Thursday, February 12, 2009


(2:12 PM) TraderTim: too much put buying
(2:12 PM) TraderTim: P/C: to high
(2:12 PM) TraderTim: 1.0+
(2:12 PM) TraderTim: trouble
(2:13 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yes that is scary
(2:13 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom is the biggest bull
(2:14 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: at least it's not a -19:1 day like Tues
(2:15 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: rally
tomthetrader: 10 ES short no stops
tomthetrader: LOD UYG on little push up
(2:19 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: tom are you contemplating doing another $20K UYG 20-min trade?
(2:19 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: nice ES short
tomthetrader: UYG seems like a play next week !
tomthetrader: I do not like the action today ..many particiapants gone
tomthetrader: Right
tomthetrader: Am I right ?
(2:23 PM) berniectx: yes like your analysis
tomthetrader: Thanks 1-37 not bad !
(2:23 PM) frankie_01: i agree, bears been waiting and waiting for a breakdown
tomthetrader: Bern are on the payroll !
(2:24 PM) berniectx: the gloom and doom bears remind me of the boys/girls in congress almost always wrong in their thinking
tomthetrader: Now is the time ...there NO NO NO BUYERS ...let the BEARS raid the cookie jar and Break it down fence
tomthetrader: almost ?
tomthetrader: sorry ....99% wrong
tomthetrader: 100 QAVNE at 1.26 where we sold earlier
tomthetrader: stop 1.13
tomthetrader: 817.50 stop on 10 ES
tomthetrader: 816.50 stop 10
tomthetrader: 815.50 stops
tomthetrader: stopped out
tomthetrader: 10 contracts sold via cash at 815.50 40 ES x $50
tomthetrader: $2000 profit on that trade still in Q's puts QAVNE 1.26 break even stop 1.20 now
(2:34 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: nice day tom
(2:34 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: i'm $162
(2:34 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: feel inadequate
(2:34 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Speaking of that, did you hear FastMoney talking about the new Johnson & Johnson premature ejactulation pill going on sale in Europe?
(2:35 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: not avail in US
(2:35 PM) frankie_01: interesting product
(2:35 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: i went ther
(2:35 PM) wigwam_3: you dont want to get that pill,, stuck in your throat...LOL
(2:35 PM) ctmhou: Age will create taht..
(2:36 PM) ctmhou: Hard time.............LOL\
tomthetrader: Take it easy young un ....howmuch do those diapers cot /
tomthetrader: cost ?
(2:36 PM) ctmhou: Too dang much.
tomthetrader: I don't have to pay for contracetives or pre ejac pills !
(2:43 PM) frankie_01: Tom, you expectig a bounce here?
(2:44 PM) frankie_01: thanks
tomthetrader: 100 contracts sold at 1.45
(2:46 PM) rjflamm: retest of low....r we going lower?
(2:46 PM) berniectx: nice play Tom
tomthetrader: thanks
tomthetrader: now the tough part
(2:51 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: herwe we go
tomthetrader: 810.50 cash 4 long
(2:52 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: i have 811.32
tomthetrader: let's call it 811.50
(2:53 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: my tos spx may be slightly delayed from your feed
(2:53 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: weird
tomthetrader: we will call it at whatever anyone gets if they are trading !
tomthetrader: somewhere between 810 and 812 cash OK we are long 4 contracts ..Nick can decide
(2:54 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: thx tom
(2:54 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 810.35 now spx
(2:54 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 810.01
(2:54 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: right
tomthetrader: 10% long from 811 we will call it cash
(2:55 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yup
(2:55 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 811.46
(2:55 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: what was your actual future fill price?
tomthetrader: let me print copy and paste it
tomthetrader: 809.75
tomthetrader: ES
(2:56 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: thx
(2:57 PM) redliontrader: how about 100K of UYG @ 2.87?
(2:57 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 808.25 filled 2 ES long
(2:57 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I can't wait for another UYG trade
tomthetrader: UYG would be a wild close ?
tomthetrader: But there is no reason to BUY
(2:58 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: we are right on the precipice with ES here
tomthetrader: 808.50
(2:58 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: bonds close in 1 min
(2:58 PM) redliontrader: y no buyers
(2:58 PM) redliontrader: periods of lull between selloffs
(2:58 PM) arujunaa: nick, bonds mark in 1 minute but close at 5pm est
tomthetrader: 808.50 cash stops on the longs
tomthetrader: 4 units long stop at cash 808.50 manual
tomthetrader: Noheroes today
(3:02 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -1968
(3:02 PM) TraderTim: Trin: 1.86
(3:02 PM) TraderTim: sorry I was out for a moment
(3:03 PM) redliontrader: anemic buying
(3:04 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: new lod
(3:04 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: got out of 6 long with 1 tick gain...lucky
(3:04 PM) TraderTim: a/D: -2019
(3:04 PM) TraderTim: Trin: 1.86
tomthetrader: stopped out ES at caSH 808.50
(3:08 PM) berniectx: have to run be careful all...bear day
(3:08 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: bye bernie
tomthetrader: bear day BERN
tomthetrader: SEE YOU A.M.
tomthetrader: 1.55 qavne
tomthetrader: 1.56
(3:08 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 805.5 was support on the 15 min chart
(3:09 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: shook you out Tom
(3:09 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: sorry
(3:09 PM) redliontrader: wow, an uptick
(3:10 PM) frankie_01: quick squeeze there
tomthetrader: yes
(3:11 PM) redliontrader: come on bulls, die bears die
tomthetrader: I got stopped out by a few pennies or would still be long complaints here though
(3:11 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: must have been some news
tomthetrader: I wanted to go larger with a longer time frame but the seasonals are -
(3:12 PM) JR Roden: A quick move up to the 13 EMA on the 5 min Q's and then a smack back down again. Let's see if we can push up through and get the Options Week up move started early
tomthetrader: Finally some volume on a up tick ?
(3:13 PM) JR Roden: Did make a few $ on some Q puts bought just after lunch. And like I just told Wigwam ... a $20 win is still WAY more than you'll see in interest on your bank statement.
tomthetrader: Yes ...we have learned a break even is HUGE win ...anything over commission is great $400 is our goal but we will take $25 if we can get it
(3:18 PM) JR Roden: Look at the Q's hourly chart. Double bottom with positive divergence forming. And this hour's candle has a huge tail on it, if it can hold for another 12 min.
(3:18 PM) PhotosbyDill: b 2.88 2000 shrs UYG
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: YES
(3:19 PM) arujunaa: sold 25% daytrade long at 2.71% 10s/124.25 tyh9. still 25% core long hoping for a correction to add back again. i'm out tomorrow guys. have a great long weekend
tomthetrader: GARY My man ....playing the longer term Bull play !
(3:19 PM) ctmhou: Just can't help yourself........gotta go long?
tomthetrader: Aruj ! Thank you are the BOND King
tomthetrader: forget Pimco I will take Aruj
(3:20 PM) ctmhou: Aruj more accurate.
(3:20 PM) arujunaa: bill gross & i are different......he does yoga, i eat big macs.
tomthetrader: I like you much more
(3:20 PM) ctmhou: Aruj, get on CNBC
(3:20 PM) arujunaa: thank you sir!
tomthetrader: and I have never made a penny off him .....!
tomthetrader: You I have made consistent $ on and that is why we count on you !
(3:21 PM) arujunaa: if i went on cnbc, the dennis kneale effect would occur
tomthetrader: YES
(3:21 PM) ctmhou: What's that?
(3:21 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: dennis is an idiot
(3:21 PM) ctmhou: Oh, that effect?
(3:22 PM) arujunaa: the worst. i mean THE worst. should be thrown in jail in my opinion
(3:22 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: a journalist who has never traded
tomthetrader: let's say hard to he has relatives
(3:22 PM) ctmhou: He's to argue everything.
tomthetrader: whom ;let him be on
(3:22 PM) JR Roden: From David Nichols ... Fractal Market Report ....
tomthetrader: again we are 20% long
(3:22 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: nice long tom
tomthetrader: thanks Nick
tomthetrader: stop at 817.50 cash
(3:23 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: caught some of that with 1 contract ES...thns
(3:23 PM) wigwam_3: nice Es long, again, wins
tomthetrader: Thanks ..let's see if we can keep it up til close
(3:23 PM) ctmhou: I walk back in and missed that little ES long.
(3:23 PM) rjflamm: you did say from 3:00 on.....Tom....good call
(3:24 PM) redliontrader: uyg 3.02
tomthetrader: Thanks it was the only hope money usually buysor 3:00pm
tomthetrader: move stops on those 4 up to 818.00
(3:24 PM) redliontrader: 2.86 -> 3.02 in 10 minutes
tomthetrader: GREAT
(3:25 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: broke resistance...nice
tomthetrader: Gary and RED UYG ADDICTS
tomthetrader: sold my long 4 at 822
(3:26 PM) rjflamm: Tom.....if we close near be today on the DOW or slightly lower....r we bullish for the next couple of days???
(3:26 PM) rjflamm: be = break even
(3:26 PM) ctmhou: I'd sell UYG at 3.08. 50 SMA on 15 min chart.
(3:27 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -1433
(3:27 PM) ctmhou: How much Tom?
(3:27 PM) TraderTim: TRIN: 1.33
(3:27 PM) ctmhou: For today?
(3:27 PM) TraderTim: nice run!!!
tomthetrader: yes
(3:27 PM) wigwam_3: thx for letting me join you
(3:27 PM) wigwam_3: today
tomthetrader: breathless ....but still have unrealized losses in DZZ and SZK which I am mad because I never wanted them in the 1st place !
(3:28 PM) rjflamm: welcome my fellow canucker
(3:28 PM) wigwam_3: ehh.....
(3:28 PM) rjflamm: lol
tomthetrader: wig ..let me knowif you want to join and get e-mails just let me have your e-mail on Super IM
(3:29 PM) wigwam_3: k, will doo............
(3:29 PM) rjflamm: come on wigwam...join....
(3:29 PM) mike r_3: hey tom, and traders,
(3:29 PM) rjflamm: its all good
(3:29 PM) mike r_3: is it safe yet?
(3:29 PM) redliontrader: the bulls drew a line in the sand there
(3:29 PM) ctmhou: There's 3.08 on UYG.
(3:29 PM) rjflamm: man i can't beleive this run...
(3:29 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: me too
(3:30 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: need a martini
(3:30 PM) rjflamm: or a csesar
(3:30 PM) rjflamm: lol
(3:30 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: the futures at nite really seem to obey Finonacci levels well
(3:30 PM) ctmhou: Made 350.00 on ES the other night.
(3:30 PM) ctmhou: USing a different method.
(3:30 PM) TraderTim: craig pays more
(3:31 PM) ctmhou: I'll pay you....soon.
(3:31 PM) bogdan07: Tom do not think about pain ,think about money
(3:31 PM) ctmhou: Go run.........
(3:31 PM) rjflamm: need to crack 7860
(3:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: there was some news right at 3:07 when a/d reversed
(3:32 PM) ctmhou: I will soon.
(3:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Hey I get AARP solicitations and I'm only 40
(3:32 PM) ctmhou: I'm just using one.
(3:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: they court 'em early
(3:33 PM) rjflamm: 1/2 hour to go
(3:33 PM) TraderTim: you need a SHOT
(3:33 PM) JR Roden: Take profits ... easily the best lesson you guys have taught me. The short position I closed down about 30 minutes ago for a small profit ($25 after commissions) would now be a $62 LOSS. Thanks to all for helping me to learn this game. Wig ... get off the fence and join.
tomthetrader: I QUIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
tomthetrader: For now
(3:33 PM) ctmhou: Other than that...........
(3:33 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -1184
(3:33 PM) TraderTim: TRIN: 1.28
(3:34 PM) ctmhou: SISSY!
(3:34 PM) ctmhou:
(3:35 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 824 stopped brick wall
(3:35 PM) TraderTim: that is close to HOD and hit THOMA's 200 sma BAM
(3:36 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 10 pt swing
(3:37 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -1093
(3:37 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 829 is pivot
(3:37 PM) TraderTim: Trin: 1.27
(3:37 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: if we break 825
tomthetrader: we have time
(3:37 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: we've learned from the best, TOM
(3:37 PM) PhotosbyDill: Sold @ 3.07
(3:37 PM) ctmhou: Thanks goes to you, Tom.
(3:38 PM) PhotosbyDill: Did not want to hang around like a possum in a tree!
(3:38 PM) ctmhou: UYG can't seem to get past the 50 SMA on a 15 min chart.
tomthetrader: GREAT JOB ...I am really happy
(3:39 PM) aszags: hi Tom just checking in but I mentioned Tuesday before I left that I didn't think was correction was quite over
tomthetrader: great trade got wild there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(3:39 PM) TraderTim: hi zags YOU sure did!!
(3:39 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: the A/D as cut in half since 3:08
(3:39 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: anyone know what the news was?
(3:39 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -1183
(3:40 PM) PhotosbyDill: Nick AARP knows your true market age! LOL -- Gary
(3:41 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: here we go
(3:41 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 829 pivot magnet
(3:41 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: here we come
(3:42 PM) rjflamm: all I can say
(3:42 PM) rjflamm: down over 225 points and now.....
(3:42 PM) aszags: If I would have kept all my qid instead of closing most of them out but I was going on vacation and I respected Tom's buy signal
(3:42 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: touched it
(3:43 PM) rjflamm: how is the volume in it weak?
(3:43 PM) TraderTim: no vol is strong
(3:43 PM) rjflamm: or lots of buying going on?
(3:44 PM) rjflamm: thanx tim
(3:44 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I've had about 5 one-tick scalps with all this whiplash
(3:45 PM) rjflamm: I would have thought that more volume is bullish good I wrong to assume that?
(3:45 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: my woodie's cci looks like a ginsu knife
(3:46 PM) PhotosbyDill: Keep Scalping Nick but keep the Western Wampum! OK?
tomthetrader: XBI was a BUY !
tomthetrader: AMGN we were right !
tomthetrader: I even bought calls on the dip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(3:47 PM) PhotosbyDill: accumulation works TOM
(3:47 PM) pupster: said it...SPY regained break of trend line
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: Thanks PUP and Gary UYG is under accumulation !!!!
(3:48 PM) rjflamm: another up move into close?
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: beautiful key reversal
(3:49 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -716
(3:49 PM) TraderTim: TRIN: 1.1
(3:49 PM) TraderTim: what a change
(3:49 PM) JR Roden: Remember the uptrend line on the 5 min Q chart chart that I said we were testing from above around 1:10? Well we obviously broke through, but this last uptrend has quickly shot us right back up to that uptrend line and now we are testing it from below. Let's hope we can push up through it.
tomthetrader: good thing no panic today all kept your heads
tomthetrader: Great job
(3:49 PM) PhotosbyDill: Needs to hold over 3.11 60Min 20 EMA
tomthetrader: you all kept thinking +
tomthetrader: Trading like baseball Yogi 90% mental and 20% the otherstuff
tomthetrader: COME ON
(3:50 PM) PhotosbyDill: Mental Viagra???
(3:51 PM) rjflamm: bases waiting for the home run
(3:51 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Mental A.D.D.
tomthetrader: 835.00 SPX PLEASE
tomthetrader: I don't beg often
(3:52 PM) rjflamm: i think i can....i think i can......i think i
tomthetrader: NQ : what did I say and what did I miss ?
tomthetrader: I freaking missed my NQ fill
tomthetrader: For cryin out loud
(3:53 PM) rjflamm: oh no...
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: time to sing 835.00 close
tomthetrader: Thomas ....I think he went Bullish at 810.00 ?
(3:54 PM) rjflamm: holy crap
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: YES
(3:55 PM) steve_45_4: you keeping the 2 hedges in the Traders Port?
tomthetrader: selling them MOC
(3:55 PM) rjflamm: called this one from this morning....YOU should take a bow
tomthetrader: 100% cash
(3:55 PM) steve_45_4: ty
tomthetrader: Traders 70-80% two int / IRA accounts
tomthetrader: at least we touched 835.00
tomthetrader: Look at QAVNE !
tomthetrader: ran that pup for all it was worth talk about using mean reversion in a option
tomthetrader: I took it to the CLEANERS
(3:57 PM) rjflamm: claps for Tom
tomthetrader: 1:30 left got to get 835.00
tomthetrader: I have the CLAP
(3:58 PM) rjflamm: lol....we might finish in postive territory on the
tomthetrader: YES YES
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: YES
(3:58 PM) rjflamm: lmao
(3:59 PM) rjflamm: too funny
(3:59 PM) PhotosbyDill: go gargle for your throat Buddy -- Nite all -- Gary
tomthetrader: TTT TRADERS you guys are the BEST IN THE WORLD
tomthetrader: NQ futures lost 5K but who the hell cares right gary !
(4:00 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: tom peanuts
tomthetrader: did not enter so did not lose
(4:00 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: you've had a fantastic year so far
tomthetrader: but could have been the icing on the BIG CAKE
(4:01 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: true
(4:01 PM) PhotosbyDill: Right Tom. I can just imagine you with your short skirt and pom poms. Right Nick???
tomthetrader: Thanks to the Team players
(4:01 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: homeowner payment subsidization
tomthetrader: Pink ?
tomthetrader: Reserved for our departed brethren THOMAS RIP ?
tomthetrader: Did I see ZAGS ? During the rally ?
(4:02 PM) rjflamm: what caused this rally in the end.....anybody know????
(4:02 PM) TraderTim: yes he came back
(4:02 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: no the porn wrecked his computer
(4:02 PM) TraderTim: news on obama to help out with mortgages
(4:02 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: the homeowner assistance plan annoucement...the gov't will subsidize mortgage payments
tomthetrader: Rally like all rallies came from inability for the BEARS TO KILL THE BULLS ...simple
(4:03 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: true
(4:03 PM) rjflamm: its about time...someone did something
(4:03 PM) JR Roden: Well done. Everyone!
tomthetrader: WELL DONE
(4:03 PM) rjflamm: kudos to all
(4:03 PM) pupster: Tom was right again.....truelly
tomthetrader: Thank you PUP
(4:03 PM) TraderTim: A/D: -229 final
(4:04 PM) TraderTim: TRIN: 1.1 balanced
tomthetrader: UYG UYG 3.22
(4:04 PM) rjflamm: i fully agree...Tom....your my hero
tomthetrader: come on and buy on every dip ?
tomthetrader: wait til tomorrow !
(4:04 PM) rjflamm: why....what do you mean Tom???
(4:04 PM) rjflamm: buying????
(4:05 PM) rjflamm: Gap up tomorrow???
(4:07 PM) pupster: Tom playing air guitar right now...?
tomthetrader: You will love tomorrow more
(4:08 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom are you flat into tomorrow?
tomthetrader: 100% cash
tomthetrader: 70-80% long int long term
tomthetrader: 1-5 dayscash
tomthetrader: added AMGN today Nick
(4:09 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I have 1 short ES @ you think it will get back down there overnite?
(4:10 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 50% retrace of the rally is 820.25
tomthetrader: NO....unless overseas sees something wrong I think they are ready to rip ..I would cover break even soon ..and reenter on weakness ..this was a KEY reversal on good volume on a buy signal still ..I would not short yet
(4:11 PM) rjflamm: i'd be surprised if we did pullback going into the weekend
(4:11 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: you think I'll be able to cover b/e overnite? need 7 pt drop
tomthetrader: Man ..I do not see it
(4:12 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: ok thx for the opinion, Tom
(4:12 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: it's still going
(4:12 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: people are going long now
tomthetrader: Yes ..the KEY reversal should get 20ES
(4:13 PM) mike r_3: so you don't see dow 6000 anytime soon?
tomthetrader: 850 target
tomthetrader: NO
tomthetrader: NO 6000 or 7000 ever
(4:13 PM) mike r_3: thanks
tomthetrader: 810 -875 for weeks
(4:14 PM) rjflamm: not now....with this housing announcement....its a start of something big....just my thoughts
(4:15 PM) rjflamm: positive wise
tomthetrader: Good Work Team TTT
(4:16 PM) rjflamm: thats cuz we have a great coach...
(4:16 PM) rjflamm: coach
(4:19 PM) JR Roden: I'm out. Great work team. Been an awesome week so far.
tomthetrader: Thanks Guys..really means alot to me
tomthetrader: never give up
tomthetrader: keep making it and takin it
tomthetrader: Gary Archer
(4:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: y
(4:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yes
(4:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: sure..I'll send him the PT instructions
(4:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: sure
tomthetrader: Thank you Nick !
(4:33 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: sure
(4:36 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: ok just emailed him
tomthetrader: Thanks again Nick
tomthetrader: ES H9 [10] E-MINI S&P 500 Mar ’09 16:22:20 EST 835.50
(4:47 PM) redliontrader: I want a do over for today
tomthetrader: Me too
tomthetrader: Nah it could end up worse
tomthetrader: I missed two positions NQ and XBT and it hurt and I added then dumped two positions I hated DZZ and SZK
tomthetrader: I am fine with $63400 in profits real and unrealized

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