Wednesday, December 30, 2009

TTT Options Service Knocks Em' Out !

Hi ,

Over the past month we have created a new options service...bottom line for less than 50 cents a trade idea it kills Options monster and boosts your profits...we have had great calls on DE AGU POT SLM AAPL SMH
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Friday, December 25, 2009

TTT OPTIONS ALERT UP 634% In 45 Days Join Now !

Merry Christmas !

I wanted to make one more sales pitch for my new options Alert ! Here is a option recommendation I sent out Dec. 10 th ...just 15 days ago ! We bought the Massey Energy calls at 1.00 per 10 contracts =$1,000.00

If you would have taken that recommendation you would now have a nice 400% Gain !

MEE Jan 2010 40.0000 call
Last Trade: 4.11
Trade Time: Dec 24
Change: 0.09 (2.14%)
Prev Close: 4.20
Open: 4.11
Bid: 4.20
Ask: 4.40

Day's Range: N/A - 4.11
Contract Range: 0.05 - 4.31
Volume: 11
Open Interest: 6,572
Strike: 40.00
Expire Date: 15-Jan-10

This is why I think there is a great opportunity for you and TTT Options Service in 2010 !

For 50 cents per day you get some opportunities to make literally 10's of thousands of dollars !

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----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Tom Malone
To: Craig Ullery ; mmkn ; mcompute ; AJVasaris ; aliaone ; Marlin Cobb ; rglim ; netherbow.katherine ; netherbow ; ThinkScripter ; rglim63 ; eric.falchick ; eric ; Craig Ullery ; ; tracer99_2003 ; Gary Archer ; Marlin Cobb ; Larry ; "Roden, Joseph V (JR)" ; wpickett ; HBH Bharmal ; gulativk ; spaulmohan
Sent: Thu, December 10, 2009 9:04:13 AM
Subject: TTT Daily Decision Options Alert XLY Chart

Hi ,

We have to take a look at the consumer in here as short term seasonals we have 2 trades !

1) 1-30 Days Long Calls Buying the in the money Jan 25.00 Calls is a great rental on Christmas

These calls are a bit expensive but can get you a fairly easy 10% based on historical precedents.

2) Longer term on and after the rally a Put in the March 35.00 area would provide some profits as well

So this is the season for the consumer and I am going long into January but short XLY from January -March !

My Daily decision is one for today ...
MEE Jan 2010 40.0000 call
Last Trade: 1.00
Trade Time: Dec 9
Change: 0.00 (0.00%)
Prev Close: 1.00
Open: 0.89
Bid: N/A
Ask: N/A
Day's Range: 0.89 - 1.20
Contract Range: 0.05 - 4.10
Volume: 233
Open Interest: 6,105
Strike: 40.00
Expire Date: 15-Jan-10
I will try to buy MEE calls near the open as the contract range is near the lows and the stock tends to be leading the entire market in the past 3 months and now has had a KISS off the lows.

Try to get MEE calls around 1.00 if possible !

Good luck with your trading !

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Last year I picked 1121 cash SPX for a close ...well we may close on it ! I really think we can keep rallying until January OPEX bit will suffer a 20% decline in Jan 15th -March 15th 2010 ...if you want the most amazing trading room and the best trades updated by the minute you need to join...just click the PayPal button and you will get all the year end goodies but most of all you will miss the price increase and get in now !


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Monday, December 21, 2009


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Friday, December 18, 2009


I can think of no better way than to have you join TTT right now ....Special pricing and my yearly special on the best 50 stocks for 2010 and the fact I am the hottest ES futures trader on the planet now. If you want to make money ....join up today or call me and we will work out a payment plan just to get you making money ...we doubled our money again this quarter and I want you to enjoy our or call me 850-329-6745 ...35 years of business w/o a ad ...and looking for you to join for life !


Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hoping you and yours have a happy Holiday Season ...we have had a great year up over 1400% and looking to end the year peaceful and quiet ! I still think money can be made daily but buy and hold and swing trades are out except commodities maybe ! I think we will probably be growing stronger than many expect and will have rates rise faster than most suspect.

Be long TBT and Ags


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The normal correction from my proprietary TTT SELL SIGNAL is 3 % . How would you like to be told in advance when a 3% or more correction or rally is coming ! I have been doing it with my TTT Buy and Sell signal with 95% accurate since the development post crash 1987 !
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We need to male as much profit as we possibly can before we go into a 3-6 month sideways action so come see us today !


Currently buying oil and related NG stocks

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hi ,

Again I have little time to blog as my service is so busy and my members need my help so I will be brief...for those whom have followed me for years know of my TTT Buy and Sell signals and the rapid profits that arise from these.

We just got one today as I Tweeted to the members ( Follow me at tomandprisha )

1113 SPX cash will get a 3% haircut By Monday 4:15pm or it will be one of the few failures.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The time has finally come to start shorting the market with of course mixed in IRA and utilities. I was very bullish from the lows as documented and now having gained over 644% will start the process of shorting 1121 -1111 for the Tax loss season. Many do not understand tax loss season and confuse with a Santa Clause rally. Every day in the Traders room and on the e-mail service I try to educate and expand your trading knowledge by giving you all the odds and historical precedents.

Now is the time to look at long utilities and short some heavy cyclicals so maybe we have a square root ending to this runup but for now I will be in cash Friday at Noon and 10% short in SDS or MARCH ES FUTURES as we arealways the 1st to open the new contracts !


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Saturday, November 21, 2009


As my last blog indicated I was getting my members into cash and Monday's rally got us even net short as we peaked here and I am looking for a short term possible retest of the highs but will get shorter on the rally as the tide may have changed in here. I have some great ETF futures and options plays designed specifically for the next market swing so take the time to join me here as shorting and reentering may be a huge profit maker into 2010 Summer !


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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hi ,

For those whom have followed me over the years know I have slowed down my blogging to concentrate on out TTT Traders room even though it has hurt total membership I have always promised current members all my efforts ...I am still looking for new members but the fact is the markets are in what I call THE LOOTING PHASE wheras if you stay to long you will get clocked ! So I am trying to manage several portfolios with nearly hourly precision and it is very time consuming...most know me for the calling the majority of short and int. term swings for the past 7 years nearly perfect and if you want this type of service with great stock picks 100% up YOY and futures calls you should be !

Please take the time to sign up and navigate these difficult seas with me.

Maybe a bigger top than we know is setting up ...THIS WEEK !


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Thirty Five years of trading and we get overworked and overdone with charts and is simple sometimes ...we are in a BULL and are in the 2-3 rd inning of a 9 inning game so let's get 80% long and let it run !


What to buy

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have gain regained the 85% win ratio which is a sign of the highest degree of accuracy in the business. If you simply want to learn how to make money ...take my two week free trial.


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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I simply out worked them...I said there was a set up in crude oil and worked every area and bought the most $ amount CL and Crude minis I ever have and it paid off !

The Blog here is slow as my members need me 24/7 but I will post could be a part of the greatest profit making run in our history including another double !

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Monday, August 31, 2009


Best Deal on the nets $10K in profits today!
Hello Members,

I don’t usually do the marketing stuff.. Techical analysis and research are my two loves.. oh yeah and making money trading for a living. We have been hunting the short for a while and Tom’s call to go 100% short in Traders at the close last Friday netted us $10k today by 10am!

These are our closed trades today. When the rest of the world says bull (and we are cautious bulls on the longer time-frame side) the weakness at the current top was becoming apparent and Tom made the call.

Tom and I usually agree on most things, one thing we disagree about is the price of this service. I have been a member of many services that cost per month what Tom is charging per year.. and they were awful! I have been around to know a good deal, and a deal that is getting even better.

Some functions we are adding this year is plans to automate twitter tweets for real time trade and alerts. When a stop is fired you should be able to get an update.. anywhere in the world, telling you when&what we are buying and when we are selling. We have been working with Google on some alpha programs to give us the ability to run live scripts in our portfolios and with Howard Lindzin at stocktwits to take our service to the cutting edge. When our proprietary indicators fire you can opt in to get notified so that you can manage your own trades. Grhhhhh.. and Tom wants to give it away! Oh well, he is the boss.

Speaking of which… He has a little blurb below:

Hello TTT Members !

Just a quick update on our progress at TTT !

As you know each year from Labor Day until September 15th we attempt to FILL UP our Traders Chat with our loyal members and hold seats as we have limited space. I have always tried to be the lowest cost service as I know what it is like out there and I do everything in my power to get you making profits and have your services be a small part of your investing cost !

You will notice more and more changes as our website has improved and communications gets better daily ! Red Lion Trader and I have joined forces to give you my unique proven money making trading methods and "feel" of 35 years while Red has the research / charting and technical prowess to get you all my trades and in a easy to understand way.

Some major additions you will see starting September 15th is Options Monster and Guy Adami we will give you instant access to the site and their successful ( but very expensive) service. It is a one of a kind with so much data and info and direct options and stock calls. Guy has been red hot recently and the Najarians OWN this options market !

Also we will have e-mailed to you each day Investors Intelligence the model of sentiment along with Jason Goepferts Sentiment Trader we will have all the data we need. Included will be the Coe Report whom is also a Red Hot Trader that we will track and of course the daily reports that our money managers and my employer let us enjoy from Gartman to GS MS and Citi.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009


DESPITE THE ODDS OF A GREAT YEAR BEING LOW WE HAVE AMASSED HUGE GAINS BY BEING 2-3X Long From Marcj To May and now we are SHORT and looking for a pullback.

It is easy to join us and with all the changes and tech improve3ments you should be on Board to 2010 !

Last 15 Days of our renewal season so please sign up today



Short 80% Long 20%

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I rarely get signals as strong qas the 40 handle on the Equity Put call ratio...this is toppy not "start of a new bull" as many are proclaiming.

We need to see if a quick run back to below 1000 will shock some folks in the next 30 days and 950 SPX is again in question ...we will not go longer until we see a test.

Economy on fumes and we need more data !

20% short 30% long at the start of the end of the month !


Thursday, August 13, 2009


The market is short term overbought and rallied on the lowest volume of the year and even racked up a 2-1 A/D line NYSE win but there is something amiss.

If you look at the selling that has happened it is pretty well timed and on most rallies DURING THE DAY by insiders mostly as they lead the pack in selling.

I hate this type of market as we all overtrade , over worry and overanalyze. It is quite simple mostly in cash and use spec money to try to pick a top with close hit a 300 point down day you make your year.

longer term we are constructive but have bought all the way up and unless it is commodity longs for us yet.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Date Opened Portfolio Symbol Short or Long Qty Entry Price Exit Date Exit Price pct Gain Trade Gain pct of Port Days in Trade
10-Aug Main DUG S 3000 16.65 Closed 1% 16.4835 Aug-11 Sold 17 S MSC 17 51000 0.35 2.10% 17 $1,050 10.16% 10.161245011526% 1
11-Aug Main FCX L 800 61.31 Closed 8% 56.4052 Aug-11 Sold 61.94 S MLC 61.94 49552 0.63 1.03% 61.94 $504 9.87% 9.87274534923801% 0
11-Aug Main CAL L 4300 11.75 Closed 8% 10.81 Aug-11 Sold 11.98 S MLC 11.98 51514 0.23 1.96% 11.98 $989 10.26% 10.2636544220344% 0
11-Aug Traders ESU09.CME L 5 993.5 Closed Stop 944 Aug-11 Sold 993.5 F TLC 993.5 250 0 0.00% 993.5 $0 0.24% 0.24384058677799% 0
11-Aug Traders ESU09.CME L 5 993.5 Closed Stop 944 Aug-11 Sold 993.5 F TLC 993.5 250 0 0.00% 993.5 $0 0.24% 0.24384058677799% 0
7-Aug Traders NQU09.CME S -2 1627 Closed 0 1627 Aug-10 Sold 1609 F TSC 1609 40 18 1.11% 1609 $720 0.04% 0.039014493884478% 3
7-Aug Traders ESU09.CME S -2 1007 Closed 1007 Aug-10 Sold 1002.5 F TSC 1002.5 100 4.5 0.45% 1002.5 $450 0.10% 0.097536234711195% 3
7-Aug Traders NQU09.CME S -2 1618.5 Closed 0 1618.5 Aug-10 Sold 1608 F TSC 1608 40 10.5 0.65% 1608 $420 0.04% 0.039014493884478% 3
7-Aug Traders ESU09.CME S -2 1007 Closed 0 1007 Aug-10 Sold 1003.5 F TSC 1003.5 100 3.5 0.35% 1003.5 $350 0.10% 0.097536234711195% 3
10-Aug Traders UYG S -1800 5.58 Closed stop 5.54 Aug-10 Stopped 5.54 S TSC 5.54 9972 0.04 0.72% 5.54 $72 9.73% 9.72631332540039% 0
7-Aug Traders NQU09.CME S -2 1618.5 Closed 0 1618.5 Aug-10 Sold 1607 F TSC 1607 40 11.5 0.71% 1607 $460 0.04% 0.039014493884478% 3
10-Aug Traders TZA S 700 15.05 Closed Stop 15.05 Aug-10 Sold 15.17 S TSC 15.17 10619 0.12 0.80% 15.17 $84 10.36% 10.3573727639818% 0
10-Aug Traders TZA S 1700 15.09 Closed Stop 15.09 Aug-10 Sold 15.35 S TSC 15.35 26095 0.26 1.72% 15.35 $442 25.45% 25.4520804478864% 0
10-Aug Main DUG S 3000 16.66 Closed 1% 16.66 Aug-10 Stopped 16.66 S MSC 16.66 49980 0 0.00% 16.66 $0 9.96% 9.95802011129552% 0
3-Aug Main UUP L 2200 23.09 Closed 8% 21.2428 Aug-7 Sold 23.48 S MLC 23.48 51656 0.39 1.69% 23.48 $858 10.29% 10.291946515988% 4
4-Aug Main QCOM L 1100 46.05 Closed 8% 44.208 Aug-7 Sold 46.35 S MLC 46.35 50985 0.3 0.65% 46.35 $330 10.16% 10.1582564100521% 3
4-Aug Main HPQ L 1300 43.25 Closed 8% 41.52 Aug-7 Sold 43.4 S MLC 43.4 56420 0.15 0.35% 43.4 $195 11.24% 11.2411263441235% 3
4-Aug IRA Sav QCOM L 2600 46 Closed 8% 44.16 Aug-7 Sold 46 S ILC 46 119600 0 0.00% 46 $0 #N/A #N/A 3
4-Aug Main TIP L 500 100 Closed 8% 96 Aug-7 Sold 100.07 S MLC 100.07 50035 0.069999999999993 0.07% 100.07 $35 9.97% 9.96897831670011% 3

5-Aug IRA Sav CSCO L 5500 22.25 Closed 8% 20.47 Aug-7 Sold 22.25 S ILC 22.25 122375 0 0.00% 22.25 $0 #N/A #N/A 2
5-Aug Main CSCO L 2200 22.25 Closed 8% 20.47 Aug-7 Sold 22.71 S MLC 22.71 49962 0.46 2.07% 22.71 $1,012 9.95% 9.95443378952675% 2
7-Aug Main CAL L 4400 11.1 Closed 8% 10.212 Aug-7 Sold 11.97 S MLC 11.97 52668 0.87 7.84% 11.97 $3,828 10.49% 10.4935774954324% 0
7-Aug Main GS L 300 166.44 Closed 8% 166.44 Aug-7 Stopped 166.44 S MLC 166.44 49932 0 0.00% 166.44 $0 9.95% 9.94845658657879% 0
7-Aug Traders NQU09.CME S -4 1625 Closed 1625 Aug-7 Sold 1618.5 F TSC 1618.5 80 6.5 0.40% 1618.5 $520 0.08% 0.078028987768956% 0
4-Aug Main QQQX S -4000 14.8 Closed -8% 15.984 Aug-6 Sold 14.4 S MSC 14.4 57600 0.4 2.70% 14.4 $1,600 11.48% 11.4762296600765% 2
5-Aug Traders NQU09.CME S -4 1616.5 Closed 1616.5 Aug-6 Sold 1601.75 F TSC 1601.75 80 14.75 0.91% 1601.75 $1,180 0.08% 0.078028987768956% 1
5-Aug Traders ESU09.CME S -10 999.5 Closed 959.52 Aug-6 Sold 999.5 F TSC 999.5 500 0 0.00% 999.5 $0 0.49% 0.48768117355598% 1
5-Aug Traders TWM S 1500 33.6 Closed 4% 32.256 Aug-6 Sold 33.5 S TSC 33.5 50250 -0.1 -0.30% 33.5 -$150 49.01% 49.0119579423756% 1
5-Aug Traders EDZ S 5700 9.04 Closed 4% 8.6784 Aug-6 Sold 9.23 S TSC 9.23 52611 0.19 2.10% 9.23 $1,083 51.31% 1
5-Aug Traders NQU09.CME S -2 1616.5 Closed 1551.84 Aug-6 Sold 1602 F TSC 1602 40 14.5 0.90% 1602 $580 0.04% 1
5-Aug Traders NQU09.CME S -2 1616.5 Closed 1551.84 Aug-6 Sold 1601.5 F TSC 1601.5 40 15 0.93% 1601.5 $600 0.04% 1
5-Aug Traders NQU09.CME S -2 1616.5 Closed 1551.84 Aug-6 Sold 1599.25 F TSC 1599.25 40 17.25 1.07% 1599.25 $690 0.04% 1
6-Aug Traders DXD S 800 39.45 Closed 4% 37.872 Aug-6 Sold 39.45 S TSC 39.45 31560 0 0.00% 39.45 $0 30.78% 0
6-Aug Traders EDZ S 2400 9.2 Closed 8.49 -68.908 Aug-6 Sold 9.25 S TSC 9.25 22200 0.050000000000001 0.54% 9.25 $120 21.65% 0
6-Aug Traders EDZ S 2400 9.1 Closed 8.49 -68.159 Aug-6 Sold 9.25 S TSC 9.25 22200 0.15 1.65% 9.25 $360 21.65% 0

Just the real time Facts ...why not come aboard ...only a few days left before NO FREE TRIALS and NO PRICE BREAKS

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Thursday, August 6, 2009


A simple forecast for complex times...For TTT members I will guarantee you that if you don't make a ton of profits by Christmas ...I will give you a year free in out TRADERS account !

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We have a secret indicator that is lining up for a huge move !

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Sometimes the largest gains are made when capitulation occurs...without going into a lot of sentiment / mean reversion mumbo jumbo is time to take profits and short this market all can have the next 1-3% I am staying short til I get my price .

Short all 4 majot indices


Monday, August 3, 2009


As bull markets go I have seen a ton ...none have eaten up skeptics as much as this one. It has the bears taking vacations , yelling at co-workers and just plain embarrassed.

That is what the market wants to do !

So let them all capitulate and we will stare the markets down like we have for almost 35 years...there is nothing we cannot handle !

Long the dollar and short oil.


Monday, July 27, 2009


Above I gave you some freebies on stock picks but not having our e-mails and our strategies is not going to work !

Join today and get the most service , stock , option and futures calls !


So busy scanning and playing all our trades so short posts all the time and follow me on TWITTER : Follow tomandprisha




All you need to know to make yourself a millionaire in 12 months or in 6 months if you use options and follow my trading strategies.

Pass the word and let's take part in this Bull Run that is 100% Dr. Martin Zweig Approved ...the best trader of our generation is still putting us in the drivers seast for huge gains ...let's take them !


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Being Nimble is one thing but what we accomplished today was nothing short of a miracle ! We were wrong and short but able to cover in the opening minutes and get long in DYY DAG SM BPT and really made a nice comeback only to sell all longs and go short at our set resistance at 977 ES we made $ 2500 on a short and ended the day buying some BGZ and will ride out the rest of the correction tomorrow and Mondaylooking for 950 soon.


Please take time to join us today !

Monday, July 20, 2009


Hi is really time to get short on the short term and long on the long term ...only one way to do this is by using our 3 fund method and shorting aggressively in options and futures and go long at average prices great stocks.

We will continue to HEDGE and will pay off huge as a sharp 1-3% correction will come off missed earnings by KO CAT and AAPL...yep AAPL

So short em short term and buy em for your IRA



Thursday, March 12, 2009
The 9-1 up day is a most encouraging sign, and having two of them in a short span is extremely bullish. I call it a "double 9-1" when two such days occur within a short period of time. As an indicator, this calculation falls into one of two types. The first and most bullish is when there is no intervening 9-1 down days. We have just completed such an event today. Over the last 80 years there have been 18 double 9-1 signals. After the August 1982 signal there were 2 more 9-1 days in October. This amazing display of thrust was soon followed by another double 9-1 signal completed in January 1983.

The latest buy signal came in November when the Russell added on 40% from the lows. Our studies reveal that every time we've gotten a double 9-1 signal the market has been up an average of 13% over the following 6 months.

Every bull market in history, and many good intermediate advances, have been launched with a buying stampede that included one or more 9-1 up days. Most notable was a one day reading of 42-1 on August 17, 1982. Not so coincidentally, it heralded the strongest bull market in 50 yrs.

Today's double barreled buy signal is the first time in history they have come so close together. This tells me that not only we have a minimum 25% advance but may also herald in a spectacular new bull market which began Monday March 9, 2009 and could last well into 2010 with a target of 14,000 on the Dow.

If you would like to find out more about our TTT Hedge Fund 2009 please call me at 850-329-6745 or e-mail me at


Friday, July 10, 2009

94% accuracy on realized positions

We continue to astonish the market players with our ability to win big in bad conditions...all of our members hit home runs on Family Dollar and Goldman Sachs and we ahve some big plays next week. Overall market is neutral but stockpicking is IN IN IN


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


FDO PBGAA LEAPS Find out more Join today ...Buying GS calls now


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We are finally oversold enough to get a bounce ...what type of bounce will we get the bears have the ball nowor can we get a longer term run...I doubt it ...see all my positions and join the trading today !


Buy GS

Monday, July 6, 2009


Earning eason is upon us and as AA Alcoa hits the market there are little known companies that have made it through the recession w/o a scratch....find a diamond in the rough as we start to buy puts and calls in a profit making bonanza that begins Wednesday can't go without TTT options calls during earnings season ! Join me today !


Friday, July 3, 2009


No one really has a handle on this market in my view and from a comment I made the other day in our TRADERS Chat ..." There isn't one stock I would own today on the NYSE" really puts this investing thing in view. 1st I was upset that the market continued to frothily go up on no volume and speculative issues ( NAZ 2x NYSE Volume) continued to rise for no good reason.

I get notes daily from folks whom say what in the world happened ? You were always so bullish and had at leasy 50% of you portfolio in long stocks until the crashes...welll that is what do things for reasons and having the largest loss of investable money in the shortst duration in the history of the world is the market telling me there is something wrong !

Now everyone thinks or thought ...that the government will backstop any losses and everything is fine and dandy again...lets buy some penny stocks and stocks under 5.00 bucks as they are going to the moon ! Well it worked short term as the world was awash with cash and hope of economies recovering and stocks way UNDERVALUED. I put more cash into stocks in November 2008 and March 2009 than in the last 5 years combined! I was Long Futures options 2-3x ETF's and stocks were too low return for me !

But as May approached and the GREEN SHOOTS were just coming from the ground a few things started registering #1 we were doubling our money pretty quick every two weeks there was only 1-3 % pull backs and technically all historical precedents showed we should stop and drop for a 8-10% correction off the 70% gains in we pulled our longs back and just started to HEDGE HOG in and out and then June was here and the writing was on the was time to short rallies again..even as prices went up the BEAR was setting up again for at minimal a retest of where we dumped our longs ...875-888 SPX cash.

So here we are ...once criticized for being to Bullish then too bearish and now we have to make the next call. This next week the government and corporate America and the world will use terms like projected guidance and new revenue streams but we here at TTT look at earnings and earnings will run the markets the rest of July. I have a special report naming the dates of release and winners and loser in the upcoming earnings season...please take the time to join at such a low cost and see how easy it is to become a TTT member and make the profits you deserve.

I have a tremendous track record of performance and feel you can beat this market handily...why not join me today and get a free trial and the free earnings reports !




Thursday, July 2, 2009




Monday, June 29, 2009


Old pros don't like this action ...the old guys like to see the Dow underperform the broad market but we can let this occur for a few days ...the low volume doesn't concern me is the economy ...stupid !

Can we honestly move ahead with 0 earnings ...or will the earnings be the cost reductions from laying off more and more. Seems like the VIX is indicating that all is well...I am never one to call CRASH in a blog but when the market acts like 87 99 and 2002 , it gets me on the short side...since today was considered a UP day even though the average stock actually LOST MONEY ...the odds are up for a poor rest of the week and the ES resistance is still intact...and remember ...those whom are buying the stocks are those whom were selling in February.

So insiders selling too...frothy tape and a recovering economy ...out of recessionas far as we are concerned ....what to do....I am trying to short a tough market now and if it doesn't work by Thursdays Job data ...we all jump on the 1999 train cause if it doesn't fall now never will !



Saturday, June 27, 2009


This week should give us a retest of the support from the BIG Rally we tripled our money in. See why we are short now and be with me on the next ASCENT as we may go to 14,000 Dow sooner than most think

TTT Hedge Fund the lowest cost way to trade with the pros and double your money every 90 days

Join Me !!! Our policy of giving free trades out is over but with a special $50 membership ...I will give you MSFT as a short for Monday


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Tomorrow up and Friday down with Monday down and Tuesday up ! That is what the market will give us the next 5 days so let's try to get our positions in today for tomorrow as our biggest gains are now on 2 day trades which seems logical as the gap ups and down will get us the extra gains from well timed picks the day before ala our FXI trade.

Keep punchin and we have sentiment and indies NEUTRAL in a corrective market.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


tomthetrader: Rates keep climbing higher
(1:34 PM) tcb66: Not a buyer to be found in the bond market today
tomthetrader: Nope just a steaDY RISE
tomthetrader: or drop depending on your holding
tomthetrader: MEA a great call buy our member !
tomthetrader: MEA 2 days up 30%
tomthetrader: VZ could have sold now ?
tomthetrader: ABT ?
tomthetrader: NKE ?
tomthetrader: STJ ?
tomthetrader: all grrat stock picks
tomthetrader: 46.95 DXD keep going baby !
tomthetrader: .98
tomthetrader: LULL
tomthetrader: Thomas knows what the LULL is
tomthetrader: 4 new intl' finds
tomthetrader: EUR JAP BRAZIL MEX
tomthetrader: 2x funds
(1:48 PM) redliontrader: I have us 100% Cash Traders & IRA, 10% long Main in POT
(1:53 PM) thomas_Poland: I was short but covered
(1:53 PM) thomas_Poland: I think we go higher now
(1:53 PM) thomas_Poland: to many people shorted 917.50 ?
(1:53 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom you still short ?
(1:53 PM) thomas_Poland: and yes LULL
(1:53 PM) Alert: ====SECURITY BULLETIN!=======
Using utilites from third parties such as button holders, remote typers, etc ... are at risk of having their passwords stolen!
Many of these utilities contain trojans that report your nickname and password to the program's creator. We encourage everyone to change their password reguarly, and to uncheck the save password checkbox on the login screen.
If you do this, you will have to enter your password every time you log in, but it is a small price to pay to keep your account and password protected.
(1:54 PM) redTest: i am long DDM @ 29.73
(1:55 PM) redTest: again it is going to pop any minute now one way or the other..
(1:55 PM) eman11: I covered ES for small profit - support at 920 strong
(1:56 PM) redTest: is there 2pm news today?
(1:57 PM) redTest: no 2pm news
(2:01 PM) hibuck2: NYSE A/D +675
(2:02 PM) hibuck2: $PCRCO .97
(2:03 PM) hibuck2: $TNX 38.30 3.83
(2:03 PM) hibuck2: $TRIN .86 $TRIQE 1.41
tomthetrader: Dollar SPIKE here POIL should Tank DUG ?
tomthetrader: OIL
(2:05 PM) DE_TTT: XHB falling apart
tomthetrader: LIGHT CRUDE OIL (CL N9) Last: 71.47 Change: 0.44 Thursday June 18, 2009 13:05 CDT
tomthetrader: Dollar in Spike up what gives ?
tomthetrader: ALL EARS
(2:06 PM) DE_TTT: Gold getting waxed also, Tom.
tomthetrader: Yes 940 many were TRAPPED
tomthetrader: DGZ ?
tomthetrader: I want Gold at 400.00
tomthetrader: DZZ
tomthetrader: ?
(2:08 PM) ajayvee: this market is making me DZ
(2:08 PM) DE_TTT: Wrt semis, some data points now coming out of Taiwan that chip foundries are scaling back. First time I've heard that in awhile.
(2:08 PM) Fulkdaddy: Gartman just initiated a position in Gold at 930...stop at 928
(2:08 PM) Fulkdaddy: I think he did it yesterday
tomthetrader: DZZ is the play for a strong dollar with UUP and DUG ?
tomthetrader: DXD
tomthetrader: SDS
tomthetrader: BGZ
tomthetrader: we are going to TANK ?
tomthetrader: YRWC was up big early now fallling off cliff
(2:10 PM) richardt_5: I have DXD @47.00....... lets tank
(2:10 PM) Fulkdaddy: If gold rolls over here, it looks like there is no stopping it until 865
(2:11 PM) DE_TTT: YRCW, time!
tomthetrader: It's a disease !
(2:11 PM) ajayvee: YRWC talking bankruptcy here in the local paper
(2:12 PM) ajayvee: achooo!
tomthetrader: DE ! you catch everyone !
tomthetrader: stop AJ !
(2:13 PM) tcb66: TF turned away right at trendline since Monday.....third lower high since then
(2:13 PM) DE_TTT: LOL
tomthetrader: TF great point
tomthetrader: Q's unch
tomthetrader: even with drop in Dow
tomthetrader: is this all options ex related?
(2:15 PM) thomas_Poland: com on .. I blew this trade
(2:15 PM) thomas_Poland: I wan blood
tomthetrader: mxim
(2:16 PM) tcb66: Bonds trying to put in a bottom here
tomthetrader: everything stabilizing
(2:17 PM) ajayvee: VIX sub-30 again
tomthetrader: 2:30pm shouldbe just stocks to fight it out ? Rally on nothing but short covering if they turn here
tomthetrader: 914-925
tomthetrader: 917 guesstimate close tomorrow 4pm
(2:23 PM) eman11: Tom should we sell DXD when SPX reaches 914
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: or sooner ...I would sell DXD now
tomthetrader: I am really afraid they will spike us up to HOD very soon
(2:24 PM) Fulkdaddy: Kass is getting short into the ramp
(2:24 PM) Fulkdaddy: posted at 2:11 pm
tomthetrader: Bears can't seem to take us down so it has to be options EX
tomthetrader: for now very CHICKEN
(2:27 PM) berniectx: glad you are guiding us I am always scared of any loss, but have you and this great group!!
tomthetrader: locked in a very good week ..don't want to give 1 penny back
tomthetrader: Thanks Bernie may have to shovel it at times but we give you the info and ideas ., make the calls ..great job
tomthetrader: we love having you on the TTT team
tomthetrader: Kass says he is selectively shorting
tomthetrader: selecting what is down ?
tomthetrader: only TTT Shows penny to penny every trade ? don't know anyone else who does ?
(2:29 PM) redTest: every rally attempt has be squashed since noon
(2:29 PM) Fulkdaddy: He did not say, just said he is "picking his spots"
(2:29 PM) Fulkdaddy: His favorite long is LNC.
tomthetrader: yes but is it sellers of Options related or is it a bigger TOP forming
(2:31 PM) redTest: yes
(2:31 PM) redTest: again smacked back down
tomthetrader: top /
tomthetrader: DE ? Possible TOP ?
(2:32 PM) arujunaa: are you guys following the libor story?
tomthetrader: or OpEx crud?
tomthetrader: Libor I am not ..I left Libor a while back ., what is going on ?
(2:33 PM) dhmohan1963: tom why did we close evry thing
(2:33 PM) arujunaa: the bba in london have said they will change the way libor is set by including new banks in the libor fixing process
(2:33 PM) Fulkdaddy: There is a post on RealMoney I will send on LIBOR
(2:33 PM) dhmohan1963: i have been on off the board
(2:33 PM) arujunaa: so now, there may be lower quality banks involved
(2:33 PM) arujunaa: which means that lending rates may spike
tomthetrader: Right so this could be another shoe Aruj ?
(2:34 PM) arujunaa: that's the why the short end of the treasury curve is getting smoked
tomthetrader: this is part of this credit inavailibilty
(2:34 PM) arujunaa: it could be. it's bad for banks if spreads widen
(2:34 PM) arujunaa: which they are
tomthetrader: and why some are saying the consumer will stop in their tracks /
(2:35 PM) arujunaa: the consumer has baffled me for 6 months now
tomthetrader: covered ES u9 913.00 4.5 points
tomthetrader: Consumer is NOT back
(2:35 PM) redliontrader: 100% Cash Traders & IRA, 10% long Main in POT
tomthetrader: Press says they are
tomthetrader: They are not
(2:36 PM) Fulkdaddy: I agree...on the consumer
tomthetrader: The savings rate and credit limits and scores will go up but that won'y help KSS JCP and hundreds others
(2:36 PM) Fulkdaddy: There is going to be a shift in consumer behavior similar to what happened with those who went through the depression...much higher savings rates and less discreationary spending
(2:36 PM) berniectx: in the Dallas marketplace it seems people are still spending at least from my observations when I go to a mall
tomthetrader: Yes TX has been Immune ?
(2:37 PM) Fulkdaddy: Bernie, do you live in an affluent area?
tomthetrader: It seems like TX and CAL are opposite ends of world
tomthetrader: FL consumer is stifled
(2:37 PM) DE_TTT: 14:22 U.S. tracking North Korean ship suspected of carrying weapons or nuclear material- Fox News Channel
(2:37 PM) Fulkdaddy: MI dead
(2:37 PM) berniectx: suburb of Dallas, went through the collapse here in the late 80's this is nothing compared to that
tomthetrader: Thanks DE
(2:38 PM) Fulkdaddy: property values are now down 40-50% in MI
(2:38 PM) thomas_Poland: Nasdaq breadth is getting better ?
tomthetrader: Yes
(2:38 PM) DE_TTT: Libor will be a new animal as of tomorrow according to Reuters, the British Bankers' Associations survey to derive the daily Libor which hit yet another record low today, with the 3-mo dollar Libor set at 0.061%, is going to be open to banks based outside of London.
tomthetrader: NAZ looking for help though
(2:38 PM) DE_TTT: The rate, the veracity of which has been in question over the past year and as a result prompted the development of an alternative NY based survey, measures the level at which representative banks say they can borrow from other banks for "X" period of time in a given currency.
(2:38 PM) DE_TTT: The change "will allow the submission of rates from banks participating in the London market but without a physical base." The change in the definition goes into effect Fri and may see a gap up in Libor rates as a result of the added participants.
tomthetrader: Wow
(2:39 PM) Fulkdaddy: aruj, nailed it
(2:39 PM) Fulkdaddy: Nice to have a top bond trader here!
(2:40 PM) arujunaa: you flatter me
tomthetrader: Aruj # 1 Bond Guru ...PIMCO wants Aruj but I won't let him go !
(2:40 PM) dhmohan1963: remember during cris time it went up to 3.5% if i am mnot mistaken
(2:40 PM) arujunaa: you have to do yoga if you join pimco
tomthetrader: Plus he has contractual obligations til 2020
tomthetrader: Correct DH mohan
tomthetrader: that is another reason to think we correct
(2:42 PM) thomas_Poland: aruj you should do anything only for Bond King to touch you
tomthetrader: Thomas ...always with the "touching "
tomthetrader: what is up with you lover boy /
(2:43 PM) ajayvee:
(2:43 PM) thomas_Poland: come on 1
(2:43 PM) thomas_Poland: you will not let me be quiet
tomthetrader: Thomas is like AC / DC
(2:43 PM) arujunaa: tp, do you want to keep that bike of yours?
(2:43 PM) dhmohan1963: how this anticipated libor rise be used to trade tom for understanding
(2:44 PM) dhmohan1963: or aruj you can educate please
(2:45 PM) redTest: FYI - The value line index used to track the NedDavis/Zweig 4% week over week trading system is below the 4% mark. If no improvement tomorrow the system will trade out of RRY.. Currently the system is up 60.1% since 3/13..
tomthetrader: Aruj or DE can you guys answer DH ?
(2:45 PM) thomas_Poland: I can .. but I do not know what lIbor is
tomthetrader: Thanks RED ...have we gotten a 4% sell signal yet ?
(2:45 PM) thomas_Poland: kidding
(2:46 PM) arujunaa: sorry. jammed right now
(2:46 PM) redTest: yes
(2:46 PM) redTest: 5/15
(2:46 PM) redTest: once
(2:46 PM) redTest: renenter 5/29
tomthetrader: OK
(2:47 PM) hibuck2: Thomas LIBOR= London interbank Ofered rate
(2:48 PM) thomas_Poland: hibuck2 .. I was kidding
(2:48 PM) dhmohan1963: that ir the rate at which banks loan money to each other while making payment overnight
(2:48 PM) dhmohan1963: sorrydid not get the joke
(2:49 PM) hibuck2: o sorry
tomthetrader: sell signal coming with weakness
tomthetrader: 925 I think is Now a LONG TERM TOP
tomthetrader: not int ...
tomthetrader: we are seeing some signs of a DROP I do not like
(2:57 PM) richardt_5: edge of cliff?
(2:59 PM) richardt_5: nope
(3:01 PM) Fulkdaddy: Last time Tom said this was in the middle of 2008...yikes!
tomthetrader: I think the market could easily retest 888 next week and then up to a higher power
tomthetrader: I wanted to get longer there but we may be looking more suspiciously
tomthetrader: as sentiment LONG term needs some real FEAR
tomthetrader: I would like to get another Bear and another Bull before XMAS ?
tomthetrader: we could get it ?
(3:04 PM) Fulkdaddy: Cashin agrees with you...he said we need to go down enough to scare out the weak holders
(3:04 PM) Fulkdaddy: LEA on a steady drop all day
(3:05 PM) Fulkdaddy: 1.04
tomthetrader: Great short on LEA
tomthetrader: we will add our short positions now
tomthetrader: 10% DXD we will add now with a 4% stop
tomthetrader: let's add DXD officiallyhere
(3:06 PM) redliontrader: K
tomthetrader: 47.00 OK
tomthetrader: DXD
(3:07 PM) richardt_5: Im In
tomthetrader: 47.00 DXD 1st layer of 10%
tomthetrader: we wil probably go 10% every 2 hpours til the Friday close OK
tomthetrader: RED can you do that ?
tomthetrader: remind us where we are ?
tomthetrader: right now 10% and then tomorrow will add 10% every 2 hours til close
(3:10 PM) richardt_5: And I will!!
(3:11 PM) redliontrader: yes. 10% now and 10% every 2 hours tomorrow, first fill tomorrow at 11:30am?
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: unless we audible
(3:11 PM) redliontrader: np
(3:12 PM) eman11: filled at 46.96
tomthetrader: we may add 10% at the close or just after the close today to get 20% today
(3:12 PM) richardt_5: I beefed up my Fidelity acct. to trade with you guys
(3:12 PM) richardt_5: and gals
tomthetrader: don't forget the gals ..they outrade us ....
tomthetrader: right girls .....
(3:13 PM) richardt_5: I watched you for months..... you are a great timer Tom and Red
(3:14 PM) Freezinalberta: is DZZ and DUG still good plays?
tomthetrader: thanks for the kind words ...we live it and love it ....try to keep it honest and fun
tomthetrader: yes
(3:15 PM) Freezinalberta: txs
tomthetrader: GOLD may spike on a panic but I doubt it 800 here we come
(3:15 PM) redTest: i am not so sure about my timing... I am holding both DXD and DDM now..
(3:16 PM) Freezinalberta: taking grandson (15 months)to swimming lessons see you fri
tomthetrader: Nothing wrong with a good STRADDLE RED ..just ask Thomas ?
tomthetrader: OOOPs sorry TP ...
tomthetrader: 46.93-54.95 target for 1-5 days DXD
tomthetrader: The Up Issues Ratio is at 61%, but the Up Volume Ratio is only 53%. These two stats make up the Arms Index (more commonly known as the TRIN). When the S&P has rallied at least 0.75% but the TRIN was above 1.25, it had a fairly negative connotation over the next couple of days
tomthetrader: the day of triple witch has been positive 78% of the time since the inception of the futures in 1982, although three of the last four failed to follow
(3:27 PM) ajayvee: isn't end of quarter a quadruple witch?
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: 1st stage overtoday
tomthetrader: we close out futures and options on futures today
tomthetrader: so today begins quad witch
tomthetrader: tomorrow 3x
tomthetrader: 30 min of fun
tomthetrader: ES following the dollar /
tomthetrader: RIMM 76.30 looking negative
(3:32 PM) redTest: i picked up some RFY FT Rimm 75 jun calls.. @ 4.50.. was that an overnight spec play on earnings call?
tomthetrader: Yes
(3:33 PM) hibuck2: RIMM RFY FT 4.55 - 4.60
tomthetrader: tomthetrader: anyone want to put a options quote out here
tomthetrader: on RIMM 75 calls June
(10:39 AM) hibuck2: RFY FT @ 4.75 4.80
tomthetrader: Joe terranova is not the best of traders
tomthetrader: " I think he is the worst of the lot
tomthetrader: 29.77 VIX
tomthetrader: time to buy vix calls
(3:36 PM) netherbow1: what happened to Jeff Mackie ?
(3:36 PM) berniectx: I like the brothers from Chicago
(3:37 PM) hibuck2: yes
(3:37 PM) ajayvee: google Jeff Macke - he talked real gibberish one day and they did not renew his contract
(3:37 PM) berniectx: I kind of like Melissa being in charge not too much ego with her
tomthetrader: Dylan R is making everyone mad at MSNBC as many are offended by his arrogance
(3:38 PM) Fulkdaddy: she is better than Dylan
tomthetrader: 47.09 DXD
(3:39 PM) hibuck2: VIX HJ 50.00 @ .75 -.90
(3:39 PM) hibuck2: VIX HF 30.00 AUG 4.50 4.80
(3:40 PM) hibuck2: july VIX GF 4.10 4.30
(3:40 PM) eman11: Maybe we can all chip in an get you a subscription ooption monster
(3:40 PM) hibuck2: aug seem to me better?
tomthetrader: I think that would be agreat investment ..I had it back in the 2003-2007 Bull but let it lapse
tomthetrader: (3:39 PM) hibuck2: VIX HF 30.00 AUG 4.50 4.80
(3:41 PM) Harrod_t: I would go for part!
(3:41 PM) hibuck2: Najarian said the other day big boys were buying Aug 50.
tomthetrader: VIXHF lets just get 10 contracts at bid of 4.60
tomthetrader: Not a big spender here
(3:42 PM) eman11: How much is a subscription going for? if we all chip in between $20-50.
tomthetrader: For those whom like more options trades ...send me an e-mail and we will work out Options Monster
tomthetrader: $1500 ?
tomthetrader: let's look
tomthetrader: $500 per month on my old account
(3:46 PM) richardt_5: Yikes
(3:46 PM) richardt_5: lol
tomthetrader: Yes...I have 2 services from CBOE and ISEE that are 3-4K
(3:46 PM) redTest: ARAK99 - could you respond to my IM please?
(3:47 PM) hibuck2: what if we all chip in how much 1500.00/38=39.50
tomthetrader: Naz -
tomthetrader: market in correction
tomthetrader: 914 SPX Key
(3:49 PM) richardt_5: count me in on any investment in this wonderful room
(3:50 PM) richardt_5: but only if you play southern rock at the end of the day
tomthetrader: thank you ...we will contact them and work out a discount
tomthetrader: RIMM Options
(3:50 PM) jaxbrown22: That's a buy....options = bang for the buck.
tomthetrader: 247K puts
tomthetrader: 304K calls
tomthetrader: Not a + sign
(3:52 PM) redTest: pefect timing
(3:52 PM) redTest: even perfect
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: we can do it once in a blue moon
(3:53 PM) redTest: lol
tomthetrader: DXD stops Break even
(3:54 PM) redliontrader: Breakeven stops on DXD
tomthetrader: LEA 1.06 going to 0.00
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland: how many iphones can you buy?
(3:55 PM) stevefl_64: some reccession
tomthetrader: AAPL 700K shipped new last week ?
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland: paris hilton bought 10
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland: so how many more?
(3:56 PM) thomas_Poland: come on
tomthetrader: stop
(3:56 PM) thomas_Poland: market what ???
tomthetrader: right there
tomthetrader: stop
tomthetrader: OK
tomthetrader: No way
tomthetrader: will you
(3:56 PM) thomas_Poland: penetration???
tomthetrader: go any
tomthetrader: further
tomthetrader: OK
tomthetrader: Just let it go
tomthetrader: OK
tomthetrader: Is it gone
(3:57 PM) richardt_5: lol
(3:57 PM) thomas_Poland: are we talking about IPhone? or AUXL?
tomthetrader: or is it down ?
(3:57 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:57 PM) thomas_Poland: you said it yourself
(3:57 PM) thomas_Poland: with Atilla
(3:57 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:58 PM) derr11: Current iPhone users will want to upgrade. This will also be a windfall for AT & T because the rates on the new phones are higher.
(3:58 PM) thomas_Poland: where is craig?
(3:59 PM) eman11: AT&T will probably lose I=Phone exclusivity next year
tomthetrader: we will add 10% more at the close here OK just after the close
tomthetrader: 47.13
tomthetrader: anyone else
(4:00 PM) richardt_5: Another great day.. Thanks Tom&Red
tomthetrader: adding 10%
tomthetrader: Thank you
tomthetrader: next at 11:30 am
(4:01 PM) netherbow1: thxs TOM and everyone for posts
(4:01 PM) netherbow1: waiting for RIMM
tomthetrader: Thank you and great MEA trade
tomthetrader: WOW MEA
(4:01 PM) berniectx: thanks everyone be careful
tomthetrader: Thank youall
tomthetrader: anyone else nail 47.13 ?
tomthetrader: 47.00 and 47.13 10% each should get us into next wave
(4:03 PM) eman11: I have an order in at 47.24, but not filled yet
(4:03 PM) nimesh_: rimm spiked up a little, thought earnings were released
(4:04 PM) eman11: OK cancelled it
tomthetrader: 46.75 - 47.15
(4:05 PM) eman11: If RIMM earnings are strong we get a dip AH
tomthetrader: DXD try not to pay up we can go into options
(4:05 PM) nimesh_: what is current position in traders?
tomthetrader: 20% short using DXD
(4:06 PM) netherbow1: RIMM popping
(4:06 PM) hibuck2: RIMM 3.42 bil
(4:06 PM) Fulkdaddy: RIMM down
(4:06 PM) nimesh_: selling
(4:06 PM) netherbow1: whoops - reversed
(4:06 PM) hibuck2: Net 643.m
(4:06 PM) nimesh_: crazy
(4:06 PM) nimesh_: not as big as last quarter
(4:06 PM) nimesh_: last quarter was $10 move
(4:06 PM) DE_TTT: Research In Motion prelim $0.98 vs $0.94 First Call consensus; revs $3.42 bln vs $3.43 bln First Call consensus
(4:06 PM) nimesh_: -4
(4:07 PM) nimesh_: -4.5
(4:07 PM) DE_TTT: Research In Motion sees Q2 $0.94-1.03 vs $0.97 First Call consensus; sees revs $3.45-3.70 bln vs $3.61 bln First Call consensus
(4:07 PM) nimesh_: hehe, too quick
(4:07 PM) Fulkdaddy: Street was looking for $3.43 billion rev...$3.42 act
(4:07 PM) Fulkdaddy: EPS street was looking for 94-96 cents...actual was 98
(4:09 PM) nimesh_: tom, $3 move is nothing for rimm
tomthetrader: RIMM we bought in March
(4:10 PM) nimesh_: last quarter rimm went from 45 to 60 in 1 day
tomthetrader: yep
tomthetrader: I sold right before that !
(4:10 PM) nimesh_: don't we always get out before the big move
(4:10 PM) nimesh_:
(4:10 PM) nimesh_: i always do that
(4:10 PM) Fulkdaddy: 7.8 milliion blackberry's shipped...they were looking for 8.4 million
tomthetrader: Options Monster nailed it
tomthetrader: they are pout at 74.00
(4:11 PM) DE_TTT: Gross Margins light
tomthetrader: just a touch and I think they are doing unreal ?
(4:12 PM) nimesh_: tom, i have read somewhere before that rimm is not always truthful, have u heard anything like that
(4:12 PM) hibuck2: RIMM 75. June puts were RFY RT 3.20-3.35
tomthetrader: good report
tomthetrader: I think
(4:13 PM) nimesh_: all out about sentiment i guess
tomthetrader: who is buying all these things /
tomthetrader: yes
(4:13 PM) Fulkdaddy: Kass said device adds and sub additions were weak at RIMM and he shorted it on the announcement
(4:13 PM) hibuck2: I never can figure out earnings what I think is good the market doesn't
(4:14 PM) DE_TTT: Net new subscriber additions...high margin stuff
tomthetrader: OK
tomthetrader: addingVOIP or new features etc
tomthetrader: all the add ons
tomthetrader: and serices go to t-mobile T andVZ etc
tomthetrader: services
(4:15 PM) nimesh_: why did iwm rally?
(4:15 PM) richardt_5:
(4:15 PM) Fulkdaddy: Another great TTT call to short more at the close prior to the RIMM announcement
(4:16 PM) Fulkdaddy: Coach Tom is the man1
(4:16 PM) Fulkdaddy: man!
tomthetrader: Maybe a longer term top in place /
tomthetrader: ???
tomthetrader: lot of call buying at the close
tomthetrader: meaning there is still speculation
tomthetrader: any thoughts
(4:20 PM) richardt_5: see you all tomorrow..Have a great night
tomthetrader: ok
(4:21 PM) derr11: Tom , good trading day. Back on Monday.
tomthetrader: take care !
tomthetrader: DXD quote now ?
tomthetrader: stop all DXD at 47.00
(4:22 PM) ajayvee: 47.34
tomthetrader: thanks
tomthetrader: Kass says he is short RIMM now
(4:28 PM) arak99: Tom, 24th is Fed day. Do you intend to continue with shorts into it?
(4:56 PM) ajayvee: so do we keep stops after hours/pre-market or just during regular session?
tomthetrader: keep stops off ah
tomthetrader: we officially can only get stopped 9;30-4-15pm

Saturday, June 13, 2009


All the signs are there except 1 ! The economy is not yet improved ...hard to CRASH with a New Bull just a few months old...yes we will get a scare in the coming 2 weeks but it will be over by the time Money managers cook the Books at month's end so you can short here with IWM puts and TF futures and make a million or just wait and buy in late June...please join me for a in depth report !

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Friday, June 5, 2009


Hi ,

A gap up is a fun time for those holding call options and pure AGONY for put options see 50% of your position disappear at times in seconds ...I have seen it and been there done it ....not much since the mid 80's but it still happens daily !

Tomorrow I am going to go out on a limb and say there will be a GAP UP that will be sold pretty quick and we may be making the monthly highs tomorrow ( if they are not already in). Why in the world is Tom so bearish ...why did he buy all those Ag and oil plays he going MAD ?

Well , I am under some stress but it usually brings out the best in me and I haven't seen anyone come close to my short term calls so I can be a rear end and try to call one day ! Besides it is not like we have all our eggs in one basket as our IRA account is safely in Cash and we are only 50% long in ag and oil.

Traders picked up some QID and may get a lot more by 9:45 am tomorrow ...if things fall into place we will once again this week be shorting 100% Traders in QQQQ puts NQ short futures and QID . You can throw in some BGZ and a partridge in a pear tree too ...If we jet up and get stopped out at the 960 level then I will admit I was wrong and move on....But those whom have traded with me over the years have often checked with me before laying money down so we will see !

I will update and I am sure RED has updated the site and has sent you his ideas ...he is doing a wonderful job since coming on board and is a tremendous talent that will get better everyday as he has a passion for this market !

See you at the jobs....ooops ...jobless report...census workers and government workers ...nope shouldn't count ....revisions look poor.


Possible Rocket ship at 8:30 could turn into a N. Korean DUD by 10:00am ?
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Thursday, June 4, 2009


ortfolio Create new portfolioTRADERSTTT Main FundTTT IRA Account\"THE BUYS OF A LIFETIME \"FOR THOSE WHO MISSED OUTOptions In Traders view | edit | delete | create new | open in screener

No. Ticker Company Price Change% Volume Transaction Date Shares Cost Market Value Gain$ Gain% Change$
1. ERX Direxion Daily Energy Bull 3X Shares 37.51 6.38% 4,985,744 Buy 03-09-09 459 15.8 17206.42 9958.71 137.41% 1032.11
2. BGU Direxion Daily Large Cap Bull 3X Shares 36.59 2.35% 14,629,268 Buy 03-09-09 498 15.08 18222.11 10712.15 142.64% 418.33
3. TNA Direxion Daily Small Cap Bull 3X Shares 31.95 4.21% 16,312,788 Buy 03-09-09 664 10.07 21201.06 14518.91 217.28% 856.01
4. FAS Direxion Daily Financial Bull 3X Shares 10.52 8.68% 181,844,464 Buy 03-09-09 1,942 2.15 20427.18 16252.43 389.30% 1631.07
5. UYG Ultra Financials ProShares 4.26 5.71% 50,858,336 Buy 03-09-09 4,237 1.46 18050.85 11864.41 191.78% 974.58
6. GE General Electric Co. 13.75 1.85% 55,722,256 Buy 03-09-09 1,040 5.99 14293.14 8066.53 129.55% 259.88
7. WFC Wells Fargo & Company 25.10 4.02% 74,749,304 Buy 03-09-09 717 7.94 18005.74 12309.90 216.12% 695.84
8. GS Goldman Sachs Group Inc. 149.47 5.15% 17,092,488 Buy 03-09-09 101 76.8 15128.54 7355.26 94.62% 740.89
9. C Citigroup, Inc. 3.57 5.31% 231,409,088 Buy 03-09-09 5,618 0.99 20056.18 14494.38 260.61% 1011.23
10. BAC Bank of America Corporation 11.87 5.89% 314,040,864 Buy 03-09-09 1,736 3.5 20607.64 14531.25 239.14% 1145.83
Total 10 Stocks 5.03% 183198.86 120063.93 190.17% 8765.76

Thursday, May 28, 2009


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Thursday, May 21, 2009


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(12:00 PM) eman11: If we stay above 888 for more than 15min would that signal a turnaround day
(12:03 PM) thomas_Poland: lets be carefulll .. I think there is small chance we will sellofff into around 1:25 and than move up
(12:03 PM) thomas_Poland: but if we move higher now it will be good for bulls
(12:04 PM) thomas_Poland: no matter what happens now I think we will close negative today
(12:07 PM) eman11: NYSE AD -1369
tomthetrader: Agree...we need to just hold now hero stuff just hold
(12:10 PM) hibuck2: $TNX 33.32
tomthetrader: 10 year note up big
tomthetrader: trouble
(12:10 PM) eman11: Now resistannce is 891 if we break 891 we could run to 900 pretty quickly
(12:10 PM) arujunaa: massive stops hit in tym & usm after making new week highs this morning. supply massive next week with no scheduled buybacks
(12:10 PM) hibuck2: yes
(12:11 PM) hibuck2: $PCRCO 1.00
(12:11 PM) hibuck2: $TRIN .70 $TRIQE 1.60
(12:12 PM) arujunaa: next week could be an inredible buying opp in tlt
(12:13 PM) arujunaa: and bonds have been decoupled for a while
(12:13 PM) arujunaa: from stocks
(12:14 PM) eman11: Sold ES at 888
(12:15 PM) thomas_Poland: this selloff can be fake
(12:15 PM) thomas_Poland: but hope eman makes money on this
(12:17 PM) eman11: Thanks the ES I just sold I bought at 883. I currently hold no futures.
(12:17 PM) thomas_Poland: oh ok
(12:18 PM) thomas_Poland: the same here
(12:18 PM) thomas_Poland: I thought you shorted 88
(12:18 PM) thomas_Poland: 888
(12:24 PM) eman11: That's good that we are on the same page
(12:24 PM) eman11: Where's Tom? Are you here?
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: Can you see me ?
(12:33 PM) netherbow1: you the one in the pink tights TOM?
tomthetrader: YES...AND A NICE Memorial day Bonnet
tomthetrader: On it !
tomthetrader: See the WEBCAM ....ooops OFF
(12:34 PM) thomas_Poland: you again was watching my photos ??
tomthetrader: GE up 11%
(12:34 PM) thomas_Poland: you really have to stop this
tomthetrader: GM I mean
(12:34 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom .. I have wife
tomthetrader: GE rally
tomthetrader: I know ....not a homo ?
tomthetrader: Right T Bone ?
tomthetrader: TP 24 pack
(12:35 PM) thomas_Poland: Right ...
tomthetrader: go kick the dog and drive your motorcycle 140mph in Gdansk
tomthetrader: I have studied you
(12:36 PM) thomas_Poland: right
(12:36 PM) eman11: Is Tom in here? I don't see him listed. Did he mentionin he was going to be out? - Thanks
(12:37 PM) thomas_Poland: yes he is writing
(12:37 PM) thomas_Poland: just relogin
(12:37 PM) hibuck2: here
(12:37 PM) bogdan07: y
(12:37 PM) tcb66: got kicked off
(12:38 PM) TTTMichael: y
tomthetrader: OK
(12:39 PM) eman11: I can hear you, but I can't see what you type. Kind of spooky I can hear you, but can't see like a ghost - I am going to re-login
(12:41 PM) redliontrader: did tom go away.. or did I go away?
(12:42 PM) eman11: I only could see Thomas typing
(12:43 PM) netherbow1: looks like you are both logged in
tomthetrader: everyone OK
(12:47 PM) redliontrader: thanks nether..
(12:47 PM) tomthetrader: bgbull was bounced from the room by tomthetrader. If you want to learn more about the rules for this room, read the room rules on the groups page or contact the owner: tomthetrader
(12:48 PM) redliontrader: Tom.. twitter is back up
tomthetrader: Thank you RED
(12:48 PM) eman11: OK
(12:48 PM) tomthetrader: gmari was bounced from the room by tomthetrader. If you want to learn more about the rules for this room, read the room rules on the groups page or contact the owner: tomthetrader
(1:02 PM) eman11: Tom- Nice Call on SSO - Great timing
(1:13 PM) azags: I sold my last 5000 of qid at 38.1. I am empty!
(1:14 PM) Alert: ====SECURITY BULLETIN!=======
Clicking on a link to any site that offers
-To give you a blue nickname for free,
-To give you the ability to be invisible or,
-To help you manipulate the Paltalk software,
violates Paltalk’s Terms of Service AND/OR is a hacking site whose intention is to steal your nickname, password and/or credit card information.
Remember, if you want Paltalk software or you want to LOG-IN to Paltalk, be safe and go to
(1:23 PM) thomas_Poland: ok 1:25 ...
(1:23 PM) thomas_Poland: we will see if anything happpens here
(1:27 PM) Fulkdaddy: down at 1:25 Thomas
(1:29 PM) hibuck2: They are talking about PPT on CNBC
(1:30 PM) hibuck2: "Plung protection team"
(1:30 PM) thomas_Poland: Davve please give it at least 5 mins
(1:30 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: 10% of SSO added please give confirms
tomthetrader: SPX at 885.00
tomthetrader: Please show prices filled for RED
tomthetrader: we are now 30% long SSO in Traders
(1:33 PM) hibuck2: yup
(1:33 PM) ajayvee: y
(1:33 PM) steve_45_4: y
(1:33 PM) thomas_Poland: y
(1:33 PM) eman11: y
(1:34 PM) redliontrader: y entering data
(1:34 PM) hibuck2: 24.35
(1:34 PM) eman11: 24.35
tomthetrader: 21.00 Ha Ha !!!!
tomthetrader: 24.35
(1:34 PM) redliontrader: just filled myself 24.34
(1:35 PM) hibuck2: BRCD no stoping it $7.08
(1:38 PM) redliontrader: is paltalk having problems are has everyone left for the weekend
(1:39 PM) ajayvee: i think everyone has left
tomthetrader: Paltalk and a very slow day with memorial plans in everyones heads
tomthetrader: I bounced afew !
(1:39 PM) eman11: I think the only ones that left for the weekend is paltalk tech support
tomthetrader: yes
(1:39 PM) redliontrader:
tomthetrader: I was knocked off for the 1st time in 6 months !
(1:40 PM) hibuck2: ok here
(1:40 PM) hibuck2: $TNX 33.10
(1:40 PM) ajayvee: Naz A/D -1300 Vol -4.4:1 ** NYSE A/D -1550 Vol -3.2:1
(1:40 PM) hibuck2: $TRIN .92 $TRIQE 1.45
tomthetrader: Covered all shorts
(1:41 PM) steve_45_4: great
(1:41 PM) hibuck2: NYSE AD -1707
tomthetrader: HPQ a Buy for IRA needy players
tomthetrader: BUY HPQ
tomthetrader: CTXS look at
tomthetrader: VXX getting attention LONG
tomthetrader: a couple of pros with good records got long ES at 889.75
tomthetrader: Trade Station had some big problems this a.m.
(1:44 PM) steve_45_4: yes knocked off server at TS
(1:44 PM) TTTMichael: No, not
(1:44 PM) redliontrader: ok.. now..
(1:44 PM) ajayvee: TS okay by me!
(1:44 PM) TTTMichael: Quotes OK, I trade on another platform.
(1:46 PM) redliontrader: I have to run for the rest of the day... I will update portfolio's after the market closes
(1:46 PM) steve_45_4: ty for work red
tomthetrader: Thanks RED
tomthetrader: we will grab 10% more at the close or 3:30pm ..or the LOD on SSO !
(1:47 PM) ajayvee: you don't think we have seen the lows?
(1:48 PM) bogdan07: with latest TS 8.6 build 2525 no problem
(1:48 PM) redliontrader: ok.. i'll look through the posts
(1:48 PM) ajayvee: still waiting for 875?
tomthetrader: Yes we hope we can get 100% long at 875 SPX cash
tomthetrader: Heavy selling there another sell program
(1:58 PM) azags: I am waiting for animal entrails to tell me to go long today. It would have to fall another 20 points on the ndx for me to jump in long at the close. Tomorrow might be a different story but I have sold all my qid because I am traveling
tomthetrader: ok
(2:04 PM) PremR: bonds making new lows and gold making new highs
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: adding another layer long here
tomthetrader: sso 10 per cent
tomthetrader: 24.27
tomthetrader: ok
tomthetrader: 10 per cent more at 24.16
tomthetrader: ok
(2:09 PM) azags: Have a good weekend everybody
(2:10 PM) ajayvee: be safe and enjoy zags
(2:10 PM) Fulkdaddy: take care Zags
(2:10 PM) Fulkdaddy: 870 on the close today Tom?
(2:11 PM) Fulkdaddy: probably bounce at 875
(2:12 PM) thomas_Poland: we should see a test of yesterdays lows at least tomorrrow
(2:12 PM) thomas_Poland: so this buy should be a winner for TTT .. as usual
(2:13 PM) Fulkdaddy: Thomas you see a bounce up to 900 and then another sell-off?
(2:14 PM) thomas_Poland: yes
tomthetrader: 24.09 added to 50%
tomthetrader: TREND IS DOWN and TECH IS DEAD
tomthetrader: Banks are surprisingly strong but just got nailed with some QUANT FUND selling
(2:18 PM) hibuck2: $TNX 33.68
(2:19 PM) hibuck2: $TRIN 2.28 $TRIQE 1.45
(2:19 PM) hibuck2: NYSE AD -1886
(2:21 PM) ajayvee: A/D volume -8:1 just sunk during that sell program
tomthetrader: Massive selling on that Quant program
tomthetrader: a HUGE basket of all indices
tomthetrader: all futures too
tomthetrader: looking for 875 test by 3:30pm
(2:22 PM) eman11: Hopefully PPT will come in and save the day.
tomthetrader: doubtful...FED started it by the language in release of minutes ..after several members just 24 hours earlier said the opposite thing ...messed up
(2:25 PM) eman11: I was thinking with some many people anticipating 875 that might not go that low before we bounce back up.
(2:26 PM) eman11: Maybe with the financials holding up well, we might not get the PPT action today
tomthetrader: good idea..that is why I like to buy in at lowerprices ..dollar cost but our last wave unlike Dollar cost abg. will be a 50% position
tomthetrader: so I call it buying in waves and the last is the largest and will be the line in the sand
(2:29 PM) eman11: That why your the man!
tomthetrader: or the class clown ...village idiot ...been preaching a 8-10 correction then miss 50% of it !
(2:33 PM) thomas_Poland: VIX is rising today
tomthetrader: HUGE right on CNBC call
(2:33 PM) thomas_Poland: everybody expect low in VIX is in?
tomthetrader: everyone was telegraphed
tomthetrader: VXX long
(2:34 PM) thomas_Poland: yes
(2:34 PM) thomas_Poland: wouldn't it be nice to go up to 900 so everybody covers those positions and than sell off ?
(2:34 PM) thomas_Poland: this is 'only' 20 points
(2:36 PM) ajayvee: that's tomorrow thomas
(2:36 PM) thomas_Poland: yes .. tomorrow for sure
(2:36 PM) thomas_Poland: and I would not be surprised if they do it on gap up
(2:36 PM) thomas_Poland: and piss me off
(2:36 PM) thomas_Poland: as I hate trading globex
tomthetrader: 880 is a 5% correction
tomthetrader: Normal Bull market corrections ...this has been the worst so far ...or a tie til now we have had 5 corrections
tomthetrader: XLF and XLE did not make a fresh low on the last program
(2:40 PM) netherbow1: STT holds green all day TOM - not in - any opinion ?
tomthetrader: The weakness in about all the currencies is fueling FEAR not seen since March
tomthetrader: STT a great bank of the best plays out there
(2:41 PM) netherbow1: is this a good entry ?
tomthetrader: I am tempted to buy GS MS and WFC but won't
tomthetrader: If you are holding for IRA ..I would look at it
tomthetrader: Not for a trade
(2:42 PM) netherbow1: thxs,will wait
tomthetrader: if for IRA I would buy the close with a 8% stop
(2:43 PM) netherbow1: thxs, no IRA
(2:44 PM) eman11: Tom - How are your indicators?
tomthetrader: Not as good as I would like ...the markets are making it impossible with the up down up down to get any indicators to BITE
tomthetrader: and right now I want a BITE
tomthetrader: still can get another 1% down ! before a buy signal
tomthetrader: and we are at the NQ lows now
tomthetrader: 1414 yesterday and today ?
tomthetrader: what a trade for those bold enought to shprt
tomthetrader: short
tomthetrader: so nervous of getting runoer and then the Bears come back and run the bulls over
tomthetrader: No eco data will kill this until Tuesday
(2:50 PM) ajayvee: Naz A/D -1425 Vol -5:1 ** NYSE A/D -1884 Vol -9.5:1
(2:51 PM) eman11: SPX clawing onto 880 for life
tomthetrader: yes we will go 100% long here in SSO TTT BUY SIGNAL FIRED NOW
tomthetrader: so please add your fills SSO 100% long 200K in Traders
tomthetrader: SSO quote ?
(2:53 PM) steve_45_4: 24.02
tomthetrader: verify
(2:53 PM) hibuck2: 24.01
(2:53 PM) netherbow1: 24.01
(2:53 PM) PremR: 24.01 at 24.02
tomthetrader: 24.00 24.01
tomthetrader: 24.01
tomthetrader: that is a 50% position
tomthetrader: SSO at 24.00 + or minus
(2:55 PM) Hasiba Agic: Beutiful girs from Germany >>
(2:56 PM) hibuck2: $TRIN 2.49 $TRIQE 1.52
(2:56 PM) hibuck2: $TNX 33.44
(2:57 PM) hibuck2: NYSE AD -1967
(2:57 PM) eman11: Tom - what factors made you decide to buy the last 50% position now instead of eaiting for 875 - You think we won't get to 875? - thanks I'm just curious
(3:02 PM) bogdan07: i was close with my spx 880 prediction yesterday "refuse to go long,see you at SPX 880" 879.71 low today,(so far),1200 bgu at avg. 30.34 ,see you spx 900 tomorrow ?
(3:03 PM) hibuck2: $PCRCO .99
(3:03 PM) ajayvee: bogdan, I'd be happy to meet you at 900spx
(3:05 PM) bogdan07: destination SPX 920
(3:15 PM) netherbow1: any opinion on gold TOM ?
(3:28 PM) steve_45_4: test
(3:29 PM) steve_45_4: dont know if paltalk bounced me again?
(3:29 PM) netherbow1: CSIQ acting well today - not in
(3:30 PM) steve_45_4: I am here read that
(3:30 PM) bogdan07: patalk ok
(3:31 PM) steve_45_4: PPT time LOL
(3:35 PM) bogdan07: Tom has problem with paltalk ?
(3:35 PM) steve_45_4: maybe a # of us had problems today
(3:36 PM) bogdan07: anyway rolling up spx 885
(3:37 PM) bogdan07: sso 24.31
(3:37 PM) DE_TTT: More ASX because I enjoy pain.
(3:38 PM) Pete45: I just joined -did we get buy signal today?
(3:38 PM) eman11: Is TRADERS holding the 100% SSO position overnight?
(3:39 PM) bogdan07: we need Tom to confirm
(3:40 PM) ajayvee: tom said tomorrow would be sideways up, so I think so
(3:41 PM) DE_TTT: Earnings tonight...ARO, ADSK, EXM, GPS, LDK CRM, VRGY, ARUN
(3:41 PM) eman11: I remembering discussing that tomorrow seasonally is one of the best markets days of the year. I think he said it was the third best after the day before Christmas and Thanksgiving
(3:42 PM) bogdan07: yes
tomthetrader: 100% swing trade long in SSO
tomthetrader: we will hold and then put in Main fund if not profitable after 5 days
(3:45 PM) eman11: Shorts are running for the exits
(3:46 PM) steve_45_4: getting to believe there really is a PPT
(3:47 PM) steve_45_4: and this time I am rooting for them
tomthetrader: stops moved up to 2% on SSO please
(3:47 PM) billbTN: i'm long 3 es from 881
tomthetrader: again stops moved up on SSO to 2% trailing
(3:47 PM) eman11: trailing stop?
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: 2% trailing
tomthetrader: from here
tomthetrader: again we will shed only on a trail of 2%
tomthetrader: Nice going TTT BUY SIGNAL
(3:55 PM) bogdan07: spx 900,tomorrow ?
(3:55 PM) DE_TTT: Nice call, Tom
(3:55 PM) steve_45_4: so you sold?
(3:55 PM) TTTMichael: Do we have a buy signal??
(3:55 PM) steve_45_4: ok ty
tomthetrader: Yes from my SSO 100% in
tomthetrader: (2:51 PM) eman11: SPX clawing onto 880 for life
tomthetrader: yes we will go 100% long here in SSO
tomthetrader: so please add your fills SSO 100% long 200K in Traders
(3:59 PM) hibuck2: congrats Tom
tomthetrader: 100% long SSO
tomthetrader: Thomas has seen this before ?
(4:00 PM) eman11: Congrats Tom - - Great Call Time the bottom perfectly on the last 50% buy. Thanks
tomthetrader: Thank you E
(4:01 PM) Fulkdaddy: Nice call on the longs Tom!
(4:01 PM) Fulkdaddy: I covered 1/3 of my shorts
(4:02 PM) netherbow1: thxs TOM . Nite everyone - thxs for posts
(4:02 PM) TTTMichael: Nice call. I also bought EEM.
(4:02 PM) billbTN: whoops, sorry, i'm long from 883 not 881
(4:02 PM) ajayvee: I mixed it up SSO TNA BGU
(4:03 PM) DE_TTT: See you tomorrow. Really great calls today, Tom.
tomthetrader: Thank you DE , you've seen them before ?
(4:04 PM) DE_TTT: GPS Gap Inc prelim $0.31 vs $0.30 First Call consensus; revs $3.13 bln vs $3.14 bln First Call consensus
(4:04 PM) DE_TTT: ARO Aeropostale sees Q2 $0.46-0.48, excluding $0.03 in charges, vs $0.37 First Call consensus
(4:04 PM) DE_TTT: ARO Aeropostale prelim $0.49 vs $0.48 First Call consensus; revs $408.02 mln vs $404.65 mln First Call consensus
(4:05 PM) DE_TTT: ZUMZ Zumiez beats by $0.02, reports revs in-line; guides Q2 EPS below consensus (11.10 -0.16)
tomthetrader: Good news
tomthetrader: all retailiers are OK
(4:05 PM) Fulkdaddy: Guidance does not look great
(4:06 PM) DE_TTT: DBRN Dress Barn beats by $0.08, beats on revs; guides FY09 EPS above consensus (14.85 +0.02)
(4:06 PM) don_2007_: say tom... what timeframe do you watch for entries?
(4:07 PM) DE_TTT: EXM Excel Maritime Carriers prelim $2.42 ex-items vs $0.69 First Call consensus; revs $222.1 mln vs $109.32 mln First Call consensus
(4:07 PM) JR Roden: Another good call Tom
(4:07 PM) steve_45_4: great call on last 50 % position on SSo right at 24.00 low
(4:07 PM) bloomert: Masterful calls today Tom and I'm happy to say I participated Thank you TTT
(4:07 PM) DE_TTT: Indeed I have, Tom...over and over again!
(4:07 PM) DE_TTT: PSUN Pacific Sunwear beats by $0.16, beats on revs; guides Q2 EPS below consensus (4.17 +0.06)
(4:08 PM) DE_TTT: VRGY Verigy beats by $0.21, beats on revs; guides Q3 revs above consensus (11.31 -0.33)
(4:08 PM) DE_TTT: CRM prelim $0.15 vs $0.11 First Call consensus; revs $304.9 mln vs $304.73 mln First Call consensus
(4:08 PM) DE_TTT: CRM sees Q2 $0.14-0.15 vs $0.13 First Call consensus; sees revs $312-313 mln vs $319.22 mln First Call consensus
tomthetrader: Thanks the have seen a few of these too ?