Thursday, February 26, 2009


We sold our UYG and FAS after a 30-50% run up !

Added to our long 3x ETF's we are back to 25% long in IRA 25% Long Main Fund but still 100% long TRADERS account from that 750 ES level

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A incredible run in our bank stocks!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Congratulations on a great day Tom!
I was just about to find another line of work but days like today keep us coming back.
I had a great day too, made about $1,500 from trades I put on Friday and yesterday. Could have done a lot better if I would have taken some of the futures trades
but I had sworn off futures a couple of weeks ago. I will have to rethink that.

Anyway thanks for your help, hope this is the botom, sure felt like one.

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 3:42 PM, Tom Malone wrote:

Portfolio Create new portfolioTradersIRA ACCOUNT LONG TERMMAIN FUND view | edit | delete | create new | open in screener

No. Ticker Company Price Change% Volume Transaction Date Shares Cost Market Value Gain$ Gain% Change$
1. ZF Zweig Fund Inc. 2.37 4.41% 244,833 Buy 12-02-08 103,400 2.3 245057.99 7237.99 3.04% 10339.99
2. ESRX Express Scripts Inc. 57.20 3.44% 2,734,657 Buy 01-09-09 10,000 52.46 572000.01 47400.01 9.04% 19000.02
3. JNJ Johnson & Johnson 54.56 1.70% 14,794,780 Buy 01-09-09 10,000 59 545600.01 -44399.99 -7.53% 9100.00
4. DNA Genentech Inc. 85.50 1.12% 2,997,282 Buy 01-09-09 10,000 84 855000.00 15000.00 1.79% 9499.97
5. MO Altria Group Inc. 15.38 2.19% 15,620,664 Buy 02-10-09 10,000 16.51 153800.00 -11300.00 -6.84% 3300.00
6. GENZ Genzyme Corp. 70.53 1.61% 2,181,762 Buy 02-11-09 10,000 70.9 705299.99 -3700.01 -0.52% 11199.95
7. FCX Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. 28.10 6.68% 18,318,544 Buy 02-18-09 10,000 27.94 281000.00 1600.00 0.57% 17600.00
8. BGU Direxion Large Cap Bull 3X Shares 22.14 11.42% 19,495,156 Buy 02-18-09 10,000 23.55 221399.99 -14100.01 -5.99% 22699.99
9. TNA Direxion Small Cap Bull 3X Shares 18.32 12.33% 11,561,384 Buy 02-20-09 10,000 18.61 183202.99 -2897.01 -1.56% 20103.00
10. FAS Direxion Financial Bull 3X Shares 5.61 27.21% 149,201,328 Buy 02-20-09 50,000 4.5 280500.01 55500.01 24.67% 60000.01
Total 10 Stocks 4.74% 4042860.99 50340.99 1.26% 182842.92

above average
tomthetrader: Yes ...and the Banks are on Fire
tomthetrader: I said that the EPICENTER are the financials
tomthetrader: more money will be made in UYG and FAS than any other vehicles in here
tomthetrader: already hitting 12-14 on UYG and FAS for over 120K realized since we started
JR Roden: I loaded up on those June $3 calls (I can't hold back when you start to beg like you did on this one)
DE_TTT: Beginning to smell burning fur and melting claws...
tomthetrader: Yes .....that could be a very good money maker as the leverage is so high from .20 cents to 2,00
tomthetrader: we got some of those Calls very low
tomthetrader: and some as high as .75
Nick_H_SanDiego: nice jr & tom
TraderTim: Market internals strong A/D: +1745 Trin: .5
tomthetrader: working it hard
DE_TTT: II Bulls 31%...AAII Bulls 22%...may take awhile to convert them back, no?
TraderTim: last week
Nick_H_SanDiego: BANK rallied back to Mon's hi
tomthetrader: Target 800 SPX futures
tomthetrader: DDM took OFF !
tomthetrader: 20 contracts of NQ at 1188 still held
tomthetrader: YM Futures 10 contracts
les13436: With a rally like, this isn't a low TRIN (.47 ) abnormal??
tomthetrader: Yes
TraderTim: A/D: +1958 Trin: .4
tomthetrader: but it is due to mainly a handful of stocks
tomthetrader: HOD
TraderTim: small number of big stocks leading the way!
les13436: UUFFC up 25%
tomthetrader: Love this market
tomthetrader: 2.35 2.36
tomthetrader: Money being made
tomthetrader: I guess I like Home runs !
tomthetrader: and the 24 TF is a major long ball as were the 12 UYG trades that were profitable I am locked and begging for 2.52 there
tomthetrader: Love this market
tomthetrader: Like I said in the e-mail
tomthetrader: when they beat you up all you can do is wake up and do your best
JR Roden: UYG consolidating for another run
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ctmhou: Tom, how does one read the Zweig Breadth Thrust indicator?
tomthetrader: Red may know more on the thrust indicator but the basic jest is 9-1 positive a/d line or up down volumes provide THrust for further gains is like a rocket ship the more thrust the longer it lasts
tomthetrader: the Nov rally had great thrust and got 40% gains from bottom
ctmhou: Thanks sir.
tomthetrader: FAS up 20% gain
tomthetrader: I think we take profits ?
tomthetrader: 10% gains "normal" today
ctmhou: GOD! I wish I was around this morning on UYG and FAS. Oh well, there is always another day.
TraderTim: A/D: +1951 Trin: .48 BKX: +10.8% Baby!!!!
Nick_H_SanDiego: we need the antonym of Widow Maker for today's TF
tomthetrader: very successful auction too
redliontrader: Thrust indicator is a 10 day average of the %of advancing issues.. a move from 40% (where we were yesterday) to 61.5% in 10 days is a marker for a bear to bull reversal.. fires very very rarely
Nick_H_SanDiego: thx red
tomthetrader: yes ...thanks ...Prof. Zweig did not make this indicator up it was developed by someone else
TraderTim: NIC: How's this? TF is a widow maker (when it kills ya) or mistress maker (when it lines your pockets)
tomthetrader: 7279 YM via cash 5 long
Nick_H_SanDiego: BANK rolled over
ctmhou: Why YM?
Nick_H_SanDiego: Tim...perfect
redliontrader: if I remember right, no bull market has starteg without one, but it does generate false positives
ctmhou: OK
tomthetrader: stop now 7250
tomthetrader: 5 contracts
tomthetrader: stops now 7260.00
DE_TTT: Looking forward when XLF goes up 33% in a day...and FAZ consequently goes to zero, naught, nil.
tomthetrader: Yes SKF I HATE SKF !
ctmhou: So do the banks.
tomthetrader: 7270 stops
DE_TTT: BYD up 30% as the BUYER of Station Casinos.
tomthetrader: wow !
ctmhou: Tom, how much do you think that naked shorting, no uptick, had to do with the demise of the banks?
tomthetrader: 7275 stops
Nick_H_SanDiego: stay away from SKF...I took $138K loss on SKF options last yr
tomthetrader: I have never played it
TraderTim: SKF (Corpse Creater)
ctmhou: And Nick, our mission as a group, is to re-coup those losses. We will win.
Nick_H_SanDiego: yes definately
tomthetrader: yes !
Nick_H_SanDiego: as Tim says, a teaspoon at a time
tomthetrader: 407.50 RUT
tomthetrader: a BUY
Nick_H_SanDiego: thanks guys
ctmhou: We need to get you back to your 10k a month option strategy again.
DE_TTT: Good piece on Roubini being a bit fast and loose in declaring WFC a zombie.
tomthetrader: stop YM at 7279 Break even
ctmhou: This chat room is better than an RSS feed.
ctmhou: Have to run some honey-do's right now. I'll be back. Sound like Arnold.
tomthetrader: OK
tomthetrader: Thanks Craig
Nick_H_SanDiego: Hell-ya, Craig
tomthetrader: 7300stops
tomthetrader: 7310 stop
tomthetrader: stopped out
tomthetrader: 7310 YM
tomthetrader: off cash
tomthetrader: 15 total contracts
tomthetrader: from 7250 and 7279
tomthetrader: sold at 7310
redliontrader: nice to see this grind working in the other direction
tomthetrader: 805 total YM points x $5
tomthetrader: is a nice trade
TraderTim: good trade coach!
tomthetrader: still underwater on 10YM from 7400
Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom, what ever happened to the futures from Sept that you rolled over...?
tomthetrader: still held in the IRA
Nick_H_SanDiego: oh LM lets you hold futures in an IRA ?
tomthetrader: Personal account for all losers
tomthetrader: they will manage them 944 avg
tomthetrader: XLKAT ?
tomthetrader: My favorite loss
tomthetrader: BUY signal has resulted in 25 ES points
Nick_H_SanDiego: yes xlkat sure thing
Nick_H_SanDiego: that was in my IRA too
Nick_H_SanDiego: operative word WAS
Nick_H_SanDiego: oh well
Nick_H_SanDiego: easy come easy go
tomthetrader: THE BUY SIGNAL and what we will make to
redliontrader: my DIG CR options are green!
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: uco ANYONE TRADE IT
pupster: do u expect any follow thry at all in the AM...?
TraderTim: A/D: _2174 Trin: .42 BKX: +11.8% (almost back to level of lore 25.00!!!!)
redliontrader: down to 100% long in traders
TraderTim: TF 412
tomthetrader: My Plans is for my portfolio to be 50% long at the close ....25% on Thursday and 0% longf on Friday
TraderTim: VIX: 44 -15% 2nd biggest drop in 2009 (first was 1/21 which sparked at 70 point ES RUN!!!)
redliontrader: I'd like to go 100% overnight, maybe 75%, you don't think follow-thru the opening?
redliontrader: overnight news too risky?
tomthetrader: I think we will probably get a gap up that will be able to sell RED
TraderTim: Obama PRIME TIME tonight?
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: and the markets should have a partial follow thru TARGET 800
redliontrader: I am hoping he has his"HOPE" hat on tonight
tomthetrader: 830 possible by Friday
wclegg: Do you still have the 20 NQ. Tom?
TraderTim: GLD: =3% GDX: -8%
tomthetrader: Yes ...he will be OK
tomthetrader: NQ 20 from 1188 Les
redliontrader: I noticed it is not a State of the Union - thank god
tomthetrader: Les : do you have NQ ?
tomthetrader: anyone holding NQ ?
rjflamm: y
wclegg: Holding QLD.
tomthetrader: OK good
rjflamm: looking good from here
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: QLD QQQQ and NQ OK
tomthetrader: stops tight and reenter
rjflamm: once people realize that techs have alot of cash......
tomthetrader: I am going to get to 100K long which is 20 NQ
tomthetrader: techs are cash cows
rjflamm: actually...i'm going to hang in till Friday....unless I get stopped
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: let your profits run
JR Roden: Did you just get into the NQ again?
rjflamm: that elastic band is
billb1947: in
rjflamm: yesterday...on the way down
rjflamm: averaged down.....
les13436: I do not have any NQ, no futures here at all.
tomthetrader: I will be 100% cash on Friday in all accounts
TraderTim: Tom: A bit OVERBOUGHT is building. Jason's STEM.MR is just under a Mean Reversion sell (not quite there yet )
rjflamm: $ndq
rjflamm: sorry...disregard
TraderTim: Yep, Cum Tick/Price Oscillators/UpIssuesRatio/PutCall getting extened quickly on intraday
billb1947: did you buy 20 nq? tom
JR Roden: Just shut down my QQQQ calls that I got yesterday afternoon for a nice profit. Thanks.
JR Roden: UYG hanging at the highs of the Day
tomthetrader: Thank you JR
tomthetrader: so we are making money ?
tomthetrader: any other successes out there
tomthetrader: BillB I am only holding 20NQ from 1188 into tomorrow
tomthetrader: 20 contracts long NQ will be my only long
JR Roden: Still holding the UYG's which are right at Breakeven now.
tomthetrader: Yes I still have UYG and UYG JUNE 3.00 's
tomthetrader: in Main fund
rjflamm: 10 contracts of nq from 1150...and still long
steve_45_4: you have sold all your YM?
tomthetrader: Yes I sold mine from 1150
rjflamm: maybe I bought
tomthetrader: yes I took a loss on 10YM
steve_45_4: ty
tomthetrader: 7350
rjflamm: whats internals like?
tomthetrader: OK
tomthetrader: Very good
TraderTim: A/D: +2207
csu30: Bought TNA, BGU, QLD yesterday; just sold
TraderTim: Trin: .47
tomthetrader: should end on HOD
TraderTim: BKX: +12.5% amazing!!!
tomthetrader: CSU : you happy ?
TraderTim: P/C: .79
frankie_01: vix: 44.64
TraderTim: getting overbought on strong internals
csu30: Absolutely - thanks to those TTT buy signals!
csu30: Thank you, Tom!
TraderTim: TOm you did a good job of "coaching" us in on the BUY Thx
TraderTim: Peace Coach!!
tomthetrader: Thanks guys gals
les13436: Thanks Tom, this was a great day!!! Best day I have had in months.
redliontrader: 9:1 day on the SP500, N100 and Dow
TraderTim: way to go LES!!!
redliontrader: Is this like Oct 13th, we only got a 2 day rally, or like Nov 21st we got a good run of 5days of higher closes?
les13436: Thanks Tim
JR Roden: Looking at the UYG daily chart, we are just bouncing up from a double bottom with a positive divergence in the MACD and somewhat in the stochastic.
les13436: UUUFC +38% today
JR Roden: The 13 EMA is 2.70, so we should at least get that high.
tomthetrader: any requests for sol singing here ?
tomthetrader: SOLO
aszags: I have been working all day and away from the computer but I made a couple of dollars since I have been bullish since last week and offset my paper losses of yesterday
JR Roden: Today's volume was very good and a bounce up to 3.50 or 4.00 is not out of the question.
tomthetrader: SOLO you can't hera me ?
tomthetrader: ZAGS you and I were in the same boat ...did you end up OK ?
tomthetrader: 7350 Dow
aszags: I am up about $30000 today over and beyond the loss yesterday
JR Roden: TTT - just a quick note on your competition. I'm paper trading a system a friend recommended called G-Force Traders. They've made 2 trades this week and are down 30 points . I think I'll still w/TTT.
aszags: Has Thomas returned to the fold?
JR Roden: The g-force is not worth the monthly fee.
aszags: There is a bidding war for Thomas from Vector Vest
tomthetrader: Yes : there is a bidding war all over the world
tomthetrader: Thomas is in DEMAND
tomthetrader: and he is DE MAMN
tomthetrader: DA MAN
tomthetrader: Thanks Guys and go get em ...futures tonight
JR Roden: UYG ended pretty much at the HOD. Let's see it rock up higher into the weekend.
tomthetrader: Well I bought at the highs at 2,52 and lows near 1.91 so
tomthetrader: we should be OK
tomthetrader: I still think 5-6.00 easy
DE_TTT: FSLR Reports Q4 (Dec) earnings of $1.61 per share, $0.31 better than the First Call consensus of $1.30; revenues rose 116.0% year/year to $433.7 mln vs the $410.4 mln consensus.
DE_TTT: Meant to only send the FSLR stuff...sorry!
bulldog12: fslr goes higher even from hee
bulldog12: here
DE_TTT: BBT BB&T Corp increases quarterly dividend to $0.47 per share from $0.46 (16.88 +2.08)
JR Roden: If UYG got to 5-6, I'd be one very happy guy.
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: great news on fslr
tomthetrader: bbt going to eat some shorts
tomthetrader: ok
Alert: The end of the recession is in sight ... so says Bernanke. And a preview of the president's congressional address tonight. On News Talk Online in the Radio/TV Section NOW [Free Video]
tomthetrader: FSLR falling offa cliff
tomthetrader: NQ H9 [10] E-MINI NASDAQ 100 Mar ’09 16:56:14 EST 1,165.50 2.00 1,163.00 1,165.75 1,162.75
tomthetrader: Hope 1188 comes into play tomorrow
tomthetrader: 2.45 UYG Up from 100000 sh at 1.99 sold for massive gains !

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Breaking up to 800 resistance Zone

Saturday, February 21, 2009


The market was a options expiration BEAR RAID as the January Call buyers got more of those "Expired Worthless" reports. The market has now gone through the "bathtub bottom as I predicted and continue to see into May with a defined range of 750-950 but this is where the TTT HEDGE FUND 2009 is different ...we will make over $200,000 in the next 3 months ....maybe the next week.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009


The reason I started this business was to raise awareness that investors / Traders had to do more than just buy Mutual Funds or CD's is a age of the smart investor. Using many products like 2-3X Etf's and Futures and options we are able to say WE CAN BEAT THE STREET sometimes by several 100% !

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Thursday, February 12, 2009


(2:12 PM) TraderTim: too much put buying
(2:12 PM) TraderTim: P/C: to high
(2:12 PM) TraderTim: 1.0+
(2:12 PM) TraderTim: trouble
(2:13 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yes that is scary
(2:13 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom is the biggest bull
(2:14 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: at least it's not a -19:1 day like Tues
(2:15 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: rally
tomthetrader: 10 ES short no stops
tomthetrader: LOD UYG on little push up
(2:19 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: tom are you contemplating doing another $20K UYG 20-min trade?
(2:19 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: nice ES short
tomthetrader: UYG seems like a play next week !
tomthetrader: I do not like the action today ..many particiapants gone
tomthetrader: Right
tomthetrader: Am I right ?
(2:23 PM) berniectx: yes like your analysis
tomthetrader: Thanks 1-37 not bad !
(2:23 PM) frankie_01: i agree, bears been waiting and waiting for a breakdown
tomthetrader: Bern are on the payroll !
(2:24 PM) berniectx: the gloom and doom bears remind me of the boys/girls in congress almost always wrong in their thinking
tomthetrader: Now is the time ...there NO NO NO BUYERS ...let the BEARS raid the cookie jar and Break it down fence
tomthetrader: almost ?
tomthetrader: sorry ....99% wrong
tomthetrader: 100 QAVNE at 1.26 where we sold earlier
tomthetrader: stop 1.13
tomthetrader: 817.50 stop on 10 ES
tomthetrader: 816.50 stop 10
tomthetrader: 815.50 stops
tomthetrader: stopped out
tomthetrader: 10 contracts sold via cash at 815.50 40 ES x $50
tomthetrader: $2000 profit on that trade still in Q's puts QAVNE 1.26 break even stop 1.20 now
(2:34 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: nice day tom
(2:34 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: i'm $162
(2:34 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: feel inadequate
(2:34 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Speaking of that, did you hear FastMoney talking about the new Johnson & Johnson premature ejactulation pill going on sale in Europe?
(2:35 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: not avail in US
(2:35 PM) frankie_01: interesting product
(2:35 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: i went ther
(2:35 PM) wigwam_3: you dont want to get that pill,, stuck in your throat...LOL
(2:35 PM) ctmhou: Age will create taht..
(2:36 PM) ctmhou: Hard time.............LOL\
tomthetrader: Take it easy young un ....howmuch do those diapers cot /
tomthetrader: cost ?
(2:36 PM) ctmhou: Too dang much.
tomthetrader: I don't have to pay for contracetives or pre ejac pills !
(2:43 PM) frankie_01: Tom, you expectig a bounce here?
(2:44 PM) frankie_01: thanks
tomthetrader: 100 contracts sold at 1.45
(2:46 PM) rjflamm: retest of low....r we going lower?
(2:46 PM) berniectx: nice play Tom
tomthetrader: thanks
tomthetrader: now the tough part
(2:51 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: herwe we go
tomthetrader: 810.50 cash 4 long
(2:52 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: i have 811.32
tomthetrader: let's call it 811.50
(2:53 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: my tos spx may be slightly delayed from your feed
(2:53 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: weird
tomthetrader: we will call it at whatever anyone gets if they are trading !
tomthetrader: somewhere between 810 and 812 cash OK we are long 4 contracts ..Nick can decide
(2:54 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: thx tom
(2:54 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 810.35 now spx
(2:54 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 810.01
(2:54 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: right
tomthetrader: 10% long from 811 we will call it cash
(2:55 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yup
(2:55 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 811.46
(2:55 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: what was your actual future fill price?
tomthetrader: let me print copy and paste it
tomthetrader: 809.75
tomthetrader: ES
(2:56 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: thx
(2:57 PM) redliontrader: how about 100K of UYG @ 2.87?
(2:57 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 808.25 filled 2 ES long
(2:57 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I can't wait for another UYG trade
tomthetrader: UYG would be a wild close ?
tomthetrader: But there is no reason to BUY
(2:58 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: we are right on the precipice with ES here
tomthetrader: 808.50
(2:58 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: bonds close in 1 min
(2:58 PM) redliontrader: y no buyers
(2:58 PM) redliontrader: periods of lull between selloffs
(2:58 PM) arujunaa: nick, bonds mark in 1 minute but close at 5pm est
tomthetrader: 808.50 cash stops on the longs
tomthetrader: 4 units long stop at cash 808.50 manual
tomthetrader: Noheroes today
(3:02 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -1968
(3:02 PM) TraderTim: Trin: 1.86
(3:02 PM) TraderTim: sorry I was out for a moment
(3:03 PM) redliontrader: anemic buying
(3:04 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: new lod
(3:04 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: got out of 6 long with 1 tick gain...lucky
(3:04 PM) TraderTim: a/D: -2019
(3:04 PM) TraderTim: Trin: 1.86
tomthetrader: stopped out ES at caSH 808.50
(3:08 PM) berniectx: have to run be careful all...bear day
(3:08 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: bye bernie
tomthetrader: bear day BERN
tomthetrader: SEE YOU A.M.
tomthetrader: 1.55 qavne
tomthetrader: 1.56
(3:08 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 805.5 was support on the 15 min chart
(3:09 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: shook you out Tom
(3:09 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: sorry
(3:09 PM) redliontrader: wow, an uptick
(3:10 PM) frankie_01: quick squeeze there
tomthetrader: yes
(3:11 PM) redliontrader: come on bulls, die bears die
tomthetrader: I got stopped out by a few pennies or would still be long complaints here though
(3:11 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: must have been some news
tomthetrader: I wanted to go larger with a longer time frame but the seasonals are -
(3:12 PM) JR Roden: A quick move up to the 13 EMA on the 5 min Q's and then a smack back down again. Let's see if we can push up through and get the Options Week up move started early
tomthetrader: Finally some volume on a up tick ?
(3:13 PM) JR Roden: Did make a few $ on some Q puts bought just after lunch. And like I just told Wigwam ... a $20 win is still WAY more than you'll see in interest on your bank statement.
tomthetrader: Yes ...we have learned a break even is HUGE win ...anything over commission is great $400 is our goal but we will take $25 if we can get it
(3:18 PM) JR Roden: Look at the Q's hourly chart. Double bottom with positive divergence forming. And this hour's candle has a huge tail on it, if it can hold for another 12 min.
(3:18 PM) PhotosbyDill: b 2.88 2000 shrs UYG
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: YES
(3:19 PM) arujunaa: sold 25% daytrade long at 2.71% 10s/124.25 tyh9. still 25% core long hoping for a correction to add back again. i'm out tomorrow guys. have a great long weekend
tomthetrader: GARY My man ....playing the longer term Bull play !
(3:19 PM) ctmhou: Just can't help yourself........gotta go long?
tomthetrader: Aruj ! Thank you are the BOND King
tomthetrader: forget Pimco I will take Aruj
(3:20 PM) ctmhou: Aruj more accurate.
(3:20 PM) arujunaa: bill gross & i are different......he does yoga, i eat big macs.
tomthetrader: I like you much more
(3:20 PM) ctmhou: Aruj, get on CNBC
(3:20 PM) arujunaa: thank you sir!
tomthetrader: and I have never made a penny off him .....!
tomthetrader: You I have made consistent $ on and that is why we count on you !
(3:21 PM) arujunaa: if i went on cnbc, the dennis kneale effect would occur
tomthetrader: YES
(3:21 PM) ctmhou: What's that?
(3:21 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: dennis is an idiot
(3:21 PM) ctmhou: Oh, that effect?
(3:22 PM) arujunaa: the worst. i mean THE worst. should be thrown in jail in my opinion
(3:22 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: a journalist who has never traded
tomthetrader: let's say hard to he has relatives
(3:22 PM) ctmhou: He's to argue everything.
tomthetrader: whom ;let him be on
(3:22 PM) JR Roden: From David Nichols ... Fractal Market Report ....
tomthetrader: again we are 20% long
(3:22 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: nice long tom
tomthetrader: thanks Nick
tomthetrader: stop at 817.50 cash
(3:23 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: caught some of that with 1 contract ES...thns
(3:23 PM) wigwam_3: nice Es long, again, wins
tomthetrader: Thanks ..let's see if we can keep it up til close
(3:23 PM) ctmhou: I walk back in and missed that little ES long.
(3:23 PM) rjflamm: you did say from 3:00 on.....Tom....good call
(3:24 PM) redliontrader: uyg 3.02
tomthetrader: Thanks it was the only hope money usually buysor 3:00pm
tomthetrader: move stops on those 4 up to 818.00
(3:24 PM) redliontrader: 2.86 -> 3.02 in 10 minutes
tomthetrader: GREAT
(3:25 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: broke resistance...nice
tomthetrader: Gary and RED UYG ADDICTS
tomthetrader: sold my long 4 at 822
(3:26 PM) rjflamm: Tom.....if we close near be today on the DOW or slightly lower....r we bullish for the next couple of days???
(3:26 PM) rjflamm: be = break even
(3:26 PM) ctmhou: I'd sell UYG at 3.08. 50 SMA on 15 min chart.
(3:27 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -1433
(3:27 PM) ctmhou: How much Tom?
(3:27 PM) TraderTim: TRIN: 1.33
(3:27 PM) ctmhou: For today?
(3:27 PM) TraderTim: nice run!!!
tomthetrader: yes
(3:27 PM) wigwam_3: thx for letting me join you
(3:27 PM) wigwam_3: today
tomthetrader: breathless ....but still have unrealized losses in DZZ and SZK which I am mad because I never wanted them in the 1st place !
(3:28 PM) rjflamm: welcome my fellow canucker
(3:28 PM) wigwam_3: ehh.....
(3:28 PM) rjflamm: lol
tomthetrader: wig ..let me knowif you want to join and get e-mails just let me have your e-mail on Super IM
(3:29 PM) wigwam_3: k, will doo............
(3:29 PM) rjflamm: come on wigwam...join....
(3:29 PM) mike r_3: hey tom, and traders,
(3:29 PM) rjflamm: its all good
(3:29 PM) mike r_3: is it safe yet?
(3:29 PM) redliontrader: the bulls drew a line in the sand there
(3:29 PM) ctmhou: There's 3.08 on UYG.
(3:29 PM) rjflamm: man i can't beleive this run...
(3:29 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: me too
(3:30 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: need a martini
(3:30 PM) rjflamm: or a csesar
(3:30 PM) rjflamm: lol
(3:30 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: the futures at nite really seem to obey Finonacci levels well
(3:30 PM) ctmhou: Made 350.00 on ES the other night.
(3:30 PM) ctmhou: USing a different method.
(3:30 PM) TraderTim: craig pays more
(3:31 PM) ctmhou: I'll pay you....soon.
(3:31 PM) bogdan07: Tom do not think about pain ,think about money
(3:31 PM) ctmhou: Go run.........
(3:31 PM) rjflamm: need to crack 7860
(3:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: there was some news right at 3:07 when a/d reversed
(3:32 PM) ctmhou: I will soon.
(3:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Hey I get AARP solicitations and I'm only 40
(3:32 PM) ctmhou: I'm just using one.
(3:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: they court 'em early
(3:33 PM) rjflamm: 1/2 hour to go
(3:33 PM) TraderTim: you need a SHOT
(3:33 PM) JR Roden: Take profits ... easily the best lesson you guys have taught me. The short position I closed down about 30 minutes ago for a small profit ($25 after commissions) would now be a $62 LOSS. Thanks to all for helping me to learn this game. Wig ... get off the fence and join.
tomthetrader: I QUIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
tomthetrader: For now
(3:33 PM) ctmhou: Other than that...........
(3:33 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -1184
(3:33 PM) TraderTim: TRIN: 1.28
(3:34 PM) ctmhou: SISSY!
(3:34 PM) ctmhou:
(3:35 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 824 stopped brick wall
(3:35 PM) TraderTim: that is close to HOD and hit THOMA's 200 sma BAM
(3:36 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 10 pt swing
(3:37 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -1093
(3:37 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 829 is pivot
(3:37 PM) TraderTim: Trin: 1.27
(3:37 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: if we break 825
tomthetrader: we have time
(3:37 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: we've learned from the best, TOM
(3:37 PM) PhotosbyDill: Sold @ 3.07
(3:37 PM) ctmhou: Thanks goes to you, Tom.
(3:38 PM) PhotosbyDill: Did not want to hang around like a possum in a tree!
(3:38 PM) ctmhou: UYG can't seem to get past the 50 SMA on a 15 min chart.
tomthetrader: GREAT JOB ...I am really happy
(3:39 PM) aszags: hi Tom just checking in but I mentioned Tuesday before I left that I didn't think was correction was quite over
tomthetrader: great trade got wild there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(3:39 PM) TraderTim: hi zags YOU sure did!!
(3:39 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: the A/D as cut in half since 3:08
(3:39 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: anyone know what the news was?
(3:39 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -1183
(3:40 PM) PhotosbyDill: Nick AARP knows your true market age! LOL -- Gary
(3:41 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: here we go
(3:41 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 829 pivot magnet
(3:41 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: here we come
(3:42 PM) rjflamm: all I can say
(3:42 PM) rjflamm: down over 225 points and now.....
(3:42 PM) aszags: If I would have kept all my qid instead of closing most of them out but I was going on vacation and I respected Tom's buy signal
(3:42 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: touched it
(3:43 PM) rjflamm: how is the volume in it weak?
(3:43 PM) TraderTim: no vol is strong
(3:43 PM) rjflamm: or lots of buying going on?
(3:44 PM) rjflamm: thanx tim
(3:44 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I've had about 5 one-tick scalps with all this whiplash
(3:45 PM) rjflamm: I would have thought that more volume is bullish good I wrong to assume that?
(3:45 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: my woodie's cci looks like a ginsu knife
(3:46 PM) PhotosbyDill: Keep Scalping Nick but keep the Western Wampum! OK?
tomthetrader: XBI was a BUY !
tomthetrader: AMGN we were right !
tomthetrader: I even bought calls on the dip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(3:47 PM) PhotosbyDill: accumulation works TOM
(3:47 PM) pupster: said it...SPY regained break of trend line
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: Thanks PUP and Gary UYG is under accumulation !!!!
(3:48 PM) rjflamm: another up move into close?
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: beautiful key reversal
(3:49 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -716
(3:49 PM) TraderTim: TRIN: 1.1
(3:49 PM) TraderTim: what a change
(3:49 PM) JR Roden: Remember the uptrend line on the 5 min Q chart chart that I said we were testing from above around 1:10? Well we obviously broke through, but this last uptrend has quickly shot us right back up to that uptrend line and now we are testing it from below. Let's hope we can push up through it.
tomthetrader: good thing no panic today all kept your heads
tomthetrader: Great job
(3:49 PM) PhotosbyDill: Needs to hold over 3.11 60Min 20 EMA
tomthetrader: you all kept thinking +
tomthetrader: Trading like baseball Yogi 90% mental and 20% the otherstuff
tomthetrader: COME ON
(3:50 PM) PhotosbyDill: Mental Viagra???
(3:51 PM) rjflamm: bases waiting for the home run
(3:51 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Mental A.D.D.
tomthetrader: 835.00 SPX PLEASE
tomthetrader: I don't beg often
(3:52 PM) rjflamm: i think i can....i think i can......i think i
tomthetrader: NQ : what did I say and what did I miss ?
tomthetrader: I freaking missed my NQ fill
tomthetrader: For cryin out loud
(3:53 PM) rjflamm: oh no...
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: time to sing 835.00 close
tomthetrader: Thomas ....I think he went Bullish at 810.00 ?
(3:54 PM) rjflamm: holy crap
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: YES
(3:55 PM) steve_45_4: you keeping the 2 hedges in the Traders Port?
tomthetrader: selling them MOC
(3:55 PM) rjflamm: called this one from this morning....YOU should take a bow
tomthetrader: 100% cash
(3:55 PM) steve_45_4: ty
tomthetrader: Traders 70-80% two int / IRA accounts
tomthetrader: at least we touched 835.00
tomthetrader: Look at QAVNE !
tomthetrader: ran that pup for all it was worth talk about using mean reversion in a option
tomthetrader: I took it to the CLEANERS
(3:57 PM) rjflamm: claps for Tom
tomthetrader: 1:30 left got to get 835.00
tomthetrader: I have the CLAP
(3:58 PM) rjflamm: lol....we might finish in postive territory on the
tomthetrader: YES YES
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: YES
(3:58 PM) rjflamm: lmao
(3:59 PM) rjflamm: too funny
(3:59 PM) PhotosbyDill: go gargle for your throat Buddy -- Nite all -- Gary
tomthetrader: TTT TRADERS you guys are the BEST IN THE WORLD
tomthetrader: NQ futures lost 5K but who the hell cares right gary !
(4:00 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: tom peanuts
tomthetrader: did not enter so did not lose
(4:00 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: you've had a fantastic year so far
tomthetrader: but could have been the icing on the BIG CAKE
(4:01 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: true
(4:01 PM) PhotosbyDill: Right Tom. I can just imagine you with your short skirt and pom poms. Right Nick???
tomthetrader: Thanks to the Team players
(4:01 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: homeowner payment subsidization
tomthetrader: Pink ?
tomthetrader: Reserved for our departed brethren THOMAS RIP ?
tomthetrader: Did I see ZAGS ? During the rally ?
(4:02 PM) rjflamm: what caused this rally in the end.....anybody know????
(4:02 PM) TraderTim: yes he came back
(4:02 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: no the porn wrecked his computer
(4:02 PM) TraderTim: news on obama to help out with mortgages
(4:02 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: the homeowner assistance plan annoucement...the gov't will subsidize mortgage payments
tomthetrader: Rally like all rallies came from inability for the BEARS TO KILL THE BULLS ...simple
(4:03 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: true
(4:03 PM) rjflamm: its about time...someone did something
(4:03 PM) JR Roden: Well done. Everyone!
tomthetrader: WELL DONE
(4:03 PM) rjflamm: kudos to all
(4:03 PM) pupster: Tom was right again.....truelly
tomthetrader: Thank you PUP
(4:03 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -229 final
(4:04 PM) TraderTim: TRIN: 1.1 balanced
tomthetrader: UYG UYG 3.22
(4:04 PM) rjflamm: i fully agree...Tom....your my hero
tomthetrader: come on and buy on every dip ?
tomthetrader: wait til tomorrow !
(4:04 PM) rjflamm: why....what do you mean Tom???
(4:04 PM) rjflamm: buying????
(4:05 PM) rjflamm: Gap up tomorrow???
(4:07 PM) pupster: Tom playing air guitar right now...?
tomthetrader: You will love tomorrow more
(4:08 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom are you flat into tomorrow?
tomthetrader: 100% cash
tomthetrader: 70-80% long int long term
tomthetrader: 1-5 dayscash
tomthetrader: added AMGN today Nick
(4:09 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I have 1 short ES @ you think it will get back down there overnite?
(4:10 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 50% retrace of the rally is 820.25
tomthetrader: NO....unless overseas sees something wrong I think they are ready to rip ..I would cover break even soon ..and reenter on weakness ..this was a KEY reversal on good volume on a buy signal still ..I would not short yet
(4:11 PM) rjflamm: i'd be surprised if we did pullback going into the weekend
(4:11 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: you think I'll be able to cover b/e overnite? need 7 pt drop
tomthetrader: Man ..I do not see it
(4:12 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: ok thx for the opinion, Tom
(4:12 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: it's still going
(4:12 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: people are going long now
tomthetrader: Yes ..the KEY reversal should get 20ES
(4:13 PM) mike r_3: so you don't see dow 6000 anytime soon?
tomthetrader: 850 target
tomthetrader: NO
tomthetrader: NO 6000 or 7000 ever
(4:13 PM) mike r_3: thanks
tomthetrader: 810 -875 for weeks
(4:14 PM) rjflamm: not now....with this housing announcement....its a start of something big....just my thoughts
(4:15 PM) rjflamm: positive wise
tomthetrader: Good Work Team TTT
(4:16 PM) rjflamm: thats cuz we have a great coach...
(4:16 PM) rjflamm: coach
(4:19 PM) JR Roden: I'm out. Great work team. Been an awesome week so far.
tomthetrader: Thanks Guys..really means alot to me
tomthetrader: never give up
tomthetrader: keep making it and takin it
tomthetrader: Gary Archer
(4:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: y
(4:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yes
(4:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: sure..I'll send him the PT instructions
(4:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: sure
tomthetrader: Thank you Nick !
(4:33 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: sure
(4:36 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: ok just emailed him
tomthetrader: Thanks again Nick
tomthetrader: ES H9 [10] E-MINI S&P 500 Mar ’09 16:22:20 EST 835.50
(4:47 PM) redliontrader: I want a do over for today
tomthetrader: Me too
tomthetrader: Nah it could end up worse
tomthetrader: I missed two positions NQ and XBT and it hurt and I added then dumped two positions I hated DZZ and SZK
tomthetrader: I am fine with $63400 in profits real and unrealized

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


(9:26 AM) Fulkdaddy: Great, great man
(9:26 AM) Fulkdaddy: Lucky to call him friend
(9:27 AM) TraderTim: We are WING MEN of each other
(9:27 AM) Fulkdaddy: All here to support Coach Tom
(9:28 AM) Fulkdaddy: I feel like I am in little league and getting hitting instruction from a major leaguer
tomthetrader: Thank you !
(9:31 AM) JR Roden: TTT - Thanks for the kind words re: my trade yesterday. It was nice to have that one work out so well. As long as we stayed below the 13 EMA on the 5 min chart, I was staying short.
tomthetrader: DDM 2000 long
tomthetrader: or DIA calls
tomthetrader: Or YM 7920 10 long
tomthetrader: Auctions today
tomthetrader: Aruj ?
tomthetrader: Good news bad news ?
(9:36 AM) aszager: take care I will be back regular on Monday
(9:37 AM) TraderTim: see ya zags good job this week. enjoy mickey
(9:38 AM) Fulkdaddy: Have a great trip, Zags!
tomthetrader: Zags enjoy ..I am all packed ?
(9:39 AM) Fulkdaddy: Applied Materials and RIMM are not helping...bad earnings guidance
tomthetrader: I am the one sitting on the porch !
(9:39 AM) JR Roden: Have a great trip Zags
(9:39 AM) Fulkdaddy: Tom, is this just going to be a quick oversold bounce? Long BGU from yesterday's close
tomthetrader: I think it can last into Friday Dave but if it doesn't hold thru 11:00AM i AM GONE !
(9:41 AM) Fulkdaddy: Junk held up extremely well yesterday
(9:42 AM) Fulkdaddy: good plan, Coach Tom
tomthetrader: A/D NEEDS TO STAY +
(9:43 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +1228
(9:43 AM) TraderTim: Trin: .63
(9:44 AM) Fulkdaddy: VIX did not move down much in the rally that ended on Monday
(9:45 AM) Fulkdaddy: Put/call was bearish
(9:45 AM) Fulkdaddy: What indicators were the best at indicating yesterday was possible?
(9:46 AM) TraderTim: Overbought was building and up against resistence so was susceptable to anything but really good news
(9:46 AM) redliontrader: sp500 ad line showing leadership
tomthetrader: UYG
tomthetrader: is helping EVERYONE ?
tomthetrader: I think this is the most widely owned vehicle we have had in 4 years
(9:47 AM) TTTMichael: Sold UYG and SSO
tomthetrader: the last time was either EMC or XLK
tomthetrader: How did you do michael ?
tomthetrader: Michael?
tomthetrader: good gains ?
(9:49 AM) TTTMichael: Long from yesterday's close, profit on both
tomthetrader: 70% long IRA 70% Long Main 2:1 leveraged long Traders
tomthetrader: Good
tomthetrader: long 1 hour and 10 minutes
(9:50 AM) TTTMichael: S&P approaching daily pivot 837.50
(9:51 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +1417
(9:51 AM) TraderTim: Trin: .49
tomthetrader: keep them coming as I am taking profits to get down in leverage sold 100 DIA FEB calls
tomthetrader: Keeping the DDM and 10YM
tomthetrader: 'still over 100% Long 200K
tomthetrader: 15 SPX points from TTT Buy signal is a success with lower price
(9:56 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +1481 holding
(9:56 AM) TraderTim: A/D: .55
(9:56 AM) TraderTim: sorry TRIN: .55
(9:56 AM) Bert_TTT: Thanks Tim for holding the AD
(9:56 AM) TraderTim: no prob Bert
(9:58 AM) berniectx: took two trades so far in ES one long one short doing OK for now
tomthetrader: Great
tomthetrader: Just protect your gains
(10:00 AM) TTTMichael: Never let a gain become a loss!!!!
(10:00 AM) JR Roden: I've done that more times than I can count
(10:01 AM) TraderTim: Tom, sometimes I just leave my MAIN and throw on a big HEDGE to get me market neutral. Any thoughts on doing that vesus selling?
(10:05 AM) TTTMichael: Huge dividend in MO
(10:05 AM) JR Roden: Volume very low on this pullback
(10:07 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +1096
(10:07 AM) TraderTim: Trin: .63
(10:07 AM) berniectx: I'm out made lunch money want to re enter
tomthetrader: you will get a chance to reenter ES
tomthetrader: very soon
tomthetrader: Just watch Timmy's A/D line and TRIN
tomthetrader: TICK
(10:09 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +989
(10:09 AM) TraderTim: Trin: .61
(10:09 AM) TraderTim: Tick: -187
tomthetrader: and I will let you know the options action and the sentiment and underbelly trading from the pits
(10:09 AM) bocarat-1: Tom still long YM and DDM?
tomthetrader: YES
(10:09 AM) bocarat-1: ty
tomthetrader: I will be long YM DDM until we go -
tomthetrader: on A/D or get stopped at 7880 cash DJIA
(10:12 AM) redliontrader: anybody with tradestaion, can you tell me what your reading for $add is
(10:12 AM) TraderTim: P/C: CBOE All .79
(10:12 AM) ajayvee: -1884 red
(10:12 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +1022
tomthetrader: good
tomthetrader: these all help
(10:13 AM) redliontrader: ajay, thats not right is it?
(10:13 AM) ajayvee: esignal +1015 Tradestation -1875 I think TS is wrong
(10:14 AM) TraderTim: THOMAS has great information
(10:14 AM) TraderTim: He is a great team mate!!!
(10:14 AM) DE_TTT: also he is International Man of Mystery
tomthetrader: Yes , alotta vagina ?
tomthetrader: Thomas ?
(10:15 AM) JR Roden: I don't like the pick up in down volume on the past couple 5 min bars
tomthetrader: agree
(10:16 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +761
(10:17 AM) TraderTim: TRIN: .61
(10:17 AM) PhotosbyDill: I have 476 Adv 2393 Dec NYSE
(10:17 AM) PhotosbyDill: 40 Unchanged
tomthetrader: MS up 5%
(10:18 AM) Alert: Get updates FIRST on Paltalk programming by adding PALTALK to your Twitter list!
(10:18 AM) TraderTim: a: 1813 D: 986 U: 121 Total: 2914
(10:18 AM) PhotosbyDill: what I have $ADV 479 $DECL 2406 on TS
(10:19 AM) PhotosbyDill: Mine keeps changing??
(10:19 AM) redliontrader: Gary, tradestation is seriously broken
(10:19 AM) TraderTim: See above A=adv D=decline U=unchanged
(10:19 AM) PhotosbyDill: Yes
(10:19 AM) redliontrader: all a/d wrongs
(10:19 AM) PhotosbyDill: Anyone on TS have $ADV $DECL
(10:20 AM) TraderTim: Adv: 1756 Dec: 1071 Unch: 100 Total: 2919
(10:20 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +631
(10:20 AM) TraderTim: Trin: .62
(10:20 AM) PhotosbyDill: Thanks
(10:20 AM) redliontrader: tradestation show -1940
(10:20 AM) PhotosbyDill: That is what I have
(10:20 AM) redliontrader: weird, because up/down volume is wrong too
tomthetrader: -32 trans
(10:21 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +686
(10:21 AM) TraderTim: so holding above +500
tomthetrader: 125 Tick 17-10 a/d +
tomthetrader: BKX up 4%
tomthetrader: UWM
tomthetrader: will add to the main fund
(10:25 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +803
(10:25 AM) TraderTim: Trin: .65
(10:26 AM) TraderTim: Tick: bouncing +/-500 so neutral
tomthetrader: anyone fill on UWM ?
tomthetrader: price ....?
(10:26 AM) rekon8: 16
tomthetrader: just want to be accurate on my fills
(10:27 AM) rekon8: a little early 500@ ask
(10:27 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +624
(10:27 AM) TraderTim: Trin: .66
(10:27 AM) TraderTim: Trin: -600's
(10:28 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +542
(10:28 AM) TraderTim: Trin: .68
(10:29 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +526
(10:30 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +410
(10:30 AM) TraderTim: Trin: .68
(10:30 AM) JR Roden: This hurts
tomthetrader: yes ...scared ? we should be if the market is working correctly
tomthetrader: we should feel like selling and getting short
tomthetrader: that is what the market wantshere
tomthetrader: a/d line + and all "underbelly" indicators OK
(10:31 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +371
tomthetrader: but now we need a rally
(10:31 AM) TraderTim: TRIN: .69
(10:32 AM) TraderTim: Tick: -600's
tomthetrader: totally filled the gap
tomthetrader: Banks still strong
tomthetrader: - YM
(10:32 AM) Fulkdaddy: DZZ is killing me!
tomthetrader: Gold is blowing off
tomthetrader: panic individuals
(10:33 AM) TraderTim: Investors running to alternative currency (GOLD) and safety (BONDS)
tomthetrader: yes
(10:33 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +250
(10:33 AM) TraderTim: TRIN: .68
tomthetrader: still OK
(10:33 AM) TraderTim: TICK: Neutral +/- 500
tomthetrader: still stay the course LONG or reenter
tomthetrader: 445 TF RUT long 4
tomthetrader: .if we go - before 11:00am on a/d or 825.00 by 11:00am I am in cash
tomthetrader: *25.00 break I am in cash ....again
tomthetrader: 825.00 is our Bail area
(10:36 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +323
(10:37 AM) TraderTim: FULK: Is KASS holding his SPY?
(10:37 AM) TraderTim: TODDO: Is buying the pullback
(10:38 AM) TraderTim: TODDO: buying starter postions in BAC and RIMM (into the red mess)
(10:42 AM) Fulkdaddy: Kass is holding adn buying Title Insurance longs: FNF, STC and FAF...starting small as he thinks gov't programss will get a refi boom started
(10:42 AM) Fulkdaddy: Likes S's over N's
(10:42 AM) TraderTim: Banks saying they WILL RETURN money and give taxpayers good return on investment
tomthetrader: just what I wanted them to say
(10:43 AM) Fulkdaddy: The securites the gov't bought from Bear Stearns have lost 10% since the gov't purchase
(10:44 AM) TraderTim: Yeh, they govt needs TTT to help them with the buy prices
(10:45 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +668
(10:45 AM) arujunaa: fixed income update: bonds continue to rally as the shorts are getting squeezed. 10s at 2.76%. 10yr auction today and 30s tomorrow. watch tyh levels at 123.875 & 124.375. strong resistance. i am looking to add to longs at 122.50ish to get fully long (currently 123.75).
(10:45 AM) Fulkdaddy: FXI here?
tomthetrader: Possible if you are really Bullish
tomthetrader: FXI will lead
(10:45 AM) Fulkdaddy: Thanks, Aruj...extremely valuable info
tomthetrader: Thanks Aruj
tomthetrader: Just to put it in stock terms you still expect rates to DROP
(10:46 AM) TraderTim: thanks aruj
(10:46 AM) TraderTim: rates down bonds up
tomthetrader: 10 year back to 2.50 min ?
(10:48 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +690 TRIN: .63 Tick: +500ish
(10:49 AM) TraderTim: so internals are now trending up
(10:49 AM) TraderTim: supporting PRICE
(10:49 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +865
(10:51 AM) TraderTim: this congressional testimony by banks is very educational
(10:52 AM) redliontrader: tradestation just fixed there data
(10:52 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +924
tomthetrader: Nice trading Tim !
(10:53 AM) TraderTim: thk coach
tomthetrader: No , Thank you !
(10:53 AM) TTTMichael: Back after losing connection to PalTalk.
(10:56 AM) TraderTim: Banks say they ARE NOT USING any TARP funds for compensation. This is disingenuous. Money is money and all goes into ONE BUCKET.
(10:57 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +948
(10:57 AM) TraderTim: TRIN: .57
(10:58 AM) TraderTim: Tick: trending UP but in neutral territory
tomthetrader: OK
tomthetrader: Underbelly OK
tomthetrader: ESP banks
tomthetrader: 2-1 A/d line
tomthetrader: Our problem TECH our savior banks BKX skyrocket
tomthetrader: UYG 3.00 BUY is being a millionaire maker
(11:02 AM) TraderTim: at some point we need another sector beyond banking to take leadership?
(11:03 AM) TraderTim: UYG: 3.16
tomthetrader: We have 70% plus of our members in at 3.00
tomthetrader: I could not be happier
(11:03 AM) Fulkdaddy: Helene said again today, banks are key....and she has been dead right on this one
(11:04 AM) arujunaa: helene is bullish on bonds!
(11:04 AM) redliontrader: y
(11:05 AM) Fulkdaddy: Yes...I love it when Aruj and Helene are on the same page...long TLT from 102!!!!
(11:05 AM) arujunaa: nice!
(11:05 AM) TraderTim: wow, what a buy ARUJ HELENE. Go LONG BONDS.
(11:05 AM) TTTMichael: Do you think that with option expiration next week that there will be more opportunities to add to UYG??
(11:06 AM) TraderTim: Bonds are showing up at top of risk adjusted rankings
tomthetrader: UYG ...I think we can buy UYG several times from 2.75 -3.25 and sell at 9-11
(11:07 AM) TTTMichael: yes
tomthetrader: so
(11:07 AM) Alert: Get the latest in Paltalk programming updates by subscribing to the Paltalk Twitter feed
(11:08 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +802
tomthetrader: tomthetrader: 445 TF RUT long 4 earlier sold 4 $1200 profit
(11:09 AM) ctmhou: Not bad, Tom.
(11:10 AM) ctmhou: I would like to dothat once a week.
tomthetrader: I love this market
(11:13 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +936 TRIN: .59 TICK: +769
(11:14 AM) JR Roden: Q's trying to bust up through the 13 EMA - which held us down all day yesterday.
(11:15 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +1072 trending up now and made higher low (not higher high yet)
tomthetrader: Yes ...needs to break thru even with horrible news
(11:15 AM) JR Roden: Harp all you want ... we'll listen
(11:16 AM) berniectx: Please keep harping coach agree with JR we listen to you
(11:16 AM) jbljudy: Yes
(11:17 AM) PhotosbyDill: Already took mine on UYG Thank You Tom
(11:18 AM) redliontrader: yes, you can buy mine!
(11:18 AM) redliontrader: min are for march
(11:18 AM) redliontrader: mine
(11:18 AM) redliontrader: uuf cc .75
(11:18 AM) redliontrader: anyone?
(11:19 AM) TraderTim: bumping up against opening range HOD
(11:19 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +1105
(11:21 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +1029
(11:23 AM) TTTMichael: Look at high yield PHK
tomthetrader: OK
tomthetrader: I will add to watchlist
(11:24 AM) TTTMichael: Just keeps climbing it's 8 ema
(11:24 AM) ctmhou: That's semms to be a highly discussed ETF in other rooms. PHK
tomthetrader: Got it on our watchlist now
(11:25 AM) TraderTim: TTTMichael: 8 ema of what timeframe? 5min daily
(11:25 AM) TTTMichael: I wouldn't know - perhaps because it pays such a high dividend. I own it plus HIX, FAX, and LQD.
(11:25 AM) ctmhou: I use 8 EMA on daily.
tomthetrader: User name :
(11:25 AM) TraderTim: Gartman owns a lot of FAX
(11:25 AM) TTTMichael: Daily 8 ema.
tomthetrader: Pass : tomandprisha
tomthetrader: tomthetrader:
tomthetrader: If you are not a member please be professional and go through the blog
tomthetrader: Thank you
(11:28 AM) tomthetrader: tomthetrader has bounced RobotTrader from the chat room
(11:28 AM) ctmhou: Wasn't he here yesterday?
(11:31 AM) TraderTim: A/D: 1180
(11:31 AM) TraderTim: Trini: .58
(11:31 AM) berniectx: Honesty is the best policy and TTT Tom is full of character and honesty
(11:31 AM) ctmhou: Tom, I don't know that this has been said, but thanks for the Finviz protfolio updates. It helps to see it real time.
(11:31 AM) TraderTim: we just broke opening range HOD
(11:32 AM) Alert: The too-close-to-call election in Israel and its effects on the peace process will be the topic of today's News Talk Online LATER TODAY at 5 PM New York time in Paltalk Studio A in the Radio/TV Section
(11:34 AM) ctmhou: SSNY really did that,huh?
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: stole everything
tomthetrader: sold DDM
(11:34 AM) ctmhou: What a pri**
(11:35 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +988 TRIN: .66
tomthetrader: now we are back to 10 YM long from 7920
(11:35 AM) TraderTim: quick stealing Tom Congress is watching
tomthetrader: 25% long Traders now
tomthetrader: looking to reenter
(11:37 AM) TraderTim: Tom, just so you know what I did today, I bought on the pullback this morning in ES/YM/NQ/based on MEAN REVERSION bounce probability.
(11:38 AM) TraderTim: I then used MARKET INTERNALS to keep me in trade until we broke HOD and I sold all and am waitng for re-entry on pullback.
(11:38 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +1008
(11:38 AM) TraderTim: Thanks for keeping us in the trade as the tough spot was the first fade lower and it almost knocked me out
(11:39 AM) Fulkdaddy: good trade, Tim...I covered my long
(11:39 AM) Fulkdaddy: missed upside
(11:39 AM) TraderTim: This is one of the values of the ROOM. I still fight FEAR to hold the positions long enough for the probability trade to work. Your COACHING is enormously valuable and critical.
(11:40 AM) TraderTim: FULK: I don't always do it this well so you know. I am still working on the FEAR when pullbacks happen. THx for sharing.
(11:41 AM) TraderTim: TOm really is helping to create the ability to BUY the pullbacks (assuming a good low risk setup) in spite of FEAR.
(11:41 AM) TraderTim: I am putting this out for new members as one example of how the room is used. Just an FYI (and not bragging since I fail more often than succeed with my emotions )
(11:42 AM) TraderTim: Ok back to trading: A/D: +923 Trin: .66 TICK: still neutral
(11:43 AM) redliontrader: thanks for sharing tim
(11:44 AM) TraderTim: ty RED
tomthetrader: Thanks as again every member I think has a different use for this room and service ...the main thing is it sets well with your investing ...we do not want lossesbut know we have to take risk to get return and if we can use smaller positions to build Large positions and get good set ups ...we can really build a Large wealth machine
tomthetrader: Retiremnet is going to be tough even for millionaires ! if you plan on living to 100-120 is and will be normal
(11:46 AM) jbljudy: Thanks Tim!
(11:47 AM) TraderTim: ym Judy
(11:48 AM) TraderTim: Tom, this point in the pullback is where I struggle. Help us determine the re-entry or not?
tomthetrader: I would not reenter
(11:49 AM) TraderTim: I concur. What are you seeing?
tomthetrader: I would gauge the BKX and A?D...and "underbelly ans the most we should get is 120-150 Dow up and thatshould be mostly in last hou4r
(11:49 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +848
(11:49 AM) TraderTim: gotcha. So wait for pullbacks in afternoon
tomthetrader: yes or if we start to run do the 90's momo jump on with a 1 point stop
(11:58 AM) ctmhou: That was a fun time.
(12:00 PM) ctmhou: JR is a valuable member.
tomthetrader: JR excellent
(12:01 PM) ctmhou: What happened to Thomas?
tomthetrader: Thomas ...need him back full time
tomthetrader: he peaked in yesterday
(12:01 PM) ctmhou: He start his own TTT hedgefund?
tomthetrader: made me happy ...I gave him a buy signal and he made 250K /
(12:01 PM) ctmhou: Serious?
tomthetrader: Yes ...he is trying to make me sad /
tomthetrader: hopefully he will come out with a recommendation ?
(12:02 PM) ctmhou: I see him logged in.
tomthetrader: or tell us if he still loves us ?
(12:02 PM) ctmhou: He's got a new girlfriend?
tomthetrader: Nope , just a lot of services to follow and mine dropped off his list I think ....he is a good man ...good person ...superior mind
(12:04 PM) ctmhou: That could be true. He needs to have small children that need constant attention. That will change his trading habits.
(12:05 PM) JR Roden: Craig - thanks for the kind words. It sure makes it easier to learn this business when we put all of our brains together.
tomthetrader: agree
(12:05 PM) ctmhou: True. And you're welcome.
tomthetrader: Homebuilders are starting to look interesting for a watchlist
tomthetrader: Beazer at 1.00 is a great spec
(12:07 PM) PhotosbyDill: avb
tomthetrader: AVB
tomthetrader: ?
tomthetrader: name
(12:07 PM) PhotosbyDill: Avalon Bay Communities
(12:08 PM) PhotosbyDill: 7% Yield
(12:09 PM) TraderTim: Bert: GM just announced retirees under 65 who are on medicare won't get health benefits anymore? Is that for salaried only? Do union workers get health from GM after 65?
tomthetrader: AVB we played back in the Fall is a good one ...interesting
tomthetrader: BPT also on the oil side 20% yield ?
(12:14 PM) berniectx: hate to be a whiner but listening to members of Congress yesterday and today makes me angry...I believe they and their actions are a big part of the mess we are in today with the economy
(12:18 PM) JR Roden: We broke the uptrend line we had going on 5 min Q chart today around 11:45 today, then went back up to test it and then rolled over. Holding 30.10 on the Q's will be important.
(12:19 PM) TraderTim: I turned my head and WHAM. A/D: +634 Trin: .73 trending up which is bearish
tomthetrader: Agree Bern
tomthetrader: I think that Congress was blind to the $$$$$$ problems as they were getting it too
tomthetrader: Bankers are at fault for leveraging up on securities they did not know but congress has access to all of this and had to know
(12:28 PM) TraderTim: A/D: +680 Trin: .72 trending up (bearish)
(12:29 PM) jay brown05: anybody like bac or cit??
tomthetrader: and I am sure were getting a good bit of funding while things were "good"
(12:29 PM) TraderTim: SEC allowed banks to go from 14-1 leverage to 40-1. SEC made a huge mistake to give that kind of gun to these guys with compensation plans that rewards high risk wins and give the losses to the firms
tomthetrader: SEC do not get me going
(12:30 PM) TraderTim: sorry they get my blood boling as do these hearings
tomthetrader: I used to think the IRS was inept until I started tracking the SEC the past 2 years
tomthetrader: Reces for the kids
tomthetrader: recess
(12:31 PM) ctmhou: Isn't Geithner head of the IRS?
tomthetrader: til 1:15pm
tomthetrader: Now he is
(12:32 PM) ctmhou: That should tell us something.
tomthetrader: just like most of us ..just forgot to pay for a few years of taxes /
(12:32 PM) ctmhou: Get caught, and move to the head of the class.
tomthetrader: if you or i got caught ?
tomthetrader: where would we be /
tomthetrader: Not here right now
(12:33 PM) ctmhou: If you or I forget, off to prison.
(12:33 PM) frankie_01: i agree but i think alot of blame to go around for this economic mess
tomthetrader: 7925 is a NOW VERY KEY level as we have moved our stops up in 10 YM to CASH 7910
(12:34 PM) ctmhou: Dacshle didn't even pay a penalty. Just interest.
tomthetrader: Frankie : you are 100% right
tomthetrader: usas consumers got too much for nothing
(12:34 PM) frankie_01: yes the previous few chairmans of the SEC it seems just to closely aligned with wall street, eh
(12:34 PM) ctmhou: I'll say.
tomthetrader: we abused thesystem ..not you and I but the overall public wanted too much home for too little $$$$$$$$$$
tomthetrader: I just want the uptick rule reinstated
(12:35 PM) ctmhou: Again, when I bought my home in 1987, they wanted collateral before I bought.
tomthetrader: SEC Shapiro can do that in a press conference today
(12:36 PM) TraderTim: no one complained while homes were going up and 401K's rose. This is a education issue on "wealth" and needs to be taught in public schools
tomthetrader: 20% is what I have put down on all the homes I have owned except the last one
(12:36 PM) ctmhou: ABSOLUTELY, Tim. I have said that for ten years.
(12:36 PM) TraderTim: I would love if my little boy would get a class called RISK 101 at some point in his schooling . . . if not, I will bring him on to TTT chat and we will teach him
tomthetrader: Teachers will credit card limits at 60K are not the best to teach our kids ?
tomthetrader: I think parenting is back BIG BIG BIG
(12:37 PM) ctmhou: Kids know how to work every electronic gadget there is, but can't balance a checkbook.
(12:37 PM) TraderTim: yep, it is OUR job to "unteach"
tomthetrader: whites blacks yellow purples ....we need more parents !
(12:37 PM) TraderTim: financial literacy . . . now that is a bold audacious goal
tomthetrader: Media has our kids programmed for failure we do have to undo or turn off the tube and internet /
tomthetrader: Books are good
tomthetrader: Knowledge is good
tomthetrader: Talking is good
tomthetrader: debate is good
(12:39 PM) TraderTim: A/D: +685 TRIN: .74 Any re-entry thoughts?
tomthetrader: You guysare all wrong ...especially thomas ...!
(12:39 PM) ctmhou: My kids are watching Handy Manny or poking each other in the eye.
(12:39 PM) TraderTim: We are at the bottom of the opening range
(12:39 PM) JR Roden: People are really too afraid to debate anymore ... worried about hurting other people's feelings
(12:39 PM) ctmhou: They need to meet my mother.
tomthetrader: 7925 Cash is the key ..we may reenter soon
(12:40 PM) ctmhou: She will step on their feelings.
tomthetrader: you are free to reenter unless you ant to wait for me
tomthetrader: but it should be safe to reenter long
(12:40 PM) ctmhou: I bought 828.75 ES a few minutes ago.
tomthetrader: banks have held up a/d up
(12:40 PM) JR Roden: Q's made an interesting move down to 30.10 (which I suggested needed to hold) and then took off 17 cents up from there on nice volume. Good sign.
(12:40 PM) ctmhou: 835.25 is my target
tomthetrader: Craig are the man
tomthetrader: I got it at 835.00 !!!
(12:41 PM) ctmhou: 1 contract
tomthetrader: 2
tomthetrader: anything you can do
(12:41 PM) ctmhou: Little balls. Plus kids are running around driving me nuts.
tomthetrader: I have to start treating you like Thomassince he won't play !
tomthetrader: 7910 YM futures
tomthetrader: now
(12:42 PM) ctmhou: I have a stop at 825.75
tomthetrader: I am out at cash 35
tomthetrader: 835.00 quick profit Craig
(12:43 PM) ctmhou: Moved my limit stop to 835.
tomthetrader: Beautiful trade craig !
(12:44 PM) ctmhou: I hope.
tomthetrader: YM stops up to Cash 7950
(12:44 PM) ctmhou: I just feel that there might be a little more push. I hope.
tomthetrader: yes
(12:46 PM) ctmhou: I am using an OCO bracket order that goes for 6.25 profit and 4 points on loss.
tomthetrader: stops manual up to 55
tomthetrader: 7955 cash
tomthetrader: stopped out
tomthetrader: sold 10YM here
(12:47 PM) ctmhou: With the 8 month old, I follow her around with my laptop. What a GEEK!
tomthetrader: will reenter ..just profit taking
tomthetrader: 350 YM points x 5
(12:48 PM) ctmhou: Great job, Tom. I swear, you can make money while taking a shower.
(12:49 PM) arujunaa: yes, he can make it rain......
tomthetrader: I have a good friend named eddie martinez Esteve ...from miami
(12:50 PM) ctmhou: Any relation to Gloria?
tomthetrader: He can fall out of bed in the morning and hit a double in baseaball
tomthetrader: eriously I have played with a lot of pure hitters ...he is the best
tomthetrader: to make baseball out of banking want guys on your t4eam who can perorm day in and out in any condition ....
tomthetrader: I think we are setting the stage for what could be a daytraders paradise in futures as VIX still high
(12:52 PM) ctmhou: Like a three run walk-off homerun?
tomthetrader: and the quant (mean reversion) players are using the same tells
tomthetrader: so it may be a good spell in here where we can buy 10-20 40 contracts
tomthetrader: Yes , did you like that video
(12:53 PM) ctmhou: EEEKS!
(12:53 PM) ctmhou: yes
(12:53 PM) ctmhou: Gave me chills.
tomthetrader: I watch it all the time and still cry like a baby !
(12:53 PM) ctmhou: I was proud for you, Tom.
tomthetrader: Thank you ....I think his baseball career is over ....which is sad ....but to do whathe has in his life is remarkable at his size w/o drugs
(12:55 PM) ctmhou: 8 month old is getting cranky and have to feed. Took profits on ES for $150.00.
tomthetrader: Great
(12:55 PM) ajayvee: atta boy!
tomthetrader: DIAPER MONEY
(12:56 PM) ctmhou: Exactly.
tomthetrader: 6 month supply !
tomthetrader: Pampers or huggies family /
(12:56 PM) ctmhou: Pampers
tomthetrader: inquiry minds need to know
tomthetrader: we were too
(12:56 PM) ctmhou: 3 month supply.
tomthetrader: what does it cost now ?
(12:57 PM) ctmhou: about $35 for 120 diapers
(12:57 PM) ctmhou: at 4-5 a day
(12:57 PM) ctmhou: Sometimes, I let her ruminate.
(12:58 PM) arujunaa: 10yr auction in 2 mins. expect a small tail (say 2bp). if we rally afterwards, i would expect selling in anticipation of tomorrow's 30yr auction.
tomthetrader: Thanks ...a good bid to cover necessary here /
tomthetrader: 30 year auction much more important Aruj ?
(1:00 PM) arujunaa: i don't think so. a 2bp tail would be viewed as a decent auction
tomthetrader: good
tomthetrader: 30Year much more important /
tomthetrader: I think we can reenter long again here
(1:01 PM) arujunaa: i wouldn't say important. but it is the one that people will be nervous about
tomthetrader: 831.50 SPX cash long viaES 4 contracts
tomthetrader: Thank you
(1:01 PM) TraderTim: A/D: +555
(1:01 PM) TraderTim: TRIN: .73
tomthetrader: 10% long with 4 contracts ...Conservative
tomthetrader: no stops for now until we get a profit or tomorrow 11:00am
(1:03 PM) arujunaa: 2bp tail bid/cover 2.21
(1:04 PM) TraderTim: A/D: +696
tomthetrader: Santelli rates a B- auction
tomthetrader: hurting a bit
tomthetrader: making too much out of it aruj ?
(1:10 PM) bogdan07: bought BGU 27.65
tomthetrader: Bad auction hurts stocks one piece i am reading now
tomthetrader: BOG hang in there ...should be a decent trade
(1:12 PM) arujunaa: it went as expected. now people will set up for 30s. in fact it was a very FAIR auction which means that bonds are acting rationally now. i see any weakness over next 24/48 hours as a good buying opp. btw, i hate santelli. he's an idiot
(1:14 PM) arujunaa: the pain trade will be to rally into tomorrow's auction. bonds probably trade a little more off of stocks for rest of today
(1:17 PM) ctmhou: Aruj, all CNBC people on TV now think that they are rock stars.
(1:34 PM) TraderTim: A/D: +295
(1:34 PM) TraderTim: Trin: .83 still trending up which is bearish
(1:36 PM) JR Roden: the Q's broke down through 30.10, which is not a good sign. Hopefully it can recover quickly.
tomthetrader: 7900 CASH long 4 YM '
tomthetrader: we will chase this cash long all the way til 4:10pm
tomthetrader: again we will hold 20% long into the 4:10 close
tomthetrader: this is the "weakest " time of the day we should ..SHOULD run back up in to the close ...if not we will keep our longs as a Core long position
tomthetrader: 7900 cash and 825ish on ES is vital to holding and rallying
tomthetrader: the interals are breaking down around us ...not good but we still have a shot at ending HOD
(1:42 PM) TraderTim: A/D: +159
(1:42 PM) TraderTim: Trin: .89
(1:42 PM) TraderTim: Tick: -600's
(1:45 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -19 Trin: .95 Tick: -600's
tomthetrader: typically the weakest part of the day
tomthetrader: 825.00 is at hand
(1:46 PM) JR Roden: q's are down 1+% and SPX only down .12%
tomthetrader: this is where the big money is made
tomthetrader: 444 RUT which is support and a BUY zone
(1:47 PM) ctmhou: Oh Boy! Got bought in at 823 ES. Let's see where we go now. Didn't really think that it wouldhet down there.
tomthetrader: It is a good buy I think craig
(1:48 PM) ctmhou: We'll see.
(1:48 PM) ctmhou: Have a tight stop. But it sure looks oversold at the moment.
tomthetrader: I think OIL and commodities and depression sneaking in here
tomthetrader: may need a washout ?
(1:49 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -218
tomthetrader: Still OK
tomthetrader: adding long at cash 824.00 4 units long ES via cash
tomthetrader: 30% Long traders
tomthetrader: 10% YM 20% ES 70% cash
tomthetrader: 824.00 ES now

PayPal $125 for all of 2009 to :



Monday, February 9, 2009


tomthetrader: everyone OK ?
tomthetrader: Any questions
tomthetrader: SP H9 [10] S&P 500 Mar ’09 08:58:55 EST 862.70 -5.00 868.20 868.40 852.90
tomthetrader: 850.00 ES held overnight which is bullish
tomthetrader: we have just BGZ and QID to handle today and we will jump in the futures markets at anytime
tomthetrader: QID 49.46 and we are in at 50.05
(9:32 AM) pupster: gm
tomthetrader: 49.53
tomthetrader: Hi PUP
(9:32 AM) pupster: quick update...
(9:32 AM) pupster: was late this morning
tomthetrader: WE have QID and BGZ underwater
tomthetrader: trying to get break even ..sold all futures over the weekend selloff 855
tomthetrader: 49.68 QID we will sell our 1000 shares with a loss
tomthetrader: at 49.70
tomthetrader: 9:34am
tomthetrader: BGZ we have just 1000 sh and we will hold those at 59.77 we are underwater from 60.50
(9:36 AM) pupster: are u looking to go long...?
tomthetrader: pretty soon we will add
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: 60.16 sold BGZ so we are 100% cash now in TRaders ...or at least I am now in Cash
(9:48 AM) Fulkdaddy: Dollar down
(9:49 AM) Fulkdaddy: Toom, where can I find the 10 year yield %?
(9:49 AM) TraderTim: A/D: -233
(9:49 AM) TraderTim: Trin: .62
(9:50 AM) TraderTim: A/D: -139
(9:56 AM) TraderTim: A/D: 329
(9:56 AM) TraderTim: A/D: -329
(9:57 AM) Fulkdaddy: How is the index put/call?
(10:00 AM) TraderTim: P/C: Equity Only .66 ISE P/C: .67 to much bullishness so bearish
(10:01 AM) TraderTim: yes
tomthetrader: and just like in bear markets it can stay overbought for a LON G>.........................Time
tomthetrader: BKX rally still
tomthetrader: GOOG and AAPL taking over BULL Market leadership
tomthetrader: was 03-07 BKX GS AAPL GOOG Ruled ..look today
tomthetrader: in a down market
tomthetrader: MUR TSO VLO DIG
tomthetrader: seems like oil and tech OK
tomthetrader: HBAN DRYS
tomthetrader: BIDU
tomthetrader: some RISK being taken here
tomthetrader: which is bullish
(10:05 AM) pupster: FSLR...good short
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: Banks starting to roll
tomthetrader: best technical formation is NQ QQQQ NDX MNX
tomthetrader: Are some ideas I am looking at
tomthetrader: No official buys yet
tomthetrader: just looking in some takeover options actions in metals and mining , oil sevices , Biotech and Tech
tomthetrader: a lot of Oil stocks are acting very nice here
tomthetrader: DBC
tomthetrader: DBA
tomthetrader: DAG
tomthetrader: DYY
tomthetrader: these are longer term positions
tomthetrader: seems to me that the market is not allowing shorts to make $$$$ as easy any more ? you think this is a sign ?
tomthetrader: AAPL on fire
tomthetrader: please go to if you would like to join TTT Traders
tomthetrader: Please super IM me if you have any questions as this is a members only area ...please be a professional
tomthetrader: HPQ and IBM
(10:32 AM) TraderTim: A/D: -356
tomthetrader: I think we go sideways until news is out
tomthetrader: COP ?
(10:34 AM) TTTMichael: not me
(10:34 AM) Fulkdaddy: I am long stock
(10:35 AM) Fulkdaddy: I think it is good relative to its peers
(10:35 AM) Fulkdaddy: Cramer did a good fundamental analysis of it and I like oil here
tomthetrader: yes DIG is the best bang for the buck
tomthetrader: As you know we are up 10% +
(10:36 AM) Fulkdaddy: I have found 2x etf's are not good for clients...too volatile
tomthetrader: yes ..DBC DBA should be perfect for them
tomthetrader: LOOK AT GNW !
(10:37 AM) Fulkdaddy: Yes, the issue with 2x is the daily pricing...really only good for day trading.
(10:38 AM) Fulkdaddy: I bought DZZ with gold at $900 a week or so ago but the churning up and down has me with a small loss even though gold is not up.
tomthetrader: rally here
tomthetrader: AMAT ...DE Are you out there ...any recom in TECH semis ?
tomthetrader: very dangerous to short the market
tomthetrader: so we have to see
(10:40 AM) bulldog12: I would look at VMW in tech land as csco puts out debt offering and speculation around VMW starts up again
tomthetrader: EMC ?
(10:40 AM) bulldog12: yea emc is majority owner
tomthetrader: which would you buy ?
tomthetrader: We held EMS from 8-18 last year
tomthetrader: EMC
tomthetrader: 8-18 last y4ear
(10:41 AM) bulldog12: emc would see a nice pop on any csco bid on vmw - I am lil hesitant on EMC since NTAP (competitor) later this week
(10:41 AM) bulldog12: NTAP reports this week expecting weak guidance w/ layoffs
tomthetrader: Thanks ...good stuff
tomthetrader: HPQ and IBM should lead into Summer for Large cap tech
tomthetrader: 10-20% gains
tomthetrader: 1269 NQ 1200 was perfect set up long
tomthetrader: GE ?
tomthetrader: Once in a lifetime buy ?
tomthetrader: HOD
tomthetrader: 870.00
tomthetrader: Q's rallying
tomthetrader: DE -TTT you out there you Bull tech guy ?
tomthetrader: we need a trade
tomthetrader: AMAT fought back from a poor open back to +
tomthetrader: again more or less all indices UP
tomthetrader: all areas sectors looking well
tomthetrader: SMH marching to resistance
(10:47 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +120
(10:47 AM) DE_TTT: I still like the Chippies...AMAT, KLAC, LRCX, FORM...also NVDA, BRCM, MRVL, ADBE...even STX and WDC
tomthetrader: pretty bullish
tomthetrader: VERY VERY GOOD JOB
tomthetrader: Thanks DE
(10:52 AM) DE_TTT: yw, Tom
(10:53 AM) DE_TTT: I also really like ASML...forgot about that one.
(10:53 AM) bulldog12: DNA starting to move
tomthetrader: Up over 12% on DIG
tomthetrader: SMH rolling
tomthetrader: looks like market just wants to go test 875
tomthetrader: Oil very bullish to $50
tomthetrader: where is China Forex ?
tomthetrader: asked me 500X about oil and DIG is up 12% while market is down ?
tomthetrader: MDR ...Dave Had seen and recommended MDR rocking here
(11:01 AM) allthismoney: hey guy how ru
tomthetrader: the gap down here was a gift for NEW BULLS ...they think
(11:02 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +515
tomthetrader: nice turnaround
tomthetrader: best short term play I have made ..just wish i would have gone long futures on the gap down
(11:03 AM) TraderTim: I think you were being prudent given high news event risk
tomthetrader: yes and desperate to get out of shorts !
tomthetrader: UNH has bounced big was going to reenter
(11:22 AM) pupster: test
(11:22 AM) allthismoney: test
(11:22 AM) bocarat-1: passed
(11:23 AM) pupster: ok...thought it was Memorex
(11:24 AM) pupster: guess we're still live
(11:24 AM) redliontrader: testing a small sds (short SP) here
(11:25 AM) redliontrader: scalp
(11:34 AM) pupster: very quite in here
(11:34 AM) pupster: quiet
tomthetrader: yes ..I thin k alot were preparing for a route down
(11:34 AM) redliontrader: out sds .63 - .90
(11:35 AM) TraderTim: A/D: +301
tomthetrader: CHK 19.00 ?
tomthetrader: Nice move
tomthetrader: Just some of the succeses ...GNW ZF DRYS UYG EGLE all BIG gaines with DIG
tomthetrader: ES shorts fron up here
tomthetrader: and we may attempt a few contracts short here soon
tomthetrader: EP is asleeper stock ..possible 2x
tomthetrader: ROM the tech index is being seen as a buy
tomthetrader: ZION HBAN were big losers turned big winners
tomthetrader: short covering
tomthetrader: RIMM 38 - 60
tomthetrader: CEPH another takeover BIO stock
tomthetrader: It is a tough time WANT long know short
tomthetrader: LQD is a leading indicator of stock prices ...do4es it look to go higher ?
tomthetrader: I do not think so ?
tomthetrader: Looking at a short of RIMM at 60.00
(12:10 PM) TTTMichael: What was your comment regardinng EP??
tomthetrader: SPY puts 1-2% possible
tomthetrader: EP is a sleeper 2x
tomthetrader: I love it as a play int long term
(12:11 PM) TTTMichael: EP for IRA or MAIN??
tomthetrader: EP is a buy ...I want it in the IRA but am just being picky
(12:11 PM) TTTMichael: I agree.
tomthetrader: real tou8gh time to buy anything ..I want to see the indicators and cetrtain arras improve but they may not
tomthetrader: areas'
tomthetrader: trying to be as patient as possible
tomthetrader: I am taking a short position in RIMM at 59.65 500 shares
(12:17 PM) pupster: definately over-extended
tomthetrader: I think we can do like FSLR and get 2-3 bucks
tomthetrader: options too expensive
(12:20 PM) pupster: a break of 58.6 would look nice
tomthetrader: The Nasdaq 100 has a very nice-looking breakout of a long-term triangle, which is garnering an appropriate amount of attention. It may have some minor resistance just ahead at the January high, but it is a very good-looking formation. The other indices have a lot more work to do in order to have the inklings of a positive technical picture, with the first hurdle being the recent high around 875 on the S&P 500.
(12:21 PM) Alert: Message was not sent. The message was too long or contained non printable characters.
tomthetrader: The Nasdaq 100 has a very nice-looking breakout of a long-term triangle, which is garnering an appropriate amount of attention. It may have some minor resistance just ahead at the January high, but it is a very good-looking formation.
(12:23 PM) pupster: yes...ascending triangle breakout
(12:24 PM) pupster: what u could do with those as an indication of target is to then draw a Parallel trend channel line from the bottom up trendline
tomthetrader: yes ....
tomthetrader: a little setback and a real buying opp ....
(12:25 PM) pupster: so...1378 look as if could be doable which touches the upper trend line
(12:29 PM) JR Roden: Q's 5 min chart forming a potential double top on weak volume, with negative divergence on MACD.
tomthetrader: 36.64 NFLX short 500 shares both day trades stops back .25 cents
tomthetrader: banks taking off
tomthetrader: can't short or you get runover
tomthetrader: again two shorts with short leashes NFLX and RIMM
tomthetrader: small positions and short
tomthetrader: with TIGHT stops
tomthetrader: 12:30pm Monday
tomthetrader: UYG the BUY of a LIFETIME ?
tomthetrader: 2.50 -3.75 -11.00 ?
tomthetrader: SKF looks like it may collapse
tomthetrader: FAZ
tomthetrader: FAS looks great
tomthetrader: we wiol buy 4 contracts short ES 871.00
tomthetrader: BUY 4 ES short via cash 871.00 day trade stops 875.00
(12:43 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: In with you short 2 ES @ 868.25 futures price
tomthetrader: Thanks
tomthetrader: SPY and Q's puts in dis acct
tomthetrader: DB
(12:47 PM) Fulkdaddy: Tom, I just sent what I think to be a good analysis of the market by Peter Muthie of the AUTOX mutual fund.
tomthetrader: Thanks ...also looking to short DB Deutsche bank
tomthetrader: 500 sh
tomthetrader: anyone have Ask on DB ?
tomthetrader: to confirm
(12:49 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 29.99
(12:49 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 30.01
tomthetrader: Thanks
(12:49 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yw
tomthetrader: short 500 Sh at 30.00
tomthetrader: 3 short positions
tomthetrader: RIMM DB and NFLX
(12:50 PM) bulldog12: emc and vmw both up on this csco speculation- i would hold both
tomthetrader: plus 4 ES short stop 875.00 cash
tomthetrader: Love the long term on EMC VMW and CSCO
tomthetrader: Thanks Bulldog
tomthetrader: 3.05% 10 year allmost all stops blown out now
tomthetrader: 10 tear note and bears are starting to get scared
(12:55 PM) pupster: agree on FAZ SKF and FAS
tomthetrader: 3.05 Ten year note keeps pumping higher
tomthetrader: has really changed his tune !
tomthetrader: scared bear ?
tomthetrader: Roubini has really changed his forecast
tomthetrader: WOW
tomthetrader: from end of the world to a u shaped recession
tomthetrader: what happened ?
(1:04 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: that is big change
tomthetrader: Like a 360 turn ?
(1:04 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yes
tomthetrader: 3.76 UYG
tomthetrader: Banks leading
tomthetrader: Now says there are solvent banks last week it was 99% insolvent
(1:07 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: someone must have gotten to him
tomthetrader: MARKET BOTTOM ?
(1:07 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: is there an Obama Plunge Censorship Team?
tomthetrader: RIMM we are in a decent profit
tomthetrader: At Davos there was a waiting list to listen to these guys and the anchor said it may be asign of a bottom since Bill gates and Michael Dell were in attendance
tomthetrader: 3.77 UYG
tomthetrader: Roubini is really backing off BEAR stance BIG time
tomthetrader: "Iam not th Dr of Doom"
tomthetrader: XLF surging
tomthetrader: 125 04 US
(1:12 PM) arujunaa: could stay weak in fixed income for this week. auctions tue, wed, thurs
tomthetrader: seems like the turn in psychology ? as now it seems like there is appetite ?
(1:19 PM) Fulkdaddy: How much have the losses been? I just missed it
(1:19 PM) Fulkdaddy: Nouriel expects 3.6T
(1:19 PM) Fulkdaddy: I was wondering where we are so far
tomthetrader: He has turned big time
(1:19 PM) RobotTrader: ZLC
tomthetrader: not nearly as bearish as last week
(1:20 PM) Fulkdaddy: Tom, what are the bank losses so far?
tomthetrader: Depends ...which metric
(1:21 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Dave, TOS should have the Roubini clip loaded in a little bit..or the CNBC website
(1:21 PM) Fulkdaddy: Ok
tomthetrader: yes CNBC will have it bottom line Roubini is much more tame
(1:21 PM) Fulkdaddy: I did hear him say another 20% down in equities
(1:22 PM) Fulkdaddy: S&P700
(1:22 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: at least 5 or 6
(1:23 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Dave, another chat says 1 trillion w/o so far, another $2.6 trillion to go
(1:23 PM) chinaforex: oil still not moving as much as expected so far
(1:24 PM) chinaforex: oh well -- we have targetted $50 for march 31 so still a way to go
tomthetrader: omthetrader: I am taking a short position in RIMM at 59.65 500 shares
(12:17 PM) pupster: definately over-extende
(1:26 PM) chinaforex: short on rim sounds reasonable decision at this point
tomthetrader: China ?
tomthetrader: Oil has been up ?
(1:28 PM) chinaforex: yes
tomthetrader: RIMM we are making money
(1:28 PM) chinaforex: i am supportin you
(1:29 PM) chinaforex: just wish we will get to $50 faster that is all
tomthetrader: nope ..nice and slow
(1:29 PM) chinaforex: a slow grind
tomthetrader: short Q's here
(1:29 PM) chinaforex: i want USO at 35
tomthetrader: soon
(1:29 PM) chinaforex: that is where i will sell
tomthetrader: March 31st
(1:29 PM) chinaforex: is that your sell point on USO tom?
tomthetrader: (12:49 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yw
tomthetrader: short 500 Sh at 30.00
tomthetrader: 3 short positions
tomthetrader: RIMM DB and NFLX
tomthetrader: 4 ES short also
tomthetrader: I own DIG and have a 2% trailing stop
(1:33 PM) bulldog12: do you normally use 2% on most trailing stops?
tomthetrader: .5% to 8% depending on positions
tomthetrader: 4 positions short ES and 3 positions short equities all profitable
(1:34 PM) bulldog12: just another name for csco potential take out- DDUP
tomthetrader: out of all shorts here on sell off
tomthetrader: Big gains for a daytrade
(1:37 PM) Fulkdaddy: Bonds catching a bid Aruj
tomthetrader: 58.65 RIMM COVERED
tomthetrader: 36.28 NFLX covered
tomthetrader: DB 29.96 Covered
tomthetrader: ES covered 866 20 points $1000 profit
(1:39 PM) Fulkdaddy: TLT just sent off a launching pad
tomthetrader: Could that be a sign ?
(1:41 PM) pupster: SPY on 60 minutes looks like it is coming out of bearish wedge
tomthetrader: 4-4 today
tomthetrader: is good ..after 1-3 at early morning with a HUGE ES PROFIT FROM LAST FRIDAY
(1:42 PM) arujunaa: corp deal selling had dried up. also, central banks have been selling but i believe that this was benchmark reallocation i am 100% long and taking it in the shorts. but i think the end is near.
tomthetrader: so you still believe rates will drop to new lows in 2009 ?
tomthetrader: or below 2.50% Ten year ?
(1:43 PM) arujunaa: if we can hold these levels (broadly speaking), then yes. absolutely
(1:44 PM) bulldog12: if fed starts buying the tres then for sure
(1:44 PM) arujunaa: this week will be defining in my opinion. i think friday & monday's close will be the most important
(1:44 PM) arujunaa: tuesday i mean.
tomthetrader: OK
tomthetrader: savings rate up huge in US
(1:46 PM) ctmhou: Finally!
tomthetrader: -250 a/d line naz
tomthetrader: -700 ZUPI
(1:47 PM) ctmhou: Now if we can save 10% before we spend.
tomthetrader: Hi Craig
(1:47 PM) ctmhou: Hey Tom.
tomthetrader: RUT leads and RUT has slowed down
tomthetrader: we took some nice profits today
tomthetrader: and I am really happy
tomthetrader: as we dodged another bullet
tomthetrader: 50% long IRA 100% cash main and 100% cash here Traders
tomthetrader: moved over 5K in profits to main fund and back to 100% cash 200K
tomthetrader: HAPPY
(1:55 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yes the ES had a nice drop Sun nite
(1:55 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: great dodge Tom
tomthetrader: Thanks ...did you just make a profit on that last trade Nick ?
(1:56 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: $250
(1:56 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: very happy
tomthetrader: Great
tomthetrader: Nice Play
(1:56 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I sold right when the TICK went to -1153 extreme
(1:56 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: didn't get the exact max...but good enough
tomthetrader: tremendous
(1:56 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: thx very excited
(1:58 PM) ctmhou: Nick, do you like the new movable brackets on TOS?
(1:58 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: You know I stopped using TOS for futures...too primitive...I've switched to the InfinitAT platform thru Infinity Futures...$500 day trade margin $4.80 r/t
(1:59 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Infinity lets me set automatic scale-out profit targets
(1:59 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: So I sell 1/2 at 2 tick profit, then move my stop to -2 ticks
(1:59 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: all automatic
(1:59 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: TOS can't do that!
(1:59 PM) ctmhou: Any usage fees with InfinitAT?
(2:00 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: nope
(2:00 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: free
(2:00 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: call Patrick 800-539-4341
(2:00 PM) ctmhou: website?1
(2:00 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: So I use TOS for charting and AT for trading futures
(2:04 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Also, if you want to use Ensign charting software (like Thomas), Ensign can use data from Infinity and IB for free. So there is just the Ensign monthly fee of $39
(2:06 PM) berniectx: Roubini doom and gloom has replaced Marc Farber who I believe is now bullish
(2:06 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: roubini on bloomberg now
(2:07 PM) ctmhou: DOes that mean the market will fall, if he is bearish?
(2:08 PM) ctmhou: Is Roubini a contrarian indicator?
(2:08 PM) ctmhou: OK, thanks.
tomthetrader: Just my opinion
tomthetrader: Meredith Whitney has overstayed her rock star status as has Roubini
(2:14 PM) TTTMichael: Tom, is your mike on??
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: sorry
(2:14 PM) TTTMichael: Interferes with my music.
(2:15 PM) TTTMichael:
tomthetrader: again if you are here and are NOT a member ..please go to and e-mail me as this is a paid site and members only but always looking for new members ads just word of mouth
tomthetrader: again back to 100% cash here as the market may be setting up for a buying opp
(2:16 PM) TTTMichael: Tom, In all seriousness, I cannot find any setups as most leading sectors/stocks are over extended on their 3 day RSI.
(2:17 PM) TTTMichael: Like CHK and EP but want to wait.
(2:17 PM) TTTMichael: great job
tomthetrader: Thanks
tomthetrader: These are the stocks I want to add soon
(2:20 PM) TTTMichael: I seems like most of the leaders are putting in double tops going back to early Jan. A small set back prior to a breakout on the third try might do the market good.
tomthetrader: Balnced conservative portfolio
tomthetrader: balanced
tomthetrader: that should handle bot the down side and upside
tomthetrader: DBC
tomthetrader: also
tomthetrader: MDRX ESRX ?
tomthetrader: we still have ESRX in IRA
(2:24 PM) TTTMichael: Nice dividend in MO!!!
(2:25 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Gov't commits 9.7 trillion to save the world
(2:26 PM) JR Roden: can we see a "sell the news" event here?
(2:27 PM) Fulkdaddy: Every gov't announcement the last six months has been a "sell-the'news"
(2:29 PM) aszags: Help I have been attacked by a virus and was out of commission on my computer since morning. I am operating in safe mode and am not signing on to my brokerage account until the computer is serviced. it knocked out resident shield on my AVG anti viral software
tomthetrader: wow
tomthetrader: I have heard of this
(2:32 PM) Fulkdaddy: cashin on
tomthetrader: Cashin great
tomthetrader: tough week for treasuries
(2:33 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: zags too much porn
tomthetrader: Porn in the morn ?
tomthetrader: Not Zags ...too busy making QID Cash QLD
tomthetrader: either way
tomthetrader: URE is a interesting option play long
tomthetrader: Zags Can't respond as he is in Safe Mode in the internet bubble
tomthetrader: ?
tomthetrader: Zags: I know you were short Friday late ..were you able to profit /
tomthetrader: Ratesgoing higher in methodical matter
tomthetrader: 100 BPS
tomthetrader: 2-3%
tomthetrader: 10 year
tomthetrader: 3 month bills not high enough ..but once it does ...all clear for stocks ..might happen this week ?
tomthetrader: HBAN a beaut
tomthetrader: AAPL had 0 problem with 100.00
tomthetrader: DRYS well off highs
tomthetrader: market indicators improving rapidly
(2:40 PM) ctmhou: Why is oil falling?
tomthetrader: DIG still OK
tomthetrader: still long
tomthetrader: 36.37 Netflix
(2:42 PM) TraderTim: y
(2:42 PM) bloomert: Y
(2:42 PM) TTTMichael: yes
(2:42 PM) ctmhou: yes
(2:42 PM) Fulkdaddy: y
(2:42 PM) JR Roden: Q's the only index trying to hold at even today. Will it pull the others up or will they pull it down?
(2:42 PM) TTTMichael: What is with bonds?? LQD was down and now up!!
(2:42 PM) aszags: Yes I sold part of my position in qid this am because my average cost was 49.64 but am still holding and may or may not write some feb qid covered calls. I still feel there will be a hiccough this week so am holding qid
(2:46 PM) ctmhou: Is DXO something that you would play, Tom?
(2:46 PM) ctmhou: Long
(2:47 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego:
(2:47 PM) Fulkdaddy: DIG are oil companies...DXO is the commodity
(2:47 PM) ctmhou: DXO- double long oil Powershares.
(2:47 PM) bogdan07: dxo 2.68/69
(2:48 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: dig is oil and gas...dxo is crude oil only
(2:48 PM) ctmhou: Option
(2:48 PM) Fulkdaddy: DIG are the companies...XOM, etc
(2:48 PM) ctmhou: price
(2:48 PM) ctmhou: Go ahead with what you were saying . Didn't mean to interupt.
(2:49 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: that link above is the Leavitt Brothers comprehensive list
(2:49 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: of etfs
(2:49 PM) bogdan07: dxo 22 381 600 volume
(2:51 PM) ctmhou: Take up more, please.
(2:52 PM) Fulkdaddy: DIG is oil companies Tom, DXO is the commodity...this is how they are different
tomthetrader: Sorry if I got off on two tracks
tomthetrader: OIL long term bull ...DB long term beaqr
tomthetrader: bear
(2:53 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Dave, did you get my email from Friday?
tomthetrader: 58.46 RIMM off 60.00 short
tomthetrader: good plays nice e-mails all over
tomthetrader: Again ...I believe we have played this near perfect now comes the big decision ...what to do 2-3x ETF's long or short and when ?
(3:00 PM) pupster: would you hold financilas into tomorrow??
tomthetrader: I do not think i want to enter the futures ...would rather get a good set up long and go BGU TNA
(3:02 PM) ctmhou: UYG, your biggest winner so far this year?
(3:04 PM) ctmhou: Wasn't around. Why SKF taken off books?
(3:04 PM) ctmhou: OK
tomthetrader: BGU TNA I will add to Main Fund and will add NQ futures in TRADERS once we get a TTT BUY
(3:07 PM) Fulkdaddy: I am quite bearish here....every single rally of the last 18 months has been an opportunity to sell.
(3:10 PM) Fulkdaddy: Until this changes, it is my assessment, we should play it this way
(3:10 PM) TTTMichael: How close to a buy are we?? how many of 14 indicators?? I'm with you, like IBM and MO. Will buy MO and sell out of the money Feb calls.
(3:12 PM) Fulkdaddy: TLT is roaring
(3:13 PM) aszags: I am still bearish short term
(3:16 PM) Alert: ====SECURITY BULLETIN!=======
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tomthetrader: we are within 100 Dow points of a possible TTT BUY signal
tomthetrader: but again the news deelops ....I have to get long before the news
tomthetrader: and put stops in or just bet long
tomthetrader: I need more data
(3:18 PM) ctmhou: I like deelops.............
tomthetrader: as right now the odds favor LONG
tomthetrader: sorry ! develops
(3:19 PM) DE_TTT: deeloping...
tomthetrader: I want ot enter BGU TNA Main Fund and TF NQ Traders
tomthetrader: are you Bullish DE ...can we break out ?
tomthetrader: POLL ? Please reply CAN WE BREAK OUT THIS WEEK ?
tomthetrader: YES after a selloff
(3:22 PM) ctmhou: It depends on what is said tonight and done tomorrrow.
tomthetrader: don't know ?
tomthetrader: you should tell us ?
(3:24 PM) DE_TTT: yes
(3:25 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: no
(3:27 PM) TraderTim: A/D: +275
(3:27 PM) pupster: FAS looking awfully good...even after this run up it's had
(3:28 PM) pupster: accumulative volume
(3:29 PM) pupster: min. target 12.2
(3:30 PM) pupster: to 12.5
tomthetrader: Put pretty damn good
tomthetrader: I am getting more and more bullish as the market has a MOMentum behind it I have not felt since november
tomthetrader: Again I am being to picky about entry
tomthetrader: but I am looking long ..just would love to see one whoosh but the Zweig up down volume BUY signal usually never gets you a chance back in
tomthetrader: GE MS great days
(3:33 PM) pupster: might have to price average
tomthetrader: yes ....or just hope we are correct that there is a whoosh coming before a prolonged rally
tomthetrader: PEP taken out today
tomthetrader: AAPL GOOG on fire with BKX is normqall a VERY VERY BULLISH SIGN
tomthetrader: Normally
(3:36 PM) TTTMichael: Positive divergences in TLT. Junk bond ETFs strong today. I still like junk for main hold.
(3:37 PM) pupster: last weekI said FAZ wouldgo to 41 if 47 I think you could see 33 and that's were the banks temporarily stop moving up
(3:38 PM) TraderTim: TTTMichael: Yes. If mkt moves up JUNK spreads should continue tol tighten.
(3:38 PM) pupster: unless we get a Bank selloff ahead of schedule
tomthetrader: ZF has performed well
tomthetrader: DHY a little high yielder
tomthetrader: monthly div
tomthetrader: Notice URE too koff ?
tomthetrader: URE interesting IRA hold
tomthetrader: here
tomthetrader: Again ...the market is undecided and gives us great opps here
tomthetrader: If Thomas comes on I will give my once a month call to Marty Zweig but only if Thomas comeson
tomthetrader: Thomas ?
tomthetrader: Are you out there ?
(3:44 PM) thomas_Poland: yes
(3:45 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: thomas hey there
tomthetrader: Hi Buddy !
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: A standing ovation for Thomas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tomthetrader: Let's hear it ?
tomthetrader: My prayers answered
(3:45 PM) bocarat-1:
(3:46 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:46 PM) TTTMichael: What does Marty have to say??
(3:46 PM) thomas_Poland: I am only out so Tom can ask someone smart what to do
(3:46 PM) les13436:
(3:46 PM) pupster: TP....
(3:47 PM) bloomert: Thomas is back !!!
tomthetrader: I am crying with happiness ...just can't stop crying
tomthetrader: Thomas !
tomthetrader: Is it really you
tomthetrader: tell me it is no fake
tomthetrader: say something thomas like ?
(3:48 PM) DE_TTT: Hola TP !!!
tomthetrader: This is my happiest day in a month !
tomthetrader: Thomas back ?
tomthetrader: OK ...we only have 12 minutes ...tell us what to do man of mystery ?
tomthetrader: Please throw us a bone ?
(3:49 PM) thomas_Poland: I wish I knew what to do ..
(3:49 PM) thomas_Poland: my main techniques are praying and hoping
tomthetrader: so we are all in the same boat
(3:50 PM) TraderTim: hi THOMAS!!!
(3:50 PM) thomas_Poland: so I flip a coin ... take position and pray and hope
(3:50 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: thomas lost his seiko watch, remember
(3:50 PM) thomas_Poland: that is it for me
(3:50 PM) pupster: good virtues...but not the best of strategies...although we all do it sometimes
(3:50 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: that should work 50% of the time !
tomthetrader: I think we WHOOSH down and then soar up by weeks end
(3:50 PM) PhotosbyDill: Hi Thomas. Ready to come to Colorado?
(3:50 PM) berniectx: Have missed you greatly TP please stay here and make your comments, need you!
tomthetrader: Gary and Thomas ..we are back to at least a starting line up !
(3:51 PM) ctmhou: Thomas has started his own Paltalk investment club........
tomthetrader: Yes ...Gary Thomas we need you daily
(3:51 PM) ctmhou: Gar, where yo be?
tomthetrader: I am go9ing toBUY my TTT BUY and Sell leaning just wait for all 14 to show a buy or sell and the curl or LULL and go for it
(3:52 PM) PhotosbyDill: Taking care of Debbie!
(3:52 PM) ctmhou: Hope all is well.
tomthetrader: You area good man gary
tomthetrader: Thomas you are too
(3:52 PM) berniectx: Tom if we get a whoose down what are your targets in SPX on the downside?
tomthetrader: Thanks for coming back
tomthetrader: 820 Cash SPX
(3:53 PM) PhotosbyDill: I am good. Her dementia worse all the time. But thanks for asking Curtiss
(3:53 PM) TTTMichael: Tom, bring on the music.
tomthetrader: Or am I supposed to sing ?
tomthetrader: I think we said if Thomas comes back I would sing ?
(3:53 PM) ctmhou: Do not SING. I reppeat, DO NOT SING.
(3:54 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: we excuse that requirement
tomthetrader: Let's vote or a solo from me to Thomas ?
(3:54 PM) redliontrader: hard day to trade, ad lines flopping between +/- up/down volume moving like and oscillator..
(3:54 PM) berniectx: oh nooooo!
tomthetrader: very hard ...good trading today ..lucky to have a $$$$$$$$$$$$$$win here
(3:54 PM) ctmhou: That's a choice?
tomthetrader: OK ....So I guess you want me to sing a Phil collins solo ?
(3:54 PM) aszags: welcome back Thomas. We missed you
tomthetrader: Yes Zags !
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland: Zags .. I only wanted Tom call Marty
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland: that's it
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland: I did it for you
tomthetrader: Thomas Zags and Vector vest !
(3:55 PM) ctmhou: Tom, my kids are having fun in the kitchen, please let them continue.
tomthetrader: I will call Marty now and will have a position by 3:59pm
tomthetrader: BRB
(3:56 PM) thomas_Poland: yes call me ..
(3:56 PM) ctmhou: When you startle them with your singing, they run in all directions and hurt themselves.
tomthetrader: please load up BGU or BGZ ...or Seiko watches
(3:56 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: maybe we can pipe Tom's singing into the pit
(3:56 PM) ctmhou: That'll scramble the markets.........
(3:56 PM) thomas_Poland: you can redirect to dev/null .. .if you know what Unix system is
tomthetrader: They have banned me already in 84" tough crowd ?
tomthetrader: In the near term I find the market is now overbought. It is not drastically overbought. In fact, if it backs off for a few days, it can easily get oversold again and rally into the latter part of the week
tomthetrader: 30-day moving average of the advance/decline line is overbought and it likely won't move back to oversold until just after options expiration on Friday, Feb. 20
(3:58 PM) TTTMichael: YES, yes,yes,
tomthetrader: I am pleased the ratio of the KBW Bank Index (KBW) to the S&P didn't make a lower low and is on the rise. I will continue to monitor it closely for potential signs of failure. It needs to surpass that late January high now as its next hurdle.
tomthetrader: Helene info from Dave
(4:02 PM) pupster: 1-3% pullback is what u would expect...?
(4:04 PM) PhotosbyDill: Some to look at tonight: AGU, FDX, GNK, POT, X, AVG, CLF, LEAP SOME LONGS & SOME SHORTS
(4:05 PM) pupster: SEED is a cheapy
(4:06 PM) berniectx: thanks all be careful...Obamanomics tonight and tomorrow, will see what the perception is
tomthetrader: To you Thomas :
tomthetrader: Bernie : I am about to sing don't leave ?
tomthetrader: I I don't mind
(4:07 PM) berniectx: Tom keep your day job you do great
tomthetrader: I I Don't mind
tomthetrader: OK OK
tomthetrader: NYSE +
(4:07 PM) DE_TTT: As long as no daytime concert involvement
tomthetrader: No ..just AH
tomthetrader: I am banned 9:30 am - 4:10 pm
tomthetrader: By several agencies
(4:08 PM) DE_TTT: I would feel better about 7am to Midnight ban
tomthetrader: Thomas : Take me home ?
(4:08 PM) DE_TTT:
tomthetrader: But no one will hear DE C?
(4:09 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: the weather is MUCH nicer in Fla
tomthetrader: ?
(4:09 PM) berniectx: my dog barks when you do that!!
tomthetrader: Take it Thomas !
tomthetrader: Mixed day .....flat overall Bullswin SPX
(4:10 PM) PhotosbyDill: CORRECTION: AVB NOT AVG
tomthetrader: Thanks
(4:12 PM) DE_TTT: My dog howls and I don't have a dog or any moonlight
tomthetrader: My feelings are intact DE
tomthetrader: I cannot be hurt
tomthetrader: I am a thick skinned trader
tomthetrader: and just because my voice is not like elvis is OK
tomthetrader: I am special Right Thomas ?
tomthetrader: Dogs sometimes like to be sung to ?
(4:14 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom glad to hear your thick skin is back.
tomthetrader: It was gone as I cracked under some pressure in all of january Down ...But our stocks went up the indices failed ...I am back in large and in charge
tomthetrader: GS on a wild run
tomthetrader: off lows
(4:17 PM) Fulkdaddy: Tom, I must say, you have outstanding taste in music
tomthetrader: couple hundred grand in realized will make you feel better
tomthetrader: I don't see why they don't like me to add my own versions ?
tomthetrader: maybe it is the internet thatskews my voice DE ?
tomthetrader: DE ?
tomthetrader: maybe ?
tomthetrader: USO flat
tomthetrader: I will be here tonight after the SPEECH
tomthetrader: for post speech traders
tomthetrader: GOOG up 100 bucks from bottom
tomthetrader: impressive
tomthetrader: I remember everyone saying GOOG 100 ?
tomthetrader: Now launched to 400.00 ?
(4:21 PM) DE_TTT: I love it but I just like making fun even more, Tom !
tomthetrader: YES ...Fun ...I love this market !
tomthetrader: And this is agreat way to spend a day or an hour /
tomthetrader: OK guys if your available stop by tonight if not we will see you tomorrow at 9:15am audio
tomthetrader: TTT out and thanks Gary and Thomas for coming back to TRADERS TTT 2009
tomthetrader: Night all
tomthetrader: scanning stocks for 3 hours and rebalancing our portfolios
(4:29 PM) PhotosbyDill: Have a good evening everyone -- Gary
tomthetrader: Night
(5:00 PM) Alert: The medical use of marijuana is the topic on News Talk Online in Paltalk Studio A in the Radio/TV Section NOW [Free Video]
(5:31 PM) Alert: The medical use of marijuana is the topic on News Talk Online in Paltalk Studio A in the Radio/TV Section NOW [Free Video]
tomthetrader: 862.50
(6:31 PM) Ms Dramafree 09: how do u crackers feel now that obama is about to save all ur asses
(6:32 PM) Ms Dramafree 09: if ur house is in foreclosure press 1
(6:32 PM) Ms Dramafree 09: all hail the black man
tomthetrader: 860.75
tomthetrader: 860.50
tomthetrader: 860.00
(7:23 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 857.50
(7:23 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: nice drop since 415
tomthetrader: yes ...glad we were not long but the positionsshort would have been nice ?
(7:24 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yes it would have!
tomthetrader: Might Buy 850 ish
(7:25 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: im sure we will see futures action as obama speaks tonite
tomthetrader: yes a poor response could be hazardous to the markets
tomthetrader: some of the details of the treasury plan is leaking out and not much of a bad bank which is hirting the market
(7:26 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yes i agree leaks
(7:26 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: something is spooking the futures the past 30 mins
tomthetrader: we may get one of those break thru 850 buys and run up tomorrow to 875.00 and die
(7:27 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: did you say 850 because that is the previous important level that we've seen over and over?
(7:37 PM) aszager: I am happily enjoying the selloff tonight since I still hold qid
(7:39 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: good call zags
tomthetrader: got filled on 2 at 855 long
(7:41 PM) redliontrader: wow nice AH sell off. I took some SDS before the X bell.
tomthetrader: some pretty hard selling here
tomthetrader: I am just going to trade around the news conference see if we can make a few bucks
tomthetrader: Nick did you BUY ES ?
tomthetrader: anyone Buy ES ?
(7:43 PM) aszager: just sold some qid at 49.8 that I bought Friday. I bought Friday at 50.1 and 49.18. I just sold 5000 shares and am still holding a lot more
(7:44 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom, yes in with you 2 ES at 855
(7:44 PM) TraderTim: Tom, I am not near a TV so let us know when you hear something.
(7:44 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: just got stopped out, thou
tomthetrader: Ok
tomthetrader: 853.00 Nick ?
(7:44 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 853.25 stopped
(7:44 PM) redliontrader: just sold 1/2 SDS 74.49 bought in at 72.83 near close
(7:45 PM) aszager: good for you red
tomthetrader: No stops here tonight
(7:45 PM) redliontrader: need it, harsh day for me
tomthetrader: Nice ZAGS and RED the shorts are telling us something
(7:46 PM) redliontrader: all the good trading today was during lunch, and I wasn't here
tomthetrader: what is the ES low ? must be 853.25 ?
(7:47 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yes 853.25
(7:47 PM) TraderTim: 853.25
tomthetrader: How did they get you Nick ?
tomthetrader: see your stop ?
(7:47 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: there is a prev low from sun nite 852.75 which forms an "M"
tomthetrader: so your stop was back just 1.75 points ?
(7:48 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yes 6 ticks
tomthetrader: seems a weird number ?
tomthetrader: OK
(7:49 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: that is what I use during the day when I can use the TICK for entry
tomthetrader: should use a Fib # for good luck ?
(7:49 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: but at nite i obviously need a different set of rules which are a work in progress
(7:49 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: well that was the 161.8% extension
(7:49 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: so it actually was a logical fib level
tomthetrader: true
tomthetrader: 3 ?
tomthetrader: is a good one
tomthetrader: I use 4 during day on manual stops
tomthetrader: with Vix over 40
tomthetrader: points 16 ticks
(7:50 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yea the 16 ticks would give it some room to breathe
tomthetrader: 855.75
(7:51 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I do 2 contracts, take 1/2 off with 2 tick gain, then move my stop to -2 ticks, which gives me a free trade
(7:51 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: been working ok during day hrs scalping
tomthetrader: 855.00
tomthetrader: Good
(7:51 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 233 tick chart...and you have to watch the $TICK when entering
(7:52 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: i am tempted to re-enter here
(7:52 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: i like to shadow you, Tom
tomthetrader: OK ..I am going to the big screen for the news conference ...Doug Kass says the bottom in in housing
tomthetrader: M2 growing baltic index refis all bullish
tomthetrader: steepening yield curve
tomthetrader: all bullish had a long lit
tomthetrader: 854.00 added 2 more
tomthetrader: 4 long avg 854.50 just a night trade will be off by 2:00am I hope
tomthetrader: no stops
(7:54 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Might want to put a stop at 852.50 which is the Sun nite low
tomthetrader: 853.50
(7:54 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 1 tick under
(7:54 PM) redliontrader: with you guys via SSO
tomthetrader: I am going to stay away from stops as it is too illiquid now I need long exposure out to march
tomthetrader: so I will keep these if 850 breaks
tomthetrader: but will sell if break even or + tonight
tomthetrader: 854.00
(7:56 PM) redliontrader: the good bad news about etfs is they close at 8pm, so no need for stops
(7:56 PM) redliontrader: but you are trapped
tomthetrader: right ..and options ...OH MY , I have a ton of UYG options still ..been selling them in chunks
(7:57 PM) redliontrader: u might be picking up more tomorrow
(7:57 PM) redliontrader: I have about 50 left
(7:58 PM) aszager: just sold another 5000 qid at 49.8. So I sold 10000 qid tonight and I have more that I will keep for tomorrow
(8:07 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: tom this ES looks like it's going gown
(8:07 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I was trying to put my stop in at 852.50...and accidentially put myself short w/o realizing it...happy surprise
(8:07 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: made 1 tick on 6 contracts
(8:07 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: total surprse
(8:11 PM) TraderTim: Tom, let us know if he says anything significant?
(8:16 PM) Fulkdaddy: Is the market sending Obama a message here?
(8:16 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: it broke Sun nite's low
tomthetrader: still OK
tomthetrader: Overseas markets up
(8:43 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: where do you watch the overseas mkts?
tomthetrader: CNBC live
(8:44 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: is that the US CNBC...or do you get CNBC World Int'l feed?
tomthetrader: 853.50
tomthetrader: you can just go to
tomthetrader: and they have live feed of all world markets
(8:47 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: ok thx
tomthetrader: 855.75
tomthetrader: nice comeback off the lows
tomthetrader: 9;33pm
(9:49 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: nice spike
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: stops in at break even now on 4
tomthetrader: 858.75
tomthetrader: 4 x 4.25 = 17 x 50 = $850 profit
tomthetrader: A good trade and nights work stage 1
tomthetrader: another coming soon
(10:05 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: what's stage 2 ?
tomthetrader: Hope you guys are with me here
tomthetrader: next trade
tomthetrader: 858.75 -6.25 864.25 864.75 851.75
tomthetrader: Low of session 851.75 High was the open

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