Friday, May 2, 2008


The TTT HEDGE FUND again posted it's 7th stright week of profits but it hasn't gotten any easier !!!!

Some spectacular short term calls on DUG AMR and XOM puts saved the week and some brilliant daytrading today as we called yesterday for a gap up to fade like crazy and we piled into puts on QQQQ and IWM on th gap open and slowly took profits into 3;00pm which happened to be about the lows !!!

So not too bad considering 90% of the players were losers or in cash ....we were a bit leveraged too short today but were able to cut back and go into next week 20% short and 80% cash in our traders account

and we have 10% long and 90% cash in the TTT Hedge fund ...enough about us ..let me here form you !

PayPal $75 for the rest of 2008 to :

I have been called the best short term trder ever seen buy some but my strength is market timing and if I can keep you on the right side of the trade will make money.

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"Another banner week Tom, I have never been so hesitant to buy puts than when you told us to buy 50 contracts of XOM Exxon ...I thought you had lost it ...but I held my nose and honestly didn't look at my account till 10:00am ....Iwas $13,990.12 richer ..Iimmeditely sold the position and nearly cried as it was the single most profit I had ever made in my life...people can say what they want on the blogs...I have the money now to invest on my own without the part-time job we have talked about...thank you tom and please stay healthy !!!"

J.T. Wilmongton NC

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