Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We have taken our fair share of profits as we near $100K in 22 sessions since we started out TRADERS group in which 20 members trade live and verify and partake in the trades I recommend.

Now we are in a cash positions and looking for some stocks like RIMM for earnings plays

Name Change Last

FOSTER WHEELER -0.67% 59.47
GILEAD SCIENCES -1.85% 51.90
ZWEIG FUND INC +0.43% 4.7401
INTL BUSINESS MAC -1.49% 114.76
MICROSOFT CP -1.15% 29.16
INTEL CP -0.55% 21.85
GOLDMAN SACHS GRP +0.25% 177.30

These are our current longs for the main membership and we have sold all our 2x ETF's long today and I hope everyone enjoyed the 8-16% moves and up to 400% in options !!!!

You can join now at our special anniversary price of $75.00

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