Friday, November 4, 2011


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I find it so amazing that my @trademarked TTT Buy Signal that over 90% of the occurrences gets a 1-5 day 3-10% gain gets so little notice. If I were a TRADER and I saw a indicator that literally hands me 10's of thousands of dollars in profits in 1-5 days....I would jump on it with both hands.

I have been promoting the virtues of my buy signal for over twenty years and THIS IS THE BASIS FOR OUR SERVICES ....I have a one of a kind approach to the markets that does the OPPOSITE of what money and investment" professionals" we know we have seen them all FAIL while we are putting up over 1000% Gains.

I want you all to have the confidence I have in this legendary TTT Buy signal that does not ever surprise me anymore as it reads the market better than any indicator on earth ....period. Many have tried and all have failed. Just 2 days in any of the long positions I recommended would have given you massive profits especially using 2-3 x long ETF's options and Futures.

I recommend you take some time , stop shorting this new BULL MARKET and join us for a phenomenal end of the year and 2012. I do not do the marketing and promoting and we do not advertise but I firmly believe you are missing ( like I said at 1075 SPX) one of the greatest rallies since 2009.

That said we are up 5-10% since my last TTT BUY signal and still going higher...can you afford to miss the next TTT Signal ?

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