Friday, August 29, 2008


(8:37 AM) PhotosbyDill: Way to go Tom
tomthetrader: yes ..very trying day yesterday but paying off noiw
tomthetrader: now
tomthetrader: my
tomthetrader: fingers are too big for my laptop
(8:39 AM) PhotosbyDill: So you did not answer my question: how is the wet country My son and family leave Sunday to go to Florida
(8:41 AM) thomas_Poland: good morning
(8:41 AM) berniectx: good morning all
tomthetrader: It is wonderful now
tomthetrader: perfect tourist weather
tomthetrader: they should have a good time
tomthetrader: But Monday we expect hannah to be visiting from the east /
tomthetrader: hope they are OK
tomthetrader: are they heading south of orlando /
tomthetrader: Here goes Oil and there goes the dollar and we are making money
(8:44 AM) thomas_Poland: ok open positions are:
(8:45 AM) thomas_Poland: 1 ES short 1272.50; 5 ES short 1290.00; 5 ES short 1298; 5 ER2 short at 736; 3 NQ short at 1920; 100 IOWUV at 2.00; 50 QQQVU at 1.57
(8:45 AM) thomas_Poland: hope that is all
(8:45 AM) PhotosbyDill: They are moving there she travelling nurse
(8:46 AM) PhotosbyDill: Yes north of Miami I forget the suburb name
(8:47 AM) berniectx: Have you closed any of those positions Tom?
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: I am scaling out of profitable positions and some break evens but a lot of work ahead to get to cash
tomthetrader: will not make it on several positions as you all know but should be able to make several
(8:57 AM) thomas_Poland: I have also only one left from 1291
(8:57 AM) thomas_Poland: hope to cover at breakeven
(8:57 AM) thomas_Poland: maybe go long for next two days but after that ... we go down
tomthetrader: Audio at 9:15 am
tomthetrader: fills on NQ ES
(8:59 AM) thomas_Poland: you should have some profit Tom form 1298
(8:59 AM) thomas_Poland:
(9:00 AM) thomas_Poland: that is good
(9:00 AM) thomas_Poland: And if we are lucky you can breakeven 1290?
tomthetrader: very good job guys
(9:03 AM) PhotosbyDill: excuse stupidity but what is NQ ES Futures?
tomthetrader: 1292.50
tomthetrader: NQ are the Nasdaq futures
tomthetrader: ES are the S and P futures
tomthetrader: ER2 are the Russell futures
tomthetrader: YM is the dow futures
(9:05 AM) PhotosbyDill: I suspected but just got data feed on futures and learnig thanks for your help Tom
tomthetrader: TTT was the idiot that got us in this mess
tomthetrader: but will still make a few K
(9:05 AM) PhotosbyDill: Learning Reg keyboard and still fingers too big?
tomthetrader: mine are too big for this laptop ...
(9:05 AM) PhotosbyDill: Chew on that TTT woman
tomthetrader: hoping to get a upgrade when my ship comes in
(9:06 AM) PhotosbyDill: I will furnish the wind from Colorado if you get the sail boat
(9:07 AM) ctmhou: Tom, I was talking to a friend the other day and he says that he has a friend who tades only futures and routinely trades in 200 - 300 contracts at a time. Can this really happen? He says the guy is a multi millionaire.
tomthetrader: Yes most definitely
(9:08 AM) ctmhou: WOW! And I am finding difficulty trading 1 - 2 contracts.
tomthetrader: we are down to 6 ES short and 5 ER2 short plus options we should do OK on
tomthetrader: This is the most we ahve ever owned I think
tomthetrader: in Traders
tomthetrader: Thomas you agree
(9:09 AM) thomas_Poland: I think this is not as bad as it looked like
(9:09 AM) thomas_Poland: Hope we can have some selloff at the beginning to cover all shorts
(9:09 AM) ctmhou: What makes you not trade more quantity in futures, Tom?
tomthetrader: FEAR
(9:10 AM) PhotosbyDill: I liked that answer TOM
(9:10 AM) ctmhou: How much money is involved with those futures that you have?
(9:10 AM) billb1947: is Tom speaking? i'm not getting any audio
tomthetrader: You have to really have conviction and money ...we are based on 200K in traders and over 1.9 mil in the main fund
tomthetrader: audio in 5 minutes
tomthetrader: Testing now
(9:11 AM) billb1947: y
(9:11 AM) ctmhou: yes
(9:11 AM) wclegg: y
(9:11 AM) billb1947: thx
(9:11 AM) CodyMadison: y
(9:11 AM) PhotosbyDill: y
(9:11 AM) ajaysunder: y
(9:11 AM) lkmcd1: y
(9:11 AM) csu30: y
(9:11 AM) berniectx: y
(9:11 AM) ajayvee: y
tomthetrader: OIL soaring
tomthetrader: DIG
tomthetrader: UNG
tomthetrader: Look at them go
(9:11 AM) thomas_Poland: it is incredible how one day can change feeling
tomthetrader: YES YES YES
(9:12 AM) thomas_Poland: I lost some money yesterday and now I feel like total loser???
(9:12 AM) ctmhou: Play DTO after the hurricane.........
tomthetrader: Our indicators were on ..."just early"
(9:12 AM) thomas_Poland: incredible .. I just thought about that
tomthetrader: YesCraig
tomthetrader: can start late ctoday
tomthetrader: we are back to a manageable 60% short and will be about 40% short after 9:45 am
tomthetrader: Thank God
(9:13 AM) thomas_Poland: oil up market does not move ?
tomthetrader: it will
(9:13 AM) thomas_Poland: Good traders have luck
tomthetrader: but we need to protect cash
tomthetrader: yes ...seems the harder I work the luckier I get
(9:14 AM) thomas_Poland: And I was stopped on 1300?? Who the f... put stops like that?
(9:14 AM) ctmhou: Amazing how that works...........
tomthetrader: 1301 was our level for 3 days could have made you some zlodskies but you have had a dream month !
(9:14 AM) thomas_Poland: I really feel like loser .. after one and half months almost only winning trades I made something such stupid
(9:15 AM) thomas_Poland: YES Tom ... like I screamed yesterday .. mistake
(9:15 AM) ctmhou: Thomas, you're going to be banned with the language. My daughter might walk in........
(9:15 AM) thomas_Poland: Who the fork??
(9:15 AM) ctmhou: OH!
(9:16 AM) thomas_Poland: What did you think?
(9:16 AM) thomas_Poland: tell us
(9:16 AM) ctmhou:
(9:17 AM) nimesh_: what price did u sell ES?
(9:18 AM) ajaysunder: Hi Tom. Sell the IWm Puts also by 9:45 ?
(9:18 AM) nimesh_: er2 a hold?
(9:19 AM) pupster1: just got in....quick update in Traders.....any sells? thx.
(9:20 AM) berniectx: My ES shorts are from little lower 1287 hold or let go?
(9:21 AM) nimesh_: wow, that is big move tom
(9:21 AM) csu30: Sell oil calls or hold over weekend?
(9:21 AM) nimesh_: so nq, not much more to fall?
(9:21 AM) nimesh_: buy to hedge?
(9:22 AM) youngamerican68_1: HAL calls?
(9:23 AM) pupster1: just walked into chat....did Tom sell any of his positions...curious.... Thanks
(9:25 AM) Docqb: yes deay
(9:25 AM) Docqb: dear
(9:26 AM) mickymax_ttt: If you are expecting to go lower..... why are selling our puts??
tomthetrader: Pupster to get audio click push to talk
(9:27 AM) mickymax_ttt: did you cover that before I got on a few moments ago?
(9:27 AM) mickymax_ttt: pupster..... also try going to 'favorites' tab above, and select the TTT hedgefund again.......
(9:27 AM) mickymax_ttt: it will log you in and out of the room quickly
(9:28 AM) pupster1: got the message..thx
(9:29 AM) thomas_Poland: I have to stop crying on my stop level and get to work
(9:29 AM) thomas_Poland: I will cover my 1291 long at breakeven or maybe will try to profit to 1284
(9:30 AM) mickymax_ttt: are you guys holding iwm puts or calls??? I wasnt on yesterday...
tomthetrader: we are selling anything for a PROFIT and holding anything with a loss until break even or better
(9:33 AM) pupster1: anyone with a quick quote on the er2's
tomthetrader: we are now about 40% short
tomthetrader: ER 2
(9:33 AM) pupster1: y
(9:35 AM) DE_TTT: Reports have begun to circulate in Moscow that Russian oil companies are under orders from the Kremlin to prepare for a supply cut to Germany and Poland through the Druzhba (Friendship) pipeline.
(9:35 AM) ajayvee: was there any prognosis on HAL?
tomthetrader: E-MINI RUSSELL 2000 Sep ’08 09:23:52 743.60 -1.40 743.60 746.10 742.70
(9:35 AM) pupster1: thx
(9:35 AM) DE_TTT: Any move would be timed to coincide with an emergency EU summit in Brussels, where possible sanctions against Russia are on the agenda... A supply cut at this delicate juncture could drive crude prices much higher
(9:36 AM) pupster1: i'm short a profitable.
tomthetrader: 100 IOWUV at 2.00; 50 QQQVU at 1.57
tomthetrader: These are our trouble contracts
(9:43 AM) thomas_Poland: 200 sma here
(9:43 AM) RV_trader: Stalking RIMM for aq short gap down under prior value area lows - offereing 125
(9:44 AM) RV_trader: air into 119 and 116 if we can stay under this prior value area 125
(9:45 AM) lkmcd1: Tom if holding es short, would you add a stop or keep it open without a stop?
(9:45 AM) pupster1: sorry for CAPS.
(9:46 AM) pupster1:
(9:46 AM) DE_TTT: On RIMM, rumor that new Blackberry Bold not coming out on AT&T until October
(9:47 AM) nimesh_: rut has 25% small banks
(9:47 AM) nimesh_: that was the reason for big move yesterday
(9:47 AM) nimesh_: symbol kre
(9:47 AM) nimesh_: like xlf
(9:48 AM) nimesh_: er 2 green
(9:48 AM) pupster1: sold 5 er2's at profit at lows.
tomthetrader: Good trade
(9:50 AM) pupster1: thx.
tomthetrader: very nice ....someone beat RUT
(9:50 AM) pupster1: it was an overnight:O
tomthetrader: No one here has done it ...except some options traders
(9:50 AM) pupster1: :0
(9:52 AM) nimesh_: will that turn around?
(9:52 AM) berniectx: NOK getting hammered today didn't your email say to sell positions?
(9:53 AM) berniectx: OK thanks
(9:55 AM) nimesh_: what just happened?
tomthetrader: consumer sentiment up
tomthetrader: higher than expected
tomthetrader: 63.00 61.2
tomthetrader: NAZ LOD
(9:56 AM) DE_TTT: Aug Michigan Sentiment 63.0 vs 62.0 consensus
(9:56 AM) youngamerican68_1: why would the market take that as a negative?
(9:56 AM) nimesh_: weird
(9:57 AM) youngamerican68_1: maybe the market was hoping for a bigger surprise ala GDP yesterday
(9:59 AM) RV_trader: RIMM new LOD
(10:01 AM) pupster1: still a short against todays highs if you're willing to take the risk of a $1
(10:02 AM) ctmhou: 40 members.........WOW!
(10:02 AM) DE_TTT: SMH finally getting smoked
(10:03 AM) Grey Guru: Is is OK to be holding TWM now into the weekend or should I sell?
(10:03 AM) DE_TTT: DELL was the first tech company to talk about material slowing in Asia, I think
(10:04 AM) mickymax_ttt: tom.... it is a little confusing, you are getting out of puts but getting into twm.... ?
(10:05 AM) Grey Guru: Thanks
(10:06 AM) pupster1: shorting IWM against todays highs
(10:06 AM) mickymax_ttt: I see, makes a lot of sense...... thanks.
(10:06 AM) berniectx: AD LOD now -742
(10:08 AM) Grey Guru: Also holding UNG and up on it today is that a hold or take the money and run?
(10:09 AM) nimesh_: i think we should see 73.50 iwm at lesti see heavier volume today than yesterday
(10:10 AM) Grey Guru: I may have to change my handle
(10:11 AM) Grey Guru:
(10:11 AM) nimesh_: lol
(10:11 AM) thomas_Poland: What did I do wrong?
(10:11 AM) thomas_Poland:
(10:11 AM) pupster1: funny S%$!
(10:11 AM) thomas_Poland: good
(10:11 AM) thomas_Poland: I'm crazy
(10:11 AM) aszag: dig is coming down from its high
(10:12 AM) ajayvee: QID doing well today
(10:12 AM) thomas_Poland: possible range day
(10:14 AM) berniectx: Both XLF and ES have pretty large gaps from yesterdays run up, think they close early next week to the downside?
tomthetrader: out of IOWUV
tomthetrader: Stilllong some er2 qqqvu es
(10:16 AM) PhotosbyDill: Not trading today TOM just looking at some new ideas
(10:16 AM) DE_TTT: If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth reading the Telegraph's article stating that reports have begun to circulate in Moscow that Russian oil companies are under orders from the Kremlin to prepare for a supply cut to Germany and Poland, potentially on Monday
(10:16 AM) DE_TTT: While Hurricane Gustav is dominating the headlines today as it approaches Louisiana, further threats or actions taken by Russia over the weekend against Western Europe hold the potential to have a much more severe disruption in the energy markets.
(10:17 AM) DE_TTT: Just fyi...seems interesting and not getting much attention
(10:21 AM) aszag: dig is at 87
(10:21 AM) nimesh_: tom, nasdaq trin at 2.72
(10:21 AM) DE_TTT: yw
(10:21 AM) nimesh_: does that tell u anything?
(10:26 AM) berniectx: Thomas are you upsetting your neighbor...they have a big stick it seems
(10:26 AM) thomas_Poland: I really hate this country bernie
(10:27 AM) thomas_Poland: not people .. but country
tomthetrader: We sold our QQQVU ...we are holding IOWUV
(10:27 AM) thomas_Poland: They have conflict in the constitution???
tomthetrader: Thomas will post our positions short left
tomthetrader: as we try to go to cash to 20% short
(10:27 AM) nimesh_: thomas, 1291 hit on es, u covering?
(10:28 AM) thomas_Poland: 100 IOWUV at 2.00; 1 ES short at 1272.50; 5 ES short at 1290; 5 ER2 short at 736;
(10:28 AM) thomas_Poland: Those are official positions
(10:28 AM) nimesh_: are we going to bounce here, tom?
(10:29 AM) nimesh_: what does the trinq at 2.7 tell u, historically?
(10:30 AM) pupster1: es retracement from 1263 lows on 8-26 to highs gives you @1286 and 50% retrace gives @ 1280.75
(10:31 AM) pupster1: 61.8 retrece would be that 1st stop.
(10:32 AM) nimesh_: wil er2 and es "catch up", or will the indices fall the same percentages?
tomthetrader: again we took a great profit in the QQQVU
tomthetrader: and are holding onto the other positions
(10:36 AM) pupster1: looking for 73.6 on IWM
(10:37 AM) pupster1: AT A MINIMUM
(10:37 AM) pupster1: there I go again...sorry.
(10:39 AM) pupster1: shoul've shorted that RIMM....good call.
(10:42 AM) Alert: Breaking News: AP reports Sarah Palin McCain's running mate
(10:43 AM) mickymax_ttt: who is sarah palin???
(10:43 AM) erndog9: alaska gov??? i think
(10:43 AM) erndog9: strong conservative if that's her
(10:43 AM) thomas_Poland: ok I will cover my short at 1284 or breakeven .. whatever comes first
(10:43 AM) thomas_Poland: and I hate my self for what I did yesterday
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: and yes
tomthetrader: covering es
tomthetrader: now
(10:45 AM) thomas_Poland: all ?
(10:45 AM) pupster1: shoul've would've...er2 short...scared $...oh well.
tomthetrader: except 1
(10:45 AM) thomas_Poland: or those from 1290?
(10:45 AM) thomas_Poland: ok
(10:45 AM) thomas_Poland: from 1272.50 left?
(10:45 AM) thomas_Poland: What level you covered?
tomthetrader: 1287.50
tomthetrader: er 2 and iwm
tomthetrader: die
tomthetrader: making money
tomthetrader: can't lose now
(10:49 AM) thomas_Poland: That is really incredible
(10:49 AM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: from despair to king
(10:50 AM) thomas_Poland: I could almost feel how everybody hated you yesterday
tomthetrader: back to a strong
(10:50 AM) thomas_Poland: I lost money and you make money ..
(10:50 AM) thomas_Poland: on those same positions .. almost
(10:51 AM) thomas_Poland: again .. like last few months
(10:51 AM) berniectx: I want 1286 please
(10:51 AM) thomas_Poland: it is always my fault
(10:51 AM) pupster1: 61.8 retrace hit on es..just about.
(10:52 AM) thomas_Poland: Don't Fib me here popster ! Die bulls !
(10:52 AM) thomas_Poland:
(10:52 AM) pupster1:
(10:53 AM) pupster1: my short term short on IWM magic.
(10:53 AM) RV_trader: RIMM still making new lows
(10:53 AM) pupster1: nice..rv
(10:57 AM) nimesh_: xlf down only .25, kind of ridiculous
(10:58 AM) pupster1: es back inside its sideways trendchannel
(10:59 AM) pupster1: on the 60 minute
tomthetrader: we are only 33% short
tomthetrader: rimm tremendous call
tomthetrader: qqqq puts unreal from yestyerday
(11:02 AM) ajaysunder: Hope IWM puts also breakeven soon..
tomthetrader: Yes ..the last of the problems
tomthetrader: but if you didn't make money today were not here yesterday !
(11:03 AM) Docqb: tom, if you're an idiot, i need to join that club.....
(11:04 AM) youngamerican68_1: Tom before joining here I would have taken a ton of unrealized losses yesterday.. thanks for you guidance
(11:05 AM) bloomert: Second that. I made money today, THANK YOU TTT!
(11:06 AM) ajayvee: made money on QID calls, still have some going up.
(11:06 AM) nimesh_: rimm still going lower
(11:07 AM) Docqb: lol, tom, good idea....
(11:08 AM) berniectx: how do you see the rest of the day Tom?...near the lows or bounce?
(11:08 AM) ctmhou: It should get better with Tradingrooms, right?
(11:08 AM) pupster1: TTT is all about making millionaires 1 at a time
(11:09 AM) ctmhou: That's what I need.
(11:09 AM) PhotosbyDill: Hey Tom it is easy being a great trader when I am sitting on the side lines with good profits for the week. No money on the line today makes my indicators look like geniuses
(11:09 AM) ctmhou: I missed that.....
(11:10 AM) Docqb: tom, we're working our butts off on the new stuff
(11:10 AM) ctmhou: And much appreciated, Tom.
(11:12 AM) PhotosbyDill: You do a great job Tom
tomthetrader: you guys are the ones to be thanked
tomthetrader: you all know if it wasn't for you ...I would be talking to myself
tomthetrader: and my experiences would be wasted
tomthetrader: so let me share my indicators and knowledge with you before I retire
(11:14 AM) ssny2004: Tom I do not believe you will leave in 2010, there is only so much tubing & golfing you can do in a day
(11:14 AM) ssny2004: this is more fun
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Monday, August 25, 2008


ZF 4.24 -0.11 (-2.53%) 389.89M
ZTR 4.24 -0.05 (-1.17%) 485.88M
GILD 53.21 -1.10 (-2.03%) 48.95B
NOK 25.72 -0.59 (-2.24%) 97.75B

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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Dear Tom,

After the hurricane Fay, I hope you are getting back to a normal schedule, and hope that all that rain did not cause problems for you and your family.

You are a consummate trader, but you still want to know what uninformed amateurs like me think.

First, the following quote is appropriate in the current political climate and uncertain stock market.

"We can chart our future clearly and wisely only when we know the path which has led to the present." - Adlai E. Stevenson

(Adlai Stevenson lost to Eisenhower, although he was a good diplomat, who presented a strong case to the UN during the Cuban Crisis, and convinced the world of Russian duplicity. Recently, with its newfound oil wealth, Russia is again getting closer to Cuba to tweak the US.)

You have said it all in the chart you have presented. But I am not sure of the next two months, although based upon the chart (cup and handle, support at 50 dma) it seems that the bond prices may continue to rise into September and October.

My thoughts on the market:

· The current period from March to August 2008 is similar to that from August to December 2007.

· The flight to quality that started in January 2008 continued until the March bottom.

· I consider the descending triangle to be a part of the current handle, and not a separate technical signal of lower bond prices and higher rates.

· Political uncertainty now is similar to that in 2000. Except that in 2000 the interest rates were rising and in 2008 the rates are falling and now steady.

· Market may rally in November and December, depending upon how convincing is the margin of victory for the President.

· I expect the Fed to raise rates in 2009, after the elections, and then 2009 will be similar to 2001.

These thoughts are just thoughts, nobody can predict the future. Technical analysis only prepares us for the future, so that we can change course if we are wrong. (I have not learnt my lesson to protect profits. I am still holding FCX, BG, FWLT, and PWE)

With best wishes,

Aspi Dhalla

On Sat, Aug 23, 2008 at 12:43 PM, Tom Malone wrote:


I have been looking at more CHARTS than usual as you know I am a "Market Timer" and "Stock Picker" and believe charts can tell you about anything you or your imaginations want to know. That is no slam on TA guys or Fundie guys but I believe if you keep track of several simple factors and indicators you will be able to beat the market better than the pros.

With that said let me show you why I have been against most analysts in two areas. 1) I have been bullish since the July 15th Bottom as most have been bearish. 2) I have said consistently that rates are going nowhere. How important is the fact that rates won't be rising "anytime soon" as Chairman Bernanke mentioned yesterday and why did the market soar on the news and oil plummet ?

I have mentioned day after day since the bear market began and as far back as June 2007 ! When our Bull advance decline line began to give way that we were in a period of LOWER rates and eventually the economy ....stimulus or not...would fall into recession . Even some of the smartest folks in the world ..those FED FUND FUTURES guys had rising rats as early as this past spring and 100% into DEC !!!!

Now it looks as if there will not be any hikes and I do not see rates going higher until 2010 !

Can they go lower ? Why not...if the world and our economy does fold we will have to promote growth and ease...another easing cycle even if for a 6 month period from current levels to say 1% would be a HUGE chance to get into a new Super Bull and it could happen by early 2009 !

Again these are sorta off the wall statements that you see when someone wants to sell you something ...but I have nothing to sell you except the facts that will help your retirement. And the facts are the economies around the globe (2/3) are in or near recession. This is good for cutting inflation and good for stocks long run as the system is relieved of pressures resulting from rapid uncontrolled growth i.e. China/ India.

So US stocks took a cue from FTSE yesterday and rallied ...why am I selling stocks here if the outlook is so good. Well it is far from good ...we have instances that have never ever been seen by man in financials and the toughest trading environment for all from commodities (more funds will go out of business ) stocks (hundreds of banks will still drop or be bought) which leads me to a bullish scenario.

What if M2 grows enough to give some confidence for a M and A craze ? Dr. Greenspan once wrote how nice it would be in a world with 8-10 mega corporations in each sector ! So instead of several million companies you have a couple thousand worldwide ?

Big picture and nothing you can trade on Monday for sure !

What you can trade on Monday is the DOLLAR has risen pretty much straight up and we took a great profit in UUP and are now happy to be contrary to the greenback and jumping in and out of commodities in TRADERS as the dollar will be tested soon so be careful. The stock market likes to go thru periods of adjustment and a test of 1250 or 1200 is not out of the question .

Rates and the dollar will be more important into the final quarter is a chart ...if you can find the time please use all your skills to help me decipher what we all think it means would be of great help to me and also see if anyone really reads my E-Mails !!!!!

So click and write me back with any ideas on the stocks rates the dollar commodities ...they are all affected by this simple chart !

Investing Made Easy !!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Name Symbol Last price Change Mkt cap Volume Open High Low
The Zweig Fund, Inc. ZF 4.25 -0.01 (-0.23%) 390.81M 27,904.00 4.25 4.26 4.2201
The Zweig Total Return Fund... ZTR 4.25 +0.01 (0.24%) 487.03M 44,711.00 4.23 4.27 4.23
Gilead Sciences, Inc. GILD 53.47 -1.15 (-2.11%) 49.19B 2.08M 54.27 54.62 53.29
Wells Fargo & Company WFC 28.49 -0.43 (-1.49%) 94.27B 11.80M 28.17 28.92 28.04
Occidental Petroleum Corporation OXY 83.39 +2.19 (2.70%) 68.16B 2.83M 82.44 83.95 81.2
Nokia Corporation (ADR) NOK 25.32 +0.11 (0.44%) 96.23B 6.12M 25.16 25.66 25.14
Philip Morris International Inc. PM 54.21 -0.40 (-0.73%) 111.70B 1.18M 54.2 54.61 53.55
Chesapeake Energy Corporation CHK 49.51 +0.89 (1.83%) 28.70B 7.45M 49.58 50.13 48.57
St. Mary Land & Exploration Co. SM 45.65 +1.98 (4.53%) 2.84B 394,433.00 44.76 45.93 43.67
United States Natural Gas Fund... UNG 38.95* +0.98 (2.58%) 817.95M 6.72M 38.17 39.14 37.54
Petroleo Brasileiro SA (ADR) PBR 53.57 +1.91 (3.70%) 235.06B 7.63M 53.13 53.91 53.11

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


ZF 4.19 -0.02 (-0.48%) 386.21M
ZTR 4.20 -0.03 (-0.71%) 485.88M
TLT 92.96 -0.45 (-0.48%) 1.66B
OXY 77.11 +1.49 (1.97%) 63.00B
NOK 25.01 -0.28 (-1.11%) 95.05B
MCD 62.40 -0.89 (-1.41%) 70.18B
PM 54.45 -0.56 (-1.02%) 112.23B
EEM 39.15 -0.44 (-1.11%) 21.58B
CHK 46.32 +1.40 (3.12%) 26.83B
SM 42.34 +1.14 (2.77%) 2.63B
ESRX 74.09 -0.84 (-1.12%) 18.27B
ZMH 72.63 -1.01 (-1.37%) 16.36B
GS 158.62 -1.42 (-0.89%) 62.47B
UNG 37.00 +0.37 (1.01%) 725.18M
PBR 49.79 +2.02 (4.23%) 218.43B

Monday, August 18, 2008


ZF 4.31 0.00 (0.00%) 396.33M
ZTR 4.24 0.00 (0.00%) 485.88M
TLT 93.04 0.00 (0.00%) 1.67B
OXY 75.71 0.00 (0.00%) 61.86B
NOK 25.47 0.00 (0.00%) 96.80B
MCD 63.63 0.00 (0.00%) 71.56B
UNH 33.01 0.00 (0.00%) 40.19B
PM 55.57 0.00 (0.00%) 114.54B
EEM 40.27 0.00 (0.00%) 22.20B
CHK 45.53 0.00 (0.00%) 26.37B
SM 41.76 0.00 (0.00%) 2.60B
ESRX 75.00 0.00 (0.00%) 18.50B

TTT Main Fund

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SPYLU 20% Long calls 80% cash

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The best place to be now is in US stocks and the outllok for the US will continue to look better as other nations worldwide slowdown or worse...our next crisis will be a global one and that should be we have to hedge with some longer term oil plays and possibly gold plays but for now we are letting the market run.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008


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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


ZF 4.30 0.00 (0.00%) 395.41M
ZTR 4.19 -0.07 (-1.64%) 488.17M
TLT 91.65 -0.32 (-0.35%) 1.64B
UUP 23.61 0.00 (0.00%) 613.86M
NOK 25.87 -0.70 (-2.63%) 98.32B
MCD 62.78 -1.16 (-1.81%) 70.61B
DGP 17.84 +0.51 (2.94%) -
DBC 38.01 +1.28 (3.50%) 2.00B
MOO 51.15 +1.15 (2.30%) 1.46B
UNH 31.61 +0.13 (0.41%) 38.49B
PM 55.54 -0.41 (-0.73%) 114.48B
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Monday, August 11, 2008


The Zweig Fund, Inc. ZF 4.39 +0.03 (0.69%) 400.93M 313,570.00 4.33 4.42 4.33
The Zweig Total Return Fund... ZTR 4.21 +0.04 (0.94%) 477.86M 170,515.00 4.19 4.22 4.17
iShares Lehman 20+ Year... TLT 91.12 -0.88 (-0.96%) 1.63B 3.94M 91.78 91.78 90.598
PowerShares DB US Dollar Index... UUP 23.66* +0.13 (0.55%) 548.91M 2.39M 23.7 23.8 23.48
Nokia Corporation (ADR) NOK 27.05 -0.02 (-0.07%) 102.80B 9.95M 26.89 27.37 26.85
McDonald's Corporation MCD 65.95 +0.28 (0.43%) 74.17B 14.81M 65.04 67 64.77
Hudson City Bancorp, Inc. HCBK 19.11 +0.35 (1.87%) 9.93B 8.32M 18.61 19.25 18.33
Wells Fargo & Company WFC 31.61 +1.44 (4.77%) 104.60B 55.15M 30.2 32.07 30.2
UnitedHealth Group Inc. UNH 31.25 +0.25 (0.81%) 38.05B 7.41M 31.07 31.87 30.24
Philip Morris International Inc. PM 55.75 +0.54 (0.98%) 114.91B 9.72M 54.7 55.75 54.64
Wilmington Trust Corporation WL 27.38 +1.47 (5.67%) 1.84B 1.45M 25.92 27.66 25.65
Chesapeake Energy Corporation CHK 43.53 +0.24 (0.55%) 24.97B 21.72M 43.65 44.78 42.2
St. Mary Land & Exploration Co. SM 40.11 +0.73 (1.85%) 2.49B 1.32M 40.03 40.27 38.91

Friday, August 8, 2008

ZF 4.36 +0.11 (2.59%) 389.92M
ZTR 4.17 -0.01 (-0.24%) 479.01M
UNP 83.18 +1.87 (2.30%) 42.35B
TLT 91.99 +0.24 (0.26%) 1.65B
UUP 23.53 +0.37 (1.60%) 527.07M
NOK 27.07 0.00 (0.00%) 102.88B
MCD 65.67 +3.81 (6.16%) 73.86B
HCBK 18.76 +0.80 (4.45%) 9.75B
WFC 30.17 +1.16 (4.00%) 99.92B
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


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IBM 128.15 +0.59 (0.46%) 173.62B
GE 28.88 +0.71 (2.51%) 287.28B
ZF 4.28 +0.04 (0.94%) 393.57M
ZTR 4.22 +0.02 (0.38%) 483.13M
WL 24.04 +0.75 (3.22%) 1.62B
UNP 81.75 +1.76 (2.20%) 41.62B
AAPL 156.26 +3.03 (1.98%) 138.43B
GOOG 469.29 +6.29 (1.36%) 147.40B
TLT 91.11 -0.22 (-0.24%) 1.63B
UUP 22.90 +0.10 (0.43%) 512.94M
QLD 71.58 +1.13 (1.60%) 1.13B
UWM 49.74 +0.81 (1.66%) 164.15M
(9:14 AM) gremlin13: y
(9:15 AM) wclegg: y
(9:15 AM) tradster_ny: y
(9:15 AM) ssny2004: y
(9:15 AM) bloomert: y
(9:15 AM) wgcarr: Y
(9:15 AM) joanc: y
(9:15 AM) TraderTim: y
(9:15 AM) aszag: y
(9:15 AM) erndog9: y
(9:15 AM) wclegg: y
(9:15 AM) billb1947: y
(9:16 AM) syzygy111: y
(9:16 AM) mickymax_ttt: y ttt
(9:18 AM) thomas_Poland: open positions are: 1000 QLD at 70.67; 1000 UWM at 48.25; 2 NQ long at 1812; 100 QQQIR at 2.00
(9:18 AM) thomas_Poland: correct Tom?
(9:18 AM) thomas_Poland: no you did not
(9:19 AM) ssny2004: tom are we holding the 2x ETFs or taking profits on those as well?
(9:21 AM) bogdan k: Tom ,what is profit level for QQQ IR ?
(9:23 AM) ssny2004: thanks
(9:23 AM) bogdan k: 60 at avrage 2.02
(9:25 AM) DE_TTT: mnx?
(9:27 AM) bogdan k: Tom what you think about FMOC outcome,what market should do till annoucment ?
(9:29 AM) ssny2004: thanks Tom
tomthetrader: Thank you !
tomthetrader: MNX is nas 100 mini calls ....we bought some yesterday in Paltalk chat
tomthetrader: it should be in the transcripts
tomthetrader: but if you are not familiar with them ..ask your broker for the symbol /MNX ^MNX
tomthetrader: ^MNX
(9:31 AM) Alert: Your last text messsage was not sent because it contained line feed characters or excess spaces.
(9:34 AM) Docqb: tom, just got on, a lil bit of weather heree in houston..... looks like we're going to cash by 10:30 ?
tomthetrader: Not 100% cash but at leat 20% core longs with a tight stop ..Profit taking GREEEEEEEN
(9:37 AM) gremlin13: nice little profit on 2X from yesterday, thanks
(9:38 AM) Docqb: thanks, ok here so far weather wise
(9:38 AM) Docqb: lots of water
(9:39 AM) Docqb: tom, UAUA chart looks awesome
tomthetrader: Great Scott...hope you can add some longs as we should close higher4 than now and hopefully at hOD if A/d stays +
tomthetrader: airlines are going great Doc
(9:43 AM) gremlin13: hOD?
tomthetrader: High of day
(9:44 AM) gremlin13: thanks
(9:45 AM) chubbuni13: what's your target on qqqir, TTT?
(9:46 AM) gremlin13: tom, i've still got some uygiq calls, any thoughts?
(9:46 AM) bogdan k: MNXHP nice gain +1.11 but no volume(would be nice to own)
(9:46 AM) Docqb: tom, giyhu, 25 contracts, too cheap
tomthetrader: ABK not to stop ???
(9:48 AM) Docqb: purely speculative for $375
(9:48 AM) Docqb: earnings tommorrow
(9:51 AM) Fulkdaddy: Tom, I have been at the polls this morning...and just checking in...still have my NQ and QQQIR...sell or hold at this point?
(9:51 AM) youngamerican68_1: VIX at its intraday trendline.. are we buying calls in traders?
(9:53 AM) bogdan k: a/d ,10:4
(9:54 AM) youngamerican68_1: Tom VIX only as a hedge and not a spec play?
(9:54 AM) Fulkdaddy: Doug kass said at 9:44...."I continue to like the setup to the upside."
(9:55 AM) TraderTim: FULK check out sm chk things are improving in the Ng/Oils
(9:55 AM) Docqb: tom, i may have missed it, where are we in qqqir ?
(9:55 AM) Docqb: thanks
(9:57 AM) bogdan k: at 10:00 ISM services ,forecact 51% expectation 48.7%
(9:57 AM) billb1947: thx tom
tomthetrader: Thank you
(9:57 AM) Docqb: thx tom
(9:57 AM) csu30: Tom, I didn't see your reply to Docqb re: qqqir
(9:57 AM) Fulkdaddy: Thanks, Tom
tomthetrader: Thank you !
(9:58 AM) Docqb: btw, for the room, ABK very speculative, something tom would not recommend, nor would I, not for the faint of heart.....
tomthetrader: QQQIR if you have a profit ..take it should trade up 2.30 or so ....we expect to see higher prices on the close ..if it is just your Core holding hold on with a stop 10% back
(9:59 AM) bogdan k: 2.3/32
(10:00 AM) ssny2004: ISM 49.5 beats expecation but contraction
tomthetrader: WAY TO GO
(10:01 AM) thomas_Poland: high of the day can be 1270
(10:02 AM) Michael TTT: y
tomthetrader: Yes and hit a shoirt trerm top like I said
tomthetrader: short
tomthetrader: term top tThomas
tomthetrader: Payment Details

Amount: $30.00 USD

Transaction ID: 1RX

Subject: Tip

Note: Great call Tom.
(10:04 AM) Alert: Your last text messsage was not sent because it contained line feed characters or excess spaces.
tomthetrader: Transaction ID: 1RX

Subject: Tip

Note: Great call Tom.
(10:04 AM) Alert: Your last text messsage was not sent because it contained line feed characters or excess spaces.
tomthetrader: Subject: Tip

Note: Great call Tom.
(10:04 AM) Alert: Your last text messsage was not sent because it contained line feed characters or excess spaces.
tomthetrader: Subject: Tip

Note: Great call Tom.
(10:04 AM) Alert: Your last text messsage was not sent because it contained line feed characters or excess spaces.
tomthetrader: Great call
tomthetrader: on going long
(10:05 AM) thomas_Poland: Anybody want to short?
(10:05 AM) thomas_Poland:
(10:05 AM) thomas_Poland: in a bull????
tomthetrader: and I hope the market stays up for those still long ...we should be OK
(10:05 AM) thomas_Poland: and rebuy at 1252?
(10:05 AM) thomas_Poland: Tom made 200k !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(10:09 AM) Docqb: I've heard bragging before, i don't think you're bragging
(10:10 AM) thomas_Poland: Yes he is
(10:12 AM) bogdan k: Tom ,congratul.,amazing ,you are so consistent
(10:13 AM) thomas_Poland: closer to 1270
tomthetrader: Thank you alll
tomthetrader: for all the kind words and tips goes a long way
(10:14 AM) billb1947: thx tom-you have been absolutely terrific
tomthetrader: appreciate it
tomthetrader: and we are JUST STARTING
(10:15 AM) TraderTim: thx tom fantastic NQ futures trade
(10:15 AM) billb1947: now get back to work and make us money!
tomthetrader: today is the 1st day many have made profits ...some have for 11 quarters
(10:15 AM) thomas_Poland: Tom you doubled money and still have a month????\
(10:20 AM) bogdan k: A/D ,3:1
(10:20 AM) thomas_Poland: Zags ... Vector Vest a little bearish?
(10:20 AM) thomas_Poland: We have some upside bias in FED days

Monday, August 4, 2008


IBM 127.80 +1.16 (0.92%) 173.15B
GE 28.24 +0.03 (0.11%) 280.93B
ZF 4.27 -0.03 (-0.70%) 392.64M
ZTR 4.19 +0.01 (0.24%) 480.15M
WL 23.53 -0.12 (-0.51%) 1.58B
UNP 80.02 +0.58 (0.73%) 40.74B
AAPL 156.02 -0.64 (-0.41%) 138.21B
GOOG 466.84 -1.02 (-0.22%) 146.63B
TLT 91.37 -0.17 (-0.19%) 1.64B
UUP 22.77 -0.02 (-0.09%) 511.67M
QLD 70.68 -1.21 (-1.68%) 1.13B
UWM 49.10 -1.58 (-3.12%) 152.46M

We are now adding a 20% Position in Both QLD and UWM to replce our stopped out positions

We also will buy some VIX calls soon ...please buy the VIX Sept 25 calls to protect your longs

Again adding 40% long in the QLD and UWM and adding VIX calls 25 Sept

Those in Traders are updated on QQQIR calls and MNX Long and will add VIX calls later not now like the Main Fund

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