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Happy New Year !

I wanted to place a basic chart of what 2011 looked like without too much fanfare as 2011 does not deserve much ! I will go into several main categories of what evolved in 2011 before we send out the data of big wins and heroic trades. Simple fact is TTT Hedge worked extremely hard for every 1% we got and it was not a easy year. We are so lucky to have so many tools at our disposal...our Charts run by Marlin Cobb ( Red) are groundbreaking as is his research and development of indicators proven by a Tradestation @ Award for 2011. I am very lucky to be able to have a gift of seeing talent and Red is one of the greatest gifts TTT Hedge has and we are thankful.

Before I go into 2011 I also wanted to point out Cathy Cullen our Professional day trader in the Traders Live ! room. I have been lucky enough to watch her continue to grow as a Trader and the room has reaped millions of dollars in profits thanks to her daily efforts that improve each month. Cathy will be giving a free webinar in early January and I hope you all can attend ! And finally Jay22 whom tirelessly without complaint does our forensic accounting of every trade made in our @ 4 stage system of profit taking. He is a blessing to all whom want integrity in the results and honesty 24/7 , we also have Jay in our prayers as he lost a loved one over the Holidays and hope his family a speedy return to a great 2012 !

Now on to the sections I want to cover for 2011 , I know it is in the past but as they say about history , we at TTT do not want to repeat any mistakes from 2011. So here goes with my recap.

1) Here , using the chart above we can basically go over what we predicted , what I am saying at the time and bring us into 2012. As everyone knows we finished UNCH for 2011 but 92% of institutions from hedge funds to banks and mutual funds LOST MONEY ! The largest since 2008 and 2000. I had predicted a 25% decline in 2011 ( Check ) but thought it would occur early in the year. I said in FEBRUARY that we had peaked in the MINI Bull that started March 9 2009 and would correct 25%. As the "Arab Spring" arose the market kept getting frothier and finally on May 2nd (Bin Laden Top) was put in as the event ended the Bull and started a New Bear market.

At the top the market was up over 125% in over 2 years and European worries of Sovereign DEBT especially GREECE was a day to day worry....Greece in my opinion got too much attention and is the least of our problems...just my opinion. So we hit a top in sentiment in the Bull in February and PRICE topped out on the killing of the worst living creature on May 2nd. The Bear Market had begun !

After a poor month of May for the Bulls , June was even worse as the Arab uprisings and DEBT issues worldwide combined with the dramatic slowdown from the historic Tsunami in Japan that had Tech companies and all suppliers looking for was a tough time and many "Gurus" really launched into a double dip mode spectacular ! I was beginning to get my Bullish legs back and took on the naysayers especially the ECRI as they sent to clients only a 100% recession prediction ....never occurred and won't but I literally saw 0% chance of a double dip and had hopes of a quick rebound but the JULY 4th Failure made it clear we were in a Bear market and we had to go day to day until we saw a bottom.

THE CRASH OF 2011 : Eerily similar to 1987 we were set up for disaster as sentiment never really died down and Money managers especially kept a 80% long portfolio and heavy buying of beaten up banks , famed analyst David Tepper amongst others went long ...turning out to be disastrous for many as the BEAR unleashed as GREECE , CHINA , EUROPE and pretty much the world feared another depression and we logged some of the most historic data as we had the "waterfall decline" of the now famous 15 trading days of late July and early August which I missed most of due to health problems , I didn't lose any money but lost a Gall Bladder and years of sleep ! Too much information no doubt but as our Traders Live members I am sure will was some of the most memorable action ever in US stock market history as the internals will go down as the worst since the 30's.

As a Bull by trade I got a SENTIMENT low ( Time to load up and wait for price) and a TTT Buy signal both our patented 5 day and a mean reversion at August OPEX. The rally was good and with Labor Day approaching I was hoping for a follow thru but another failure occurred in early September that set up reason to believe we were going to new lows and since the Bear was one that had actually LOW RATES and a Good Monetary model...I knew we would have a very short Bear market and called a absolutely perfect bottom of all areas of the market with a Major CYCLICAL LOW and a Yearly High in VIX and shorted VIX and Got leveraged long from there and have stayed mostly leveraged long since.

The miserable action in November set up a huge question mark as now we had Zero lack of confidence in leaders worldwide and actually of the system which again had the Bears shouting 2x Dip even though all the US eco-data was strong ? GDP went .5% -1.5% -2.5% and I had been predicting all year a 3.5% GDP for our 4th quarter just ended...I think we get no Recession....and again a strong rally featuring the most TTT Buy signals in a short time since I began tracking in 1982.

That led us to repeated attempts at 1300 SPX all of which failed into the last day of 2011 ! I still believe we are in a NEW BULL that is just up 20% from the lows and will go another 40-60% by the time it ends with no more than a 8-10% correction.


This next section will take into account WHY I think we are here and what I think here is !

1) Lack of confidence ...The world has lost faith in the systems to make money via the capital markets which is why GOLD had the parabolic run it did. No faith in anything but a bar of metal ...currencies were all shaken due to Massive debt and the rumor of the day on new bank failures and not only banks but countries. We had zero political leadership worldwide , China was / is only caring about China...Europe is wallowing in self destructive governments that believe they can work 30 hours 200 days a year and be allowed a great retirement...this along with The US Housing debacle made every banker every country leery of doing business with each other and you may call the 2011 year a year of 100% mistrust in one another and this lack of confidence led to really a spectacular failure in stocks and funds especially in emerging markets...if not for the USA worker and our perseverance as entrepreneurial spirit it could have been much worse.

We did lose Steve Jobs this year who in essence saved the year with the most stellar stock action gadgets and earnings growth...we will miss him but AAPL lives on as still one of the best companies ever listed ...ever and Mr. Jobs with all of his faults a Edisonian like presence still to end our lack of confidence segment...we hope the spirit of the AAPL CEO lives on " Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life ".

2) EUROZONE : The gift that keeps on giving (For the Bears )

My official view is that when all is said and done (2013) we will look back and say "All that time and worry wasted ". The EURO itself is like a Spring Chicken....considering it's history it is amazing it has endured it's infancy but here we are ...some say at the brink. Led By Greece, Italy and Spain ... their massive debt and inability for the world to let them off the hook has led to some of the most dramatic TALKS but until last week , very little action. The ECB and IMF both have had periods of ignorance and self loathing...which has led the herd of naysayers to short the Hell out of the banks ...which leads me too on of our most profitable OPTIONS ALERTS plays of 2011 DB DEUTSCH BANK. ( Promo for our Options Alert service !)

Yes the EURO ZONE is entering recession but my view is very shallow as the US and China keep the balance and the Draconian austerity measures especially by Great Britain lead other countries not just to VOW BUT DO ! The USA could take notice of the UK effort and demand a balanced budget by 2013 but let's stay away from POLITICS as we will have plenty into November 6th 2012 as your VOTE will count and the heads of the folks in Washington from the President to local councils and Judges will be shaken to start doing the right thing for America... " Ask not what your country can do for you Ask what you can do for your country" ...yes some JFK would do us baby boomers whom complain about government and their taxes ?

The worst case scenario is a drop of 1-2 countries from the EURO if they do not jump on board the new and improved actions...(watch yields on Italian and Spanish bonds) as the ECB does the same thing the USA has and continues to do ...print Money and buy Bonds. In short , I am thinking much less about Europe and much more about our next section.

3) China : What Are They Really Up to ?

A massive Crash caused by property values , illegal accounting and slow growth. Join Jim Chanos the famed short who right now is grinning ear to ear as his trade to Short CHINA is very productive...personally I have tried like many to catch bottoms in FXI BIDU and many China related vehicles only to see new lows. We have not been Helped by China nor have we been hurt but I will tell you one thing....If the military buildup and the continuing raising of reserve requirements continues another year....we will be wishing we were Mr. Chanos but I also believe last week China may have made a bottom in it's Bear market so if we look at it this way ....If China has the best interests of it's people at heart ( Do communists have heart ? ) China will be a huge positive again into 2013. Inflation is China and India's worst enemy and it is dropping as they both cool but lack of resources will haunt this huge populations forever so we need to play the resources to FEED and Cloth and Warm those Massive economies...CHINA is a BUY here in 2012....not with all you got but like a Speculative stock ..1-3% OF YOUR PORTFOLIO...perfect play TDF Templeton is the best !

Finally if we can stop the accusations and China finally can handle the truth as a currency manipulator and pirate of our tech and patented goods...we will all be better off...we need China but not as bad as we need China to be a ally...for now ...keep an eye on them , but make sure we do not cross them off as they are the world's 2nd largest economy. Speaking of poor accounting rules ...this leads me to our markets and the SEC FTC etc...


It is too bad but yes , the individual investor Died and may he R.I.P. The computers took control as the SEC allowed the 3X ETF world and Black Pools and untraceable MF Global Funds to highlight a year of some of the most disappointing Federal Government inaction ever. People scream about a lot in government but look at our SEC ? Ms Shapiro is the most ineffective leader (sorry) we have seen and she gets worse bowing to anyone who can keep the status quo status ? I have taken my concerns to the SEC and their divisions and hope that change will of the last trading day of 2011 a unreal 71.9% of all trades made in 2011 were buy HFT style algos and it doesn’t seem to end as the SEC has ruled the "No tick " rule as a dinoasaur ( even though it has now been sited as the cause with housing) of the 2008 stock market Crashes. If the nonsense continues in 2012...there will be action taken or inaction as pensions and Ira's are subject to go to cash FOREVER ...this knocks out a trillion dollar we want that ?

As Traders we adjust miraculously in 2011 , thanks to Cathy and our members even I was able to adopt some day trade rules and strategies that were 88% + successful and led us to some massive gains in our 1-5 day traders account !

My wish for 2012 ...simple : A new "No Tick " Rule and a moratorium on ETF's and any ETF with less than 1 million volume per day must hang it up ...delist...get the money back into STOCKS and out of ETF's or all our careers may be shortened ! Speaking of short careers ...if our 3 worst trades of 2011 were our only we would be ....not here !





Enough said !

6) Finally my last words on where we sit right now and the next e-mails will give details of our portfolios and services results and they will be staggering !

I firmly believe we are in a NEW BULL MARKET that began October 4th and is up about 20% since the lows. I expect a pick up in action this week to at least clear 1300 SPX but then get set for some earnings misses and a rise in VIX in Mid January into February , but the 1075 level on SPX cash will not be broken in my lifetime !

I am confident we are in a LONGER more drawn out period of a Bull...maybe even a Secular Bull ? I want to put my sites on 1410 SPX cash for the end of 2012 and look forward to a recovery in emerging markets.

Again my Target for year end is 1410 cash SPX 2012 and I do not think we will ever go under 1075 again !

I will update you all with a separate e-mail with my top 20 stocks. Top Sectors and ideas on takeovers in 2012 ...I hope you enjoyed this missive and look forward to a lot more over the weekend.

May the New Year Bring You Health and Great Times With Family !

God Bless You !



Happy New Year !

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Good Morning. Long time readers know that I am a stout believer in the idea that there is usually a reason behind a good-sized market move. I'm not talking about 50 point swings in the Dow that can happen at any point of any day for little or no reason other than somebody clicking a button. No, I'm talking about a move of at least 1% or more (in either direction) within a short period of time - you know, something that gets your attention.

Yesterday's session had a couple/three of these moves and for the most part, the reasons behind the early moves were fairly obvious. We saw a nice pop in the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index as well as an uptick in sentiment in Germany to get things started off on the right foot. And when Angela Merkel said "nein" to the idea of increasing the size of the bailout fund, the swift dive in stock prices made sense.

However, what didn't make much sense at all was the -2.1% header the S&P 500 took after the Fed released its statement yesterday afternoon. Sure, some volatility directly before and after a Fed announcement is standard fare. And this time was no different. But then after the requisite post-announcement move, things got ugly. And then they got really ugly - all on no news. And since you know that I am obsessed with finding the "reason" behind such movements, it shouldn't surprise you to learn that shortly thereafter, I suddenly found myself on a mission.

To be sure, the Fed statement was NOT the cause of the move from 1246 to 1220 on the S&P. While I will agree that a small segment of the trading population may have been disappointed that the Fed didn't introduce any changes to their communication efforts, the Fed's announcement and accompanying statement was really a non-event.

After checking my news sources (you'd think that of the 150 news flash emails I get a day, one would have held the key) I found nothing to speak of. Frankly, I didn't think a potential ban on the use of cell phones by drivers was worthy of a big dive. And while there was a rumor that there might be a high profile downgrade near the close, nothing ever materialized. So then I really started digging.

After a search of my favorite websites and a few calls to my fellow market geeks turned up nothing (well, nothing more than the usual rumors of yet another well-timed downgrade by S&P - don't get me started), I started looking at charts. And before long the answer became obvious - the Euro was in the process of falling off of a cliff.

While the macro guys/gals were explaining that it was disappointment over the inability of EU leaders to get a handle on this crisis that was the cause of the Euro's strife and that it was the economic outlook for the Eurozone that was the source of the stock market's sudden ills, I felt that there could be other forces at work. You see, a falling Euro means a rising dollar. And what does a rising dollar mean? Yep that's right, the unwinding of dollar carry trades.

Lest we forget "carry trades" are a big deal in the global macro hedge fund world. The way this trade works is a fund will borrow (or short) dollars and invest the proceeds in risk assets. With rates at 0% in the U.S., this works out really well. Until the dollar starts to rise, that is. If the dollar starts to surge, your short dollar trade begins to struggle. So what do you do? You buy dollars to cover your short and sell the risk assets. So, with the Euro breaking down yesterday and the dollar moving to the highest level in nearly a year, the dollar-carry trade may have been on the run.

Normally, a rising dollar would be a good thing for U.S. investors. After all, a rising dollar is indicative of economic strength - even if that strength is only relative. But in this case, there probably wasn't much thinking going on. No, my guess is that yesterday's "reason" for the quick loss of 2% for the S&P had more to do with math wizards and their computerized trades driven by algorithms than any macro view or economic strategy. And from where I sit, this is just plain sad.

So, is there a reason for big moves these days? I say yes. But whether or not the reason makes any sense to anyone except the big wigs on Wall Street is a question for another day.

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TTT BUY SIGNAL AT 1210 SPX CASH Targets 1300

Hi ,

Just a few points from TTT as we go into the last 14 trading sessions
of the year. Right now we are UNCH on the year , even the Dow being up
versus inflation is NOT a good year...but we have 14 trading sessions
left and even with the implosion of VIX on Friday...there is still
lots of 200-300 point gains and losses left in 2011 ! I wanted to just
give a brief description of what I saw for this year and what I see
for next.

Last year I forecasted a 25% decline in the market BUT I thought it
would be in the 1st half not into Fall. I said the market would reach
1355 SPX cash at years end ...we touched it on the last day of April
and now we are looking for it again ! We did ... in my opinion reach a
Sentiment Top in February and a Price Top in April of the Bull market
that started on March 9th 2009. That "Mini Bull" took us up well over
100 % and then came back and we suffered a "Mini BEAR" market from
that February-April to our Cycle low of 1075 on Oct 4th where I called
the bottom and predict still we will get a 50-60% run up within 18
months i.e. March 2013. So 1500 + by march 2013 is my best read.


Over the year we have seen HFT control 70-80% of the volume so we have
literally had to become computers to be successful , many think this
is "not right' or not real investing....well , as my Mentor Dr.martin
Zweig always said "The cash spens the same all across the country !"
So whether you are able to outwit Wall Street or if you would rather
sit back and make 1% is up to you.

I personally feel strongly that we need to manage our own accounts and
be responsible with the resources we have and with all the
entitlements going down the drain for us Baby boomers I would look 2x
at your investment strategies and see if there is some room for one of
our services in your 2012 investing year. We look to these next 3
weeks as key to not only the US stock markets but the World as we are
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I want to thank our loyal members and also my partner Marlin Cobb who
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Also our Day Trade professional Cathy and our Forensic Accountant Jay
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And finally our dozens of Webinar speakers and educators , we plan on
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Two Possible Signals From the VIX
The drop below 30 may be bearish for now -- but bullish for 2012
Dec 2, 2011, 2:31 pm EST |
The CBOE Volatility Index (CBOE:VIX) often tells a more insightful story than the stock market itself, and now appears to be one of those times. In this case, however, it’s telling us two stories – one that concerns the days and weeks ahead, and one that may provide a preview of 2012.

First, the raw numbers. The VIX, also known as the “fear index,” spent Friday bouncing around in the 25-27 range, far below the 36 level it reached 11 sessions ago. This is great news for now, since it indicates that investors have become less concerned about Europe in recent days. But at the same time, this is also a level where the market has run into trouble during the past four months, in terms of both the VIX’s absolute level and the magnitude of the decline.

Regarding the absolute level, the VIX last traded into the mid-20s on Oct. 27 and 28. This signaled the high-water mark for the autumn rally, and it presaged a downturn of 5.2% in the S&P 500 Index during the next two trading sessions.

With respect to the size and duration of the move, the current decline in the VIX is nearing the danger zone that has signaled negative market reversals during the recent four-month period of market stress:

% Move

Aug 8 – Aug 17 48.00

Aug 19 – Aug 31 45.40

Sep 12 – Sep 16 43.18

Oct 4 – Oct 14 46.88

Oct 20 – Oct 28 36.87

Nov 25 -Dec 2 34.77

*Friday’s intraday low

From the standpoint of short-term trading, this table indicates that we’re nearing the time to take profits and get more defensive rather than ramp up on the risk.

From a longer-term perspective, however, the more important development is what happens when the VIX does make its next upward spike. At this point, 30 is the key level to watch: If the VIX can hold near or below 30 on the next market break, it may be a signal that it’s time to get more bullish.

The basis for this assertion is that in the past, a sustained move below 30 has signaled the beginning of extended bull market. The last two times the VIX rose above 30, stayed there for several months and then fell back into the 20s, the final move below 30 proved to be a very bullish sign. This occurred in mid-2009, confirming the post-crisis rally and setting the stage for a market upturn that lasted nearly a year. It then happened again in the third quarter of 2010, setting up the rally that persisted until the end of July of this year. Looking even further back, a similar move below 30 in 2003 signaled the end of the post-9/11 bear market and the beginning of a five-year rally in stock prices.

While the break of 30 in 2003 was a clean move, the two more recent moves were both messy processes that took a few weeks to play out. Still, the longer the VIX can hold below 30, the better the odds that 2012 will bring double-digit returns for equities.

Watch this level closely in the days and weeks ahead.

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TTT Leveraged Long

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hi ,

I put together a 10 stock portfolio to buy and hold into Mid January and today's recap

1. Ford

2. MGM

3. FVL

4. XLF

5. UNG


7. KBH

8. DYY

9. PCX

10. STLD

Stocks finished higher on Thursday in a choppy session of trading. Major indices opened the day gaining following Italy’s fairly well received T-Bill Auction and the announcement that Lucas Papademos would be Greece’s new interim Prime Minister. A better than expected jobless claims report also helped stocks in the opening minutes of trading.

About 15 minutes after the open, stocks began a decline that would last throughout the early morning and pare the market’s gains for the day. The move was attributed to a rumor of S&P downgrading France, based on a post on S&P’s site that listed France’s BICRA rating as “revised to ‘NA’ from 1.” It seems to be happening a lot lately, but it turns out the computers trading on the headlines sold the market based on information that simply was not true. S&P later announced that the post was erroneous, and that it was made due to a “technical error.”

After a late-morning “sigh of relief” rally after S&P backed its AAA ratings of France, stocks spent the majority of the afternoon maneuvering sideways. A decent rally into the close brought all major indices back in the green, though finishing well below their intraday highs.

Thursday’s session can be viewed as a positive for the bulls, as the S&P 500 finished well above its key support at 1220 (closed at 1239.70). However, it’s important to note that the session was nearly a disaster in the morning based on an erroneous headline. This just goes to show how sensitive this market is to any and all things that have to do with Europe.

Close Recap: S&P 500 +0.86%, NASDAQ +0.13%, DJIA +0.96%, Midcaps +0.48%.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


1 We're seeing very few extremes among our indicators. When we've seen this in the past, we normally get a larger-than-average move in stocks during the next few weeks (up or down).

2 Small options traders increased their bullish bets last week while large traders increased their bearish ones. This is fairly similar to what we saw in the spring of 2008.

3 Volume on the Nasdaq compared to the NYSE is the highest since the July market peak. It's not quite up to "speculative fervor" levels, though, and it's more due to a dearth of NYSE volume than it is a burst in Nasdaq volume.

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We are leveraged long ....TTT BUY SIGNAL ON 1210 SPX CASH

Bottom Line


When we get a waterfall decline like the past two days, accompanied by spikes in volatility, the market almost always bounces back in the short-term, and it should happen again. Asset flows in the Rydex mutual fund family is abnormal and troubling, however, and doesn't fit with what our other indicators are showing.



The decline over the past two days has been somewhat scary, at least judging from a couple of our indicators.

Earlier this afternoon in a Data Brief, we looked at "double jumps" in the VIX fear gauge. The VIX did close with a gain of more than +15% for the 2nd consecutive day on Tuesday, so the table of 6 precedents is in effect. Even when we relax the parameters, the short-term repercussions were bullish.

Somewhat related to the VIX, put option activity has spiked relative to call options. The Equity Put/Call Ratio moved to its 5th-highest distinct level since the market bottomed in 2009. The other days saw stocks move higher in a volatile fashion afterward.

One piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit is Rydex mutual fund traders. The Beta Chase Index jumped above 6 on Monday, very unusual for a down day in the market.

Part of the reason was that those traders continued to move into the Nasdaq 100 (NDX) fund, pushing the Bull/Bear Ratio there to the highest ever (dating back to 2000). There is now 50 times more money invested in the long NDX fund than the inverse NDX fund. That is not encouraging.

Technicals, Seasonality, Etc.


There have been 6 times the S&P lost -2% or more the day before a Federal Reserve interest rate decision. All 6 of them rallied on the day of the decision, averaging +1.7%.

There have been a handful of times since 1950 that the S&P suffered at least a -5% decline over 3 days after hitting a multi-month high. All 5 occurrences led to a 2-3 day halt of the selling pressure at worst.

Since 1982, there have been 7 times the S&P opened down at least -1% and closed down at least -2% for two straight days, and 5 of those were in 2008. For what it's worth, 6 of the 7 rebounded the next day. There was a lot of short-term volatility, but by 10 days later, 6 of the 7 were positive again.

Since 1928, there have only been 4 other times the S&P lost -2% or more on the last day of a month, and -2% or more on the first day of the next month (Jun '31, Oct '98, Mar '09 and Oct '11). All of them rallied at least +11% into the end of that month.

If we just look at consecutive -1% declines surrounding month-end, then the rest of the month was positive 11 out of 14 times, averaging +4.8%.


Monday, October 31, 2011






Will cover any shorts and look for new plays

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Saturday, October 29, 2011


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Friday, October 28, 2011


We will sell our SH the short position and go to cash.


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Good morning. To those who have grown accustomed to entering trades at light speed in reaction to the latest headline, there is a chance that the game may become a bit less exciting in the near future. Yes, it is true that the uber-fast money crowd did enjoy another round trip of up-one-minute, down-the-next action on Wednesday as there was a fair amount of trepidation in front of the EU's much anticipated 'comprehensive plan' yesterday. But now that the details of the plan are out and there doesn't seem to be any major disappointments (other than the timing of the release of the details), it might be enough to put an end to the extreme volatility we've been treated to for that past three months. Well, maybe for a while, anyway.

I may be just spitballin' here, but unless our friends across the pond fall on their face in terms of getting the details of their grand plan finished, it appears that their much vaunted 'comprehensive plan' might be just enough to counter all the end-of-the-world talk the bears have been so fond of lately. Sure, there are some pretty big macro issues to be concerned about in places like Greece, Ireland, and Portugal. But let's run through some of the headlines from yesterday and see if there isn't a theme developing.

The day started off on an upbeat note in response to speculation that the Chinese might be about ready to put the kibosh on their monetary tightening campaign. And then Premier Wen Jiabo really got the bulls fired up when he said that his industry ministry is currently studying "stimulative policies" for small companies. As a result, Chinese stocks are up 5% this week, the industrial metal stocks are movin' on up, and copper posted a five-week high. Remember, if China is in a happy place, the global economy tends to wind up in a happy place too.

While we're on the topic of China, it is also positive that Chinese officials continue to talk about "lending a hand" to their European friends. And with France's Nicolas Sarkozy boarding a plane today for a meeting with the Chinese, it looks like there may be more than just talk about investing in the SPV (via the IMF, of course) sometime soon.

After China came a flurry of headlines out of Europe. Some were good and some were disheartening. And the market did take a pretty good nosedive on word that the EU summit would be a little light on details. But as the day progressed, it became clear that the EU leaders had at least been listening. Greek debt writedowns look like they will be significant (between 40% and 60%), which means that there just might be some hope for Greece's future. Next, there was talk of European bank recapitalizations. The good news is there were no surprises on the subject. And speaking of no surprises, while there won't be any details for a while, the leaders of the EU let us know that they WILL indeed lever up the EFSF to about €1 trillion ($1.38 trillion) via a combination of the 'insurance plan' AND the public/private special purpose vehicle (SPV). Again, the key here is there weren't any huge disappointments.

Closer to home, the news wasn't half bad. Yes, it is true that this week's consumer confidence number was a definite bummer. However, the bottom line is the economy has not fallen off of a cliff. Yesterday, we learned that the capital spending component of the Durable Goods report was much better than expected and that New Home Sales can actually rise.

Now mix in an earnings season that has not been as bad as had been feared, the propensity for fund managers to dress up their books at year-end, and the fact that most wonderful time of the year is upon us (no, not the shopping season... It's the November through April season, which is traditionally the strongest time of the year for the stock market) and well, it's hard to be a negative Nancy at the moment.

However, we should recognize that stocks have run a long way in a very short period of time. And as such, a period of backing and filling - which appears to be what might be happening so far this week - is to be expected. And my pals in the bull camp tell me that as long as the S&P doesn't fall back below 1220 to any meaningful degree, our heroes in horns should be given the benefit of the doubt.

So, if you want to look at the glass as being half full (which was my secret challenge this morning), you could summarize the situation as follows. The big-bad EU event appears to have come and gone without it becoming a debacle. The U.S. has so far averted a dip back into recession. China may be ready to start growing fast again. And corporate profits are at record highs. Thus, this just might be enough to allow the bulls to run with the ball a while longer. But then again, maybe not. However, I did want to see if I could scare up a bullish case this morning.


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Thursday, February 10, 2011


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TomTheTrader ..: (2/10/2011 06:07) we have lowered the stops in Traders to 1315 ES as per rules and sent a e-mail and TWEET
TomTheTrader ..: (06:07) we also were stopped out of the IRA in 2 positions AMKR and CSCO with Losses
TomTheTrader ..: (06:08) Again lowered stops on ES to 1315.00 TTT
TomTheTrader ..: (06:55) We will lock in profits on ESH11 here at 1311.00 ESH11 Tweet sent 50% cash now in traders
TomTheTrader ..: (07:06) Trackers please refer to tweets and times with your platforms to assure integrity of trades TY
CathyC . 2: (09:32) short tf 804.5
CathyC . 2: (09:34) filled
CathyC . 2: (09:35) stop is 806.5
CathyC . 2: (09:36) stopped at 806.5
TomTheTrader ..: (09:37) TWM we will buy 50% in the Main fund here at 11.67
TomTheTrader ..: (09:39) shorting 25% here TF at 807.50
TomTheTrader ..: (09:40) filled
TomTheTrader ..: (09:46) 806.50 filled for a 1 point scalp
CathyC . 2: (09:46) limit order to short tf at 808
TomTheTrader ..: (09:53) Long 25% here for a 1 point scalp ES long here at 1309.25
TomTheTrader ..: (09:54) stop at 1308.25
TomTheTrader ..: (09:54) 1310.25 out with 1 point long scalp
CathyC . 2: (09:57) cancelling tf short not filled
TomTheTrader ..: (10:10) 807.10 filled short 25%
TomTheTrader ..: (10:11) stop 810.40
TomTheTrader ..: (10:16) taking a ESH11 short position at 1316.00 limit
TomTheTrader ..: (10:16) 25%
TomTheTrader ..: (10:19) filled 1316 short
TomTheTrader ..: (10:19) stop 1320
TomTheTrader ..: (10:20) stopped TF reenter 25% short TF at 810.50
TomTheTrader ..: (10:24) stop TF at breakeven now 810.50
TomTheTrader ..: (10:25) 809.00 and 1314.025 on the 2 shorts
TomTheTrader ..: (10:28) 810.50 short TF here
TomTheTrader ..: (10:28) 25% again
TomTheTrader ..: (10:31) TF filled 809.30 from 810.50
TomTheTrader ..: (10:37) 1316.75 filled 25% short
TomTheTrader ..: (10:38) 1322 stops on ES long
TomTheTrader ..: (10:38) ES short
TomTheTrader ..: (10:40) 1315.75 take your 1 point scalp for profits
CathyC .: (11:00) long tf 808.5
CathyC . 2: (11:18) stop is 807
CathyC . 2: (11:31) exit half 811.5
CathyC . 2: (11:32) out half 811.5
TomTheTrader ..: (11:34) Taking a short here at 1318.50 stop 1322.50 25% Traders
TomTheTrader ..: (11:34) 25% Traders
CathyC . 3: (11:35) stop to 810.5
CathyC .: (11:57) stop is 811.5
TomTheTrader ..: (12:00) take the one point on the short here 25% 1317.50 filled
CathyC .: (12:03) stopped on balance of long at 811.5
TomTheTrader ..: (12:14) JASO stop in Main at break even now 7.34
TomTheTrader .. (presenters): (12:53) 53.96 UXI we will go LONG 50% IN the IRA UXI long IRA here at 53.96
TomTheTrader ..: (12:53) 53.96 UXI we will go LONG 50% IN the IRA UXI long IRA here at 53.96
TomTheTrader ..: (12:54) stop 52.50 please
TomTheTrader ..: (13:06) we will buy the dip here for a scalp long in ESH11 here limit at 1315.50 long stop 1208.50
TomTheTrader ..: (13:06) 1308.50 stop
TomTheTrader ..: (13:15) Fill that long here at 1316.00 stop 1308.50 TY
CathyC . 2: (13:16) long tf 610.3
CathyC . 2: (13:17) take it a t610.5 if you can
TomTheTrader ..: (13:19) 1317.00 take your 1 point long profits
TomTheTrader ..: (13:19) filled on both long and closed
TomTheTrader ..: (13:29) 1316.00 filled long 25%
TomTheTrader ..: (13:30) stop 1308.50
CathyC .: (13:32) stop is 808.9
CathyC .: (13:35) stopped again
TomTheTrader ..: (13:42) adding another 25% long here in traders at 1315.00 filled
TomTheTrader ..: (13:45) 1317.00 limit to sell the long 50% ESH11
TomTheTrader ..: (13:47) Take 25% off for 1 point
TomTheTrader ..: (13:55) stop our last ES at 1316.25 here for a small gain
TomTheTrader ..: (13:56) 1316.25 for a .25 cent gain on 4 long
TomTheTrader ..: (14:59) Long 25% here ESH11
TomTheTrader ..: (14:59) 1316.00
RedlionTrader : (15:00) TAN in IRA stopped @ 8.09
TomTheTrader ..: (15:00) stop ESH11 at 1308.00
TomTheTrader ..: (15:06) RSG we will buy 10% in the IRA here at the market
TomTheTrader ..: (15:07) 30.42 long RSG
TomTheTrader ..: (15:26) 1317.00 out with 4 contracts 1 point $200 winnner winner chicken dinner
TomTheTrader ..: (15:30) 25% short here limit it at 1318.50
TomTheTrader ..: (15:31) 1322.50
TomTheTrader ..: (15:36) 1317.50 filled on the short
TomTheTrader ..: (15:45) 1318.75 short filled
TomTheTrader ..: (15:46) add 25% short here at limit 1320.00
TomTheTrader ..: (15:47) filled now 50% short Traders
TomTheTrader ..: (15:51) Taking 25% off from 1320 here at 1318.00
TomTheTrader ..: (15:52) 1316 out
TomTheTrader ..: (15:52) from 1317.50
TomTheTrader ..: (15:58) limit to short 25% at 1320.00
TomTheTrader ..: (15:59) add another 25% short if 1322 hit by 4:15pm

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TomTheTrader ..: (14:34) Long here 25% traders 1293
TomTheTrader ..: (14:35) stop 1290.00
TomTheTrader ..: (14:36) Taking 1 point here on esh11 at 1294
TomTheTrader ..: (14:42) FEB 94.00 IYT 94.00 50 at 2.70 Puts
TomTheTrader ..: (14:46) Taking a short here at 1296.25
TomTheTrader ..: (14:47) 25% stop 1301.75
TomTheTrader ..: (14:48) 1295.25 covered for 1 point
CathyC .: (14:50) long tf 791
CathyC .: (14:59) exit half at 792
TomTheTrader ..: (14:59) Long here ES1295.00 limti 25%
TomTheTrader ..: (15:00) stop1291.00
CathyC .: (15:06) stops to break even
CathyC .: (15:07) flat
TomTheTrader ..: (15:13) got my 1 point
TomTheTrader ..: (15:17) Take profits inSLB and DGP OK
TomTheTrader ..: (15:17) 37.99
TomTheTrader ..: (15:18) 87.69 was fill but it is wild here
TomTheTrader ..: (15:19) 25% limit long 25%
TomTheTrader ..: (15:20) 1294.00 stop 1290
TomTheTrader ..: (15:24) 1295.00 we took 1 point profit here
TomTheTrader ..: (15:26) BGU 78.29 BGU replace IRA
TomTheTrader ..: (15:26) 1295.00 long into close
TomTheTrader ..: (15:26) stop 1291
TomTheTrader ..: (15:41) add QLD to Main here
TomTheTrader ..: (15:41) 88.55
TomTheTrader ..: (15:41)  Main
TomTheTrader ..: (16:06) 191.00 out NFLX

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


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Monday, January 24, 2011


CathyC . 2: (1/24/2011 09:46) limit order to buy tf 773.2
CathyC . 2: (09:55) stop 771.2
CathyC . 2: (09:58) stoppped
RedlionTrader : (10:10) smn stopped 20.40
TomTheTrader .. 2: (10:14) we will replace SMN with TQQQ here 158.00
RedlionTrader : (10:14) TIP stopped on Friday @ 107.25
TomTheTrader .. 2: (10:15) stop 155.00
TomTheTrader .. 2: (10:16) TIP replaced by HES here at 78.75
TomTheTrader .. 2: (10:43) we will take a 25% short position in ES here at 1283.50
TomTheTrader .. 2: (10:45) stop ESH11 at 1290.00
TomTheTrader .. 2: (10:46) AAPL up 5.50 not bad from options lows
TomTheTrader .. 2: (10:47) 1282.50 back to flat take 1 point gain on the short in ESH11
TomTheTrader .. 2: (10:57) we will take a 25% short position in ESH11 here at 1284
TomTheTrader .. 2: (10:58) stop 1290.00
TomTheTrader .. 2: (10:58) TQQQ stop at 159.75
TomTheTrader .. 2: (10:59) sell HAL at 40.25
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:00) Take 1 point gain in the short in ESH11 here
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:01) 1284 -1283
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:02) Back to 75% cash 25% long DX
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:06) 1285.00 short 50% Traders stop at 1296.00
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:11) 1284 we will take out point on 50% short ESH11
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:23) 1285.00 we will go 25% short ESH11
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:25) stop 1290.00 ESH11
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:34) TQQ sell here at
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:34) 162.11
CathyC .: (11:35) short tf 77.5
CathyC .: (11:35) 777.5
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:40) 1285.00 we will take a break even on 25% short ESH11
CathyC .: (11:45) stop 778.6
TomTheTrader .. 2 (presenters): (11:52) Traders account is off 1283.50 -1282.50 1284-1283 1285. -1284 (50%) others were 25% and last was breakeven Thanks
CathyC . 2: (11:54) short 778
TomTheTrader .. 2 (presenters): (11:54) short 25% 778.00 stop 781.00
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:55) short 25% 778.00 stop 781.00
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:55) Target cover at 777.00
CathyC . 2: (11:55) filled at 778
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:56) filled at 778.00 stop at 791.00
TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:56) take 1 point profit in traders at 777.00 if hit
CathyC . 2: (11:57) stop 779
CathyC . 2: (12:10) stopped
TomTheTrader .. 2: (12:17) drop our stops to 781.00 here again drop stops on TF to 780.00 here Traders 25% short from 778.00
TomTheTrader .. 2: (12:18) stops now at break even on TF short 778.00
TomTheTrader .. 2: (12:21) stopped TF short break even in Traders
TomTheTrader .. 2: (12:21) BUBBLE IN THE DOW NOW
TomTheTrader .. 2: (12:26) TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:34) TQQ sell here at TomTheTrader .. 2: (11:34) 162.11
TomTheTrader .. 2: (12:34) TQQQ that is not TQQ

Sunday, January 23, 2011

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Friday, January 21, 2011


TomTheTrader ..: (1/21/2011 09:29) 25% short 1286.00 here
TomTheTrader ..: (09:29) Traders
TomTheTrader ..: (09:31) stop 1286.00 ESH11
TomTheTrader ..: (09:40) 1283.50 we will take profits
CathyC . 2: (09:43) long tf 778
CathyC . 2: (09:46) take off half at 779
TomTheTrader ..: (09:48) 1286 we will short 50% this time if filled
CathyC .: (09:50) stop is at break even now and we're out half at 779
TomTheTrader ..: (09:52) Take the 1285.50 short here
TomTheTrader ..: (09:52) 50%
TomTheTrader ..: (09:58) we will add 25% short ESh11 here at the market
CathyC .: (09:59) exit balance at 780.5
CathyC .: (10:01) 780.5 exit filled
CathyC .: (10:07) long tf 778.7
TomTheTrader ..: (10:19) limit to cover all shorts in ES at 1285.00
TomTheTrader ..: (10:20) covered
CathyC .: (10:21) filled
CathyC .: (10:21) exit half 780
CathyC .: (10:22) stop 776.9
TomTheTrader ..: (10:23) GE we will take off
TomTheTrader ..: (10:24) 19.47
TomTheTrader ..: (10:25) SMN
TomTheTrader ..: (10:25) 20.00
CathyC .: (10:33) let's try to exit this trade at break even
TomTheTrader ..: (10:34) IRA we will exit WFC and ZION here
TomTheTrader ..: (10:35) 32.59 WFC
TomTheTrader ..: (10:35) ZION 24.41
CathyC .: (10:37) out at break even
TomTheTrader .. (presenters): (10:53) Sorry on ZION I gave the entry price .....the exit on Zion at 10:34 should have been 24.55
TomTheTrader .. (presenters): (10:58) we will add 10% EUO to IRA to replace WFC ...EUO added here at 19.58 IRA
TomTheTrader ..: (10:58) we will add 10% EUO to IRA to replace WFC ...EUO added here at 19.58 IRA
CathyC . 2: (11:33) short tf 776.7
CathyC . 2: (11:34) stop 778.6
CathyC . 2: (11:41) stop 777.1
CathyC . 2: (11:41) first target 774
TomTheTrader ..: (11:42) add 10% SPXU in the IRA here at
TomTheTrader ..: (11:42) 18.20
CathyC . 2: (11:42) exit half 774
CathyC .: (11:50) out half
CathyC . 2: (11:53) try to exit balance at 773.5
CathyC . 2: (11:59) stop 775.1
CathyC . 2: (12:02) exited at 773.5
TomTheTrader ..: (12:09) GREAT TRADING GUYS
TomTheTrader ..: (12:21) Limit to short 25% ES at 1283.50
TomTheTrader ..: (12:21) Traders
CathyC . 2: (12:24) long tf 774.5
CathyC . 2: (12:24) filled
CathyC . 2: (12:25) stop 773.4
TomTheTrader ..: (12:28) 1278.63 cash will trigger massive selling
TomTheTrader ..: (12:28) SPX
CathyC . 2: (12:28) exit half 775.5
CathyC .: (12:31) we'll try to get out at break even if we fail. would like to give a little room
CathyC .: (12:38) out at break even
mrtopstep: (12:42) rogerVbgc [11:42:11 AM]: DJ Transports bleeding....poking below yesterday's low....55-day SMA next up at 5030
TomTheTrader ..: (12:48) 1279.50
TomTheTrader ..: (12:48) 50% Long
TomTheTrader ..: (12:49) Traders
TomTheTrader ..: (12:54) take off 50% 1280.75
CathyC . 2: (13:18) let's take a long in tf 774.3
CathyC . 2: (13:18) had to chase it and took at .5
CathyC . 2: (13:31) stops 773.4
CathyC .: (13:51) stopped
TomTheTrader ..: (14:36) take 50% short here 1283.00
TomTheTrader ..: (14:45) take your point at 82.00 back to cash
TomTheTrader ..: (14:59) Limit 1282.50 short 25%
TomTheTrader ..: (15:00) stop 1284.00 if hit
TomTheTrader ..: (15:09) we are short 25% ES
TomTheTrader ..: (15:21) we will take the stops off ...I will hold into next week ......25% long DX and 25% shoert ES
TomTheTrader ..: (15:30) off 1281
CathyC .: (15:37) 25% at 772.5 and 25% at 772
CathyC .: (15:49) out half 771
CathyC .: (15:50) stopped 772.1
TomTheTrader ..: (15:52) SMN stop 20.40
TomTheTrader ..: (15:52) In Main fund
TomTheTrader ..: (15:53) stop DXD 19.00
TomTheTrader ..: (15:53) SDS 22.50
TomTheTrader ..: (15:53) EUO 19.00
TomTheTrader ..: (15:54) SPXU 18.00

Thursday, January 20, 2011


TOPS in Main Fund 19.75 DXD
TomTheTrader ..: (17:40) SDS 22.75
TomTheTrader ..: (17:41) EEM 45.50
TomTheTrader ..: (17:41) SLB 80.85
TomTheTrader ..: (17:41) GE 17.50
TomTheTrader ..: (17:42) HAL 37.50
TomTheTrader ..: (17:42) ACH 22.50
TomTheTrader ..: (17:42) IRA stops
TomTheTrader ..: (17:42) PDE 32.10
TomTheTrader ..: (17:43) TIP 107.25
TomTheTrader ..: (17:43) BAC 13.75
TomTheTrader ..: (17:43) GS 160.00
TomTheTrader ..: (17:43) WFC 30.50
TomTheTrader ..: (17:43) FNFG 13.50
TomTheTrader ..: (17:44) MI 6.66
TomTheTrader ..: (17:44) BBD 18.25
TomTheTrader ..: (1/20/2011 09:34) long 50% 1274.25 ES in Traders
TomTheTrader ..: (09:36) long 50% 778.00 here in ttaders
TomTheTrader ..: (09:36) 100% long traders
TomTheTrader ..: (09:38) Move stops on 40% short in Main to just .05 cents back please from current prices
TomTheTrader ..: (09:43) TF 778.50 we will exit
TomTheTrader ..: (09:43) ES we will have stops at 1269.00
TomTheTrader ..: (09:46) 1274.25 ES we will exit breakeven
TomTheTrader ..: (09:46) back to cash
RedlionTrader : (09:49) DXD stopped 19.85
RedlionTrader : (09:49) SDS stopped 22.98
CathyC . 2: (09:55) stop 783
TomTheTrader ..: (09:55) short ES at 1275.50 25%
TomTheTrader ..: (09:55) Traders
TomTheTrader ..: (09:56) stops at 1279.50
CathyC . 2: (10:00) short from 781 stop was 783 moved to 782.4 and stopped out
TomTheTrader ..: (10:01) short 25% here at 1277.00 now 50% short Traders
TomTheTrader ..: (10:02) we will add 25% short also at GTC limit of 1278.00and take off all stops
TomTheTrader ..: (10:03) 75% short in ESH11
TomTheTrader ..: (10:08) cover 25% at 1275.00
TomTheTrader ..: (10:08) TY
TomTheTrader ..: (10:09) 1274.50 from 1277.00
TomTheTrader ..: (10:09) covered
TomTheTrader ..: (10:10) for a gain
TomTheTrader ..: (10:10) and now 25% short
TomTheTrader ..: (10:10) 1275.00 we will go flat cash
RedlionTrader : (10:11) PCLN stops moved to 429.50
CathyC . 2: (10:27) long t f779.5
CathyC . 2: (10:28) filled
CathyC . 2: (10:28) stop is 778
CathyC . 2: (10:29) stop 778.9
CathyC . 2: (10:30) stop is 778.5
CathyC . 2: (10:33) stops to break even
RedlionTrader : (10:37) OUT pcln 425.66
RedlionTrader : (10:39) 60% long Main, 100% Long IRA
CathyC . 2: (10:49) long tf 778.2
CathyC .: (10:50) filled
CathyC . 2: (10:52) stopped out
TomTheTrader ..: (11:01) 25% long at 1269.00
TomTheTrader ..: (11:01) stop 1265.00
TomTheTrader ..: (11:01) we will take a 25% long position at 774.00
TomTheTrader ..: (11:02) TF long 25%
TomTheTrader ..: (11:02) stop 770.00
TomTheTrader ..: (11:04) take profits at 775.50 TF
TomTheTrader ..: (11:07) 774.10 was filled ...
TomTheTrader ..: (11:07) 1270.50
TomTheTrader ..: (11:07) Cash in Traders
TomTheTrader ..: (11:08) Sorry long in Traders
TomTheTrader ..: (11:08) 25%
TomTheTrader ..: (11:08) 25% Long in Traders
TomTheTrader ..: (11:12) we will add 25% long here in TF at the market
TomTheTrader ..: (11:12) what ever you guys fil at post we will put it in
TomTheTrader ..: (11:22) 1266.50 stop ES
TomTheTrader ..: (11:30) 773.00 stop TF out TF long 25% long ES
CathyC .: (11:34) sell stop 772.9
CathyC . 2: (11:36) cancelling sell stop order
TomTheTrader ..: (11:47) stop 68.50 ES
TomTheTrader ..: (11:47) 69.00 stops now
TomTheTrader ..: (11:48) 775 stop TF
TomTheTrader ..: (11:48) Take break even on both if they hit and please let us know if possible
TomTheTrader ..: (11:51) stopped TF at 775
TomTheTrader ..: (11:53) 1270.50 out break even
TomTheTrader ..: (11:55) Flat Traders
TomTheTrader ..: (12:06) 25% long DXH11 79.06
TomTheTrader ..: (12:06) Traders
TomTheTrader ..: (12:06) stop 78.91
TomTheTrader ..: (12:46) 1275.50 ES short and 778.50 TF short 25% each LIMIT to short
TomTheTrader ..: (12:55) we are 50% short
TomTheTrader ..: (12:56) now 25% ES at 1275.50 and 25% TF at 778.50
TomTheTrader ..: (12:58) take 1 point off here at 1274.50 and 777.50
TomTheTrader ..: (13:04) DXD we will take a 20% position in at 19.85 Main
TomTheTrader ..: (13:17) 79.105 we will lock in profits on long DX trade
TomTheTrader ..: (13:17) TomTheTrader ..: (12:06) 25% long DXH11 79.06- out 79.105
TomTheTrader ..: (13:38) Main fund will add another short here in 20% 23.00
TomTheTrader ..: (13:38) SDS
TomTheTrader ..: (13:38) so we will be hedged back to NORMAL levels here again
TomTheTrader ..: (14:03) 1276.00 we will take 25% short position
TomTheTrader ..: (14:03) Remember this may not be a daytrade position !!!!!
TomTheTrader ..: (14:03) this may be a long er term position into FEB
TomTheTrader ..: (14:10) Traders will go long dollar DXH11 long here at 79.02 25% again a longer term hold
CathyC .: (14:27) long tf 778.4
CathyC .: (14:30) stop 778.3
CathyC .: (14:30) stop 777.4
CathyC . 2: (14:32) stops to break even
CathyC .: (14:37) out at 778.9
CathyC .: (14:50) short tf 780
CathyC . 2: (14:55) stop 781.1
CathyC . 2: (15:16) stops are at break even. looking to take half off at 778
CathyC . 2: (15:18) out half
CathyC .: (15:21) stops to 778.7
TomTheTrader ..: (15:29) 1275 take the scalp 1 point profit
TomTheTrader ..: (15:30) Now just 25% long DX in Traders
CathyC . 2: (15:32) stop to 778.5
CathyC . 2: (15:39) stop at 778
TomTheTrader ..: (15:41) We will take a long scalp into the close here in TF 777.30 long 25% sell MOC
TomTheTrader ..: (15:42) 708.30 lock in 1 point long stop 706.30
TomTheTrader ..: (15:43) 778.30
TomTheTrader ..: (15:43) 706.30
TomTheTrader ..: (15:44) 1 point on 778.30
TomTheTrader ..: (15:46) long 776.60 long TF
TomTheTrader ..: (15:47) 25%
TomTheTrader ..: (15:47) 775.00 stop loss and 1 point gain take if hit at 777.60
TomTheTrader ..: (16:00) TF out Break even 25%

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TTT Updated Come see us ....Tom

Michael ..: (13:02) Cathy/Red; are there bear flags forming TF/ES?
CathyC . 2: (13:02) if this area were to find buyers, we could see a 50% retracement of the move. beware that we still have the possibility of 789 are test
CathyC . 2: (13:03) and that we are still in a trend down day until we get definitive buyers
RedlionTrader : (13:04) adding more 790.60 same stop
CathyC . 2: (13:04) tyra also reminded me that the daily chart has 20 ema at 789.1 should offer some support
TomTheTrader ..: (13:05) I am just adding to shorts to DXD don't think it will fare well over the coming weeks ..the Dow looks extremely vulnerable Short YM short via DXD
TomTheTrader ..: (13:06) TomTheTrader ..: (10:14) DeMark exhaustion studies all went bearish as of yesterday TomTheTrader ..: (10:14) Marty dropped to neutral and Ned davis dropped to neutralTomTheTrader ..: (10:15) so they have scaled back again TomTheTrader ..: (10:15) 1st time NDR has been neutral since April
TomTheTrader ..: (13:07) TomTheTrader ..: (11:16) After advancing for four weeks straight, the market is way overbought, which means it’s getting close to a top. That’s according to Mark Arbeter, Standard & Poor’s chief technical strategist.“As of (Thursday), the NASDAQ 100 was almost 16% above its 200-day simple average, nearly equaling the overbought levels we saw in the middle of April,” Arbeter wrote in his weekly commentary. “The only other time in the last 10 years that the NASDAQ 100 was this overbought or extended was in the fall of 2007.”Investor sentiment is overly bullish, which usually signals a correction is coming, Arbeter adds. Based on Fibonacci analysis, Arbeter believes the S&P 500 could decline to 1,190 or 1,130, down 8% to 12.6% from Friday’s close at 1,293.What’s more, “equity put/call ratios remain very low while S&P 100 put/call ratios remain very high, a combination that has led to many pullbacks in the past,” Arbeter wrote. “Rydex investors are being very aggressive, something seen ma
TomTheTrader ..: (13:07) TomTheTrader ..: (11:53)  Nasdaq 100 has had a tendency to top out on the 8th trading day of January on average. There were 3 times it managed to hit a new 52-week high as late as the 11th day (1999, 2004 and 2010). All three happened to show losses of at least -6% during the following month (the same bearish bias did not exist for the S&P 500, which was positive 10 out of 13 times a month later).
RedlionTrader : (13:09) taking some off at 791.60
RedlionTrader : (13:12) moree off 792.20
TomTheTrader ..: (13:13) Target for the close 1275-177 ESH11


Good morning. Yesterday, we wondered if the news of Steve Jobs' medical leave from the maker of all things cool might be 'that something' the bears have been searching for in order to get back in the game (if only for a day or three). In short, the answer is no. While the market in general and Apple (AAPL) in particular started off in the red, it wasn't long before the dip-buyers began falling all over each other trying to snatch up a bargain.

While we've seen comebacks in the market a time or two over the past six months and it has become apparent that there are many analysts around the world looking for big things in the U.S. stock market this year, the action in Apple yesterday was nothing short of remarkable. For the second time recent memory, Apple's CEO said he was taking time off to try in order to seek treatment for his rare form of cancer. Traders in Europe assumed that with Apple having gained a nifty +208% since 2009, a quick pullback of 5- 6% or so would be in order. But apparently investors in the U.S. would have none of it.

Despite the fact that the market has enjoyed a stellar run since September 1st and Apple itself has tacked on more than $100 (+43.7%) to its share price, no one on Wall Street said sell. No one on Wall Street said take a little something off of the table. Not a single firm downgraded the stock or took their estimates down for the coming quarter. Nobody talked about a future of Apple without Mr. Jobs. And when asked the question that was asked of every guest on every show Tuesday - Would you buy AAPL here? - the answer, without exception (or hesitation) was, yes.

While you might not know it given the move from $85 to nearly $350 in a little over two years, apparently Apple is selling at a P/E multiple that is at the low range of its historical range. And given that the company prints money faster than almost anyone save the U.S. Central Bank, this actually makes sense. Exhibit A in this argument is the fact that the maker of all things "i" once again blew away even the most optimistic forecasts for the current quarter. Thus, as long as people continue to clamor for the pods, pads, tunes, and phones made by Apple (oops, I almost forgot, the company also makes a computer or two), apparently investors will continue to buy each and every dip in the stock.

While it would be hard to sing the same tune regarding the overall state of the stock market in the U.S. it might be okay to hum along. While there was some negative news over the long weekend, the fact that the economic data continues to show improvement is not lost on investors. And from where I sit, the numbers from what is called the "Master Trusts" of the banks issuing credit cards tells a story of a consumer on the mend.

Having spent the better part of three years "deleveraging," the U.S. consumer appears to be getting a better handle on their debt. No, I am not saying everything is hunky dory at home as the 401(K) plans still have big dents in them and the house value remains a problem. But for those looking for a replay of the Credit Crisis, the net charge-off numbers from American Express (AXP), Bank of America (BAC), Citi (C), Capital One (COF), Discover (DFS), and JPMorgan Chase (JPM) would argue against it as this data continues to improve each and every month.

So, there you have it. With bonds overvalued, the likes of the Chinese Central Bankers ruining the fun in the emerging markets, gold beginning to lose its luster, and real estate still falling under the "10-foot pole rule" (as in "I wouldn't touch it with a"), it appears that investors are looking to the U.S. stock market this year. And as long as this is the game that is being played, then the answer to the question "Is a 10% correction close at hand?" is, well, no.

Turning to this morning... Traders are attempting to digest conflicting earnings reports from the likes of IBM, Apple, and Goldman Sachs. Futures are looking to open slightly higher at the present time.

On the Economic front... Housing Starts fell by 4.3% in December to an annualized rate of 529K. This was below the consensus for 552K. In addition, the November numbers were revised lower to an annualized rate of 553K from 555K.

Building Permits for December rose to 560K. This was above the consensus of 553K and last month’s reading of 544K. The bottom line is there continues to be an overhang of inventory in the U.S. housing market.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hi ,

Here are my favorite IRA stocks

HCBK 1/12 10% 13.00 13.16 1.23% 0.12% 12.75
PDE 1/13 20% 33.75 34.38 1.87% 0.37%
TIP 1/14 10% 108.29 107.78 -0.47% -0.05%
BAC 1/18 10% 14.89 15.00 0.74% 0.07%
GS 1/18 10% 173.65 174.68 0.59% 0.06%
WFC 1/18 10% 32.08 32.49 1.28% 0.13%
FNFG 1/18 10% 14.40 14.52 0.83% 0.08%
MI 1/18 10% 7.20 7.20 0.00% 0.00%
BBD 1/18 10% 20.14 20.18 0.20% 0.02%

Call Anytime for more data and join the Team !