Friday, May 30, 2008


03-07-2008 2485.0 profit week 1
03-14-2008 18650.0 profit week 2
03-21-2008 55850.0 profit week 3
03-28-2008 68265.0 4
04-04-2008 82341.5 5
04-11-2008 82771.5 6
04-18-2008 111454.5 7
04-25-2008 130769.5 8
05-02-2008 147770.5 9
05-09-2008 181120.5 10
05-16-2008 192185.5 11
05-23-2008 203760.5 12
05-30-2008 215550.5 13

Based on 200 k opening account using margin only 8 days 200k -415 K

Positions Wins Losses Breakeven

278 212 38 22 6 open

WINS 76.26 %

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Thursday, May 29, 2008


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Wednesday, May 28, 2008



I put tight stops on the Q's this morning and they hit after the big gap up, so I am 100% ca$h...

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Thanks...and any recos?


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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


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Friday, May 23, 2008


I'm out now and am in 100% cash. I kept a tight trailing stop on the last 50% on AAPL when it was moving up this afternoon and it hit on a slide. Would have been more risky but looking to preserve my gains. I am now up 50% since I signed up, Tom.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008



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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


What a great day! You were so correct about the market.

Thanks for allowing me to be part of your Traders group!

I hope to be a member for months and years to come.

Thanks Tom


Bill C

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Monday, May 19, 2008

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PT ULTRSHRT DOW30 -1.12% 49.56
CRRNCYSHR BP STER -0.36% 195.31
.QQQSZ N/A 0.00



Saturday, May 17, 2008


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Thursday, May 15, 2008


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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


To: Tom Malone
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Monday, May 12, 2008


Week by week profit. For closed position at the end of the week.

03-07-2008 2485.0
03-14-2008 18650.0
03-21-2008 55850.0
03-28-2008 68265.0
04-04-2008 82341.5
04-11-2008 82771.5
04-18-2008 111454.5
04-25-2008 130769.5
05-02-2008 147770.5
05-09-2008 181120.5

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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Another special thanks to Mike for providing this great data information and please take advantage of the power point presentation at the end by Gordon Harms !

I somewhat agree with Mike and this week will really bring out the best and worst of the markets. Low volume and options expiration week and short term trading can be the "death blow" ...I am currently 100% cash in out Traders account and about Flat also in out TTT Hedge Fund Main account with some hedges in the fund in case Oil breaks or if it breaks the wrong way! The forecasting ability during these times are sometimes luck but with the RUT acting as well as it did and the the Bears not real interested in taking the Bulls out ...there may be one more melt up in store be defensive but look at the tape and don't fight the Fed .

Enjoy Mike's great info !

Technical market report for May 10, 2008

The good news is:

· The secondaries held up better than the blue chips in last weeks decline.

Short Term

The secondaries lead both up and down.

Although all of the major indices declined last week the S&P 500 (SPX) was down 1.81% while the Russell 2000 (R2K) was down only 0.78%.

The chart below covers this year showing the R2K in red and the SPX in green a FastTrack ( relative strength indicator called Accutrack is shown as a histogram on the bottom. Accutrack hit its low a few days ahead of the January price low and last week rose while prices were declining. Although not as extreme as the January example the pattern last week was similar.

Intermediate Term

It is encouraging that volume did not increase during last weeks decline.

The chart below covers the past year showing the SPX in red and a 5% trend (39 day EMA) of NYSE total volume in black. Dashed vertical lines have been drawn on the 1st trading day of each month; the vertical line is red on the 1st trading day of the year. The indicator hit an all time high last August, a 3 year low in October and is again near its 3 year low. Hopefully, volume will pickup on the next rally.


Next week includes the 5 trading days prior to the 3rd Friday in May during the 4th year of the Presidential Cycle.

The tables show the daily return on a percentage basis for the 5 trading days prior to the 3rd Friday in May during the 4th year of the Presidential Cycle. NASDAQ (OTC) data covers the period from 1963 - 2007 and SPX data from 1953 - 2007. There are summaries for both the 4th year of the Presidential Cycle and all years combined. Prior to 1953 the market traded 6 days a week so that data has been ignored.

By most measures the returns for the coming week have been modestly negative.

Report for the week before the 3rd Friday of May

The number following the year is the position in the presidential cycle.

Daily returns from Monday through 3rd Friday.

OTC Presidential Year 4

Year Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Totals

1964-4 0.13% -0.28% 0.25% -0.40% -0.38% -0.68%

1968-4 0.67% -0.38% -0.53% -0.07% -0.30% -0.62%

1972-4 0.70% 0.02% -0.46% 0.82% 1.02% 2.09%

1976-4 -0.32% 0.04% -0.31% 0.31% -0.16% -0.43%

1980-4 -0.07% 0.80% 1.08% 0.66% 0.42% 2.89%

1984-4 -0.68% 0.05% -0.13% -1.03% -0.61% -2.40%

Avg 0.06% 0.11% -0.07% 0.14% 0.07% 0.31%

1988-4 0.23% -0.29% -1.42% -0.20% -0.06% -1.74%

1992-4 0.23% -0.54% -0.27% -1.02% -0.35% -1.95%

1996-4 1.59% 1.03% -0.07% 0.46% 0.21% 3.22%

2000-4 2.23% 3.05% -1.95% -2.92% -4.19% -3.79%

2004-4 -1.45% 1.13% 0.02% -0.08% 0.82% 0.43%

Avg 0.57% 0.88% -0.74% -0.75% -0.72% -0.76%

OTC summary for Presidential Year 4 1964 - 2007

Avg 0.30% 0.42% -0.34% -0.32% -0.33% -0.27%

Win% 64% 64% 27% 36% 36% 36%

OTC summry for all years 1963 - 2007

Avg -0.05% 0.06% 0.11% 0.03% -0.24% -0.08%

Win% 47% 47% 60% 51% 43% 49%

SPX Presidential Year 4

Year Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Totals

1956-4 -0.55% -1.05% -0.69% 1.22% -0.47% -1.54%

1960-4 -0.09% 0.38% -0.04% 0.43% 0.27% 0.96%

1964-4 -0.12% 0.32% -0.23% -0.14% 0.30% 0.12%

1968-4 -0.31% -0.07% -0.05% -0.48% -0.72% -1.63%

1972-4 0.45% -0.19% 0.22% 0.98% 0.96% 2.43%

1976-4 -0.25% 0.17% -0.08% 0.81% -0.73% -0.07%

1980-4 0.06% 1.45% 0.52% 0.13% 0.34% 2.49%

1984-4 -0.62% 0.32% -0.01% -0.90% -0.51% -1.72%

Avg -0.14% 0.34% 0.12% 0.11% -0.13% 0.30%

1988-4 0.75% -1.28% -1.58% 0.49% 0.18% -1.45%

1992-4 0.59% -0.53% 0.04% -0.79% -0.74% -1.43%

1996-4 1.44% 0.62% -0.03% -0.09% 0.61% 2.56%

2000-4 2.21% 0.94% -1.24% -0.73% -2.10% -0.93%

2004-4 -1.06% 0.68% -0.26% 0.05% 0.40% -0.19%

Avg 0.79% 0.09% -0.61% -0.22% -0.33% -0.29%

SPX summary for Presidential Year 4 1956 - 2004

Avg 0.19% 0.14% -0.26% 0.08% -0.17% -0.03%

Win% 46% 62% 23% 54% 54% 38%

SPX summary for all years 1953 - 2007

Avg -0.01% 0.10% 0.10% -0.01% -0.13% 0.05%

Win% 50% 56% 51% 51% 49% 51%


Although it could change Monday, there are no indications that the current decline has played out and seasonally next week has been modestly negative.

I expect the major indices to be lower on Friday May 16 than they were on Friday May 9.

This report is free to anyone who wants it, so please tell your friends.
They can sign up at:

If it is not for you, reply with REMOVE in the subject line.

Gordon Harms produces a Power Point for our local timing group meetings. You can get a copy of that at:

Thank you,
Mike Burk
YTD W10/L5/T4

Disclaimer: Mike Burk is an employee and principal of Alpha Investment Management (Alpha) a registered investment advisor. Charts and figures presented herein are believed to be reliable but we cannot attest to their accuracy. Recent (last 10-15 yrs.) data has been supplied by CSI (, FastTrack (, Quotes Plus ( and the Wall Street Journal ( Historical data is from Barron's and ISI price books. The views expressed dare provided for information purposes only and should not be construed in any way as investment advice. Furthermore, the opinions expressed may change without notice.

You may reproduce these letters provided you include a citation along with a link to the subscription page:

Investing Made Easy !!!

Sorry for no charts but we are unable to post at this time ...if you would like the services we provide daily ..please call

850-329-6745 anytime as we work with you individually 24/7

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tom...dear Tom.

"You are a genius. You just keep proving it again and again. PCR May 40
calls now at 3.80 - bought at 1.60. Should have bought more like you
said "

Another happy member !!!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Every week during earnings season I scan all stocks for possible breakouts on earnings ..this quarter has been astounding as we have caught gaps up and down on puts and calls

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This weeks plays :


NDAQ Puts or calls ???


Got bumped off again! Please reconnect me. Thanks! is already in this conversation.

Your invitation to join this conversation could not be delivered to Tim.

Frank has been added to the conversation.

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Tom says (2:07 PM):
RV says (2:08 PM):
Tom says (2:08 PM):
84 dow down
Tom says (2:08 PM):
Craig says (2:08 PM):
Tom, Stop it. I am having a hard time following you.
Tom says (2:08 PM):
me too
Craig says (2:08 PM):
Well, that can't be good.
Tom says (2:10 PM):
msn horrible
Tom says (2:10 PM):
Tom says (2:11 PM):
msft ....puts
Tom says (2:11 PM):
...too stable
Tom says (2:12 PM):
bears are getting their courage up
Tom says (2:12 PM):
we could really drop
Frank says (2:13 PM):
wait till the buy the dippers show up. we'll see how much courage they have.
Tom says (2:13 PM):
it's over frank ..bear is back
Tom says (2:13 PM):
aapl 185.00
Tom says (2:14 PM):
Tom says (2:14 PM):
moo puts
Tom says (2:14 PM):
xom puts says (2:15 PM):
got puts on GME
Frank says (2:17 PM):
could never do that, my son keeps their earnings up!! says (2:17 PM):
I bet says (2:17 PM):
How old?
Frank says (2:18 PM):
think of all the refund checks that get spent there
Frank says (2:18 PM):
14 says (2:18 PM):
u don't let him play GTA 4?
Frank says (2:18 PM):
no says (2:18 PM):
crazy game
Frank says (2:19 PM):
why you think its going down? says (2:19 PM):
technicals...though some are diverging from others. says (2:20 PM):
If you notice I keep risk very low..will enter into puts/longs close to the exit doors in case I am wrong. GME stop is 54
Tom says (2:20 PM):
this is the real deal selloff says (2:20 PM):
cool I am so loaded up with puts
Tom says (2:21 PM):
lets see how bad we missed our MZZ trade from today and our FXP trade from yesterday ???
Dave says (2:21 PM):
Tom, then should we not be holding puts? says (2:21 PM):
volume is missing Tom
Tom says (2:22 PM):
Dave ..I suggest just keep selling 10% off each drop ..I would sell some more here if i were you ..are you 80% short now dave ???
Tom says (2:23 PM):
DRYS still flying
Dave says (2:23 PM):
I sold 50% of my puts
Tom says (2:23 PM):
I would now rather be in 2x inverse etf's than options as the overnight risk is too high to lose your profits
Tom says (2:24 PM):
Great job on the taking profits Dave ...
Frank says (2:26 PM):
ever notice how when the markets start to accelerate down info/data systems from vendors/trading companies start breaking?
Dave says (2:26 PM):
In my clients accounts I am long 17% and short 30% so net 13% short with SKF, SRS, SCC, QID and DUG
Dave says (2:26 PM):
68% cash
Tom says (2:26 PM):
Perfect ..and you made some good money ....profits and moving up stops on your shoprts ...very good says (2:27 PM):
sounds good to me
Tom says (2:27 PM):
QID was a steal at 39.16
Tom says (2:28 PM):
Oil and gas ...why is XOM down and all majors ...??? It is like when gold was soaring but NEM was hitting new lows everyday
Tom says (2:28 PM):
then gold plummets 100 plus
Tom says (2:28 PM):
Tom says (2:28 PM):
Tom says (2:28 PM):
Tom says (2:32 PM):
selling i said ...courage is in the bull camp
Tom says (2:32 PM):
Or bear camp says (2:32 PM):
volume coming into market past half programs kicking in?
Tom says (2:32 PM):
instead of bull
Tom says (2:32 PM):
I ahve bull on my mind
Tom says (2:33 PM):
Isn't it funny how many were convinced that a new bull was starting ???
Tom says (2:33 PM):
1400 missed
Tom says (2:33 PM):
Thomas ??? says (2:33 PM):
If u pull up 30 day 30 min chart as soon as market broke trendline selling kicked in....looks like black boxes
Tom says (2:33 PM):
3% will be in here soon from high to low ?? says (2:35 PM):
For Fib's..SPX sitting right at 23.6% retracement of swing bull that started 04/15. Next Fib Level on SPX is 1384 but this level may hold? Just my 2 cents
causalityrules says (2:36 PM):
tom, time to buy the q's?
Tom says (2:37 PM):
1400 is broken ...3-5% correction underway as expected ..could get 10% if everything falls into place we said last week
Tom says (2:38 PM):
Caus longs yet
causalityrules says (2:38 PM):
Tom says (2:38 PM):
we will see how the tape is tomorrow
Tom says (2:38 PM):
hit 175.00 down
Tom says (2:38 PM):
now we could rally back to 100 down
Tom says (2:39 PM):
XLF is a possible call play ...may in the money says (2:40 PM):
Tom u mind if I post a 30 min chart of SPX with Fibs?
Thomas says (2:43 PM):
Tom says (2:45 PM):
Tom says (2:45 PM):
Go for it says (2:45 PM): says (2:46 PM):
It's to illustrate that Fibs at times do work. Not TA but a naturally occuring mathematical algorithim...Thomas made me brush up on it
Tom says (2:47 PM):
Thomas ..who is thomas ???
Tom says (2:47 PM):
I never see him anymore as we were buying 100k of MZZ
Tom says (2:48 PM):
right about 15 minutes before a 100 point drop ???
Tom says (2:48 PM):
Maybe it's craig's fault ???
Craig says (2:48 PM):
Nope. I'm in QID.
Tom says (2:48 PM):
Craig take the blame or Thomas ???
Tom says (2:48 PM):
Now you tell us ???
Craig says (2:48 PM):
Tom says (2:48 PM):
I thought this was a member board ???
Craig says (2:49 PM):
Money makin board

Nimesh has left the conversation.

Thomas says (2:49 PM):
Thomas says (2:49 PM):
I'm mad
Tom says (2:49 PM):
Boy ....I talk til I am blue in the face convincing everyone to get into 2x inverse Etf's then I end up 100% cash as the market falls like a rock !!!!!
Thomas says (2:49 PM):
my short at 1414 would make me few dinners ?

You have just sent a nudge.

Thomas says (2:50 PM):
Tom says (2:50 PM): A
Thomas says (2:50 PM):
I'm the perfect example how to be right and not make money ..
Tom says (2:50 PM):
Head of international trading ?
Thomas says (2:50 PM):
people don't understand it is possible
Thomas says (2:51 PM):
I don't loose but can't make much money
Tom says (2:51 PM):
I am putting Bog in charge ????
Thomas says (2:51 PM):
few more weeks and I will make it :)
Craig says (2:51 PM):
Tom, I have a 3% trailing stop on QID?
Tom says (2:51 PM):
Thomas says (2:51 PM):
I'm very close to call Int term top
Tom says (2:51 PM):
I have my entire family in QID and MZZ but never got the TRADERS trade in ?????
Thomas says (2:52 PM):
have to eat something
Thomas says (2:52 PM):
wrrr says (2:52 PM):
anyone like the FIBS chart?
Tom says (2:52 PM):
Thomas ...I am going to get bullish then ???
Tom says (2:52 PM):
Thanks Geck
Thomas says (2:52 PM):
you remember few last times I called short term tops or bottoms?
Thomas says (2:53 PM):
Frank says (2:53 PM):
i like fibs chart
Thomas says (2:53 PM):
what timeframe is that? says (2:54 PM):
30 day 30 min
Thomas says (2:54 PM):
Thomas says (2:54 PM):
I don't like it :)
Frank says (2:54 PM):
what charting tool? says (2:54 PM):
1390 comes into play before 1384 says (2:54 PM):
Tom says (2:55 PM): i posted yesterday that a 3% correction would start tomorrow !!!!!
Tom says (2:55 PM):
I am TTT they let me in ???
Frank says (2:56 PM):
was there news today that caused this tumble?
Tom says (2:56 PM):
yes ...the bears are back ...there were some financials that all said some bad things in about a 10 minute period
Tom says (2:57 PM):
got the hedgies peeling off
Tom says (2:57 PM):
perfect trade ...
Frank says (2:57 PM):
when was that?
Tom says (2:57 PM):
Tom says (2:57 PM):
of course
Frank says (2:58 PM):
:) says (2:58 PM):
Ok, anyone think PPT steps in last hour here and props this baby up?
Dave says (2:58 PM):
who is ppt?
Frank says (2:58 PM):
Tom says (2:59 PM):
Explanation from the pro desk Frank is that the FRE FNM trade yesterday was capitulation like geck on oil ???!!!!!
Tom says (2:59 PM):
The FNM shortcover emboldened the smart money to buy the BIG puts and futures says (3:00 PM):
Plunge Protection Team aka Presidents working group on Financial Markets... says (3:00 PM):
Hear of them Dave?
Dave says (3:00 PM):
no says (3:01 PM):
High level gov't cronies and bankers that buy up futures to prop up markets
Dave says (3:01 PM):
That is there objective? says (3:01 PM):
tin foil types think they have their hand in everything
Frank says (3:01 PM):
ttt...its amazing how many twists there can be. says (3:01 PM):
but it does exist. says (3:01 PM):
Tom says (3:02 PM):
that lunch hour crowd is rough short the market and 1;56 and sell in 45 minutes you make a bundle
Tom says (3:02 PM):
You can't say i don't go both ways frank ???
Frank says (3:02 PM):
Tom says (3:02 PM):
I can play the short as well as long side /
Dave says (3:02 PM):
But Tom, that has nothing to do with trading!
Frank says (3:02 PM):
this is the most bearish you have been since I joined
Tom says (3:02 PM):
and dress up ..correct says (3:02 PM):
Tom says (3:02 PM):
and right ???
Dave says (3:03 PM):
Tom, that is much too much to know about your personal life...

Tom says (3:03 PM):
yes ...too much info
Frank says (3:03 PM):
FXP back to old days when I used to make a killin trading it
Tom says (3:03 PM):
but thomas accuses me of dressing up in pink dresses when i have a big win ???
Tom says (3:03 PM):
He is a tough guy???
Tom says (3:04 PM):
1405 -140 as Volume took off in the futures
Tom says (3:04 PM):
tremendous play
Frank says (3:04 PM):
too early to call tomorrows open?
Tom says (3:05 PM):
should be down as FTSE and DAX are vulnerable
Tom says (3:05 PM):
might want to short the gernay fund
Tom says (3:05 PM):
Dave says (3:05 PM):
If I were as good at finding winners as you Tom, i also would dress up in pink dresses and 4 inch pumps!
Frank says (3:06 PM):
and put a video of it on you tube! start teachin him ttt!!
Tom says (3:07 PM):
I am going viral with a UTUBE rant on the Fed ...????
Craig says (3:07 PM):
Please don't go there Tom.;) says (3:07 PM):
Karl Denninger has already cornered the market on video Fed rants...whattya fascist
Frank says (3:07 PM):
what i need now is ags to rollover big
Tom says (3:09 PM):
No one calls the markets like we do !!!!!!!
Craig says (3:10 PM):
CNBC awaits you, Tom........
Tom says (3:10 PM):
yes..but then i couln't trade
Dave says (3:10 PM):
They would not believe you anyway.
Thomas says (3:10 PM):
Yes Tom WE are great :) says (3:10 PM):
No you just do it like Cramer does have proxies do it for oyu
Thomas says (3:11 PM):
Tom can you imagine???? You on CNBS in your pink dress??? few millions watching evert night
Thomas says (3:11 PM):
Tom says (3:11 PM):
Craig are the 2nd most honest guy on this site ...tell us the truth ..if we would have gone into every trade we wanted and you would have played 200K much would you have now ??? ball park ???
Thomas says (3:11 PM):
Pink Dress Trader
Tom says (3:11 PM):
OK Thomas
Frank says (3:11 PM):
he'd turn the whole world into minute traders
Tom says (3:12 PM):
Now you have another Pole here you are getting gangin up time ?? says (3:12 PM): TWM put just closed out on a limit..i shoulda raised it
Dave says (3:12 PM):
How long has this chat been active?
Tom says (3:12 PM):
about 1.2 years
Dave says (3:13 PM):
I found it from the Mike Burk Report. How do you know Mike?
Tom says (3:13 PM):
Nothing but fun
Tom says (3:13 PM):
He is a member
Tom says (3:13 PM):
Mike is a members for 1 year
Tom says (3:14 PM):
....nice guy ...he can't trade as much due to his philosophy but says I am the best he has ever witnessed short term over 30 years
Tom says (3:14 PM):
I agree
Tom says (3:14 PM):
Tom says (3:14 PM):
and I am getting better ...if I can get rid of Thomas ????

You have just sent a nudge.

Thomas says (3:14 PM):
Tom says (3:14 PM):
Real downer he is ?
Tom says (3:15 PM):
can't finish a trade ???
Thomas says (3:15 PM):
I will never tell you again when we have bottom or top :)
Thomas says (3:15 PM):
no I can't
Tom says (3:15 PM):
OK ....then it will be a surprise ????
Thomas says (3:15 PM):
and I had a plan and couldn't trade a plan
Thomas says (3:15 PM):

bogdan has left the conversation.

Thomas says (3:16 PM):
Bogdan left
Thomas says (3:16 PM):
I'm alone again
Craig says (3:17 PM):
Tom, do you use Bollinger bands in your trading?

Tim has been added to the conversation.

Tom says (3:19 PM):
yes ...but only as a guide ??? I personally would never trade off them
Tim says (3:19 PM):
yes I know..just want to get caught up says (3:19 PM):
Tom what is your main piece of info you trade, or a few?
Tim says (3:20 PM):
anything I can do to change the difficulties in staying in chat?
Tom says (3:24 PM):
Permalinkttt 18 hours ago 2 points
Please login to rate.

I think that the major indices are just holding on by their nails and that the corrections that follow into September will get deeper and deeper. This coming from someone who has been a permabull for 32 years. The first 3% correction starts tomorrow .
Tom says (3:25 PM):
Tim ..Isent you the 2:00pm to present chat ...did you receive??
Tom says (3:25 PM):
The above was placed on SLOPE yesterday
Tim says (3:25 PM):
Tom says (3:26 PM):
Permalinkttt 18 hours ago 2 points
Please login to rate.

I think that the major indices are just holding on by their nails and that the corrections that follow into September will get deeper and deeper. This coming from someone who has been a permabull for 32 years. The first 3% correction starts tomorrow .
Tom says (3:26 PM):
I am trying to get in good with Tim so I can blow him away ???
Frank says (3:26 PM):
be nice!
Tom says (3:26 PM):
for a while I will
Frank says (3:26 PM):
no one likes a wise ass!!
Tom says (3:27 PM):
just about the time he thinks i am a real bear >.....>>>
Frank says (3:27 PM):
they are just trying to make a buck the way they know how
Tom says (3:28 PM):
by sheepishly following a immature fake ?
Tom says (3:28 PM):
Look at those positions he has ???
Frank says (3:28 PM):
oh well, its their responsibility to figure that out
Tom says (3:28 PM):
millions lost but says he is up 68% annualized ???
Tom says (3:29 PM):
just like a bit of honesty in the biz??? says (3:29 PM):
Like Sykes says in due time any credible blogger will need to verify there results to be taken seriously
Tom says (3:30 PM):
OK so obviously we got our questions answered as we go back to Bear mode says (3:30 PM):
1390 next stop says (3:30 PM):
The market wants to test that area
aszager says (3:31 PM):
I have been away but it looks like the typical swoon wed/ thur before options week expiration. Some say the big institutions can pick up calls now cheap
Thomas says (3:31 PM):
Geck next stop is 1370
RV says (3:31 PM):
Tom gap up in am?
Tom says (3:32 PM):
No ...I doubt it ..hoping gap down and buy long
Thomas says (3:32 PM):
Tom I have to say it says (3:32 PM):
1390 is resistance, 1384 then 1370
Thomas says (3:32 PM):
int term top is in
aszager says (3:33 PM):
fcx got hit. I closed out naked xle may 85 calls at a profit
Thomas says (3:33 PM):
geck 1387 and than 1370 :)
Tom says (3:33 PM):
Tom says (3:33 PM):
FCX has had quite a day ???
Tom says (3:33 PM):
look at the daily says (3:33 PM):
u say tomato says (3:33 PM):
I say tomoto
Tom says (3:34 PM):
I say CASH is KING ???
Tom says (3:34 PM):
Thomas please update TRADERS ????? says (3:34 PM):
6 of one 1/2 dozen of another if it hits your points it hits mine it's all good :)
Thomas says (3:34 PM):
Tom are you 100% in cash?
Tom says (3:34 PM):
Thomas says (3:34 PM):
ok so
Thomas says (3:35 PM):
218 positions
174 wins
32 losses
12 breakeven
178680$ made minus costs
Tom says (3:35 PM):
Imagine if we would have held short and added 100K 2x inverse ? MOC 200K
Thomas says (3:36 PM):
another 22k and you have 100% in less than 3 months
Tom says (3:36 PM):
double on the close today ...Craig's fault ??/
Thomas says (3:36 PM):
Tom I can't even imagine holding winning positions ???
Thomas says (3:36 PM):
:) says (3:36 PM):
Dave - looks like we live another day with DUG... says (3:37 PM):
I went short big today
Craig says (3:37 PM):
I'll take any credit, but I will not take any fault. Already do that at home. says (3:38 PM):
It's this dang low volume thing that has me confused says (3:38 PM):
anyone have a take on it?

Tom says (3:39 PM):
1394 es long 1 contract
Tom says (3:39 PM):
Buying 1 ES long here
Tom says (3:39 PM):
1394.00 cash
Tom says (3:41 PM):
OK Thomas ?
Tom says (3:41 PM):
stop 1375
Tom says (3:43 PM):
Craig make $$$ on QID ????
causalityrules says (3:43 PM):
I am currently idle.
Tom says (3:43 PM):
sell ??????
Thomas says (3:43 PM):
Tom says (3:43 PM):
look at XLF ...bear ???
Frank says (3:43 PM):
geck...we need a catalyst to create a big vol move. this was good day for bears, but just another tug-o-war day.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


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Thursday, May 1, 2008


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