
FOSTER WHEELER +4.27% 61.00
WACHOVIA CP +13.71% 29.78
Ultra Financials +11.70% 29.78
SPDR S&P 500 +3.59% 132.60
PowerShares Golde +6.96% 26.59
ZWEIG FUND INC +3.53% 4.69
Ultra QQQ ProSha +9.07% 68.31
SUNTECH POWER HLD -5.71% 30.24
HALLIBURTON CO +3.76% 38.37
GILEAD SCIENCES +2.44% 47.2556
WELLS FARGO & CO +10.51% 30.82
INTEL CP +5.37% 21.2001
ISHARES DJ US BDI +8.14% 40.66

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Name Change Last

GOLDMAN SACHS GRP +2.67% 159.73
ALTRIA GROUP INC +0.64% 75.22
MERCK CO INC +0.90% 41.63
FOSTER WHEELER +0.75% 58.94
WACHOVIA CP +9.55% 28.69
Ultra Financials +9.53% 29.20
SPDR S&P 500 +2.16% 130.76
PowerShares Golde +4.79% 26.05
ZWEIG FUND INC +1.99% 4.62
ST MARY LAND EXPL +0.17% 35.06
Ultra QQQ ProSha +5.21% 65.89
SUNTECH POWER HLD -6.77% 29.90
HALLIBURTON CO +3.33% 38.21
GILEAD SCIENCES +1.73% 46.93
WELLS FARGO & CO +7.17% 29.89
INTEL CP +4.62% 21.05

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TTT Clarification Time !!!!

Hey ,

I am just taking to time to thank you all for being members of the TTT Hedge Fund 2008. As you know we have had a relentless Bear Market the past few weeks and as always the emotions and second guessing is in vogue as members ...rightly so ...wonder why I am LONG and not shorting the market and buying puts etc...I have to take the time to explain my strategies and how it has kept my family and friends on the right side of the market at least 90% of the time over the past 32 years. My specialty in the markets that I have prided myself on for the past 20 years is sentiment...sentiment usually wins out over many other indicators but used in combination with fundamental and technical work I feel I have developed the best possible way to make Huge profits and still stay IN THE GAME ...I.e. not going broke.

The last 3 months + have been tough as we have transitioned into a Bear Market and this bear has become more ferocious as the days go on as no confidence in the US monetary system or is representatives have created a Huge credit crunch and housing peril not ever seen before. The banking system is seemingly crawling to it's knees as more and more bad news fills the pages of every blog and newspaper one can find. This is a classic sign of bear market activity and usually comes at the depths of the bear ...this is actually good news ...#1 if you have any patience whatsoever will be making fairly Easy profits fairly soon...Dr. Bernanke has set it up so we try to eliminate all excesses and prepare for a more sustained bull Market in 2009-10 .

With this said doesn't feel any better to take risks and get your teeth kicked in daily !!! We have taken some risks as of late and some members are panicky and others just stay away...the point being ...we should not be trading options if you can't afford to lose the money you put in ...we try to make it safe by buying in the money 3-9 months out ...Most of our positions are of June min. duration and I always recommend stocks 1st ...we rarely go into the options and futures markets compared to stocks and 2x ETF's.

Bottom line I want to tell you again I am in it for the long run ..I am not a day trader ..I am a pattern LONG trader and my indicators I stubbornly stick with as they have always proved me right ....sometimes now ...they make me look like a fool and I lose members because they see or hear of something new or better. The information and ideas I lay out to you are what I believe to be the best quality information available for the lowest price available and I want you to win daily ..weekly ..monthly ...yearly.

This is as tough a market as I have seen retrospect I should have gone to cash 2-4 times in the past 60 days and instead played to aggressive thinking the federal government would do more to support our countries dollar and 401K IRA's ...this was my biggest mistake....we now have to find out in the next 48 hours if the market can rally and if it can hold that rally ...we stated earlier that we would taper back some positions and possibly go short if we did break to new lows at 1270 cash SPX ...we are right there right now and Wednesday we will begin the process of cutting back and being more conservative in this bear market.

I am aligned with 5 of what I consider to be the best minds in all of investing and am lucky enough to confer with them weekly ...all are about 80% invested long and are sufferring member loss and 10-40x the e-mails ...and not for new membership !!!

I lost a few members this week and that is fine all of them explained they could not stand to make losing trades and could not handle the risk other than money market funds. I totally understand ...but unfortunately you guys have not been able to go through a business cycle with me ....most joined during or late in the cycle and that is what I wanted find 100 or so traders who could weather the bear and get wealthy in the new bull won't believe how easy it is to make money when the buying starts !!!!

So ..again ..I thank you for your membership and hope you stay on for years to come and I hope you are their for the first BULL MARKET BUY SIGNAL ..and possibly take part in a BEAR MARKET SHORT SIGNAL soon also as we will follow the indicators as long as I am standing and typing ....stubborn some say ...but honest and proud of my work and my service....Thank you again for your time !!!!

Update tomorrow at 9:00am
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Monday, March 10, 2008


It was the bears form trade 1 ...they are totally in charge ..every rally is sold whether it is 5% or .05% ..the bulls are just taking a pounding. 5 years of BULL has left us in bad shape and even I am now doubting the markets ability to rally. Yes the prmabull is about to pull the plug as the Government FED and world entities are about to crash into oblivion will be ugly ..IF THEY CAN BREAK THAT 1270 CLOSE !!!!!!

So ..even with all the doubts we have til 1270 close or WEDNESDAY without a rally and TTT will go to the BEAR CAMP !!!!

This may be a 73-4 type bear market and if that is true we will still get a good selloff and rally to catch before the next bull and I will catch the bottom of that.

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Friday, March 7, 2008


Name Change Last

GOLDMAN SACHS GRP +0.90% 160.07
ALTRIA GROUP INC +0.74% 74.52
MERCK CO INC -1.51% 41.75
FOSTER WHEELER -5.21% 62.82
WACHOVIA CP -0.69% 27.22
S&P DEP RECEIPTS -1.03% 129.71
POWERSHARES ETF -1.69% 25.54
ZWEIG FUND INC -0.86% 4.60
ST MARY LAND EXPL -3.16% 35.24
ULTRA QQQ PROSHAR -0.53% 65.23
SUNTECH POWER HLD -3.81% 34.07
HALLIBURTON CO -1.68% 37.99
GILEAD SCIENCES +1.86% 48.70
WELLS FARGO & CO +1.01% 28.11
INTEL CP +1.01% 20.07

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


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Tuesday, March 4, 2008








Monday, March 3, 2008


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