Wednesday, December 30, 2009

TTT Options Service Knocks Em' Out !

Hi ,

Over the past month we have created a new options service...bottom line for less than 50 cents a trade idea it kills Options monster and boosts your profits...we have had great calls on DE AGU POT SLM AAPL SMH
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Friday, December 25, 2009

TTT OPTIONS ALERT UP 634% In 45 Days Join Now !

Merry Christmas !

I wanted to make one more sales pitch for my new options Alert ! Here is a option recommendation I sent out Dec. 10 th ...just 15 days ago ! We bought the Massey Energy calls at 1.00 per 10 contracts =$1,000.00

If you would have taken that recommendation you would now have a nice 400% Gain !

MEE Jan 2010 40.0000 call
Last Trade: 4.11
Trade Time: Dec 24
Change: 0.09 (2.14%)
Prev Close: 4.20
Open: 4.11
Bid: 4.20
Ask: 4.40

Day's Range: N/A - 4.11
Contract Range: 0.05 - 4.31
Volume: 11
Open Interest: 6,572
Strike: 40.00
Expire Date: 15-Jan-10

This is why I think there is a great opportunity for you and TTT Options Service in 2010 !

For 50 cents per day you get some opportunities to make literally 10's of thousands of dollars !

Please join before the membership closes ! send money to :

There is no better value in the investing community !

Happy New Year !


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Sent: Thu, December 10, 2009 9:04:13 AM
Subject: TTT Daily Decision Options Alert XLY Chart

Hi ,

We have to take a look at the consumer in here as short term seasonals we have 2 trades !

1) 1-30 Days Long Calls Buying the in the money Jan 25.00 Calls is a great rental on Christmas

These calls are a bit expensive but can get you a fairly easy 10% based on historical precedents.

2) Longer term on and after the rally a Put in the March 35.00 area would provide some profits as well

So this is the season for the consumer and I am going long into January but short XLY from January -March !

My Daily decision is one for today ...
MEE Jan 2010 40.0000 call
Last Trade: 1.00
Trade Time: Dec 9
Change: 0.00 (0.00%)
Prev Close: 1.00
Open: 0.89
Bid: N/A
Ask: N/A
Day's Range: 0.89 - 1.20
Contract Range: 0.05 - 4.10
Volume: 233
Open Interest: 6,105
Strike: 40.00
Expire Date: 15-Jan-10
I will try to buy MEE calls near the open as the contract range is near the lows and the stock tends to be leading the entire market in the past 3 months and now has had a KISS off the lows.

Try to get MEE calls around 1.00 if possible !

Good luck with your trading !

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Last year I picked 1121 cash SPX for a close ...well we may close on it ! I really think we can keep rallying until January OPEX bit will suffer a 20% decline in Jan 15th -March 15th 2010 ...if you want the most amazing trading room and the best trades updated by the minute you need to join...just click the PayPal button and you will get all the year end goodies but most of all you will miss the price increase and get in now !


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Monday, December 21, 2009


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Friday, December 18, 2009


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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hoping you and yours have a happy Holiday Season ...we have had a great year up over 1400% and looking to end the year peaceful and quiet ! I still think money can be made daily but buy and hold and swing trades are out except commodities maybe ! I think we will probably be growing stronger than many expect and will have rates rise faster than most suspect.

Be long TBT and Ags


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The normal correction from my proprietary TTT SELL SIGNAL is 3 % . How would you like to be told in advance when a 3% or more correction or rally is coming ! I have been doing it with my TTT Buy and Sell signal with 95% accurate since the development post crash 1987 !
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hi ,

Again I have little time to blog as my service is so busy and my members need my help so I will be brief...for those whom have followed me for years know of my TTT Buy and Sell signals and the rapid profits that arise from these.

We just got one today as I Tweeted to the members ( Follow me at tomandprisha )

1113 SPX cash will get a 3% haircut By Monday 4:15pm or it will be one of the few failures.

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