Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We saw another buy the rumor sell the fact FED day was not the typical reaction which has me even a bit more nervous about what may happen in the coming weeks.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


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Monday, April 28, 2008


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Sunday, April 27, 2008


The stocks are flying ...the FED is cutting ..everyone says the worst is over !!!!

Do we buy Buy Buy or is it back to the bear ???

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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Technical market report for April 26, 2008

The good news is:

· The market has been in a pattern of higher highs and higher lows for over a month now.

Short Term

The chart below covers the past 100 trading days showing the NASDAQ composite (OTC) in blue and an indicator showing the percentage of the last 3 trading days that the NASDAQ AD line (OTC ADL) was up in brown. Dashed vertical lines have been drawn on the 1st trading day of each month; the vertical line is red on the 1st trading day of the year. The indicator touches the top of the chart when there have been 3 consecutive up days and it touches the bottom of the screen when there have been 3 consecutive down days. OTC ADL (not shown) is a running total of NASDAQ declining issues subtracted from NASDAQ advancing issues.

The indicator hit the top of the chart on Friday for the 4th time this year. Each of the other three occurrences have been followed by a short term decline.

Intermediate Term

The chart below covers the past 2 years showing the OTC in blue and the ratio of NASDAQ new highs to new highs + new lows (OTC HL Ratio = NH / (NH + NL)). Dashed horizontal lines have been drawn at 10% increment levels for the indicator, the line is solid at the 50% level (above which the number of new highs is greater than new lows). Most declines have been brief making the indicator recover quickly after dropping below the 50% level. The indicator has been below the 50% level for 6 months and turned downward last week.

The next chart shows the index and indicator over the past 10 years.

Dashed vertical lines have been drawn on the 1st trading day of each year.

There were periods when the indicator spent several months below the 50% line in 2002, 2001 and 2000. The following charts show periods when the indicator spent several months below the 50% level in more detail.

The next chart shows a 9 month period at the 2002 bottom, the last time the indictor was below the 50% level for nearly 6 months.

The next chart covers 1.5 years from late 1999 to early 2001.

The indicator spent most of the time from April 2000 to January 2001 under the 50% level, but popped above it for 2 brief periods.

The next chart covers February 1994 to February 1995 when the indicator was below the 50% level for nearly 5 months, but never dropped below the 20% level.

During the 1990 decline the indicator was below the 50% level for about 6 months, recovering quickly after it broke above the 30% level.

The next chart shows the 1987 crash where the indicator was below the 50% level for about 4 months.

The next chart covers the period from early 1983 to early 1985.

The indicator was under the 50% level for over 6 months in early 1984.

The next chart shows the period from late 1980 to late 1982.

The indicator was below the 50% level for most of the time from mid 1981 to mid 1982.

The current period has been one of the longest the indicator has been below the 50% and it has not started the rapid rise that would suggest this bear market is over.


Next week includes the last 3 trading days of April and the first 2 trading days of May during the 4th year of the Presidential Cycle.

The tables show the daily return on a percentage basis for the last 3 trading days of April and the first 2 trading days of May during the 4th year of the Presidential Cycle. OTC data covers the period from 1963 - 2007 and S&P 500 (SPX) data from 1928 - 2007. There are summaries for both the 4th year of the Presidential Cycle and all years combined.

By most measures the week has been modestly positive. In 1932 the SPX was down 10% for the week skewing the average return.

Report for the last 3 days of April and the first 2 days of May.

The number following the year represents its position in the presidential cycle.

The number following the daily return represents the day of the week;

1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday etc.

OTC Presidential Year 4

Day3 Day2 Day1 Day1 Day2 Totals

1964-4 -0.03% 2 0.57% 3 -0.49% 4 -0.05% 5 0.85% 1 0.85%

1968-4 1.87% 5 0.30% 1 0.30% 2 0.00% 3 0.60% 4 3.07%

1972-4 0.06% 3 0.07% 4 0.24% 5 -0.89% 1 -0.63% 2 -1.15%

1976-4 0.36% 3 0.28% 4 -0.52% 5 -1.14% 1 0.21% 2 -0.82%

1980-4 0.45% 1 0.58% 2 0.46% 3 -0.22% 4 0.41% 5 1.68%

1984-4 0.83% 4 0.39% 5 0.22% 1 1.15% 2 1.09% 3 3.68%

Avg 0.71% 0.33% 0.14% -0.22% 0.34% 1.29%

1988-4 0.22% 3 0.03% 4 0.12% 5 0.13% 1 0.66% 2 1.16%

1992-4 -1.17% 2 1.72% 3 1.53% 4 -0.09% 5 0.93% 1 2.92%

1996-4 0.23% 5 0.11% 1 0.19% 2 0.77% 3 -1.78% 4 -0.48%

2000-4 -2.19% 3 3.96% 4 2.30% 5 2.52% 1 -4.36% 2 2.24%

2004-4 -2.12% 3 -1.55% 4 -1.97% 5 0.97% 1 0.61% 2 -4.06%

Avg -1.00% 0.85% 0.43% 0.86% -0.79% 0.36%

OTC summary for Presidential Year 4 1964 - 2004

Averages -0.13% 0.59% 0.22% 0.29% -0.13% 0.83%

% Winners 64% 91% 73% 45% 73% 64%

MDD 4/30/2004 5.53% -- 5/2/2000 4.36% -- 5/2/1996 1.78%

OTC summary for all years 1963 - 2007

Averages -0.02% 0.11% 0.31% 0.27% 0.20% 0.87%

% Winners 71% 62% 69% 61% 73% 67%

MDD 4/30/2004 5.53% -- 4/29/1970 4.61% -- 5/4/1999 4.51%

SPX Presidential Year 4

Day3 Day2 Day1 Day1 Day2 Totals

1928-4 1.08% 5 0.36% 6 0.00% 1 0.15% 2 0.25% 3 1.84%

1932-4 -3.83% 4 -3.32% 5 0.00% 6 -1.54% 1 -1.39% 2 -10.08%

1936-4 -0.14% 2 -2.94% 3 1.77% 4 0.73% 5 -0.50% 6 -1.09%

1940-4 0.08% 6 0.25% 1 0.58% 2 -1.31% 3 0.58% 4 0.18%

1944-4 0.43% 4 0.51% 5 0.00% 6 0.76% 1 -0.08% 2 1.61%

Avg -0.48% -1.03% 0.47% -0.24% -0.23% -1.51%

1948-4 0.13% 3 -0.32% 4 -0.26% 5 -0.26% 6 1.04% 1 0.33%

1952-4 -0.13% 1 -0.25% 2 -0.72% 3 -0.64% 4 1.68% 5 -0.07%

1956-4 0.85% 4 1.05% 5 0.81% 1 -0.45% 2 0.02% 3 2.28%

1960-4 0.00% 3 -0.87% 4 -0.35% 5 -0.44% 1 1.29% 2 -0.37%

1964-4 0.69% 2 -0.25% 3 -0.30% 4 0.89% 5 0.37% 1 1.41%

Avg 0.31% -0.13% -0.16% -0.18% 0.88% 0.72%

1968-4 0.30% 5 0.26% 1 0.13% 2 0.39% 3 0.63% 4 1.71%

1972-4 -0.21% 3 0.15% 4 0.58% 5 -0.91% 1 -0.57% 2 -0.97%

1976-4 0.27% 3 0.00% 4 -0.48% 5 -0.71% 1 0.50% 2 -0.43%

1980-4 0.46% 1 0.21% 2 0.41% 3 -0.78% 4 0.11% 5 0.40%

1984-4 1.04% 4 -0.26% 5 0.10% 1 1.02% 2 0.14% 3 2.04%

Avg 0.37% 0.07% 0.15% -0.20% 0.16% 0.55%

1988-4 -0.05% 3 -0.45% 4 -0.49% 5 0.09% 1 0.55% 2 -0.35%

1992-4 0.16% 2 0.71% 3 0.71% 4 -0.58% 5 1.06% 1 2.06%

1996-4 0.09% 5 0.11% 1 0.00% 2 0.06% 3 -1.71% 4 -1.45%

2000-4 -1.09% 3 0.27% 4 -0.85% 5 1.09% 1 -1.50% 2 -2.08%

2004-4 -1.38% 3 -0.76% 4 -0.59% 5 0.92% 1 0.18% 2 -1.63%

Avg -0.45% -0.03% -0.24% 0.32% -0.28% -0.69%

SPX summary for Presidential Year 4 1928 - 2004

Averages -0.06% -0.28% 0.05% -0.08% 0.13% -0.23%

% Winners 60% 50% 40% 50% 70% 50%

MDD 5/3/1932 9.73% -- 4/29/1936 3.08% -- 4/30/2004 2.71%

SPX summary for all years 1928 - 2007

Averages -0.13% -0.07% 0.31% 0.07% 0.17% 0.33%

% Winners 51% 49% 61% 54% 71% 65%

MDD 5/3/1932 9.73% -- 5/2/1930 7.10% -- 5/2/1934 5.09%


On average the OTC has been up 56% of the time in May with an average gain of 0.4%. During the 4th year of the Presidential Cycle it has been up 64% of the time with an average loss of 0.1% attributable to the 14.1% loss in 2000. The best May ever for the OTC was 1997 when it was up 10.2%.

There are usually 21 trading days in a month. The charts below have been calculated by averaging the daily return of the 1st 11 trading days of the month and the last 10. A dashed vertical line has been drawn after the 1st trading day and at 5 trading day intervals after that. The vertical line is solid at the 11th trading day, the dividing point.

The 1st chart shows the OTC average for May for all years in blue and the 4th year of the Presidential Cycle in green.

On average the SPX has also been up 56% of the time in May (since 1928) with an average loss of 0.2% (helped by a 22.1% loss in 1932 and a 22.9% loss in 1940). During the 4th year of the Presidential Cycle it has been up 70% of the time with an average loss of 1.4% (both 1932 and 1940 were 4th years in the Presidential Cycle). The best May ever for the SPX was 1990 when it rose 8.7%.

The chart below is similar to the one above except it shows SPX averages since 1928 and the SPX for all years is shown in red.


The market is a bit overbought and there is little strength in the breadth indicators, but there could be some seasonal strength showing up near the end of the week.

I expect the major indices to be higher on Friday May 2 than they were on Friday April 25.

This report is free to anyone who wants it, so please tell your friends.
They can sign up at:

If it is not for you, reply with REMOVE in the subject line.

It is difficult to find insight into short term trading. For the past 6 months I have been getting frequent trading updates from Tom Malone. On the downside, he sends out about a dozen e-mail updates a day (way too many for me) on the upside, he is the best short term trader I have ever seen. He trades stocks, indexes, options and futures, long and short, sometimes all in the same day. If you are interested in the insights of a successful short term trader his e-mail address is:

Last weeks negative forecast was a miss.

Thank you,
Mike Burk
YTD W8/L5/T4

Disclaimer: Mike Burk is an employee and principal of Alpha Investment Management (Alpha) a registered investment advisor. Charts and figures presented herein are believed to be reliable but we cannot attest to their accuracy. Recent (last 10-15 yrs.) data has been supplied by CSI (, FastTrack (, Quotes Plus ( and the Wall Street Journal ( Historical data is from Barron's and ISI price books. The views expressed dare provided for information purposes only and should not be construed in any way as investment advice. Furthermore, the opinions expressed may change without notice.

You may reproduce these letters provided you include a citation along with a link to the subscription page:

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Ranker: Expensive Cheap Explosive Quiet Breakout Hi Breakout Low Highest Vol Highest Open Call Top % Inc Call Bot % Dec Put Top % Inc Put Bot % Dec

High Volume Stock Options Last Updated: 04-11-08, 4:00PM EDT
Rank Stock Option Option Symbol Close Price Change Volume Volume Change Open Interest Open Interest Change
1 IWM APR 08 68 Put DIWPP 0.77 0.45
(135%) 94268 64864
(221%) 139968 -4411
2 IWM MAY 08 64 Put DIWQL 0.85 0.32
(58.9%) 89883 63502
(241%) 219403 18521
3 IWM APR 08 70 Put DIWPR 1.80 0.96
(114%) 89569 71210
(388%) 133824 7411
4 IWM MAY 08 68 Put DIWQP 2.05 0.66
(47.3%) 84085 66406
(376%) 128299 -4613
5 SPY APR 08 134 Call SFBDD 1.36 0.00
(0%) 80552 55346
(220%) 41848 1786
6 SPY APR 08 136 Put SFBPF 3.12 1.58
(102%) 76618 20714
(37.1%) 79992 14133
7 SPY APR 08 135 Call SFBDE 0.90 0.00
(0%) 73161 43145
(144%) 66004 -340
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(801%) 283305 502
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(54.2%) 63892 59903
(1500%) 50900 2028
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(135%) 62990 24237
(62.5%) 87352 3349
11 EEM SEP 08 105 Put EEMUA 3.22 0.33
(11.4%) 60008 54900
(1070%) 6759 4949
12 EEM SEP 08 115 Put EEMUC 5.20 0.50
(10.6%) 60000 54995
(1100%) 10588 5000
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(34.2%) 57705 55405
(2410%) 151822 -679
14 SPY APR 08 135 Put SFBPE 2.49 1.32
(113%) 57691 23864
(70.5%) 82197 990
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(-100%) 55003 999999
(-106%) 55509 999999
16 EEM JUN 08 90 Put EEMRR 0.27 9999.90
(-100%) 55000 999999
(-106%) 72273 999999
17 XLF APR 08 25 Put XLFPY 0.54 0.16
(41.6%) 53205 42885
(416%) 272034 1297
18 IWM APR 08 69 Put DIWPQ 1.21 0.67
(125%) 51644 39457
(324%) 120609 -124
19 SPY APR 08 130 Put SFBPZ 0.61 0.38
(163%) 48052 45937
(2170%) 162491 12109
20 SPY APR 08 132 Put SFBPB 1.11 0.65
(140%) 48036 6427
(15.4%) 101760 -15570

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


WE had a nice comeback off the lows today and are looking for a nice SPRING RALLY as temps in New york rise we are starting to SHORT some OIL in here.

We just took a small put position in USO today near the highs and will see how we do as we are long our screened stocks about 70% and looking to add more stocks options and Futures !!!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Change Last

GILEAD SCIENCES -0.13% 51.99
ZWEIG FUND INC +0.44% 4.61
INTL BUSINESS MAC +0.08% 116.40
GOLDMAN SACHS GRP +0.27% 179.21
COMPANHIA SIDER A +2.53% 40.55
ULTRA RUSSELL2000 +0.12% 51.041
CATERPILLAR INC +0.45% 77.595
PEPSICO INC -0.81% 71.28
MCDONALDS CP +0.32% 55.83

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Monday, April 7, 2008


Yes we called the top here short term and now will we rollover or get a 1-3% correction and run higher.

I have some very good data that explains why you should .....

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Sunday, April 6, 2008


FOSTER WHEELER +1.51% 63.15
GILEAD SCIENCES +1.34% 52.35
ZWEIG FUND INC +0.21% 4.76
INTL BUSINESS MAC -0.22% 115.76
MICROSOFT CP +0.55% 29.16
INTEL CP -0.27% 21.87
GOLDMAN SACHS GRP -0.64% 175.40

We are still

100% Long our IRA in ZF which has performed well Stop 4.50

Our Model Portfolio continues to sprint ahead 60% Long now in 10% positions Of :

FWLT acting very well stop 58.00

GILD acting AMAZING !!!! stop 48.00

IBM acting well Stop 110.00

MSFT acting well Stop 27.50

INTC doing better Stop 20.00

GS off the floor and will be the market leader ....stop 160.00

No options at this point

No futures at this point

Overall Portfolio 60% Long 40% cash and looking for a 1-3% correction to add to longs

The main TTT HEDGE FUND is very Neutral after taking large gains in the 1000 point rally which we were the only ones I could find 100% long at the BOTTOM and taking profits in 2x Long ETF's options and Futures I am very proud of that ....

TRADERS : We left off Friday very defensive with a small 5% long position in XLK and a 20% short position in QID the inverse 2x ETF as we may be aggressively shorting a near term 1-3% correction.

Overall we are looking at April as a month that could get ...too much too fast as Bears start to give up ...but the problem for stock bulls now is inflation and commodities ...will we have to have another !!!! Yes another downturn ????

My view is if you are a very lucky optimist you could become a millionaire if you are right buying even now as the market bottoms ...unfortunately ..even I do not think this will happen ..I think we will have another downturn come late summer fall ...but the good news for TRADERS and TTT HEDGE FUND members ....I will do everything I can to keep you on the right side of the trade !!!!

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Saturday, April 5, 2008


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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We have taken our fair share of profits as we near $100K in 22 sessions since we started out TRADERS group in which 20 members trade live and verify and partake in the trades I recommend.

Now we are in a cash positions and looking for some stocks like RIMM for earnings plays

Name Change Last

FOSTER WHEELER -0.67% 59.47
GILEAD SCIENCES -1.85% 51.90
ZWEIG FUND INC +0.43% 4.7401
INTL BUSINESS MAC -1.49% 114.76
MICROSOFT CP -1.15% 29.16
INTEL CP -0.55% 21.85
GOLDMAN SACHS GRP +0.25% 177.30

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


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