Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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tomthetrader: all of our trades have a purpose and all have a end point ...good or bad ..fortunately our winning % is higher than anyone I know
tomthetrader: 160 ES points taken covered short 160 x 50 = $8,000
(12:36 PM) DE_TTT: Great short call, Tom...all around.
tomthetrader: Thank you !
(12:37 PM) TTTMichael: Are you waiting for Intel to report beore you close out QQQ option trade??
(12:38 PM) TTTMichael: before
(12:40 PM) pupster: UNG...14.83? Tom, thoughts?
(12:41 PM) TTTMichael: NDX 1300 is not that far down.
(12:41 PM) TTTMichael: Just closes the 60 min gap.
(12:42 PM) TTTMichael: I'm chicken, used 36 puts, more delta.
(12:43 PM) pupster: in on FAZ today at average 9.83
(12:47 PM) pupster: good call today TOM..!!!
tomthetrader: Thank you ! I am just hoping folks will take the LONG calls in a Bull and Short calls in a correction and understand why we do what we do
tomthetrader: UNG is very close to a BUY
tomthetrader: My indicators do work ?
(12:52 PM) pupster: yes...!!!!!!!!!
(12:52 PM) thomas_Poland: no
(12:52 PM) thomas_Poland:
(12:53 PM) thomas_Poland: TTT go TTT
(12:53 PM) thomas_Poland: I have not seen those great options plays for some time
(12:53 PM) berniectx: you are hitting out of the park again!
tomthetrader: Needed the right conditions ..we are back Thomas
(12:54 PM) thomas_Poland: yes
(12:54 PM) thomas_Poland: and when is your book comming out ?
(12:54 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: As soon as Bernie doubles his money !
tomthetrader: Tell us when Bern ?
(12:54 PM) thomas_Poland: who cares about bernie ?
(12:55 PM) thomas_Poland: anybody likes bernie? POLL
(12:55 PM) thomas_Poland:
(12:55 PM) berniectx: quiet Thomas! I want to double now!
(12:55 PM) thomas_Poland: bernie double the money and tell TTT to finish book
(12:56 PM) *** an_mafia has joined the room ***
(12:56 PM) thomas_Poland: I just do not want to get violent again
(12:56 PM) berniectx: would love a book by TTT Tom
(12:56 PM) thomas_Poland: yes me too
(12:57 PM) thomas_Poland: but he is writing this one for like 20 years
(12:57 PM) thomas_Poland: and now it is obsolete
(12:57 PM) thomas_Poland: he still uses decimal prices in the book
(1:01 PM) berniectx: GS getting hammered down $11.60
(1:04 PM) *** vi-ngot-doi-moi5 has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: Like college I am on the 20 year plan
tomthetrader: Thomas just wants my indicator package...wouldn't read the background stories
tomthetrader: 1315.00 NQ will move stops to 4 pooints back
(1:07 PM) arujunaa: thomas likes your package........................
tomthetrader: Oh Yeah....
tomthetrader: I don't mind that pink dress and heels too bad either !
(1:07 PM) *** NUHOANGTRAITAOTHOM_ has joined the room ***
(1:08 PM) tomthetrader: NUHOANGTRAITAOTHOM_ has been bounced from the group
tomthetrader: again move stop up on TF and NQ
tomthetrader: and FSLR FAZ URE
tomthetrader: XLF calls
(1:10 PM) thomas_Poland: hey .. Tim Knight is king !
(1:10 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
tomthetrader: yes..his longs arenow shorts ?
tomthetrader: Steve _45_4 are youdoingOK ?
(1:11 PM) thomas_Poland: he never goes long .. at least his wife says so
tomthetrader: If you are there ?
(1:11 PM) thomas_Poland: sorry .. .had to say it
(1:11 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: Length definitely a issue at TK house !
(1:12 PM) arujunaa:
tomthetrader: I love you guys
(1:12 PM) arujunaa: beastiality?
(1:12 PM) pupster: Tom...what's the longest time frame you've held a stock
(1:12 PM) steve_45_4: sorry Tom . yes doing great thanks and thank you for thing of me.
tomthetrader: Thank you and hope we are all on board
(1:13 PM) steve_45_4: thinking of me *
tomthetrader: tradingis a frustrating area ..we always try to give 100% ...Thomas and Aruj have been here the longest and know my weaknesses and strengths
tomthetrader: I hope we all can benefit from all the upcoming rallies and failed rallies
(1:14 PM) arujunaa: it's been a good ride tom
tomthetrader: I can usually nail the tops and bottoms
(1:14 PM) steve_45_4: your strenghts certainly out weigh any weakness
(1:15 PM) *** bloomert has joined the room ***
(1:15 PM) arujunaa: low hanging fruit tom.....
tomthetrader: Now we go for the size of the pullback which I think may be worse than the last 2-3 ...meaning over 4.5%
tomthetrader: The easy money I thought was over but I was wrong ...this was the easiest money of the year short for me
(1:16 PM) arujunaa: i was talking about the innuendo
tomthetrader: OOOPs
tomthetrader: I guess I am still hanging too tight ?
tomthetrader: Gotta let em go ?
(1:18 PM) *** avtrtrder has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: It has been a great run
(1:19 PM) arujunaa: vix down on day. this bond trader doesn't get it.
(1:19 PM) DE_TTT: Great day or two to rub out the late call buyers!
tomthetrader: Yes ...and that is it
tomthetrader: The call buyers just had to be dealt with before OPEX
tomthetrader: they had the best run since 2003
tomthetrader: call options were up 4000-5000%
(1:21 PM) *** bogdan07 has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: so they were not Dumb money
tomthetrader: 839 ES
tomthetrader: 1314 NQ
(1:23 PM) DE_TTT: I'm almost ready to buy semis again, Tom...stop me!!!
(1:24 PM) pupster: Bernake speaks soon ?...will mkt go down
tomthetrader: I am going to hold off ..and would recommend you too !
(1:24 PM) pupster: ok
tomthetrader: DE : Just wait ..10% at a time I will be back on the bull at 1275-1300 NDX ....I will be jealous if you beat me back in
(1:25 PM) DE_TTT:
(1:28 PM) pupster: what was the $4 stock u put in the IRA
tomthetrader: ISRG GOOG BIDU FXI EEM
(1:28 PM) pupster: right...thx
(1:29 PM) pupster: nice channel
tomthetrader: 838.50 from 862.50 in ES
(1:33 PM) DE_TTT: ISRG and GOOG report Thursday AMC. I believe FSLR reports Weds, April 30. Just fyi...
(1:35 PM) DE_TTT: European Markets Closing Prices: FTSE: 3989.00 +5.3 +0.1%, DAX: 4557.0+65.9 +1.5% CAC: 3000.2 +26.0 +0.9%
(1:36 PM) DE_TTT: Note: They closed at 11:30am EST, I believe.
tomthetrader: Yes ...could be a good time to short DB and GF
(1:42 PM) *** thomas_Poland has joined the room ***
(1:44 PM) JR Roden: Are you actually going to short either DB or GF?
(2:00 PM) *** steve_45_4 has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: I am short DB
tomthetrader: 'cannot get filled on GF
(2:12 PM) *** michael_9 has joined the room ***
(2:13 PM) steve_45_4: thanks for the hard and correct work
tomthetrader: Thank you...I hope your accounts are getting filledup with Green
(2:14 PM) steve_45_4: I am not Irish but loving the color grenn lol
(2:14 PM) JR Roden: TTT - I grabbed a short on DB.
(2:15 PM) JR Roden: Just in time for this bounce
tomthetrader: It will havea long hard 3 weeks
tomthetrader: 20% drop from here
(2:19 PM) Fulkdaddy: Kass sold all his bank shorts
(2:19 PM) Fulkdaddy: and SPY shorts
tomthetrader: I think we still have aways to go
tomthetrader: I will stay 100% short
tomthetrader: will add to commodity longs or other hedges in Main or IRA as usual
(2:26 PM) *** avtrtrder has joined the room ***
(2:26 PM) JR Roden: db's bounce in the past 20 min on very small volume
tomthetrader: Yes and just got filled on GF short
tomthetrader: we should end on the lows of the day -175 or about 7898
(2:34 PM) avtrtrder: gf that a stock?
tomthetrader: GF CEF
tomthetrader: Closed end fund
tomthetrader: Buying calls on QID in to close ATM 50
tomthetrader: contracts
tomthetrader: RIMM AAPL will also fall
tomthetrader: ISRG and GOOG BIDU
tomthetrader: 1319 NQ target 1300
tomthetrader: FSLR target 135
tomthetrader: BBBY target 20.00
tomthetrader: DRYS short from 5.55 and EXM more short
tomthetrader: C Short if you can find it
tomthetrader: HGR short
tomthetrader: EXPD short
tomthetrader: STRA short
(2:46 PM) *** Yoda Michael has joined the room ***
(2:46 PM) tomthetrader: Yoda Michael was bounced from the room by tomthetrader. If you want to learn more about the rules for this room, read the room rules on the groups page or contact the owner: tomthetrader
(2:47 PM) *** redliontrader has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: FXI short
tomthetrader: INTC short into earnings with a straddle
tomthetrader: 20 contracts long 50 short
tomthetrader: 15.00
tomthetrader: april
tomthetrader: 16.03 at purchase
(2:54 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: y
(2:54 PM) bloomert: y
(2:54 PM) redliontrader: y
(2:55 PM) steve_45_4: y
(2:55 PM) pupster: y
(2:55 PM) JR Roden: y
(2:55 PM) berniectx: Very terrific calls again today Tom...thanks for your great guidance
tomthetrader: Thank you
(2:55 PM) JR Roden: I'm w/you short on the Q's and DB
tomthetrader: You are welcome bern ..I hope you make a million and buy us a TTT Island ?
(2:56 PM) berniectx: just want to make some of what you and Thomas make
tomthetrader: Thomas probably flying over us with his Jumbo jet
tomthetrader: international man of mystery
(3:01 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
(3:02 PM) *** plomo345 has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: good shakeouts but no stopping the selling now
tomthetrader: full reports tonight
tomthetrader: reminder ...e-mail changeover this weekend again so please take time to reply to keep you on the main ttt list
tomthetrader: thanks
tomthetrader: 64.85 skf calls bought into close
tomthetrader: SKF calls
tomthetrader: APR 65.00
(3:28 PM) eman11: Nice call Tom on the drop
(3:31 PM) eman11: Tom - are you holding your Traders account 100% short overnight
(3:33 PM) *** nebula1000 has joined the room ***
(3:36 PM) *** eman11 has joined the room ***
(3:41 PM) *** Fulkdaddy has joined the room ***
(3:41 PM) berniectx: have to run be careful...TTT the BEST of the BEST!
(3:48 PM) *** infos2 has joined the room ***
(3:50 PM) *** eman11 has joined the room ***
(3:53 PM) *** bogdan07 has joined the room ***
(3:53 PM) JR Roden: This was one big dive for DB in the past 30 min
(3:53 PM) *** TraderTim has joined the room ***
(3:55 PM) JR Roden: TTT - what is your call for the overnight session and tomorrow's open?
(3:57 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom, great call on SKF calls. they must have doubled by now that SKF is itm
(3:57 PM) *** azags has joined the room ***
(4:03 PM) JR Roden: TTT - where do you think the Q's will be by EO Week?
(4:05 PM) eman11: Has there been any audio for the last 45 min. I have not heard any. My computer has been acting up today. So I am not sure if there was no audio or if there isa problem with my computer
(4:06 PM) ajayvee: haven't heard a peep for quite a while
(4:06 PM) JR Roden: I don't think there was any audio
(4:08 PM) eman11: Thanks for letting me know
tomthetrader: sorry had a conference call
tomthetrader: really looking at a 8-10 per cent correction here
(4:11 PM) steve_45_4: important to us too
(4:13 PM) Fulkdaddy: nothing yet
(4:15 PM) steve_45_4: intc running up
(4:15 PM) steve_45_4: not anymore lol
tomthetrader: before earnings or on news ?
(4:15 PM) DE_TTT: INTC Intel prelim $0.11 vs $0.03 First Call consensus; revs $7.1 bln vs $6.98 bln First Call consensus
tomthetrader: I am short approx 20K
(4:15 PM) steve_45_4: dropping now
tomthetrader: 16.03 short
(4:15 PM) DE_TTT: Need to guide up, I think.
tomthetrader: with 5-2 leverAGE
(4:17 PM) DE_TTT: CSX CSX Corp prelim $0.62 vs $0.51 First Call consensus; revs $2.2 bln vs $2.26 bln First Call consensus
(4:17 PM) nimesh_: hmm, why is intel down, if numbers above concensus
(4:17 PM) eman11: Thanks DE for quick earnings reports updates
(4:17 PM) nimesh_: tom, what do u think about goog gorilla?
tomthetrader: sHORT gOOG
tomthetrader: bIDU ETC
(4:18 PM) eman11: intc down 4.5% after hours
(4:19 PM) JR Roden: Wow, that's a pretty good drop.
(4:19 PM) nimesh_: tom, great calls, u are da man!
(4:19 PM) DE_TTT: Intel CEO: "We believe PC sales bottomed out during the first quarter and that the industry is returning to normal seasonal patterns."
tomthetrader: RackingupHUGE GAINS
tomthetrader: Thanks
tomthetrader: Good Job
tomthetrader: Guys TTT TEAM WORLDWIDE is back in 100% FULL STRIDE
(4:20 PM) DE_TTT: Guiding for flat revenue in Q2 and mid-40s gross margin.
tomthetrader: booo yah jIM
(4:20 PM) DE_TTT: Intel plans for Q2 revs flat with Q1 revs of $7.10 bln; consensus for Q2 is $7.05 bln; gross margins are expected to be in the mid-40s
(4:21 PM) DE_TTT: Inventories down $700mm in Q1.
(4:22 PM) JR Roden: That should knock the Q's down too ... correct?
(4:38 PM) nimesh_: nasdaq futures really tanked
tomthetrader: WE i GET MY 1300 nIMESH /
tomthetrader: ebay RUNNING A BIT
tomthetrader: DNDN AJ sold perfectly was not a hog !
tomthetrader: 32.15 Q's 29.50 target
tomthetrader: anyone stay with my MAY 34.00 puts ?
tomthetrader: pretty amazing run
tomthetrader: INTC coming bACK STRONG
tomthetrader: 15.27 -16.07
tomthetrader: WE WILL SEE
tomthetrader: 1322 nq
(4:47 PM) nimesh_: tom, do u want to go long at 100 nq?
(4:47 PM) nimesh_: 1300 nq
tomthetrader: That is my target to cover 10 contracts short from 1333.50 NQ
(4:53 PM) nimesh_: nice!!. damn close
tomthetrader: yes ...will have to probably sell early cause I never hold til a target !
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tomthetrader: Ebay up 5% INTC down 4%
tomthetrader: CSX up railroads OK
tomthetrader: help transports
tomthetrader: Bears may get scared early
tomthetrader: so I qam going ot cover some of the futures in TF
tomthetrader: and just carry 10 short NQ
(5:01 PM) nimesh_: Tf hanging in there
(5:01 PM) nimesh_: es drifting lower
(5:02 PM) nimesh_: nq down the most obviously due to intel
tomthetrader: I am out of TF with 22K
(5:02 PM) nimesh_: nice
tomthetrader: NQ I will hold
(5:03 PM) nimesh_: tom, do u expect us to go lower into expiration or should we see bottom tomorrow?
tomthetrader: so TRADERS will be about 80% Short
(5:05 PM) pupster: Tom the ATM MACHINE...!!!!!!
tomthetrader: It is working again
tomthetrader: someone unplugged it in Sept for a month or two
tomthetrader: I found the plug in in Nov
(5:06 PM) pupster: funny...someone tripped the plug momentarily
tomthetrader: broke down a bit in FEB But got a new one on March 3rd !
(5:10 PM) JR Roden: TTT - You asked above if anyone still had the may puts ... yes, I'm still holding them.
(5:11 PM) *** lovejunk has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: You are up nicely ?
tomthetrader: JR ?
tomthetrader: Did you sell some or just take asmall position ?
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tomthetrader: E-MINI NASDAQ 100 Jun ’09 17:17:07 EDT 1,309.50 -14.50 1,312.75 1,315.75 1,304.25
tomthetrader: MINI DOW JONES INDUS.-$5 Jun ’09 17:17:07 EDT 7,843.00 -41.00 7,872.00 7,873.00 7,834.00
tomthetrader: EBAY giving up
tomthetrader: may get 1300 here

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