Tuesday, April 1, 2008


The coming days will be important ..the fact is ...if you would have followed our aggressive trading approach in the tradeable bottom setup you could have made a years worth of profits today !!!

Two weeks ago I promised my members 100 ES SPX points or 1000 Dow YM oints ...guess what ..we got them ..from the lows intraday at 1252 to todays close 1370+ ...more profits than one group deserves ..but we will take it .

The thing is we not only pick the plays and the stocks ..we educate you and provide free services that no one else does !!!!

So please help yourself to the best ..lowest cost full service advisory service on the web ...take 1 minute and

PayPal $75 to : tomandprisha@msn.com

It is the best investment you will ever make

I would love to give you our positions but after todays run ...we will just tell you that we are still looking for higher prices into June !!!!!

But we may take a bearish position for a few weeks....to get the hourly updates

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