Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I do not think after today anyone can say there is another service on the web that can do anything close to what we have done the toughest of environments we have totally cleaned up and are now up nearly 60% since March 3rd !!!!!

That is unreal in a market that is called a bear and is put down by the press and blogs...I have taken the market and turned it into 1999 Bull for my members ...just browse through my history ...the bottoms have been called every single time ...uncanny and each time more and more money is made as we leverage heavily on the bottoms and lighten at short term tops ...

Some are skeptical which is fine but I think if you took advantage of our 100% money back guarantee (which no one has ever used ) $75 is a real will make it back in hours if not seconds !!!!

We provide you with 10-14 e-mails per day updating you on every aspect of the market timing skills are unmatched and if you trade stocks options or really need to join today.

I am the only one that will take the time to get you into the type of strategies that are right for you !!!

I am not going to post our current portfolio as my members and I do not think you should get it for free .....But look at the past few posts ...INTC DRYS IBM all perfectly times with options and millions made ....My members don't want you to know about me ...they want me all to themselves ...but I am honoring my anniversary prices for a couple more days so join !!!!

I give you 10 free services a day in addition to my own commentary ..these services would cost you 6-7K. I am hoping you will read the posts below and figure out that if you want to make a lot of money or are in a bind from a bad market ..give me a shot.

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