Friday, February 19, 2010


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Friday, February 12, 2010


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Sunday, February 7, 2010

TTT 10% Enough We Got You A Bottom ?

Hi ,

We were in the 10% correction camp back on January 11th when we started buying puts on AA Alcoa as I felt that the upcoming earnings would be good but the market had already "priced" in these earnings. We had a unreal spike in enthusiasm as I told members daily that this market was seeing the most speculative fever since 1999 and very much like pre Oct 1987. So where do we go now ?
I certainly fell victim to the idea of a "Meltup" in January as I literally bought high ticks in some stocks expecting the markets to propel higher on momentum but it became clear that this was more of a "top" than a short term 1-3% CORRECTION AS COMPANY AFTER COMPANY NEARLY 80% HAVE BEATEN ESTIMATES.
So what has happened since AA Alcoa ...we have had the Governments around the world make news that is sobering from China to Greece to Washington D.C. ...we have also seen the markets 10% correction "reprice" risk and actually create value in small caps and in many sectors especially commodities.
Now we have to see ...especially after this unexpected whiff of DEFLATION put a temporary hole in my Spring Stagflation scenario. The moves to put the brakes on by literally the entire world was probably well timed but it must be very temporary as investors and the stock market is not a patient patient !
I expect again the recovery to be tough and longer as I have said in the past a "Square Root " economy recovery is in place and we are at the pinnacle of that here in the 1st quarter as we have gotten or will get back to back 6.0% GDP prints and than slow down for several years. But GDP does not make a market ...stocks are a leading economic indicator my opinion the best so if we do surpass Friday's lows in the market I would also expect new lows to come in the SPX and RUT 10% -20% DECLINE.
My estimate is for a decent comeback this week with little economic data and news flows from overseas more important than politics as usual so this will be a good week to JUDGE which way the markets are going ...any further damage ( a lower close this week for 5 straight down weeks) would indicate something deeper than a Bull correction.
A decent rally this week could lead to a longer rally but this would PROBABLY be the last of this Bull estimate is if we rally into April we will be set up for a more serious 20-25% drop but since 950 cash SPX is my downside for 2010 and I think we will end 2010 on the highs this leaves us with plenty of volatility to make a lot of profits with the moves if we follow our indicators.
I called a "key reversal" in the markets Friday and issued a TTT Buy signal as we became extremely oversold and sentiment switched from VERY BULLISH to VERY BEARISH in seemingly hours ! This is the sign of a tiring Bull and one that may last 3-9 more months but will be much more difficult to handle unless you are flexible nimble and can take some shots at sectors and futures / options to give a boost to your profits !

I hope my TTT buy signal works out with a 3% gain from Friday but if it doesn't it will be telling you a lot about this market ...a market that cannot rise barring surprise bad news probably one that should not be bought long ! Stocks are fairly valued given all parameters for future growth but higher taxes and higher deficits with low innovation here at home will lead to a poor economy and poorer prospects so here comes a Real Test ...

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IRA 30-180 days Bullish but will sell all positions on a failure to hold 950 SPX

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