Thursday, April 30, 2009


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here is today's action :

tomthetrader: Yes I jut got 5 e-mails
tomthetrader: Must be the BULL run they laid off so many in the bear now they have inadequate resources to handle the Bull
(10:42 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: TP what is the link to the document?
(10:43 AM) bogdan07: FSLR 188, +37 ?
(10:43 AM) thomas_Poland: just write "Perspective on the credit slowdown" into google
(10:43 AM) thomas_Poland: should be first one
(10:44 AM) thomas_Poland: or here I found
tomthetrader: FSLR Great earnings got all the solars on fire yesterday
tomthetrader: TAN we spoke of 8:30am as a buy
tomthetrader: HBAN and JDSU I am looking as fallen angels that I may add to this IRA account late today
(10:53 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: thanks tp
tomthetrader: I have to go out for a dentist visit just up the street will be out til noon ...DIE BULLS ?
(10:56 AM) thomas_Poland: die bears for a moment
(10:58 AM) thomas_Poland: mute button used!
(10:58 AM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: easy
(10:58 AM) desertone: mute button on
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(11:02 AM) redliontrader: ugh.... this tradestation has me all frustrated! I can't trust any of my indicators now till they correct the data...
(11:03 AM) tcb66: Aruj - Any thoughts on the bonds today after yesterday's big move?
(11:05 AM) thomas_Poland: red .. even when TS works indicators are not right often
(11:06 AM) PremR: I call it the Trade Station uncertainity principle: you can't have both correct price/data and fast execution.
(11:07 AM) redliontrader: I like that Prem... TP, i know indicators are a crutch for the week.. but we can't all afford seikos
(11:07 AM) redliontrader: weak
(11:07 AM) redliontrader: or week, month, year, day, intraday
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Many of these utilities contain trojans that report your nickname and password to the program's creator. We encourage everyone to change their password reguarly, and to uncheck the save password checkbox on the login screen.
If you do this, you will have to enter your password every time you log in, but it is a small price to pay to keep your account and password protected.
(11:13 AM) Pete45: When I bout FAZ yesterday I had also bought a small portion of UYG as a hedge –almost at break even now
(11:15 AM) arujunaa: tcb: we're in limbo right now. i am watching 119.875/120.125 on tym9. for TLT/TBT players, watch 122.00 on usm9. building value below there projects 117.00! but i wouldn't sell for that move right now. i would wait for a bounce to sell if you are bearish.
(11:16 AM) arujunaa: the short end of the yield curve trades like a champion which tells me that this sell-off is a supply concession (which could last a few more days) rather than any fundamental shift in views on the economy. having said that, technicals are the new fundamentals when it comes to bonds.....
(11:25 AM) tcb66: Thanks Aruj ....always appreciate your insights
(11:26 AM) JR Roden: This run look so tired, but it just keeps presssng forward. The Q's moved back to the 13 EMA on the 5 min chart twice today and bounced.
(11:28 AM) thomas_Poland: they will always push to the level where most people cannot handle it
(11:29 AM) Fulkdaddy: Lowery's Buying pressure Index has fallen 5 points whyile the selling pressure index has risen 5 points over the past couple of weeks. This is bearish
(11:32 AM) redliontrader: 886 showing some tought resistance... TP you think 900?
(11:33 AM) thomas_Poland: no
(11:34 AM) thomas_Poland: not now
(11:34 AM) thomas_Poland: but I reserve the right to change my mind
(11:42 AM) PremR: fulkdaddy: i get lowry newsletter and i think they believe that this rally has some legs to it still.
tomthetrader: 1365 new 50 day highs very strong bull market
tomthetrader: Now sentiment trader Jason G says chances of down day 0% after yesterday saying 100% get what you pay for !
(11:53 AM) PremR: was someone here talking about ray dailo of bridgwater fame here yesterday...if so here is a investor letter from him that was sent out today.
(11:59 AM) eman11: A/D +1387
tomthetrader: 3x A/d +
tomthetrader: Market breadth still abnormally Great for Bulls as Dow swoons
(12:15 PM) Alert: The latest on the Chrysler bankruptcy on the Bobby Likis Car Clinic in the Radio/TV Section NOW [Free Video]
tomthetrader: Beazer Homes BZH a ttt recom at 1.00 went to .25 and now ?
tomthetrader: BZH
tomthetrader: GM getting a nice move for ZAGS ?
tomthetrader: Zags was mad atme for picking GM
tomthetrader: market has 0 weakness ...if someone can find it PLEASE LET ME KNOW !
(12:25 PM) PremR: vix has been increasing over the last one hour
tomthetrader: For those whom like silver and gold plays ..I am starting to look at HL Hecla mining
tomthetrader: Prem...that would indicate at least some fear the rally is over ?
tomthetrader: Put buying OK
(12:26 PM) PremR: not claiming that just looking for signs of weakness.
tomthetrader: but we have BEARISH 10-21 day put call signal;s which should leave May call buyers hurting
tomthetrader: if this was a non government sponsored entity
tomthetrader: Questions ?
tomthetrader: HL increasing capacity and if you like silver and now they have more gold assets HL is a good spec
tomthetrader: another is a long time fave SIM which can be bought cheap here ..SIM is for the recovery
tomthetrader: LOD
(12:32 PM) redliontrader: i agree, i think we will most likely snap back from here, shorts will take advantage of the dips to try and salvage
(12:32 PM) desertone: Sitting on hands presently
tomthetrader: good some SRS
tomthetrader: 10% short SRS
(12:35 PM) redliontrader: i took some tna at 27.00
(12:36 PM) redliontrader: my pos is a 10 minute scalp
tomthetrader: I am just preparing for a bad employment number and a 1-5 day 5% correction from the highs
(12:38 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Prem, thanks for the Bridgewater report. Very informative.
(12:39 PM) PremR: yw
tomthetrader: Yes thank you Prem...good man
(12:40 PM) redliontrader: I am just trading according to Jason G.. I am both long and short
tomthetrader: Yes..Jason getting like TK ?
(12:43 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: es going for gap fill
(12:44 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: A/D dropping since 11:15, $BANK dropping since 10:05; $VIX rising since 11:18
(12:44 PM) PremR: close below 875 is a turtle soup sell right?
(12:45 PM) desertone: In SRS @ 23.06
tomthetrader: go back to 25% short if drops below 875 cash
(12:47 PM) desertone: I stayed put,,,, Tom Did not get out of short positions
(12:47 PM) ajayvee: me too desertone
(12:48 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: $BANK is just crashing
(12:48 PM) eman11: Buying any futures
(12:48 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: NO! flat on futures
(12:50 PM) desertone: wtg ajayvee
tomthetrader: No..we are 25% short again
tomthetrader: srs bgz
(12:51 PM) pupster: IWM may rest it's weary head on 49.1 to fill a gap and rest on the 50 EMA period on the 15 minute...also an uptrend line
tomthetrader: i HAD 250 iwm 50 PUTS i SOLD WAY TOO SOON
(12:53 PM) PremR: new lows in NYSE ticks and vix continues to go up
(12:59 PM) PremR: AD line has decreased from over +1500 to about +600 now
tomthetrader: really fits our picture perfect
tomthetrader: Thank you the dive below the breakout crates a " false" breakout which is usually bearish for 5% drop
(1:17 PM) ajayvee: y
(1:18 PM) Bert_TTT: y
(1:18 PM) eman11: y
(1:18 PM) PremR: y
(1:18 PM) desertone:
(1:18 PM) thomas_Poland: go to poland I will take your teeth away for free
(1:19 PM) thomas_Poland: I have special hammer for this kind of work
(1:19 PM) desertone: Guide the newbies
(1:20 PM) thomas_Poland: those highs on Thursday came as planned
(1:20 PM) thomas_Poland: we should go down below 814 Spx
(1:20 PM) thomas_Poland: that is my plan
(1:22 PM) thomas_Poland: we still should have one more rally today .. or at least good sideways to up move
(1:23 PM) thomas_Poland: 200 sma here
(1:23 PM) eman11: A/D +514
(1:23 PM) JR Roden: Q's down to today's opening price on the gap up.
(1:24 PM) JR Roden: Strike that comment as the Q's just dropped another .10 in the past minute
(1:24 PM) thomas_Poland: if we get one more rally it should start here !
(1:26 PM) desertone: TP !! they must sell Crystal balls cheap in Polland!!!Wow look at that....
(1:27 PM) desertone: Just as you said that the FAS is breathing again and SRS is chocking
(1:27 PM) redliontrader: I asked Tom a question last night in email this was his response -> ...this is the false breakout stage ...we poke through post another intraday high tomorrow and then selloff for several days 3-5%
(1:31 PM) pupster: IWM fills gap and hite that 15 minute up trendline
(1:31 PM) Pete45: FAZ came back to where I got in it yesterday –I sold way too early
(1:31 PM) pupster: hits
(1:40 PM) JR Roden: Q's once again the only index to stay positive at this point.
(2:04 PM) eman11: Battle over the 875 level occuring
(2:04 PM) thomas_Poland: and magically we moved up
(2:08 PM) azags: I was away from the computer but came back pleasantly surprised. I bought 2200 qid in the premarket at 36.85 and then bought another 10000 qid at 36.30 and 36.35. earlier today I was calling Thomas for a pink lifeboat. Now I can buy the cruise ship. I am going to sell some now
(2:10 PM) desertone: Very nice azags
(2:13 PM) eman11: nice Trade Zags
(2:15 PM) azags: I am still underwater in faz which i bought late yesterday at 8.25 but I have cornered the market on gm and may unload some now since it is up .13
(2:15 PM) thomas_Poland: if we still move up I will look to short near 3:20 time
(2:17 PM) azags: Thomas you are exactly right although I started going short late yesterday and added to my shorts today. I will keep my shorts until at least tomorrow
(2:19 PM) thomas_Poland: die bears for now
(2:20 PM) thomas_Poland: normaly spoos close positive .. 100% of the time ... in todays pattern
(2:20 PM) thomas_Poland: my basis for long position and my morning indicator is bullish which confirms positive close for today
(2:20 PM) thomas_Poland: stop breakeven and no risk
(2:20 PM) thomas_Poland: I like it
(2:21 PM) azags: I sold some of my qid at 37.1
(2:21 PM) thomas_Poland: maybe 878 879 ES?
(2:23 PM) thomas_Poland: If I take few good points it will be last trade of today
(2:23 PM) thomas_Poland: "the longer you sit at blackjack table the more money you will loose"
(2:24 PM) PremR: Citibank started this rally with their announcement on 3/9 but as this rally has been going to highs Citi just sits there.....wouldn't be surprised if this rally ends Citi get pulverized.
(2:26 PM) thomas_Poland: for today I have two scenarios in mind .. or we go up till the close or we will turn down at around 3:20
(2:36 PM) Alert: BREAKING NEWS: Obama security team member has swine flu
(2:38 PM) pupster: mini H&S on the 15 minute IWM ... needs to break 48.97 to validate
(2:46 PM) Fulkdaddy: Does everyone see the red alert above pupsters post? Swime flu hits a Security member of Obama?
(2:46 PM) berniectx: yes
(2:47 PM) desertone: Yes?
(2:47 PM) azags: The trading gods spoke to me and told me the short term trend is down. I don't know if that is today, tomorrow, and or Monday but it is down and I have made some dollars today being short . I also sold a portion of my gm 50000 shares today at 1.95 bought at 1.88. I still have a lot of Pontiacs left
(2:48 PM) desertone: Bravo azags excellent trade!
(2:49 PM) berniectx: you have done well Zags keep it up!
(2:49 PM) pupster: love the way Zags trades
(2:49 PM) azags: I sold some more qid at 37.05 hoping to buy it cheaper today
(2:49 PM) desertone: Someone in here Bot calls and Sold Puts on GM I wonder how he did
(2:49 PM) pupster: you need a couple of mil to make it work for ya
(2:55 PM) azags: Thomas make the market do up so I can reload on my qid at a lower price
(2:56 PM) redliontrader: Thomas - I missed your article on 3x etfs. I had concluded that shorting them for holds was ok, is that not the case?
(2:58 PM) thomas_Poland: it showed that long and short ETF's were down together !
(2:59 PM) thomas_Poland: as those 3xETFs have bearish bias
(2:59 PM) thomas_Poland: you have to read it
(2:59 PM) redliontrader: yes, but like I just took a short on TNA, if I hold overnight that is good form me
(2:59 PM) thomas_Poland: is TNA bear fund ?
(2:59 PM) thomas_Poland: sorry I don't trade them so I am not sure
(2:59 PM) redliontrader: 3x bull
(2:59 PM) thomas_Poland: so no
(3:00 PM) thomas_Poland: oh .. short TNA .. sorry
(3:00 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:00 PM) thomas_Poland: so why not long bear fund?
(3:01 PM) redliontrader: in case I want to hold overnight
(3:03 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Thomas, what is the link?
(3:03 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom sent it
(3:04 PM) azags: I also bought at the close yesterday rytpx which is 2x the inverse of the S&P so I have to hold it for 1+ day since I often pull the trigger too fast on an etf when I have a profit
(3:05 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: thx tp
(3:06 PM) berniectx: pretty quick downdraft
(3:06 PM) eman11: For the FAZ watchers JPM just hit a new LOD, the rest of the financials could follow.
(3:07 PM) azags: The market was ordained to go down.
(3:07 PM) redliontrader: zags I like that strategy - I thought there is a holding period for MFunds.. can you trade in and out like that on a day to day basis?
(3:07 PM) azags: My faz is still underwater having bought it at 8.25
(3:08 PM) JR Roden: The Q's went up to touch the downtrend line from this moring and rolled over again at a high of about $34..46
(3:09 PM) azags: Yes I can trade a Rydex dynamic fund the same day but I can do it online. I have to talk to a representative
(3:10 PM) azags: I can't do it online, a Rydex fund the same day but with a rep
(3:12 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: zags i remember you said you do that on purpose to enforce discipline on yourself so you don't get out too fast
(3:12 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: rydex can be traded twice per day, right?
(3:12 PM) azags: yes
(3:12 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: great enforcement idea!
(3:14 PM) azags: yes twice per day. I would have made a lot more on rytpx if I would have bought it at this morning's fix rather than at the close yesterday
(3:16 PM) azags: Where is Tom?
(3:17 PM) ajayvee: his tooth must be stuck!
(3:19 PM) JR Roden: To much laughing gas from the dentist
(3:21 PM) thomas_Poland: or the dentist is hot!
(3:21 PM) redliontrader: So we think 845ish from here? Was that the plan Tom left us with?
(3:21 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:21 PM) redliontrader: 5% from 888
(3:24 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: so 845 ish
(3:25 PM) thomas_Poland: we will go below 814 Spx
(3:28 PM) redliontrader: TP - do you think quickly from here? 814 when? I would think some violent swings before we go there
(3:29 PM) desertone: But not today TP ....
(3:29 PM) desertone: That would be cataclysmic
(3:30 PM) thomas_Poland: not today
(3:30 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:30 PM) thomas_Poland: first or second week of may
(3:30 PM) desertone: That's doable !
(3:31 PM) ajayvee: first week of May starts tomorrow
(3:31 PM) eman11: I got knocked off - What Tom said before was look for a close below 875.56 that is key level. (if I'm incorrect please correct me)
(3:31 PM) thomas_Poland: and please can you see 3:20 bar?
(3:31 PM) pupster: yeah...i think he said 876ish
(3:32 PM) thomas_Poland: I just have to explain myself
(3:32 PM) thomas_Poland: when I say a time like 3:20 I 'know" something will happen
(3:32 PM) thomas_Poland: often it is bottom or top
(3:32 PM) thomas_Poland: at the time I said 3:20 I though it will be top
(3:32 PM) thomas_Poland: but for me time is more important than price
(3:32 PM) thomas_Poland: so 3:20 a bottom
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland: period .
(3:41 PM) azags: just sold some more qid at 37.25
(3:41 PM) redliontrader: so TP what is the next time that something might happen?
(3:47 PM) thomas_Poland: close
(3:47 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:48 PM) redliontrader: good call.. you are good
(3:48 PM) PremR: i predict 8:30 tomorrow morning
(3:48 PM) ajayvee: are we holding shorts overnite?
(3:48 PM) thomas_Poland: yes market will open
(3:48 PM) PremR: that and we have non farm payroll numbers
(3:48 PM) PremR: eastern time
(3:48 PM) thomas_Poland: yes .. just kidding
(3:48 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:49 PM) thomas_Poland: it will open at 9:30
(3:49 PM) thomas_Poland: we have good chance of going up in globex ?
(3:49 PM) DE_TTT: Depends where you are, TP
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland: tomorrow can be a repeat of Monday
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland: so do not trust morning rally
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland: I won't be here tomorrow
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland: so don't give a s...
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland: sorry
(3:52 PM) arujunaa: fyi, unempl report is next friday, not tomorrow.
(3:53 PM) PremR: hmmm...i thought it was first friday of month.
(3:53 PM) PremR: i stand is next friday
(3:53 PM) ajayvee: tom was basing his outlook on a bad employment number tomorrow
(3:54 PM) arujunaa: usually it is. but not when it is the 1st of the month
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland: who cares ? We go down below 814 Spx
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:56 PM) thomas_Poland: unless we don't
(3:58 PM) PremR: banks look like they are going out on the lows
(3:59 PM) Fulkdaddy: Just below 875...871
(3:59 PM) Pete45: FAZ back up to 8.33
(4:01 PM) eman11: We closed below the 875.56 that Tom mentioned - Good Sign for the bears
(4:01 PM) azags: this is scary with faz. I was underwater all day with my cost being 8.25
(4:01 PM) Pete45: Azags -did you sell FAZ or are you holding?
(4:02 PM) azags: holding faz
(4:02 PM) Pete45: k thanks
(4:02 PM) redliontrader: good sell off at the end, so we settled around 872 which means a downside target of 845 according to TOM's 5% from the top (888) rule
(4:04 PM) netherbow: nite everyone - thxs for posts
(4:05 PM) desertone: Good Nite from this end also Enjoy your evening !!
(4:29 PM) redliontrader: did you other tradestation users know there was a critical download for tradestation?
(4:59 PM) Alert: Obama's campaign promises, hate crimes in the USA, voting rights act challenge, Chrysler bankruptcy, and swine flu treatment for people without medical insurance topics on News Talk Online in the Radio/TV Section NOW [Free Video]
(5:21 PM) ajayvee: yes red, it came out about a week ago after many customers were getting disconnected...connected...disconnected...
tomthetrader: they decided to take a wisdom tooth too ! I am in dream land !
tomthetrader: Plan working out here ?
(5:31 PM) ajayvee: it was a bit scary today but my shorts are in the green
(5:32 PM) ajayvee: does this mean you've lost your "wisdom" on stocks?
(5:33 PM) Alert: Obama's campaign promises, hate crimes in the USA, voting rights act challenge, Chrysler bankruptcy, and swine flu treatment for people without medical insurance topics on News Talk Online in the Radio/TV Section NOW [Free Video]
tomthetrader: Yes...I am now a dummie
tomthetrader: I have to ask what the heck happened ...looks real constructive for our pattern ?
tomthetrader: no tongue
tomthetrader: I can't talk well
(5:35 PM) ajayvee: well yesterday you said 100% chance for a down day, and it was, not much, but down
(5:36 PM) ajayvee: down tomorrow then? we closed below 875
tomthetrader: now it is getting worse...we should be ok we reentered at higher prices our shorts and should be OK SRS AH doing well
tomthetrader: Yes down for several day
tomthetrader: we made our topping formation perfectly
(5:37 PM) ajayvee: I didn't sell my shorts. I'm still holding yesterday's and they are green!
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: takes courage ...there was some major shakeputs
tomthetrader: IWM cratered
tomthetrader: I had to sell 250 50.00 puts
(5:38 PM) ajayvee: i added near the highs, so that worked out wonderfully
tomthetrader: 1.75 price
tomthetrader: now ..I do not want to look
(5:42 PM) ajayvee: tom did you know employment numbers are next friday, never on the 1st friday if it is the first day of the month
tomthetrader: No ...I messed up !
tomthetrader: I magine that 20 hours a day this week trading overnight futures
tomthetrader: tough
(6:58 PM) Alert: ====SECURITY BULLETIN!=======
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(7:02 PM) tomthetrader: olly163 was bounced from the room by tomthetrader. If you want to learn more about the rules for this room, read the room rules on the groups page or contact the owner: tomthetrader
tomthetrader: Futures and market can be shorted on rallies the next 10 days

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


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Monday, April 27, 2009


Hi ,

We sent a lot of e-mails this weekend and don't have a lot to say ! The scares of the flu hit the world overnight but again it is more resilient than many think possible with 1% losses going into the opens.

The FXP and DAX short positions we like so well are working out as China has been down for several days running and DAX is very overvalued. Oil is looking to give back gains and as we said in the weekend comments we are looking to add to long positions by May 1st but want to be careful here .

Please let me know if there is anything I can do and I will keep you updated all day and week long as we still believe we are in a trading range from now a high in the 875 area SPX and a low in the 810 area.

Looking forward to a Great week with you and keep these ETF's in mind


All should perform well for 5-10 days

Investing Made Easy !!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


The most common definition of a bull market is a move of +20% or more in the major indices that lasts at least three months. With the S&P up an even +28% from its March 9th ( and my ZUPI now up 41%) ! closing low, the bulls have put together a historic run that, with the passage of time and a fair amount of hindsight, will likely be declared a new bull market. You know that I was the 1st to declare it and even looking to my calls in October in November one could make a case that MOST STOCKS BOTTOMED THERE.

To be clear, we are not suggesting that we are embarking on a massive move in the stock market that is likely to last many years. No, as I've been saying, we're calling this a "mini" bull during which we could see gains on the order of +65% or so over a period of 5 to 12 months before the bears are able mount another challenge.

In order to dispel the suggestion that we're simply pulling numbers out of the sky, remember that the expectations I am putting on this "mini" bull are derived from the results of the previous "mini" bull markets that occurred within monster bear markets. And while the sample size of such events isn't large, we'd much rather use history as our guide here than try to make it up as we go along.

As we pointed out in my daily e-mails, history shows that there have been five other occurrences of mini bull markets that occurred during secular bear markets. The stats from the Tim Hayes Jason Goepfert and many computers show that the average gain during these markets was +65.3% and that the mean duration of the move was just under a year. It is also interesting to note that the shortest move took place over five months, while the longest mini bull ran for five years. Again as I have been pointing out we are looking for 60-100% in 18 months with 95% probability.

Thus, the first point I would like to make this weekend is that I believe we've got a new "mini" bull on our hands and that we should play the game accordingly.

While there is a fair amount of disagreement over whether or not this is indeed a new bull market, just about everyone trading stocks these days will agree on one thing - the market is due for a correction that lasts more than a day or two.

Since we can argue that the stock market tends to move in a manner that often confounds the masses, we might want to consider that the assumption that stocks must correct - and soon - might be a little too obvious right now. However, putting that argument aside, we will also agree that stocks "should" pull back in the near term.

The bears will argue that such a pullback will represent the first step in their return to glory. And like Monday's nasty dive, it is likely that any corrective action will "feel bad" on an emotional level.

However, the big point to this weekend's missive is that the upcoming correction is NOT to be feared. Instead, investors should welcome any pullback in prices as an opportunity to become more invested.

Let's keep in mind that corrections are a normal part of the investing game and that during normal times, we see corrections of -5% to -10% at least a few times a year. Many 1-3% in less than 40 VIX and many 2-5% in higher VIX.But with the pain of the bear market still fresh in investor's minds, we can understand that there aren't many people actually hoping for a dip in stock prices these days.

However, history shows that the corrections at this stage of the game are likely to be far less painful than during normal times.

If we look at the largest corrections that have occurred within the 34 bull markets since 1900, we see that the declines in the DJIA have averaged -10.97% and lasted an average of 38 days. To which, most investors would say, "no thank you."

But, but, but. if we narrow the focus a bit and attempt to identify markets that are similar to what we are experiencing now, the story is MUCH different. Thanks to the stellar analysts at Ned Davis Research, we see that there have been seven "mini" bull markets that occurred within secular bear markets. During those seven bull markets, the average decline for the biggest correction occurring during the first three months was about 20% less than normal times or -8.9%. So my targets given AT THE START OF THIS BULL ARE STILL VALID. 666 SPX we were leveraged long for and we have sold before every EVERY correction and have BOUGHT EVERY DIP ! I am proud of this record.

And as they say on T.V., "But wait, there's more."

One of the indicators that helps us make the argument that we've got a new bull market on our hands is something called a breadth surge. To digress briefly, a breadth thrust occurs when the 10-day total of advancing stocks (as measured by stock-only advance/decline data - NOT the data provided by the NYSE, which includes all kinds of bond funds and non-operating companies) exceeds declining stocks by nearly 2-to-1. In short, history shows that since 1947 a breadth surge buy signal has meant results for the S&P 500 that are at least double the norm over the next 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.

The reason I continually bring this up is a breadth surge signal up ( Because I took part in creating the parameters with Dr.Zweig ) also means that corrections within the first three and six months of a new bull market tend to be significantly less intense. And the good news is that we saw a breadth surge signal on March 23rd. That Date was the completion of our ALL CLEAR signal and as you can see in our FINVIZ portfolios...the section entitled BUYS OF A LIFETIME truly proves all we have told you plus the section where we BOUGHT WELL AFTER IS UP 20% since early April accounting for dividends in a account.

For example, of the 28 breadth surge buy signals that have occurred since mid-1947, there was only one instance of a correction exceeding -10% within the first three months of a new bull market.

In fact, during the first three months of a new "mini" bull market when a breadth surge buy signal has been given, the maximum correction has averaged just -4.0%! And over the first six months, the maximum correction has averaged only -6.0%.

The Bottom Line: Corrections that occur during the first three months of a new "mini" bull market that has been accompanied by a breadth surge signal have been FAR less painful than normal (-4% vs. -11%) and should be viewed as buying opportunities and NOT reasons to sell. Which is why it is so important to not fall for the doom and gloom and I am a TRADER , I play the highest and hold produces but Trading makes you wealthy ...we will buy this coming correction that will most likely be scary enough to get the Bears on board but when it looks the worst ..just look at TTT Hedge Fund portfolio and we will be 100% IRA 100% Main Fund and leveraged long in futures options and 2-3x ETF's as out TTT Buy signal will deliver again and again in this NEW BULL MARKET !

For those whom have not replied to this e-mail by Monday midnight you will be removed from the mailing list as I consolidate paid members from non paid and trials from real. My trading is going to help us all in the coming months and I really only want those involved who will be passionate about our business and professional about the consequences. A lifetime of work goes into these messages and I hope you will stay with me on the this coming ride !

TRADERS short 10% - 25% 1-5 Days Bearish

Main Fund 5-30 Days 10% Short Neutral

IRA 30-180 Days So much cash ready to buy beginning May 1st !!!!


Remember please reply to 1 od 3 e-mails I have sent ...if you have replied to one you are IN

If no replies by Monday all it takes is a 10 second e-mail and I will confirm your payment.

My very best to you and yours !

I am here 24/7 for you !

Investing Made Easy !!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


What are you doing?
Latest: The Wall of worry strength begets strength don't fight the FED don't fight the Tape ...all good sayings for the bears to listen too ! half a minute ago

tomandprishaThe Wall of worry strength begets strength don't fight the FED don't fight the Tape ...all good sayings for the bears to listen too !
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tomandprishaNo doubt about it now ...a correction next week...why everyone has been wrong and why this rally has lasted 7 weeks Momentum is back ZWEIG
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tomandprishaTTT Hedge Fund we expect a major correction over the coming weeks ....join us to find out the positions short
about 17 hours ago from web

tomandprisha@sentimentrader Hi Jason , Want to delve deeper into the Zweig 10 days of 2-1 up and the massive rally we have had since the signal 666-875
about 18 hours ago from web in reply to sentimentrader

WhatsTradingSPDR S&P Retail (XRT) $27.00 +2.35%: SPDR Retail Trust (XRT) is up 65 cents to $27.03 and options volume is run..
about 19 hours ago from twitterfeed

sentimentraderHmmm...large specs in NDX e-mini futures at their most net long since October 2007.
about 19 hours ago from twhirl

WhatsTradingFree trial offer. 14 Days Free + 30-page book on Trading Options. $$
about 19 hours ago from web

tomandprishaRemember 1981 ?
about 20 hours ago from web

tomandprishaMarket is showing some definite PauLVolcker BULL tendicies ..NO ONE EXPECTED THIS
about 20 hours ago from web

tomandprishaYou know how many people will tell you I told you so or I was 100% long !!!!!!! Gotta love this market

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


normally when we have trouble
tomthetrader: again this is a MEMBERS ONLY AREA please be couteous and leave
tomthetrader: HELENE needs to be right soon !
tomthetrader: Been way too bearish way too long ?
(2:57 PM) berniectx: out of short BE
tomthetrader: need her to turn this around ..she is the best technician out there
tomthetrader: Bernie ...BULL ?
(2:58 PM) berniectx: pretty strong move but think tomorrow down??
(2:58 PM) JR Roden: I took a small short at 33.48 as the banks were rolling over.
tomthetrader: HBAN
tomthetrader: from penny stock to hero
tomthetrader: JR ?
tomthetrader: Q's ?
tomthetrader: 33.50 ?
tomthetrader: baqnks rolling again ...MS ?
(3:03 PM) JR Roden: Between today and last week, I think this is the 4th try at 33.50. I wouldn't be surprised to see 33.50 break after Aapl tomorrow.
(3:03 PM) nimesh_: hate being involved with nasdaq
(3:04 PM) nimesh_: too many big earnings
(3:04 PM) nimesh_: JR, to the upside?
(3:13 PM) nimesh_: TF is nuts
(3:13 PM) nimesh_: new high
tomthetrader: TF broke out here 480
tomthetrader: buying TZA 25% position
tomthetrader: Buying TZA to go 50% short in traders
(3:17 PM) berniectx: done for the day exhausted see ya all tomorrow be careful
tomthetrader: Bernie ...BULL MARKETS ARE FUN FOR BULLS !
(3:18 PM) berniectx: traded numerous times today BE so OK with that no losses
(3:19 PM) Fulkdaddy: Tommy Tu-tone calls it again here????
(3:20 PM) Fulkdaddy: If that was the top, I think you top ticked it on the 50% TF short
(3:21 PM) Fulkdaddy: TLT at the bottom of its channel
(3:22 PM) Fulkdaddy: MACD running out of steam on the daily ES...shows the bulls are getting tire
(3:22 PM) Fulkdaddy: tired
(3:22 PM) Fulkdaddy: NQ as well
(3:23 PM) Fulkdaddy: rally came up to the bottom of the broken wedge to kiss the wedge goodbye
(3:24 PM) pupster: Fulk...that's the way it looks right now
(3:25 PM) pupster: anyone with an A/D line..?
(3:36 PM) TTTMichael: 2109 to 957
(3:37 PM) pupster: great
(3:38 PM) Harrod_t: Great call on TAZ. It's wild!!
(3:41 PM) Fulkdaddy: He is the best short-term trader on the planet
(3:50 PM) JR Roden: y
(3:50 PM) Fulkdaddy: y
(3:50 PM) pupster: y
(3:51 PM) TTTMichael: y
(3:51 PM) westy322: y
(3:51 PM) TTTMichael: DXD
(3:51 PM) JR Roden: That was a crazy day w/DJI going positive & negative all day long
(3:51 PM) desertone: I got in TWM @ 52.72
tomthetrader: Dave !
tomthetrader: We got one
(3:53 PM) billb_t: and TTT is no slouch in bed either!
(3:55 PM) desertone: Night Tom
tomthetrader: TTT Out ...look for updates
tomthetrader: Nice comments to TTT
tomthetrader: so I can post !
(3:56 PM) DE_TTT: Awesome work, always! Amazing timing
(3:56 PM) DE_TTT: I went from long to hedged in the blink of an eye...kept my gains!
(3:57 PM) nimesh_: what a fall
(4:00 PM) Fulkdaddy: -3% in 50 minutes.
(4:00 PM) Fulkdaddy: reminds me of September
(4:03 PM) DE_TTT: NTGR blows it out...VMW not so much
(4:03 PM) DE_TTT: VMW VMware prelim $0.25 vs $0.20 First Call consensus; revs $470 mln vs $474.38 mln First Call consensus
(4:03 PM) DE_TTT: VMW VMW sees second quarter revenues flat, or even down, compared to the second quarter of 2008; consensus is for ~6% sequential rev growth
(4:06 PM) DE_TTT: VMW sees second quarter revenues flat, or even down, compared to the second quarter of 2008; consensus is for ~9% YoY rev growth -Update-
(4:06 PM) DE_TTT: VMW sees second quarter revenues flat, or even down, compared to the second quarter of 2008; consensus is for ~9% YoY rev growth -Update-
(4:06 PM) DE_TTT: F5 Networks prelim $0.38 vs $0.38 First Call consensus; revs $154.1 mln vs $154.13 mln First Call consensus
(4:06 PM) DE_TTT: F5 Networks sees Q3 $0.35-0.38 vs $0.37 First Call consensus; sees revs $148-157 mln vs $154.91 mln First Call consensus
(4:07 PM) DE_TTT: Novellus prelim ($0.47) vs ($0.51) First Call consensus; revs $98.9 mln vs $101.69 mln First Call consensus
(4:09 PM) DE_TTT: TriQuint Semi misses by $0.02, beats on revs; guides Q2 EPS above consensus, revs above consensus (3.59 -0.02)
(4:09 PM) DE_TTT: Lam Research misses by $0.05, reports revs in-line (25.96 +0.61)
(4:10 PM) nimesh_: wow, the tankage contines
tomthetrader: Futures fall
tomthetrader: AAPL ?
(4:14 PM) DE_TTT: ISIL Intersil sees Q2 GAAP $(0.01)-0.03, may not be comparable to $0.05 First Call consensus; sees revs $123-132 mln vs $114.34 mln First Call consensus
tomthetrader: 33.50 -32.50 quickly
(4:15 PM) JR Roden: May 34 QQQQ puts sold 1.48 - 2.01 from 2:46 til 4:10.
(4:16 PM) DE_TTT: AAPL usu around 4:30pm
(4:16 PM) DE_TTT: EBAY eBay prelim $0.39 vs $0.34 First Call consensus; revs $2.02 bln vs $1.94 bln First Call consensus
(4:17 PM) DE_TTT: EBAY eBay sees Q2 $0.34-0.36 vs $0.35 First Call consensus; sees revs $1.85-2.05 bln vs $1.98 bln First Call consensus
(4:18 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Denise Yamada has another webcast right now:
(4:18 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego:
(4:20 PM) nimesh_: who just reported, q's jumpe up
(4:20 PM) nimesh_: 20 cents from low
(4:21 PM) DE_TTT: QCOM delays earnings report until next week but will meet or exceed estimates. Waiting for BRCM settlement.
(4:21 PM) nimesh_: aapl the big one left
(4:22 PM) DE_TTT: Qualcomm reschedules earnings release on conference call due to advanced settlement discussions with Broadcom regarding a global settlement
(4:22 PM) nimesh_: if rimm did well, i don't see how aapl did not
(4:22 PM) DE_TTT: Revenue and operating income for the second quarter of fiscal 2009, excluding the potential impact of the Broadcom agreement, met or exceeded prior guidance.
(4:22 PM) DE_TTT: XLNX Xilinx prelim $0.26 vs $0.18 First Call consensus; revs $395.0 mln vs $383.09 mln First Call consensus
(4:22 PM) DE_TTT: XLNX Xilinx sees FY09 revs (4%) to +4% or roughly $1.76-1.91 bln vs $1.81 bln First Call consensus
(4:24 PM) DE_TTT: XLNX Xilinx sees Q1 revs -4% to +4% sequentially or roughly $379.2-410.8 mln vs 376.5 mln consensus
(4:26 PM) DE_TTT: CMG Chipotle Mexican Grill beats by $0.23, misses on revs; reaffirms FY09 comps guidance (85.50 +4.51)
(4:28 PM) nimesh_: wow, earnings bonanza today
(4:29 PM) DE_TTT: More of the same tomorrow.
(4:30 PM) DE_TTT: AAPL Apple prelim $1.33 vs $1.09 First Call consensus; revs $8.16 bln vs $7.96 bln First Call consensus
(4:31 PM) Alert: ====SECURITY BULLETIN!=======
Using utilites from third parties such as button holders, remote typers, etc ... are at risk of having their passwords stolen!
Many of these utilities contain trojans that report your nickname and password to the program's creator. We encourage everyone to change their password reguarly, and to uncheck the save password checkbox on the login screen.
If you do this, you will have to enter your password every time you log in, but it is a small price to pay to keep your account and password protected.
tomthetrader: AAPL Always trounces
tomthetrader: 125.00
(4:33 PM) DE_TTT: AAPL Apple sees Q3 $0.95-1.00 vs $1.12 First Call consensus; sees revs $7.7-7.9 bln vs $8.28 bln First Call consensus
(4:33 PM) DE_TTT: ^^^^^And always guides light!^^^^^
(4:33 PM) DE_TTT: always
(4:34 PM) redliontrader: red sox 10, twins 1
(4:34 PM) DE_TTT: "Apple's financial condition remains very robust, with almost $29 billion in cash and marketable securities on our balance sheet."
(4:35 PM) DE_TTT: That's about $34/share in cash
tomthetrader: Unreal company
tomthetrader: DAX is also a short
tomthetrader: real symbol
(4:37 PM) DE_TTT: VMW was the only clunker in tech.
tomthetrader: yep
tomthetrader: very good .
tomthetrader: the cash is what gets me
tomthetrader: SO MUCH CASH
tomthetrader: Takeovers have to come
tomthetrader: Market very undervalued
(4:38 PM) nimesh_: tom, should we reshort qqqq on this aapl pop?
tomthetrader: cover and wait
(4:38 PM) nimesh_: ah ok
(4:38 PM) nimesh_: is traders 100% cash?
tomthetrader: about 35% short
tomthetrader: Most should have taken profits on the dramatic run ...
(4:40 PM) nimesh_: q's selling off again
(4:40 PM) DE_TTT: Tomorrow morning...EMC, SPWR Tomorrow afternoon...AMZN, BIDU, JNPR, KLAC, MSFT, PMCS, RVBD, WFR
(4:41 PM) nimesh_: they were much lower, before aapl
(4:46 PM) DE_TTT: AAPL and QCOM were the far, not bad.
(4:46 PM) DE_TTT: MSFT will be interesting tomorrow.
(4:47 PM) nimesh_: DE, any rtech stuff left?
(4:47 PM) nimesh_: still lot of movement in futures
(4:47 PM) DE_TTT: NVLS Novellus on call sees Q2 revs "up sequentially in the range of $110-125 mln", vs $104.8 mln consensus -Update-
(4:48 PM) DE_TTT: SPWR will also be interesting given the recent run in Solars

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


(10:31 AM) DE_TTT: Bot I will go somewhere and sit on my hands for awhile.
(10:33 AM) arujunaa: i don't think it's fear as much as it is a lack of supply this week and with fed buybacks. from next week, there is a lot of supply coming followed by a massive refunding in may. i won't be long next week.
(10:34 AM) Fulkdaddy: Great info. Aruj...I will cover my TLT and IEF with you...thanks!
(10:35 AM) arujunaa: if we get tym to 123.75ish, i will sell the last 25%
tomthetrader: Thanks Aruj
(10:35 AM) arujunaa: thanks tom for the incredible stock calls!
(10:38 AM) berniectx: last time saw Geithner he looked 12 stress of the job is aging him looks almost 20 today
(10:46 AM) DE_TTT: Here comes the cavalry
(11:01 AM) redliontrader: small caps leading the way
tomthetrader: Good call DE want to take over now ?
tomthetrader: Red : Any views on the Zweig thrust indicator ...where do you think we go from here
(11:04 AM) DE_TTT: LOL
tomthetrader: Thanks Red
(11:06 AM) DE_TTT: HBAN and FITB huge off the lows today
tomthetrader: 835.00 becomessupport again
(11:07 AM) redliontrader: ZBT went overbot on Friday, now in neutral area, midway between overbot and oversold, where all the pullbacks in this run have turned to go to overbot again
tomthetrader: Trading range ?
(11:08 AM) redliontrader: yes, until the pattern is broken
tomthetrader: date ?
tomthetrader: started
(11:10 AM) redliontrader: officeal b/o was march 18, the current pattern established 3/26
(11:10 AM) redliontrader: 4 overbots, 1 near
tomthetrader: OK ...and this area has supported rallies everytime /
tomthetrader: since a month ago
(11:11 AM) redliontrader: I don;t think this indicator has ever gone 4x overbot in a 1 monthish period, an incredible run off the bottom, very stron
(11:12 AM) shwqyy: Sided in Campaigning Remembrances from Fro to the Badmouthing and the Words Abominations…. Circularize this Vertebre
tomthetrader: agree...I have tracked similar and this has blown off all previous precedents
tomthetrader: Rally
tomthetrader: DE is a rally machone
tomthetrader: ]machine
tomthetrader: Machine
(11:14 AM) redliontrader: next overbot if the pattern holds will be spx 883 by thursday, but at some point this is going to go sideways i would think
(11:16 AM) tcb66: incredible strength in the small caps
(11:17 AM) DE_TTT: 4G buildout names starting to get attention...ALU, ERIC, PWAV, STAR
tomthetrader: Thank you
tomthetrader: probably work the market into a coiled spring into 875 next week
tomthetrader: end of month will force funds to buy
(11:24 AM) thomas_Poland: I hoped for new high this week
(11:24 AM) thomas_Poland: but this new high (if it comes) will be important int term top
(11:24 AM) thomas_Poland: we will go below 800 Spx I guess
(11:24 AM) thomas_Poland: but first .. let's make new high for this 'bull run""
(11:25 AM) pupster: good call for those who went long...!!!!
(11:25 AM) DE_TTT: Yes...good work, TP. You said yesterday would be at or near the low for the week.
(11:25 AM) DE_TTT: Someone finally woke up the SMH...deep slumber today.
tomthetrader: yes ...OIL
tomthetrader: ERX
tomthetrader: 50%
tomthetrader: Traders
(11:26 AM) don_2007_: 23.95
tomthetrader: Thank you
(11:26 AM) Fulkdaddy: Oil broke support this a reversion to the mean trade?
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: OIL is undervalued even though technically broken ...
tomthetrader: Oil stocks should rise in any rise in oil
(11:32 AM) les13436: Bought some CAT Jan 2010 55 Calls @.71, seems like CAT just wants to go up.
(11:39 AM) Fulkdaddy: I have been reading that oil is in gigantic supply
(11:40 AM) Fulkdaddy: There is so much of it there is no place to store it...putting pressure on prices
tomthetrader: seems like it should plummet
tomthetrader: stupid trade
tomthetrader: I'll get one right one of these days !
tomthetrader: maybe oil companies will beat lowered estimates ...and maybe demand will pick up in coming months
(11:45 AM) Fulkdaddy: I don't know about that...I just read about the reason for the pressure on prices
(11:45 AM) Fulkdaddy: It could go fill the gap and make you big money!
(11:45 AM) Fulkdaddy: bonds getting crushed on this rally
(11:47 AM) arujunaa: bonds have sold off after the fed buyback. i stopped myself on the last 25% at 122.6875. will look to rebuy later
tomthetrader: Like saying there was a oversupply of chips or widgets hope demand picks up or the companies will adjust and still make money at lower prices
(11:48 AM) arujunaa: sorry dave, didn't see that drive-by coming....
(11:49 AM) Fulkdaddy: bonds seem to be invese stocks with tight correlation here
(11:51 AM) pupster: didn't think Turn Around Tuez would be this strong
(11:51 AM) arujunaa: i'm hearing foreign central bank selling which means it is $ related
tomthetrader: no one did ..except DE !
tomthetrader: He is a BULL
tomthetrader: I pale in comparison ...I thought I was the only Bull alive
tomthetrader: until DE came flying in in November
tomthetrader: CHIPS CHIPS CHIPS
tomthetrader: 46.19 oil up now !
tomthetrader: how lucky !
(12:01 PM) DE_TTT: Thanks for ERX, at 23.97.
tomthetrader: Your welcome
(12:03 PM) azags: I just sold my last 5000 of qld at 30.9
(12:05 PM) azags: I missed erx because I was away from the computer
tomthetrader: ERX you can stop at 20% back
tomthetrader: we may be able to run this
tomthetrader: technically I trade oil futures and saw a possible run coming so I recommendd ERX
tomthetrader: I really miss TIM ...he made me lazy !
(12:09 PM) thomas_Poland: and where is he?
tomthetrader: ?
tomthetrader: Like you ..on a temporary boycott /
(12:09 PM) thomas_Poland: right
(12:09 PM) pupster: CIEN and AMR still a trade...
(12:10 PM) thomas_Poland: you just can't be nice .. can you Tom?
tomthetrader: AMR Long term ...Ciena I have not scanned since Last month dropped off
tomthetrader: SM is a great stock
(12:26 PM) Fulkdaddy: Louise Yamada's webcast is tonight and tomorrow...could not think of a better time to get her views.
tomthetrader: yes ...that will be enjoyable
tomthetrader: how do we get it ?
tomthetrader: last view sub 400 SPX sometime ?
tomthetrader: In the next 10 years ?
(12:28 PM) Fulkdaddy: She said 600 was her target. If it does not hold, then timeframe
(12:29 PM) les13436: Is there a link for her webcast?
(12:32 PM) Fulkdaddy: link sent to Tom.
tomthetrader: I will mail ..Thanks Dave
(12:34 PM) les13436: Thanks Dave
(12:40 PM) DE_TTT: Thanks
(12:42 PM) redliontrader: TOM - that chart you sent out last night showing %returns from market bottoms - they all seem to gravatate back to 10-15% area before relaunching.. that would put us back to 725-260 area, if my reading is correct this would occur around 1 month from now, the May 20th time frame.. do you think we will see this pullback?
(12:45 PM) Fulkdaddy: feels like a trend day
(12:49 PM) azags: no losses today . I made some dollars on long qld which I now sold. I will go short today at the close if ndx is between 1328-1340. I am also going on vacation tomorrow for a long weekend
tomthetrader: another vacation about something for me ...Disney ?
tomthetrader: we are buying ZF for TRADERS
tomthetrader: going for a quick gain and then moving it
tomthetrader: 1:00pm ZF adding
(1:00 PM) eman11: What % for ZF in Traders - Thanks
tomthetrader: 10%
tomthetrader: will move to IRA on Friday
(1:04 PM) Fulkdaddy: I think that is normal, JR.
(1:04 PM) Fulkdaddy: Volume is in the shape of a bathtub...high at the open and low during the day and high at the close
tomthetrader: I do not see JR !
tomthetrader: Invisible ?
(1:06 PM) Fulkdaddy: He is up about 8 posts
tomthetrader: ERX ...what a play
tomthetrader: amazing timing Dave ?
tomthetrader: I have sources in the oil matket !
tomthetrader: HAL
tomthetrader: we bought for earnings
tomthetrader: acting well
(1:11 PM) Fulkdaddy: Perfect timing on ERX
(1:11 PM) Fulkdaddy: perfect
(1:11 PM) Fulkdaddy: I just read Gartman and he confirmed inventory levels are at historic highs and likely going higher
tomthetrader: That is a longer term possible problem for oil but sure didn't hurt this trade ...can't make money any faster /
tomthetrader: DE's chips are acting well ..took guts to buy USD on the open
tomthetrader: Besides what does Gartman know about commodities !
tomthetrader: Hope all of you understand why we got out of shorts yesterday to reenter into longs in UYG ERX and may go back short on a sell signal
tomthetrader: 1 note ...look at the OEX puts and ISEE and CBOE
(1:29 PM) DE_TTT: Weisel raising EPS estimates on MPWR...don't hear a lot of that these days!
(1:30 PM) DE_TTT: Bullish options data...right, Tom?
(1:36 PM) TTTMichael: USA trades at a 21% discount to NAV.
tomthetrader: Yes ...options for today are very BULLISH
tomthetrader: USA a good long term hold now
tomthetrader: ZF
tomthetrader: ZTR
tomthetrader: all good
tomthetrader: Look at the FinViz .com
tomthetrader: NDD up 23%since I recommended
tomthetrader: all positions up all instituted AFTER the 25% rally was in
(1:42 PM) pupster: bold call....and great reward...TTT...!!!!!
tomthetrader: Hope we all can get back on the same page is much more fun when everyone agrees
tomthetrader: everyone doing a trememndous job
tomthetrader: it is a traders market one account you cpould be up 300% and anpother flat
(1:44 PM) pupster: to date...a very much symmetrical inverse H&S on UYG and if it gets above 3.9-4 ... it projects to 6.5
(1:45 PM) Fulkdaddy: 1:56 is approaching.
(1:46 PM) azags: I missed uyg at the open today at 2.75. I don't have any
(1:46 PM) Fulkdaddy: what are the hedgehogs going to do today Tom?
tomthetrader: BOOOOOOOOO
(1:47 PM) azags: in the premarket it was like 2.67
(1:47 PM) Harrod_t: bought small amount
(1:47 PM) thomas_Poland: we should see new HOD today
tomthetrader: Good Job
(1:48 PM) thomas_Poland: yes for the next 3 days
tomthetrader: 875 ?
tomthetrader: again ..double top
(1:48 PM) thomas_Poland: yes
(1:48 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: agree
(1:48 PM) thomas_Poland: just a fraction higher high
(1:49 PM) thomas_Poland: we lost all bulls yesterday
tomthetrader: yes
(1:49 PM) thomas_Poland: now we will loose all bears from yesterday on new high
tomthetrader: yes
(1:49 PM) thomas_Poland: so everybody will be hmm .... forked
tomthetrader: it is all sentiment
tomthetrader: except you
tomthetrader: and TK ?
(1:49 PM) thomas_Poland: hopefully
(1:49 PM) thomas_Poland: TK is nevver forked
(1:50 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
(1:50 PM) DE_TTT: As I've said before, I thought I was wrong once...but later found out I was mistaken.
(1:51 PM) thomas_Poland: DE ..
(1:51 PM) thomas_Poland: great
(1:51 PM) thomas_Poland: using hammer is hard
tomthetrader: IWM ...A/d THE key
(1:53 PM) DE_TTT:
(1:53 PM) Fulkdaddy: Tom, how are your indicators?
(1:56 PM) nimesh_: why is nasdaq weal today
(2:04 PM) Fulkdaddy: IBM
(2:04 PM) Fulkdaddy: I just reduced my shorts from 25% to 20%
tomthetrader: NEUTRAL
tomthetrader: IBM TELL TO 2011
(2:08 PM) Fulkdaddy: I may have made a mistake here reducing my shorts...looks like market is getting weak
(2:12 PM) redliontrader: R2000 a/d remains very strong better than 3:1, leading the day
(2:14 PM) Fulkdaddy: My timing is impeccable...when I close shorts it is an excellent time to open positions
(2:15 PM) Fulkdaddy: muther....I know this is a G rated room
(2:15 PM) Fulkdaddy: I feel like smashing my keyboard
(2:18 PM) azags: Relax Fulk, if qld comes down more I will buy it again but not yet
(2:19 PM) thomas_Poland: I agree with vector vest worker of the year
tomthetrader: ROLLING OVER
tomthetrader: BUT STILL OK
(2:20 PM) azags: I was offered a vacation to hunt down Thomas, hog tie him and bring him back to the TTT Hedge Fund fold. I will be a bounty hunter
(2:21 PM) thomas_Poland:
(2:21 PM) azags: Thomas make qld go down further so I can buy it
(2:27 PM) azags: A/D line is +1358 on NYSE
(2:27 PM) Alert: LIVE coverage of a congressional hearing on helping the failing newspaper industry in News Talk Online in the Radio/TV Section [Free Video]
tomthetrader: 1.5 HOURS OF FUN
(2:29 PM) DE_TTT: More ERX at 24.23
(2:29 PM) DE_TTT: yes
(2:30 PM) DE_TTT: Also bot TQNT and ALU
tomthetrader: ?
(2:30 PM) DE_TTT: 4g wireless buildout plays...along with ERIC, STAR, PWAV
(2:31 PM) DE_TTT: and CNXT (sort of)
(2:31 PM) DE_TTT: Big Verizon buildout in particular
tomthetrader: nICE
tomthetrader: I wish I could follow those like I used to
tomthetrader: I am jealous
tomthetrader: LOVE this market
(2:32 PM) DE_TTT: I'm the resident tech nerd...though I'm sure there are a few others here who are just a bit more quiet.
tomthetrader: We love you DE ...but you will be so rich you will leave us ! In this Bull
(2:35 PM) les13436: XHB HOD
(2:35 PM) pupster: great look on that PWAV...didn't realize that thing went down yo pennies...looks to wanna go to @ 1.3 - 1.40 from here
tomthetrader: great
(2:36 PM) pupster: pwav definately worth a shot
tomthetrader: this is the time to jump on those penny type stocks will go up 10000%
tomthetrader: HOD
(2:36 PM) les13436: SIRI (XM radio)
(2:37 PM) DE_TTT: Not likely...I like this hangout!
tomthetrader: Good
(2:37 PM) azags: NDX is lagging
tomthetrader: SIRI big de4bt
tomthetrader: RUT up 3% very positive
tomthetrader: got back 3 of 5 %
(2:38 PM) DE_TTT: Thanks for the input, Pup...good to know. Like I said...great hangout.
tomthetrader: UYG ERX
tomthetrader: best plays of the day ?
(2:43 PM) DE_TTT: Itching to buy more MU...but only if it flails late.
(2:45 PM) DE_TTT: IBM at hod
(2:54 PM) thomas_Poland: NQ YM and ES almost at 200 sma resistance
(2:54 PM) thomas_Poland: I guess they will take it in gap up tomorrow
tomthetrader: Taking a short position TF 465
tomthetrader: OK ?
(2:58 PM) nimesh_: tom, is tf a hedge?
(2:58 PM) nimesh_: and is it for daytrade only?
tomthetrader: Just a hedge to protect the ERX ZF UYG
tomthetrader: YES I will sell it overnight
(2:59 PM) nimesh_: ok
(3:03 PM) DE_TTT: GOOG prob affecting
(3:03 PM) DE_TTT: It's only because of MSFT-YHOO link-up coming...will be a decent competitor. imho, of course
tomthetrader: Look at HBAN daily
tomthetrader: 35% turn around
tomthetrader: TRADERS will be 100% cash on close ..3-1 + A/D is BULLISH
(3:09 PM) Bert_TTT: Does that mean selling ERX ZF and UYG by the close???
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: or they will be put in Main and IRA ...they will be out of TRADERS
tomthetrader: Traders will be 100% cash to TRADE tomorrow
(3:18 PM) azags: If the market stays where it is with Naz 100 over 1329 at the close, I plan to buy again 4 million qid with JR as we did last Friday to pay for my vacation and transportation costs to hunt down Thomas
(3:23 PM) azags: I am playing short term movements. If it is a strong upward naz movement greater than 1339, I would stay long but between 1328 and 1339 I would go short again for short term move.
(3:25 PM) azags: Right now I am in cash since I took profits early today long up at 30.75, 30.8 and 30.9 on the qld. That was this morning
(3:26 PM) azags: I also took tiny profits at 30.21 long when Tom went short at the open
(3:28 PM) azags: It pays for carfare or the morning bus
tomthetrader: QID I will buy 4 million with you
tomthetrader: so that is 3 million QID shares to be bought WHEN ?
tomthetrader: 1339 ?
tomthetrader: NDX ?
(3:30 PM) azags: It is fascinating how bank and financial etfs collapsed this am and then turned around with great profits today. I was not in any of it
tomthetrader: I told you too ?
tomthetrader: I said " Zags" please enter 5 million long FAS after 9:35 am
(3:31 PM) DE_TTT: Indeed, Zags...and now all the bears are worried about WFC and MS tomorrow...tells me they haven't quite thrown in the towel.
(3:31 PM) azags: yes you did
tomthetrader: But you were busy packing with Thomas for vacation
(3:33 PM) azags: I will short if naz 100 closes between 1328-basically 1339. Above 1339 I would stay long
(3:33 PM) nimesh_: sharp selloff
(3:34 PM) azags: Thomas asked me to buy him an estate in Transylvania
tomthetrader: LOL
tomthetrader: OK Guys
(3:35 PM) azags: The castle has to be pink
tomthetrader: TTT Is out time ....Little pink castles for you and Thomas
(3:36 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: bye Tom
tomthetrader: Sorry
tomthetrader: !!!!!!
(3:37 PM) azags: Take care Tom. I have to go on vacation to spend some money and help the economy
(3:37 PM) DE_TTT: Enjoy your time away, Zags
tomthetrader: you can call 850 329-6745
tomthetrader: anytime ....all of you 24/7
tomthetrader: good day ...very good
(3:38 PM) azags: Thanks Tom
tomthetrader: Thank you
(3:45 PM) azags: I still would like a good selloff at the close so I could re-establish longs
(3:51 PM) nimesh_: tom, short yahoo?
(3:52 PM) nimesh_: if google sees slowdown, surely yahoo would be worse
(3:52 PM) DE_TTT: BRCM near hod
(3:53 PM) DE_TTT: MSFT-YHOO deal is coming...80% chance, imo
(3:53 PM) nimesh_: DE, makes sense
(3:54 PM) nimesh_: msft can buy it for half the original offer
(3:54 PM) DE_TTT: Yes, and new CEO not so parochial.
(3:56 PM) nimesh_: DE, will that cause q's to go down? msft weighted more, msft down, yhoo up?
(3:56 PM) DE_TTT: Could hurt GOOG the could def hurt the Q's
(3:57 PM) azags: I am close to shorting or selling out of the money naked qld calls
(4:01 PM) DE_TTT: Big tech day tomorrow afternoon...AAPL, EBAY, FFIV, LRCX, QCOM, TQNT, VMW, XLNX
(4:02 PM) nimesh_: de, i think ffiv already warned?
(4:06 PM) nimesh_: de, u think amd is woth buying?
(4:06 PM) pupster: 15 minute SPY hit a high today at exactly the 50% retrace from the 875 highs last week into yesterdays lows.....
(4:06 PM) pupster: may look to wanna go to 857 and after that....a gap fill...?
(4:09 PM) nimesh_: yes, zags
(4:09 PM) nimesh_: u are the qqqq master
(4:14 PM) azags: I tried to buy qid at 40.95 but missed it I also tried to write the naked qld call may 33 at 1.3 but it didn't fill. I may try ah but because I am traveling, I don't want a heavy load
(4:14 PM) azags: Take care
(4:14 PM) Fulkdaddy: 2 minute warning for Louise Yamada
(4:22 PM) nimesh_: amd falling after initial pop
(4:22 PM) nimesh_: same with yahoo
(4:32 PM) DE_TTT: Sorry, nimesh...left for a bit...just wondering if not better to short Q's when others are worried abt shorting in front of AAPL and QCOM tomorrow
(4:36 PM) nimesh_: yea, once aapl is deon, picture will be much clearer
(4:36 PM) nimesh_: i fully expect appl to beat
(4:36 PM) nimesh_: but not sure if it is prices in
(4:36 PM) nimesh_: priced
(4:38 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yamada presenation is excellent
(4:39 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego:
(5:00 PM) Alert: Should the government help failing newspapers? What then about their independence? Sound off on News Talk Online in the Radio/TV Section NOW [Free Video]
(5:02 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: we will never see 30x-40x leverage again in our careers, so we need to temper any rally
(5:04 PM) nimesh_: what do u mean nick?
(5:07 PM) DE_TTT: SNDK call: demand stronger than expected and is holding up in April. Raising prices in Q2
(5:11 PM) Alert: ====SECURITY BULLETIN!=======
Paltalk will never send emails with attachments! NEVER open any attachemnts unless you are absolutely sure they are free of viruses and trojans! DONT BE FOOLED by fake 'support' letters or surveys that claim to be from PalTalk! PalTalk will NEVER request personal informaion in an email unless YOU contact us with a problem with your account first. Always check the header of any email that claims it is coming from PalTalk.
(5:13 PM) DE_TTT: SNDK saying all the right things = sell it tomorrow on the pop >16
(5:17 PM) nimesh_: hehe, thanks DE
tomthetrader: thanks
(5:24 PM) Alert: Hi , Welcome to TTT

(5:30 PM) Alert: Should the government help failing newspapers? What then about their independence? Sound off on News Talk Online in the Radio/TV Section NOW [Free Video]
(5:33 PM) DE_TTT: SNDK sees Q2 rev. of 650-725 mil, vs. Q2 consensus of 579 mil and 659.5 mil in Q1.
(5:34 PM) DE_TTT: Next up for equity offering. imho, as always.
(5:34 PM) DE_TTT: I am long, but I prefer to sell on good news!
tomthetrader: yes ...I am hoping we rally into 875 again on worse breadth to short to get this CORRECTION OVER ..very bullish ISE options today
(5:37 PM) DE_TTT: Off to a BBQ...see you tomorrow, Tom. thanks again for ERX!
tomthetrader: YW

Friday, April 17, 2009


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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today we traded very selectively until my day trade indicators showed a high probabilty of a "launch" into the close. We swiftly added a position in 3 3x ETF's and soon the profits were rolling in.

We are near a DANGER area long but will run the market up to 875 and then go short.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


tomthetrader: all of our trades have a purpose and all have a end point ...good or bad ..fortunately our winning % is higher than anyone I know
tomthetrader: 160 ES points taken covered short 160 x 50 = $8,000
(12:36 PM) DE_TTT: Great short call, Tom...all around.
tomthetrader: Thank you !
(12:37 PM) TTTMichael: Are you waiting for Intel to report beore you close out QQQ option trade??
(12:38 PM) TTTMichael: before
(12:40 PM) pupster: UNG...14.83? Tom, thoughts?
(12:41 PM) TTTMichael: NDX 1300 is not that far down.
(12:41 PM) TTTMichael: Just closes the 60 min gap.
(12:42 PM) TTTMichael: I'm chicken, used 36 puts, more delta.
(12:43 PM) pupster: in on FAZ today at average 9.83
(12:47 PM) pupster: good call today TOM..!!!
tomthetrader: Thank you ! I am just hoping folks will take the LONG calls in a Bull and Short calls in a correction and understand why we do what we do
tomthetrader: UNG is very close to a BUY
tomthetrader: My indicators do work ?
(12:52 PM) pupster: yes...!!!!!!!!!
(12:52 PM) thomas_Poland: no
(12:52 PM) thomas_Poland:
(12:53 PM) thomas_Poland: TTT go TTT
(12:53 PM) thomas_Poland: I have not seen those great options plays for some time
(12:53 PM) berniectx: you are hitting out of the park again!
tomthetrader: Needed the right conditions ..we are back Thomas
(12:54 PM) thomas_Poland: yes
(12:54 PM) thomas_Poland: and when is your book comming out ?
(12:54 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: As soon as Bernie doubles his money !
tomthetrader: Tell us when Bern ?
(12:54 PM) thomas_Poland: who cares about bernie ?
(12:55 PM) thomas_Poland: anybody likes bernie? POLL
(12:55 PM) thomas_Poland:
(12:55 PM) berniectx: quiet Thomas! I want to double now!
(12:55 PM) thomas_Poland: bernie double the money and tell TTT to finish book
(12:56 PM) *** an_mafia has joined the room ***
(12:56 PM) thomas_Poland: I just do not want to get violent again
(12:56 PM) berniectx: would love a book by TTT Tom
(12:56 PM) thomas_Poland: yes me too
(12:57 PM) thomas_Poland: but he is writing this one for like 20 years
(12:57 PM) thomas_Poland: and now it is obsolete
(12:57 PM) thomas_Poland: he still uses decimal prices in the book
(1:01 PM) berniectx: GS getting hammered down $11.60
(1:04 PM) *** vi-ngot-doi-moi5 has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: Like college I am on the 20 year plan
tomthetrader: Thomas just wants my indicator package...wouldn't read the background stories
tomthetrader: 1315.00 NQ will move stops to 4 pooints back
(1:07 PM) arujunaa: thomas likes your package........................
tomthetrader: Oh Yeah....
tomthetrader: I don't mind that pink dress and heels too bad either !
(1:07 PM) *** NUHOANGTRAITAOTHOM_ has joined the room ***
(1:08 PM) tomthetrader: NUHOANGTRAITAOTHOM_ has been bounced from the group
tomthetrader: again move stop up on TF and NQ
tomthetrader: and FSLR FAZ URE
tomthetrader: XLF calls
(1:10 PM) thomas_Poland: hey .. Tim Knight is king !
(1:10 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
tomthetrader: yes..his longs arenow shorts ?
tomthetrader: Steve _45_4 are youdoingOK ?
(1:11 PM) thomas_Poland: he never goes long .. at least his wife says so
tomthetrader: If you are there ?
(1:11 PM) thomas_Poland: sorry .. .had to say it
(1:11 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: Length definitely a issue at TK house !
(1:12 PM) arujunaa:
tomthetrader: I love you guys
(1:12 PM) arujunaa: beastiality?
(1:12 PM) pupster: Tom...what's the longest time frame you've held a stock
(1:12 PM) steve_45_4: sorry Tom . yes doing great thanks and thank you for thing of me.
tomthetrader: Thank you and hope we are all on board
(1:13 PM) steve_45_4: thinking of me *
tomthetrader: tradingis a frustrating area ..we always try to give 100% ...Thomas and Aruj have been here the longest and know my weaknesses and strengths
tomthetrader: I hope we all can benefit from all the upcoming rallies and failed rallies
(1:14 PM) arujunaa: it's been a good ride tom
tomthetrader: I can usually nail the tops and bottoms
(1:14 PM) steve_45_4: your strenghts certainly out weigh any weakness
(1:15 PM) *** bloomert has joined the room ***
(1:15 PM) arujunaa: low hanging fruit tom.....
tomthetrader: Now we go for the size of the pullback which I think may be worse than the last 2-3 ...meaning over 4.5%
tomthetrader: The easy money I thought was over but I was wrong ...this was the easiest money of the year short for me
(1:16 PM) arujunaa: i was talking about the innuendo
tomthetrader: OOOPs
tomthetrader: I guess I am still hanging too tight ?
tomthetrader: Gotta let em go ?
(1:18 PM) *** avtrtrder has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: It has been a great run
(1:19 PM) arujunaa: vix down on day. this bond trader doesn't get it.
(1:19 PM) DE_TTT: Great day or two to rub out the late call buyers!
tomthetrader: Yes ...and that is it
tomthetrader: The call buyers just had to be dealt with before OPEX
tomthetrader: they had the best run since 2003
tomthetrader: call options were up 4000-5000%
(1:21 PM) *** bogdan07 has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: so they were not Dumb money
tomthetrader: 839 ES
tomthetrader: 1314 NQ
(1:23 PM) DE_TTT: I'm almost ready to buy semis again, Tom...stop me!!!
(1:24 PM) pupster: Bernake speaks soon ?...will mkt go down
tomthetrader: I am going to hold off ..and would recommend you too !
(1:24 PM) pupster: ok
tomthetrader: DE : Just wait ..10% at a time I will be back on the bull at 1275-1300 NDX ....I will be jealous if you beat me back in
(1:25 PM) DE_TTT:
(1:28 PM) pupster: what was the $4 stock u put in the IRA
tomthetrader: ISRG GOOG BIDU FXI EEM
(1:28 PM) pupster: right...thx
(1:29 PM) pupster: nice channel
tomthetrader: 838.50 from 862.50 in ES
(1:33 PM) DE_TTT: ISRG and GOOG report Thursday AMC. I believe FSLR reports Weds, April 30. Just fyi...
(1:35 PM) DE_TTT: European Markets Closing Prices: FTSE: 3989.00 +5.3 +0.1%, DAX: 4557.0+65.9 +1.5% CAC: 3000.2 +26.0 +0.9%
(1:36 PM) DE_TTT: Note: They closed at 11:30am EST, I believe.
tomthetrader: Yes ...could be a good time to short DB and GF
(1:42 PM) *** thomas_Poland has joined the room ***
(1:44 PM) JR Roden: Are you actually going to short either DB or GF?
(2:00 PM) *** steve_45_4 has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: I am short DB
tomthetrader: 'cannot get filled on GF
(2:12 PM) *** michael_9 has joined the room ***
(2:13 PM) steve_45_4: thanks for the hard and correct work
tomthetrader: Thank you...I hope your accounts are getting filledup with Green
(2:14 PM) steve_45_4: I am not Irish but loving the color grenn lol
(2:14 PM) JR Roden: TTT - I grabbed a short on DB.
(2:15 PM) JR Roden: Just in time for this bounce
tomthetrader: It will havea long hard 3 weeks
tomthetrader: 20% drop from here
(2:19 PM) Fulkdaddy: Kass sold all his bank shorts
(2:19 PM) Fulkdaddy: and SPY shorts
tomthetrader: I think we still have aways to go
tomthetrader: I will stay 100% short
tomthetrader: will add to commodity longs or other hedges in Main or IRA as usual
(2:26 PM) *** avtrtrder has joined the room ***
(2:26 PM) JR Roden: db's bounce in the past 20 min on very small volume
tomthetrader: Yes and just got filled on GF short
tomthetrader: we should end on the lows of the day -175 or about 7898
(2:34 PM) avtrtrder: gf that a stock?
tomthetrader: GF CEF
tomthetrader: Closed end fund
tomthetrader: Buying calls on QID in to close ATM 50
tomthetrader: contracts
tomthetrader: RIMM AAPL will also fall
tomthetrader: ISRG and GOOG BIDU
tomthetrader: 1319 NQ target 1300
tomthetrader: FSLR target 135
tomthetrader: BBBY target 20.00
tomthetrader: DRYS short from 5.55 and EXM more short
tomthetrader: C Short if you can find it
tomthetrader: HGR short
tomthetrader: EXPD short
tomthetrader: STRA short
(2:46 PM) *** Yoda Michael has joined the room ***
(2:46 PM) tomthetrader: Yoda Michael was bounced from the room by tomthetrader. If you want to learn more about the rules for this room, read the room rules on the groups page or contact the owner: tomthetrader
(2:47 PM) *** redliontrader has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: FXI short
tomthetrader: INTC short into earnings with a straddle
tomthetrader: 20 contracts long 50 short
tomthetrader: 15.00
tomthetrader: april
tomthetrader: 16.03 at purchase
(2:54 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: y
(2:54 PM) bloomert: y
(2:54 PM) redliontrader: y
(2:55 PM) steve_45_4: y
(2:55 PM) pupster: y
(2:55 PM) JR Roden: y
(2:55 PM) berniectx: Very terrific calls again today Tom...thanks for your great guidance
tomthetrader: Thank you
(2:55 PM) JR Roden: I'm w/you short on the Q's and DB
tomthetrader: You are welcome bern ..I hope you make a million and buy us a TTT Island ?
(2:56 PM) berniectx: just want to make some of what you and Thomas make
tomthetrader: Thomas probably flying over us with his Jumbo jet
tomthetrader: international man of mystery
(3:01 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
(3:02 PM) *** plomo345 has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: good shakeouts but no stopping the selling now
tomthetrader: full reports tonight
tomthetrader: reminder ...e-mail changeover this weekend again so please take time to reply to keep you on the main ttt list
tomthetrader: thanks
tomthetrader: 64.85 skf calls bought into close
tomthetrader: SKF calls
tomthetrader: APR 65.00
(3:28 PM) eman11: Nice call Tom on the drop
(3:31 PM) eman11: Tom - are you holding your Traders account 100% short overnight
(3:33 PM) *** nebula1000 has joined the room ***
(3:36 PM) *** eman11 has joined the room ***
(3:41 PM) *** Fulkdaddy has joined the room ***
(3:41 PM) berniectx: have to run be careful...TTT the BEST of the BEST!
(3:48 PM) *** infos2 has joined the room ***
(3:50 PM) *** eman11 has joined the room ***
(3:53 PM) *** bogdan07 has joined the room ***
(3:53 PM) JR Roden: This was one big dive for DB in the past 30 min
(3:53 PM) *** TraderTim has joined the room ***
(3:55 PM) JR Roden: TTT - what is your call for the overnight session and tomorrow's open?
(3:57 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom, great call on SKF calls. they must have doubled by now that SKF is itm
(3:57 PM) *** azags has joined the room ***
(4:03 PM) JR Roden: TTT - where do you think the Q's will be by EO Week?
(4:05 PM) eman11: Has there been any audio for the last 45 min. I have not heard any. My computer has been acting up today. So I am not sure if there was no audio or if there isa problem with my computer
(4:06 PM) ajayvee: haven't heard a peep for quite a while
(4:06 PM) JR Roden: I don't think there was any audio
(4:08 PM) eman11: Thanks for letting me know
tomthetrader: sorry had a conference call
tomthetrader: really looking at a 8-10 per cent correction here
(4:11 PM) steve_45_4: important to us too
(4:13 PM) Fulkdaddy: nothing yet
(4:15 PM) steve_45_4: intc running up
(4:15 PM) steve_45_4: not anymore lol
tomthetrader: before earnings or on news ?
(4:15 PM) DE_TTT: INTC Intel prelim $0.11 vs $0.03 First Call consensus; revs $7.1 bln vs $6.98 bln First Call consensus
tomthetrader: I am short approx 20K
(4:15 PM) steve_45_4: dropping now
tomthetrader: 16.03 short
(4:15 PM) DE_TTT: Need to guide up, I think.
tomthetrader: with 5-2 leverAGE
(4:17 PM) DE_TTT: CSX CSX Corp prelim $0.62 vs $0.51 First Call consensus; revs $2.2 bln vs $2.26 bln First Call consensus
(4:17 PM) nimesh_: hmm, why is intel down, if numbers above concensus
(4:17 PM) eman11: Thanks DE for quick earnings reports updates
(4:17 PM) nimesh_: tom, what do u think about goog gorilla?
tomthetrader: sHORT gOOG
tomthetrader: bIDU ETC
(4:18 PM) eman11: intc down 4.5% after hours
(4:19 PM) JR Roden: Wow, that's a pretty good drop.
(4:19 PM) nimesh_: tom, great calls, u are da man!
(4:19 PM) DE_TTT: Intel CEO: "We believe PC sales bottomed out during the first quarter and that the industry is returning to normal seasonal patterns."
tomthetrader: RackingupHUGE GAINS
tomthetrader: Thanks
tomthetrader: Good Job
tomthetrader: Guys TTT TEAM WORLDWIDE is back in 100% FULL STRIDE
(4:20 PM) DE_TTT: Guiding for flat revenue in Q2 and mid-40s gross margin.
tomthetrader: booo yah jIM
(4:20 PM) DE_TTT: Intel plans for Q2 revs flat with Q1 revs of $7.10 bln; consensus for Q2 is $7.05 bln; gross margins are expected to be in the mid-40s
(4:21 PM) DE_TTT: Inventories down $700mm in Q1.
(4:22 PM) JR Roden: That should knock the Q's down too ... correct?
(4:38 PM) nimesh_: nasdaq futures really tanked
tomthetrader: WE i GET MY 1300 nIMESH /
tomthetrader: ebay RUNNING A BIT
tomthetrader: DNDN AJ sold perfectly was not a hog !
tomthetrader: 32.15 Q's 29.50 target
tomthetrader: anyone stay with my MAY 34.00 puts ?
tomthetrader: pretty amazing run
tomthetrader: INTC coming bACK STRONG
tomthetrader: 15.27 -16.07
tomthetrader: WE WILL SEE
tomthetrader: 1322 nq
(4:47 PM) nimesh_: tom, do u want to go long at 100 nq?
(4:47 PM) nimesh_: 1300 nq
tomthetrader: That is my target to cover 10 contracts short from 1333.50 NQ
(4:53 PM) nimesh_: nice!!. damn close
tomthetrader: yes ...will have to probably sell early cause I never hold til a target !
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tomthetrader: Ebay up 5% INTC down 4%
tomthetrader: CSX up railroads OK
tomthetrader: help transports
tomthetrader: Bears may get scared early
tomthetrader: so I qam going ot cover some of the futures in TF
tomthetrader: and just carry 10 short NQ
(5:01 PM) nimesh_: Tf hanging in there
(5:01 PM) nimesh_: es drifting lower
(5:02 PM) nimesh_: nq down the most obviously due to intel
tomthetrader: I am out of TF with 22K
(5:02 PM) nimesh_: nice
tomthetrader: NQ I will hold
(5:03 PM) nimesh_: tom, do u expect us to go lower into expiration or should we see bottom tomorrow?
tomthetrader: so TRADERS will be about 80% Short
(5:05 PM) pupster: Tom the ATM MACHINE...!!!!!!
tomthetrader: It is working again
tomthetrader: someone unplugged it in Sept for a month or two
tomthetrader: I found the plug in in Nov
(5:06 PM) pupster: funny...someone tripped the plug momentarily
tomthetrader: broke down a bit in FEB But got a new one on March 3rd !
(5:10 PM) JR Roden: TTT - You asked above if anyone still had the may puts ... yes, I'm still holding them.
(5:11 PM) *** lovejunk has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: You are up nicely ?
tomthetrader: JR ?
tomthetrader: Did you sell some or just take asmall position ?
(5:27 PM) Alert: Could stem cell research lead to immortality? Find out NOW on News Talk Online in the Radio/TV Section [Free Video]
tomthetrader: E-MINI NASDAQ 100 Jun ’09 17:17:07 EDT 1,309.50 -14.50 1,312.75 1,315.75 1,304.25
tomthetrader: MINI DOW JONES INDUS.-$5 Jun ’09 17:17:07 EDT 7,843.00 -41.00 7,872.00 7,873.00 7,834.00
tomthetrader: EBAY giving up
tomthetrader: may get 1300 here

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Total 9 Stocks 2.15% 4535300.02 386500.02 9.32% 95500.10

Portfolio Create new portfolioTRADERSTTT Main FundTTT IRA Account\"THE BUYS OF A LIFETIME \"FOR THOSE WHO MISSED OUT view | edit | delete | create new | open in screener

No. Ticker Company Price Change% Volume Transaction Date Shares Cost Market Value Gain$ Gain% Change$
1. ZF Zweig Fund Inc. 2.60 -0.76% 27,410 Buy 03-20-09 100,000 2.04 259999.99 55999.99 27.45% -2000.00
2. CELG Celgene Corporation 40.99 0.54% 1,640,824 Buy 04-02-09 10,000 38.47 409900.02 25200.02 6.55% 2200.01
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8. DAG PowerShares DB Agriculture Dble Long ETN 9.10 -0.98% 25,056 Buy 04-02-09 50,000 8.83 455000.02 13500.02 3.06% -4499.96
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