Saturday, February 14, 2009


The reason I started this business was to raise awareness that investors / Traders had to do more than just buy Mutual Funds or CD's is a age of the smart investor. Using many products like 2-3X Etf's and Futures and options we are able to say WE CAN BEAT THE STREET sometimes by several 100% !

How ?

I have developed a proprietary set of indicators that works for short term and intermediate term trades...and I am sorry to say ...but for the coming decades ...that is all you have ...the days of buy GM or GE and holding or buying Peter Lynch and retiring is over. I worked with Dr. Martin Zweig , the greatest Trader of our time and have built my models to beat the street in any situation.

The biggest misconception is we are to risky or we could blow up !

On the contrary our use of stops and ONLY getting aggressive during times of big rises and declines keeps us making huge profits while mose lag. Yes we like to use e-minis and 3x ETF's but everyone is going to have to why not join us...Here is whatwe offer.

TTT daily e-mails 10-30 em or not you get them with updates and services from the world over that I deem important for your investing future. " TTT cuts down on my work...he is my decision making...if he likes it I e-mail him and BUY BUY BUY " Tim EurekaCA

I want to invite you all to look at my past record and then call me or e-mail me....there are millions to be made with the VIX at these levels... do not let FEAR beat you up..I have more experience than 90% of the Wall Street gurus and I stand up to every call every day !

Please join me as we continue to ride the bottom of this "bathtub bottom" and if you are here when it turns up ...I can guarantee you will double your money as we will be the first ones in !

"Tom has blessed me with over 300 winning trades in just 12 months trading was so poor until I met Tom...I think he is the best kept secret on the net the world !"

John Seattle WA

So take the time to give me a call or send a e-mail ..go on a trial ..see whatit is like to get treated with respect and learn from my mistakes in this business....I know this is right for you if you want to help your family into retirement.

Join me today and get all my portfolios and address your needs daily !

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Give me one shot at making you wealthy in 2009-10




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