Friday, June 5, 2009


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A gap up is a fun time for those holding call options and pure AGONY for put options see 50% of your position disappear at times in seconds ...I have seen it and been there done it ....not much since the mid 80's but it still happens daily !

Tomorrow I am going to go out on a limb and say there will be a GAP UP that will be sold pretty quick and we may be making the monthly highs tomorrow ( if they are not already in). Why in the world is Tom so bearish ...why did he buy all those Ag and oil plays he going MAD ?

Well , I am under some stress but it usually brings out the best in me and I haven't seen anyone come close to my short term calls so I can be a rear end and try to call one day ! Besides it is not like we have all our eggs in one basket as our IRA account is safely in Cash and we are only 50% long in ag and oil.

Traders picked up some QID and may get a lot more by 9:45 am tomorrow ...if things fall into place we will once again this week be shorting 100% Traders in QQQQ puts NQ short futures and QID . You can throw in some BGZ and a partridge in a pear tree too ...If we jet up and get stopped out at the 960 level then I will admit I was wrong and move on....But those whom have traded with me over the years have often checked with me before laying money down so we will see !

I will update and I am sure RED has updated the site and has sent you his ideas ...he is doing a wonderful job since coming on board and is a tremendous talent that will get better everyday as he has a passion for this market !

See you at the jobs....ooops ...jobless report...census workers and government workers ...nope shouldn't count ....revisions look poor.


Possible Rocket ship at 8:30 could turn into a N. Korean DUD by 10:00am ?
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