Thursday, October 30, 2008


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No. Ticker Company Price Change% Volume Transaction Date Shares Cost Market Value Gain$ Gain% Change$
1. WFC Wells Fargo & Company 31.84 -0.84% 57,757,700 Buy 09-29-08 5,000 33.35 159200.00 -7550.00 -4.53% -1350.00
2. UWM Ultra Russell2000 ProShares 23.65 10.88% 5,319,512 Buy 10-27-08 5,000 19.11 118250.00 22700.00 23.76% 11600.00
3. UYM Ultra Basic Materials ProShares 20.67 7.94% 12,510,157 Buy 10-27-08 5,000 17.1 103350.50 17850.50 20.88% 7600.50
4. XLV Health Care Select Sector SPDR 26.58 2.35% 4,827,887 Buy 10-27-08 10,000 24.15 265800.00 24300.00 10.06% 6100.01
5. MRK Merck & Co. Inc. 30.19 5.26% 15,391,052 Buy 10-27-08 10,000 26.02 301900.01 41700.01 16.03% 15100.00
6. PFE Pfizer Inc. 17.86 3.90% 56,732,944 Buy 10-27-08 10,000 16.15 178600.01 17100.01 10.59% 6700.00
7. RIMM Research In Motion Ltd. 47.39 -0.90% 24,483,322 Buy 10-27-08 20,000 40.95 947799.99 128799.99 15.73% -8600.01
8. QLD Ultra QQQ ProShares 34.60 5.20% 49,381,804 Buy 10-27-08 10,000 27.68 345999.98 69199.98 25.00% 17099.99
9. ZF Zweig Fund Inc. 3.00 2.74% 791,885 Buy 10-27-08 100,000 2.73 300000.00 27000.00 9.89% 7999.99
10. USD Ultra Semiconductor ProShares 19.18 11.65% 569,633 Buy 10-27-08 5,000 15.18 95910.50 20010.50 26.36% 10010.50
Total 10 Stocks 2.63% 2816810.98 361110.98 14.71% 72260.98

Hi ,

We have been battling the market and have finally come out on top with some very leveraged plays and some really key stock and sector picks ! Now is a time though to start taking profits and we will cut our exposure a lot over Friday and then buy back into the next 1-3% correction.


WFC and sell all other positions on the close or before tomorrow and go into Monday , the day before the election with 95% cash and Wells Fargo .

TRADERS Has a Bunch of losers from SEPTEMBER that we have to sort thru but are in good shape now with 5 straight days of big wins. Traders are 70% long and 30% cash and will go 40% long with just losing positions and sell the rest tomorrow also.

Great job by all of you and I am very happy we have made it through this toughest of times and there will be low hanging fruit soon and easy money will be had ! I hope you can stay with me as I have proven for 33 years I can beat this market with regularity and this season upcoming could be one of the best I have seen !

Remember the 2009 discounts are in effect only through this weekend and please let me know so you do not have to pay the higher price on November 1st.

Finally thanks to all who pre- paid for 2009 makes it easier on all of us and the less billing we do the more research and info/ data / trades we can do !

PayPal $125 or $499 to : via Paypal

I will update with many reports tonight !

Nice Job !!!!

Investing Made Easy !!!


(10:07 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yes bingo
(10:07 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: a simple stop will place a market order when the stop value is hit
(10:08 PM) pupster: that will turn into a market order once it hits
(10:08 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: right
tomthetrader: moving stops to 945 ES on 10 long from 934.50
(10:08 PM) ctmhou: And hopefully the order is higher when it's hit.
(10:08 PM) pupster: did u buy in ah's Tom?
(10:09 PM) ctmhou: Tom, when the hell did you do that?
(10:09 PM) pupster: Thanks Nick....believe it or not...I kind of knew it but we were going around in circles
(10:10 PM) pupster: simple....LIMIT on upside and STOP on downside targets...
(10:10 PM) ctmhou: Exactly........
(10:10 PM) pupster: Tom did u buy at the mkt close or in AH's
(10:10 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yup
(10:10 PM) pupster: cool
(10:10 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I know that is a big source of confusion because stop is really a dump term for it
(10:11 PM) pupster: yep
(10:15 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Now are you going to ask how to do a trailing stop on the upside?
(10:15 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: just to make it more confusing
(10:15 PM) pupster: lol
(10:16 PM) pupster: when the time comes we'll go over it
(10:17 PM) ctmhou: Nick, after your explanation of the option webinar, my brain crossed...
(10:17 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I'd be happy to give you some one-on-one tutoring anytime
(10:18 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Hey is website down for anyone else?
(10:18 PM) ctmhou: I'm not sure you would have the patience, Nick.
tomthetrader: After hours late
(10:19 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Well, the offer stands anytime. I enjoy teaching.
(10:19 PM) pupster: u bought late in AH's...?
(10:20 PM) ctmhou: Thanks, Nick. When I'm ready, I'll let you know. Just learning futures right now.
tomthetrader: (9:30 PM) ctmhou: Well, the ES is having fun at the moment.
tomthetrader: yes China Taiwan etc trying to get us back to even
tomthetrader: Time for baseball ...check back in 45 minutes ...I am long 10 ES
(10:21 PM) ctmhou: Damn Tom. What the heck was I looking at..................
tomthetrader: (9:31 PM) ctmhou: We should thank them.......OH, we do by buying everything from them.
tomthetrader: so I have a stop close on both sides
(9:32 PM) ctmhou: Lidge can come in and get a save. What a career turnaround for him.
tomthetrader: E-MINI S&P 500 Dec ’08 21:21:33 EDT 939.00 12.00 927.75
tomthetrader: Yes Fun for him to comeback
(10:22 PM) ctmhou: Am I reading a negative divergence in th e2 min chart on ES?
tomthetrader: so it was just before 9:00pm and we have taken off
(10:22 PM) pupster: ok
(10:23 PM) pupster: great job
(10:23 PM) ctmhou: 10 contracts...............I could have been done for the week. Shoot!
tomthetrader: very aggressive on the world cuts
tomthetrader: very bullish all countries working together
tomthetrader: not isolationism
tomthetrader: extremely bulllish
tomthetrader: but we are not back to our highs
(10:24 PM) pupster: Nick.....I would love to follow you every move on CHAT for TRADERS only to shoot foe a double every quarter......
(10:25 PM) ctmhou: Tom, is the ES after hours working like the ES should work during hours? No radical movement in 5 min timeframes?
(10:25 PM) pupster: how could we make CHAT so that those who wanted to do the same follow you in this way without staering away
tomthetrader: Yes ....I can be done ///I have 13 prfessional traders who work on their own and only call me ...and they make 100 -1 million per year
tomthetrader: they wer in here in 05-07
tomthetrader: you can become very successful
(10:25 PM) pupster: and do it during trading hours
(10:26 PM) ctmhou: Serious? WOW!
(10:26 PM) pupster: Tom....I don't understand....
(10:26 PM) pupster: if we could double our $
(10:26 PM) pupster: like you
(10:26 PM) pupster: and follow your every move
(10:26 PM) ctmhou: I can't wait for a virtual room with you Tom.
tomthetrader: In order to really kill the market you do have to be leveraged and margined long several times a year and it is no fun
(10:26 PM) pupster: why wouldn't we want to do that?
(10:27 PM) pupster: 2x
tomthetrader: we are still looing for areas that are better than this
tomthetrader: I am going to get stopped out
(10:27 PM) pupster: yeah...but the only real trouble you've had was being stubborn to what was really going on
(10:28 PM) pupster: causing you to try and be a HERO and you knew you shouldn't have followed those emotions...
(10:28 PM) pupster: otherwise...
(10:28 PM) pupster: under normal circumstances
(10:28 PM) ctmhou: Tom, on my 2 min ES chart, MACD is going down while price is going up. Divergence?
tomthetrader: yes ...and the fact i did not give the respect deserved out of what turned out to be a much more publicized black hole the 90's greenie would have said we are OK pump some money in and gone
(10:28 PM) pupster: you are as top notch as they come
(10:29 PM) ctmhou: I like your transparency, Tom.
tomthetrader: but this time every fed and treasury / government official had to be a TV star and go to meadiaand tell America how bad it is and how bad it will get
tomthetrader: 1st time ever for that
(10:30 PM) pupster: can we structure this so that everyone who wants to double their $ can do it by easily knowing the %'s that need to be alocated for traders for specific trades during CHAT
tomthetrader: I appreciate your patience ...we will have a good run into years end with futures . options ETF's
tomthetrader: earnings plays
tomthetrader: I think the % part is the most important
tomthetrader: we are working with 200K and we size each position
tomthetrader: if you have 10K yo go in in 10% positions
tomthetrader: or 100K 10% positions
tomthetrader: we never have more than 5-8 positions
(10:32 PM) pupster: Again.....real can we keep it simple enough to follow your every move to double our money evry quarte during CHAT
tomthetrader: we daytrade for most of pour profits
tomthetrader: and swing trades are from long past ! But I hope we have one now
(10:33 PM) pupster: but TRADERS swings also...correct?
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: Easily
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: if you just go thru chat the past 4 sessions ...look at the trades
tomthetrader: I was working with 110K more or less as 90 K plus tied up in losers
tomthetrader: we made 40K in 4 sessions
(10:34 PM) pupster: for TRADERS?
tomthetrader: all in our chat ...Thomas does not allow this trading at night
(10:35 PM) pupster: so with 1/2 of the TRADERS account you booked 40k
tomthetrader: (3:27 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom you made only 26k today
tomthetrader: we made over 50K in past 4 sessions with all daytrades and a few overnight with margined 2x long ETF's
tomthetrader: pretty much 50% gain in 4 sessions
tomthetrader: on cash available
tomthetrader: In a bear market long
tomthetrader: just imagine what a bull market is lioke
tomthetrader: like
tomthetrader: if we cam get a 20% rally before jan 1st we should book 1/2 million
(10:41 PM) pupster: awsome
(10:42 PM) pupster: Tom.....we need to be ULTRA clear
(10:42 PM) pupster: in CHAT so I can make a fractio of that
tomthetrader: In chat ..we cannot take a penny of anthing before there is at least 10 Traders in room in morning ...0 at night profits at all at night
tomthetrader: so everything i made tonight ..ask thomas 0 in traders
tomthetrader: I just post so others can see
tomthetrader: we can only log in profits when at least 10 Traders are active and only in the morning til 4:15pm
tomthetrader: no nights at all
tomthetrader: CRYSTAL clear and Thomas has a record of every trade and everyone has the ability to timestamp every move and record all actions here
(10:46 PM) pupster: i didn't know that as far as needing to have 10 Traders in CHAT
tomthetrader: so it is as open and transparent as any site I have ever seen
tomthetrader: and Thomas has to be one of them
tomthetrader: can't just be us at 6:00am
(10:47 PM) pupster: has there ever been a point where you would transfer any losing trades from Traders into Main...
tomthetrader: this morning we were able to get long at 5:30 am at much risk and Thomas was there and about 12 others
(10:47 PM) pupster: to free up funds?
tomthetrader: I have taken cash from the main account to "fund" the Traders account
tomthetrader: when we get hit with losses early
(10:48 PM) pupster: actually that's what i meant
tomthetrader: Like I should have done with XLKAT
(10:48 PM) pupster: be fair...
tomthetrader: now I am hamstrung
(10:48 PM) pupster: how could we try and mimic TRADERS if you can do that?
(10:49 PM) pupster: innocent question...
tomthetrader: woth 100K in unrealized and in a poor cash / leverage situation
tomthetrader: it has only happened 1x -2x in 3 years so I don't know
tomthetrader: good question ..hope it doesn't happen but it is a good question
(10:50 PM) pupster: so for the most part it's never done but can happen....
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: I know it has happened but can'tremember ...yes I can it was the two crashes in FEB and Jan
tomthetrader: of 07 and 08
tomthetrader: we got nailed for big losses and had to borrow from main fund for daily trading ..we repaid and went about our usual
tomthetrader: I missed the Jan 08 fall
(10:53 PM) pupster: so....we would have been stuck if following your every move at that stage.
tomthetrader: and the FEB 07 we were short but got long too soon and got nailed
tomthetrader: actually no would have been unable to trade for about 4 days as the market came back quickly and we were back to 200K
(10:54 PM) pupster: ok...........
tomthetrader: they ..if you look on the charts were like mini crashes
(10:54 PM) pupster: ok
tomthetrader: very short and then bounced back
tomthetrader: and both early in the quarter
tomthetrader: so we always reset at 200K each quarter
tomthetrader: and that is the toughest time
tomthetrader: like baseball season or grades
tomthetrader: you need to get off to a good start
tomthetrader: buying a millionXLKAT in Sept was not a good start
tomthetrader: and if I would have used my stops we would have doubled our money already
(10:57 PM) pupster: k
tomthetrader: so poor cash managemnet and being too cocky and emotionally egotistic ...I hurt the fund
tomthetrader: and my members who had smaller accounts
tomthetrader: and I have to live with thatdaily as we have lost some good friends
tomthetrader: that took big hits with their positions and went into OCT instead of jan
tomthetrader: in options
tomthetrader: and got killed with no stops
tomthetrader: But we are OK now and back to " normal"
tomthetrader: I am off to bed
(10:59 PM) pupster: good night
tomthetrader: Hope I amswered all of your questions and glad to have you part of the least known but most knowledgeable traders group in th world
tomthetrader: we do have info / data that no one else gets
(11:00 PM) pupster: y
tomthetrader: and traders with a great feel
tomthetrader: night
(11:01 PM) pupster: nite
tomthetrader: E-MINI S&P 500 Dec ’08 22:52:32 EDT 947.25 20.25
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tomthetrader: Good morning
tomthetrader: another bright sunny cool day in Tallahassee
(8:51 AM) RV_trader: gm Tom - Where we headed today? Nice war overnight in the markets
(9:00 AM) thomas_Poland: good morning
tomthetrader: yes we have had some battle scars
tomthetrader: audio at 9:15 am
tomthetrader: sorry busy sending e-mails
tomthetrader: 962 122 ES points from bottom
tomthetrader: 15% increase
tomthetrader: HOD futures
(9:08 AM) syzygy111: y
(9:08 AM) ajayvee: y
tomthetrader: Audio check
(9:08 AM) aszag: y
(9:08 AM) breadman8401: y
(9:09 AM) thomas_Poland: Today simple strategy ... Sell the open cover on close
(9:10 AM) thomas_Poland: I trade this one ... with stops of course
(9:10 AM) jbljudy: y
(9:10 AM) thomas_Poland: and another chance to short 12:30
tomthetrader: EEV SKF QID ...look at those charts ?
(9:11 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: g morning
tomthetrader: Hi all
tomthetrader: TTT Audio in a few minutes
(9:20 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: y
(9:20 AM) bloomert: y
(9:20 AM) les13436: y
(9:20 AM) ajayvee: y
(9:20 AM) thomas_Poland: y
(9:20 AM) aszag: y
(9:20 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: YM up nicely this morning
(9:20 AM) pointfisher: y
(9:20 AM) breadman8401: y
(9:20 AM) JR Roden: No
(9:20 AM) syzygy111: y
(9:20 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I'm up a buck in my DDM already
(9:23 AM) syzygy111: with the dem congress?
(9:28 AM) pupster1: y
tomthetrader: zf
tomthetrader: 110,000 sh
(9:28 AM) thomas_Poland: Tom only IWMKV left
(9:29 AM) thomas_Poland: at 3.75
(9:29 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom, do you get the flat commission on 110K shares?
(9:30 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: wow that's a great deal
(9:30 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: is that an alumni perk, or do you have a wrap acct
(9:30 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: it was up 30% yesterday
(9:30 AM) billb1947: tom-i forget-which one is zf? Is that the treasury bond fund or the bond/equity fund?
(9:30 AM) billb1947: thx
(9:31 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 2.91 by 3.00
(9:31 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 0 vol
(9:31 AM) thomas_Poland: tom give me all fills on MSN
(9:31 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: you're the vol
tomthetrader: 954.00 2 long
tomthetrader: stop 944
(9:35 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Wow 8.91 on adv/dec
(9:35 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: that's strength
(9:43 AM) ctmhou: When do you move the stop?
tomthetrader: added 2 long at 945 cash total of 4 long plus 50 contracts of IWM and some margined safe ZF
(9:44 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom do you have portfolio margining in your LegMas acct?
(9:44 AM) ctmhou: You make it sound easy.
(9:45 AM) ctmhou: ZYou must have left Legg Mason on good terms?
(9:45 AM) ctmhou: Cool
tomthetrader: sell 4 ES at 962.50
(9:47 AM) ctmhou: Was the ES a pre-determined stop?
(9:48 AM) ctmhou: Close...........
(9:48 AM) ctmhou: Gotcha
(9:48 AM) Alex1978: nice lol
(9:48 AM) ctmhou: I've always felt that.
(9:48 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: welcome alex
(9:48 AM) TraderTim: hi alex
(9:48 AM) berniectx: Welcome Alex
(9:48 AM) Alex1978: thanks for having me...looking forward to trading w/ you guys
(9:49 AM) les13436: Hi Alex
(9:49 AM) rekon8: Hi Alex
(9:49 AM) thomas_Poland: Gdynia
(9:49 AM) aszag: welcome Alex
(9:49 AM) thomas_Poland: not Gdansk
(9:49 AM) bloomert: welcome Alex
(9:49 AM) thomas_Poland: Hi Alex
(9:50 AM) Alex1978: thx for the warm welcome...
(9:50 AM) billb1947: welcome alex
(9:50 AM) ctmhou: Transparency.......
(9:50 AM) aszag: Thomas is also our enforcer
(9:51 AM) thomas_Poland: die bulls
(9:51 AM) billb1947: we are fortunate to have the king of poland as a member
(9:51 AM) TraderTim: Tom I did the 4 ES trade. I bought at bottom of channel and trendline. You sold pretty quick (as did I). could you go through your thinking on the sale (which was nice)?
(9:51 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Does anyone here know the Pristine Buy Setup ?
(9:51 AM) PhotosbyDill: Good Morning from Colorado. I will be here all day so Tom if you need anything let me know. OK?
(9:52 AM) TraderTim: gotcha 944/965 box
(9:52 AM) thomas_Poland: 928 today?
(9:53 AM) amoslynne: wanna do business
(9:53 AM) thomas_Poland: what business?
(9:53 AM) tomthetrader: tomthetrader has bounced amoslynne from the chat room
(9:53 AM) thomas_Poland: hey
(9:53 AM) thomas_Poland: I wanted to be nice for the first time in my life
(9:53 AM) thomas_Poland:
(9:53 AM) ctmhou: You're quick Today, Tom.
(9:53 AM) thomas_Poland: He is punching faster than me
(9:54 AM) thomas_Poland: hemm
(9:54 AM) thomas_Poland: hmm
(9:54 AM) thomas_Poland: I need more training
tomthetrader: Over the past four days, the S&P futures have moved a combined 160 points during the last 45 minutes of trading. Essentially, that means that the index has moved 17% over three hours of market time
tomthetrader: trading or jail time ?
tomthetrader: I'm not sure what the fundamental justification would be for adjusting the market cap of the S&P by about $1.5 trillion in three hours
(9:57 AM) thomas_Poland: and in jail this one is waiting
(9:57 AM) thomas_Poland: sell the open ..cover on close
(9:58 AM) thomas_Poland: I think we will go high tomorrow and sell off again at the close tomorrow
(9:59 AM) thomas_Poland: but today a down day
(9:59 AM) TraderTim: Tom, how about a quick lesson on using the A/D line (since it is so important)
(10:01 AM) ctmhou: I want a "SURE THING".
(10:01 AM) ctmhou: Darn
(10:03 AM) TraderTim: so when I see +2000 right now, what does it tell you?
(10:03 AM) TraderTim: is +2000 the same as 2 to 1? How is this calculated?
(10:04 AM) TraderTim: I get only NET
(10:04 AM) TraderTim: so can we chart the A/D and draw trendlines
(10:05 AM) TraderTim: I get it on my feed
(10:06 AM) berniectx: NYSE AD +2042
(10:07 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tim, what platform are you charting on?
(10:07 AM) TraderTim: A/D using hourly over 10 day
(10:08 AM) TraderTim: I chart using Amibroker with IQFeed (same feed as THOMAS)
(10:10 AM) ctmhou: Have the futures market, in your opinion, picked up in the last few months? Or is the volume in the normal range? In other words, has futures trading becoming more of an everyday tool for traders?
(10:11 AM) TraderTim: thx Tom that was very helpful
(10:11 AM) berniectx: you are a great teacher Tom
(10:11 AM) ctmhou: Your training in a $5.00 book?
(10:16 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Is anyone here trading futures in their IRA acct?
(10:16 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Of course just when I joined!
(10:16 AM) billb1947: i am nick
(10:16 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I agree
(10:17 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Bill what broker lets you do it?
(10:17 AM) billb1947: IB
(10:17 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Ok thx
(10:17 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: OpX doesn't allow it
(10:17 AM) TraderTim: Tom BOX lower band could be 950 now
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: I will buy 1 ES long
tomthetrader: 950.00 cash 1 long
(10:20 AM) thomas_Poland: let's see if we can go down till 11 am
tomthetrader: will stop at 944.00
(10:20 AM) thomas_Poland: yep
(10:21 AM) thomas_Poland: I am bear only .. only for today
(10:21 AM) thomas_Poland: and tomorrow afternoon
tomthetrader: 2371 -444 a/d line
(10:22 AM) thomas_Poland: only ad line tom
tomthetrader: tell us what else is diverging Thomas ?
(10:23 AM) thomas_Poland: TRIN is trending higher
(10:23 AM) thomas_Poland: I use TRIN only looking at its trend
(10:24 AM) thomas_Poland: P/C 0.70
(10:24 AM) thomas_Poland: more bearish
(10:24 AM) thomas_Poland: TICK hitting -600 bearish
(10:24 AM) thomas_Poland: and my best few I don't want to mention
(10:24 AM) thomas_Poland: one of them just made me worry about my short
(10:25 AM) thomas_Poland: but because I have stop at breakeven I have no risk now
tomthetrader: I think you are in trouble /
tomthetrader: if you follow those indicators today
(10:26 AM) thomas_Poland: maybe
(10:26 AM) thomas_Poland: but no risk now
tomthetrader: if you do not smooth them out over 10 days min
(10:26 AM) thomas_Poland: and we should get 938 or even 928 ??
tomthetrader: if you don't trend those they will kill you
(10:27 AM) thomas_Poland: I tried Tom .. but now prefer to read them on the day
tomthetrader: in a bottoming market
(10:27 AM) thomas_Poland: Maybe you should teach me ??
(10:27 AM) thomas_Poland: almost 960
(10:27 AM) thomas_Poland: like last time when I took 30 and would make 60??
(10:28 AM) Alex1978: there's good support at ES 940
(10:28 AM) thomas_Poland: not much
(10:28 AM) thomas_Poland: when I try to reenter marekt moves in my direction so hard that I have no chance
(10:28 AM) berniectx: I also use NYSE Trin 10 minute with a 30 period MA which is moving up
tomthetrader: CVS
(10:30 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Geeze DDM just crawling down the BB's
tomthetrader: One of our 12 earnings plays this week ...over the earnings period we have hit now on 96% of our plays ! The highest EVER !!!
(10:31 AM) billb1947: bernie-i use IB as i think you do, but i can't create a 10min chart-only 5min and 15 min ?
tomthetrader: Thanks to my son for helping in the picking

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Portfolio Create new portfolioTradersMAIN view | edit | delete | create new | open in screener

No. Ticker Company Price Change% Volume Transaction Date Shares Cost Market Value Gain$ Gain% Change$
1. WFC Wells Fargo & Company 34.46 11.77% 60,428,016 Buy 09-29-08 5,000 33.35 172300.00 5550.00 3.33% 18150.00
2. UWM Ultra Russell2000 ProShares 21.08 16.92% 8,533,681 Buy 10-27-08 5,000 19.11 105400.00 9850.00 10.31% 15250.00
3. UYM Ultra Basic Materials ProShares 17.50 21.11% 13,008,045 Buy 10-27-08 5,000 17.1 87500.00 2000.00 2.34% 15250.00
4. XLV Health Care Select Sector SPDR 27.39 11.34% 6,843,228 Buy 10-27-08 10,000 24.15 273899.99 32399.99 13.42% 27899.99
5. MRK Merck & Co. Inc. 29.69 10.70% 22,229,344 Buy 10-27-08 10,000 26.02 296900.01 36700.01 14.10% 28700.01
6. PFE Pfizer Inc. 17.82 8.72% 81,618,792 Buy 10-27-08 10,000 16.15 178200.00 16700.00 10.34% 14300.00
7. RIMM Research In Motion Ltd. 46.99 10.15% 33,170,856 Buy 10-27-08 20,000 40.95 939800.03 120800.03 14.75% 86600.04
8. QLD Ultra QQQ ProShares 32.54 20.92% 57,946,180 Buy 10-27-08 10,000 27.68 325400.01 48600.01 17.56% 56300.01
9. ZF Zweig Fund Inc. 2.91 9.40% 748,224 Buy 10-27-08 100,000 2.73 291000.01 18000.01 6.59% 25000.00
10. USD Ultra Semiconductor ProShares 18.38 19.51% 500,780 Buy 10-27-08 5,000 15.18 91900.00 16000.00 21.08% 15000.00
Total 10 Stocks 12.30% 2762300.04 306600.04 12.49% 302450.04

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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hi ,

What a time we live in ! I try to remember 74-74 and the early Reagan years but this time around the "feel" of the TAPE is as ugly as I have ever witnessed . Dating back to June 7th 2007 I noted in my Chat and blogs that the key reversal that day was the beginning of a longer term sideways to down period that would have volatility increase ( easy call it was 7-9 then ! ) and ultimately give us a Bear Market. Well that has definitely come true with VIX popping to 90 and the markets dropping up to 90% in some areas more wealth has been lost in paper terms in this time frame than anytime in this worlds history as not only are we hurting but emerging and other industrialized markets are in far worse shape than we are ! Which is why our currency is on a spaceship ride higher as seen by UUP (one of our Mainfund holdings when it was unpopular along with DUG and DTO !).

We have been searching for a bottom since our CRASH call back on September 15th in which on cue the FED came in and bailed the markets out and led me to believe it was over and we would begin sideways to up and Bull Market soon. Well I could not have been more mistaken as another more vicious leg of the Bear started shortly after a rally off the Crash warnings and took us obviously to yestedays 5 year lows.

We had to go to cash as we were lucky enough to get buy signals on the 3 major bear market rallies and went to cash with some decent profits as the rally of 20% off the bottom was a good one but the Crashes that have followed have us right back defending those lows. So what now ?

On the economy I had called a bottom in housing market 2 weeks ago saying that we will be in a bathtub type recovery until Spring 09 and then up. I have called many of the commodities especially oil perfectly without a lot of profits to show for it but we did use oil as a hedge for a while that helped us through this BEAR but now there is nothing to hide behind. Cash is about the the only place to be for our Main fund until we get a better intermediate term set up. So Our main fund is in cash for the time being.

Our Traders had a wicked start to our lengthened 4th quarter as we were much too optimistic and paid the price with some heavy losses and have been able to recently bounce back with large wins but not enough our overcome our unrealized losses but are fighting daily to get them back. Our strategy is join the herd daily now and short all rallies and buy any extremes but we simply cannot carry positions overnight unless we have a longer term horizon 5 days ! It is simply a Traders market and it is unfortunate but is the hand we have been dealt by a FED Chairman whose main goal is to lower volatility and stabilize markets he has done more to make a circus out of the monetary system than Hoover ! And that is giving president Hoover the utmost respect. The open door policy of having everyone on camera daily is one traders or investors are pretty sick of and should end and let this economy and market run it's course.

Finally I am looking at the consumer....dead ...yes ...but with the dying there will be pockets of strength and again as home sales rose to the highest levels in 5 + years in a report yesterday maybe just maybe there is a Santa Claus after all as a recent poll said that families are actually going to increase spending this year ! With more "stimulus" on the way in gas prices as low as 1.99 in some areas and the congress wanting a vote we may get another stim pac this week ! So I am forever optimistic but short term instead of being a hero and calling a bottom I will simply let the market do that heavy lifting and enter our Main Fund with positions as warranted...I am still of the belief that the Lows on a closing basis are in but we will see more volatility until the rate cuts world wide this weekend and into next weekend are addressed and the currencies and "protectionist" fervor disappears as one that has studied these markets history does not need a isolationist approach to a world problem and signs all this year have shown disconnects that could make this bear be careful out there and let me know if you need anything 24/7 !

Member Mike Burk's Report is below and we thank him for it !

Technical market report for October 25, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

(2:04 PM) thomas_Poland: it will stop soon!!!
tomthetrader: never GOING TO 0
tomthetrader: qavqc2.57
tomthetrader: qavkc sorry
tomthetrader: .QAVKC 2.57
tomthetrader: 864.00 short 1 ES
tomthetrader: stop reverse 869.00
(2:22 PM) Alert: Submit your question in advance for the Bond show tonight! Copy and paste this link into your browser: and submit your question in the comments section at the bottom of the page. The best question wins an autographed ‘Quantum of Solace’ gadget pack!
tomthetrader: stop 860
tomthetrader: filled
tomthetrader: covered short 860.00
tomthetrader: Long 860.00
(2:23 PM) tradster_ny: long es 860
tomthetrader: 1 ES
tomthetrader: stop 839.00
tomthetrader: stop now 865.00 cash
tomthetrader: stop 867.00 cash
tomthetrader: 868.00 stop
tomthetrader: stopp3ed out
(2:31 PM) syzygy111: y
(2:31 PM) berniectx: y
(2:32 PM) ajayvee: y
(2:32 PM) pupster1: y
(2:32 PM) breadman8401: y
(2:35 PM) ctmhou: I'm back. Not that that means anything. Did a hedgefund blow up?
(2:38 PM) thomas_Poland: today in this f....g market TTT made 2970 dollars
(2:38 PM) thomas_Poland: really I am impressed Tom .. even though I am here more than a year
(2:40 PM) JR Roden: He has been incredible today
(2:41 PM) thomas_Poland: 116k realized profits from the bieginning of the quarter !
(2:41 PM) thomas_Poland: still big looses unrealized but ..
(2:41 PM) thomas_Poland: maybe Tom will make so much money down here that taking these losses will mean not so much ?? ?
(2:42 PM) thomas_Poland: maybe we will get another chance to buy at 2:55 ?
(2:44 PM) berniectx: having trouble going long cannot pull trigger after being burnt today
(2:45 PM) ctmhou: QID might be getting to an area to buy intraday, maybe.
(2:55 PM) thomas_Poland: we will make new low I think
(2:55 PM) thomas_Poland: I have short .. stop breakeven nw
(2:55 PM) thomas_Poland: now
(2:57 PM) thomas_Poland: out at breakeven
(2:57 PM) thomas_Poland: this is crazy f...g market
(3:02 PM) tradster_ny: "feels" like its due a bounce now
tomthetrader: Remember MAJOR BUY SIGNAL in NAZ NQ NDX
(3:03 PM) ajayvee: where are you "feeling" it?
(3:03 PM) tradster_ny: Chevy Chase Caddyshack "Be the Ball"
(3:06 PM) JR Roden: "Pardon my judge, but if I kill all the golfers, won't they lock me up and throw away the key?" - Bill Murray, Caddyshack
(3:07 PM) tradster_ny: lol
(3:08 PM) JR Roden: Any predictions for the close?
(3:08 PM) tradster_ny: 904
tomthetrader: ,m
tomthetrader: MAJOR BUY
(3:11 PM) tradster_ny: out 885
(3:11 PM) tradster_ny: es
(3:13 PM) thomas_Poland: f ...
(3:13 PM) thomas_Poland: thomas_Poland: maybe we will get another chance to buy at 2:55 ?
(3:13 PM) thomas_Poland: this is what I wrote some time ago
(3:13 PM) thomas_Poland: and was stupid enough to look for short
(3:13 PM) thomas_Poland: I missed one bar
(3:21 PM) tradster_ny: indicators still in full buy mode?
(3:23 PM) netti: what kinds of investments are discussed here?
(3:25 PM) thomas_Poland: we take chicken foot, eye of aligator and make decisions
(3:25 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:26 PM) tradster_ny: Telepathy Trading
(3:26 PM) thomas_Poland: and a lot of hoping and praying
tomthetrader: Major Buy
tomthetrader: best trading buy since last one !
tomthetrader: all indicators at once
tomthetrader: and look
(3:28 PM) ajayvee: anybody recommend their futures trading platform? I'm not happy with Tradestation's.
tomthetrader: TOS OXPS
(3:29 PM) ajayvee: tnx
tomthetrader: POLL ? Anyone get long on the TTT BUY SIGNAL ??
(3:29 PM) ajayvee: y
(3:31 PM) tradster_ny: y
(3:36 PM) breadman8401: y, but stopped out for small gain. Still think we are going lower, but what do I know?
tomthetrader: 881.50 long 2 ES
(3:40 PM) ajayvee: long at 878.25 ES
(3:42 PM) tradster_ny: Es stop ?
tomthetrader: 880
(3:43 PM) tradster_ny: thanks
tomthetrader: YES
(3:43 PM) berniectx: wow what a day!!
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: YES
(3:43 PM) gerry204: YES
(3:43 PM) berniectx: you are making me a believer
(3:43 PM) pupster1: y
(3:43 PM) ajayvee: Y
tomthetrader: tomthetrader: .QAVKC 2.57
tomthetrader: remember that trade
(3:45 PM) DE_TTT: QQQQ calls...23-->30 strikes
(3:46 PM) pupster1: good job Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!
(3:46 PM) brownmj21: TTT is back!!!
tomthetrader: stops 900
(3:47 PM) berniectx: very good job TTT Tom
(3:48 PM) tradster_ny: out ES 901 +24
tomthetrader: wow ...nice play
(3:49 PM) ctmhou: I bought back in at the same 891 ES and stopped out at 901. WAW! That was fast.
(3:49 PM) ctmhou: 907.58
(3:49 PM) tradster_ny: yes
tomthetrader: 906
(3:49 PM) syzygy111: 905.77
(3:49 PM) brownmj21: 905.77
(3:50 PM) ctmhou: 904.32
(3:50 PM) syzygy111: 904.32
(3:50 PM) pupster1: 904.32
(3:50 PM) brownmj21: 904.32
(3:50 PM) Fulkdaddy: 904
(3:50 PM) brownmj21: 903.91
(3:50 PM) syzygy111: 903.91
(3:50 PM) ctmhou: 903.91
(3:50 PM) berniectx: 902.85
(3:50 PM) thomas_Poland: 903
(3:50 PM) ctmhou: 903.96
(3:50 PM) breadman8401: 903.91
(3:50 PM) RV_trader: options express giving you tomorrows prices
(3:50 PM) ctmhou: TOS
(3:50 PM) syzygy111: 903.88
(3:50 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom how did you like mornings call of positive close ??
(3:50 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: beautiful
tomthetrader: 903.49
(3:51 PM) syzygy111: 900.96
(3:51 PM) brownmj21: 900.96
(3:51 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: 903.88
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland: 902,15
(3:51 PM) breadman8401: 902.15
tomthetrader: 904 out
(3:51 PM) tradster_ny: nice trade
(3:52 PM) thomas_Poland: yes
(3:52 PM) thomas_Poland: 904 covered from 881.50??
(3:52 PM) thomas_Poland: 2 ES?
(3:53 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom?
(3:53 PM) breadman8401: I got back back in and made some nice caching. Thank you very much Tom
(3:53 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom, your using the /ESZ8 right?
tomthetrader: QAVKC 2.57
(3:54 PM) ajayvee: is the QAVKC trade a day trade?
tomthetrader: yes am out
(3:56 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom were you just trading the ES with OptionsXpress?
(3:56 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Since you weren't in your LM platform?
(3:56 PM) pupster1: what is NASADQ trading at ..... down 21 ?
(3:56 PM) pupster1: or is my feed off ?
(3:57 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Good job on AAPL
(3:57 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: That delta hedge worked great
(3:59 PM) ctmhou: Me too.
(4:00 PM) tradster_ny: good day today for me Whew
(4:00 PM) JR Roden: Tom - we did well today ... no need to go back to normal
(4:00 PM) berniectx: good job all see ya tomorrow
(4:01 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Sure.
(4:01 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: you called it that it would go back down to 98
(4:01 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: my pleasure
(4:02 PM) pupster1: what was the play on that...?
(4:02 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom was long 10 AAPL Call they shot to 103.
(4:02 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom shorted 1000 shs AAPL as a delta hedge and locked in the gains
(4:03 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: And then he still has the long calls for another run
(4:03 PM) gerry204: TOM, did you just buy the Q nov 30 calls?
tomthetrader: no got them right before buy signal
tomthetrader: scroll up and you will see
(4:04 PM) gerry204: okay, I think I got here after the signal, but in time to catch that ES run
(4:04 PM) Fulkdaddy: Tom, I will say one thing, you have outstanding taste in music, my friend! You just keep dusting off these classics!
(4:04 PM) Fulkdaddy: Brings back really good memories from my youth
(4:05 PM) ajayvee: I second that motion
(4:05 PM) thomas_Poland: If I only did what I said today I would make 10k?
tomthetrader: QAVKC 2.57
(4:05 PM) thomas_Poland: and made 0 today because I am to stupid?
(4:05 PM) thomas_Poland: hmm
(4:05 PM) thomas_Poland: 2 good days 2 bad days
(4:05 PM) thomas_Poland: not good
(4:06 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: ES deflating now after the closing runup
tomthetrader: Thomas open positions just QQQQ right ?
tomthetrader: and closed now
(4:06 PM) thomas_Poland: yes
(4:06 PM) thomas_Poland: what price/
(4:06 PM) thomas_Poland: f...g msn is not working
tomthetrader: no open positions 100 at 3.10
tomthetrader: Notice it took throwing in the towel on the Main Fund ?
tomthetrader: it is human behavior
tomthetrader: every bull I knew was in mourning for the death of any hope
(4:10 PM) ajayvee: Q's moving up
tomthetrader: and we shorted all day until the TTT BUY SIGNAL APPEARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tomthetrader: MSFT GOOG
(4:11 PM) aszag: msft is reacting positive
tomthetrader: YES
(4:11 PM) aszag: qqqq are at 30.76
tomthetrader: great run from 29 haNDLE
(4:12 PM) aszag: qld is at 31.
tomthetrader: MSFT up 10%
tomthetrader: MSFT Kills earnings
tomthetrader: 2360
tomthetrader: 23.60
(4:13 PM) DE_TTT: Microsoft prelim $0.48 vs $0.47 First Call consensus; revs $15.06 bln vs $14.78 bln First Call consensus
tomthetrader: 23.70
(4:13 PM) DE_TTT: Microsoft sees FY09 $2.00-2.10 vs $2.11 First Call consensus; sees revs $64.9-66.4 bln vs $66.51 bln First Call consensus
tomthetrader: Yeah baby
(4:13 PM) DE_TTT: Microsoft sees FY09 $2.00-2.10 vs $2.11 First Call consensus; sees revs $64.9-66.4 bln vs $66.51 bln First Call consensus
tomthetrader: Give it to me DE
tomthetrader: More DE
tomthetrader: MORE
tomthetrader: MORE
(4:13 PM) DE_TTT: Microsoft sees Q2 $0.51-0.53 vs $0.55 First Call consensus; sees revs $17.3-17.8 bln vs $17.96 bln First Call consensus
tomthetrader: You are the Man
tomthetrader: Great Job folks
tomthetrader: we are OK
(4:15 PM) DE_TTT: 9.7x FY09 EPS if you ex their Cash out...even at current AH price
tomthetrader: 23.42
tomthetrader: 23.45
tomthetrader: up 8.5%
tomthetrader: we will take it
(4:20 PM) Fulkdaddy: KASS was stopped out of this trading longs at 2:15
(4:20 PM) Fulkdaddy: Got back in at 3:15
tomthetrader: UYM -10%
tomthetrader: tremendous trading with you all today !
tomthetrader: thanks for hanging in there
(4:35 PM) ajayvee: it was an exciting day
tomthetrader: it is not pretty at times
tomthetrader: but it isall we have ...survival
tomthetrader: HOW can SSO and SDS both be down ?
tomthetrader: back to break even on the weeks close or up ?
(4:39 PM) ajayvee: SSO up .11% SDS down 1.8%
tomthetrader: thanks ..I am getting a lot of strange quotes ..QID QLD ?
(4:40 PM) ajayvee: QID up .34% QLD down .91%
tomthetrader: even though QQQQ up ?
(4:41 PM) ajayvee: QID down after hours
tomthetrader: SPY down big but spx up big ?
(4:42 PM) ajayvee: SPY up 1.16%
tomthetrader: I got some bad quotes
tomthetrader: SPY 89.74 -.90 cents ?
tomthetrader: There we got a good trade
(4:45 PM) ajayvee: SPY 91.69 +1.05 at close
tomthetrader: 30.71 Q's ?
(4:45 PM) ajayvee: 30.79 now
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: yes yes
tomthetrader: and yes
tomthetrader: 91.60 spy

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Monday, October 20, 2008


Portfolio Create new portfolioTradersMAINTTT POST -CRASH2x ETF's NEW BULL view | edit | delete | create new | open in screener

No. Ticker Company Price Change% Volume Transaction Date Shares Cost Market Value Gain$ Gain% Change$
1. WFC Wells Fargo & Company 32.23 0.53% 51,681,364 Buy 09-29-08 5,000 33.35 161150.00 -5600.00 -3.36% 849.99
2. QLD Ultra QQQ ProShares 36.50 6.73% 39,727,824 Buy 10-15-08 10,000 30.77 365000.00 57300.00 18.62% 22999.99
3. SSO Ultra S&P500 ProShares 33.62 8.80% 58,163,280 Buy 10-15-08 10,000 29.02 336199.99 45999.99 15.85% 27199.99
4. UYG Ultra Financials ProShares 10.54 2.03% 72,607,728 Buy 10-15-08 10,000 10.08 105400.00 4600.00 4.56% 2100.00
5. ROM Ultra Technology ProShares 30.29 7.22% 296,082 Buy 10-15-08 5,000 26.2 151450.00 20450.00 15.61% 10200.00
6. DDM Ultra Dow30 ProShares 37.99 9.23% 8,935,881 Buy 10-15-08 5,000 32.68 189950.01 26550.01 16.25% 16050.01
7. UWM Ultra Russell2000 ProShares 27.23 8.79% 7,820,289 Buy 10-15-08 5,000 23.12 136150.00 20550.00 17.78% 10999.99
8. UYM Ultra Basic Materials ProShares 25.75 19.21% 2,441,072 Buy 10-15-08 10,000 19.7 257500.00 60500.00 30.71% 41500.00
9. DIG Ultra Oil & Gas ProShares 36.83 22.44% 18,375,852 Buy 10-15-08 5,000 26.25 184150.01 52900.01 40.30% 33750.01
10. RSU Rydex 2x S&P 500 29.25 11.60% 222,206 Buy 10-15-08 20,000 24.2 585000.00 101000.00 20.87% 60800.02
Total 10 Stocks 10.08% 2471950.01 384250.01 18.41% 226450.01

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(11:31 AM) ctmhou: Income? I like that.
(11:33 AM) ctmhou: Thanks, Tom.
tomthetrader: YW
tomthetrader: BIDU up GOOG down
tomthetrader: remember too about FXI and EEV
tomthetrader: sorry EEM
(11:36 AM) ctmhou: OK, I was thinkin'........
(11:38 AM) ctmhou: He takes no questions, does he?
tomthetrader: 53.50 RIMM an excellent LONG TERM BUYING OPP stock or LEAPS
(11:41 AM) ctmhou: Interesting.........
(11:43 AM) ctmhou: Wow! The NYSE is up pretty big. More so than the Dow.
tomthetrader: Very nice gains today for those who bought anything last week or the week before
(11:46 AM) thomas_Poland: you are increible
(11:46 AM) thomas_Poland: incredible
(11:46 AM) thomas_Poland: I think that we will have good move after the lunch today
(11:49 AM) thomas_Poland: quick long before I leave
tomthetrader: Thanks Thomas ...Craig ..have Corey Call me !
(11:49 AM) ctmhou: LOL
(11:50 AM) ctmhou: You made money last week, won't get an email from Corey unless you lose.
(11:51 AM) thomas_Poland: will I get 10 points in the next 30 mins?
tomthetrader: no
tomthetrader: 6
(11:52 AM) thomas_Poland: in 6 mins?
(11:52 AM) thomas_Poland: great
(11:55 AM) thomas_Poland: die bears
tomthetrader: get your 4-6 points and get out
(11:56 AM) thomas_Poland: I want 8
(11:56 AM) thomas_Poland: before lunch
tomthetrader: 962.50
(11:58 AM) PhotosbyDill: TOM 963.85 Looks pretty good also
(12:00 PM) PhotosbyDill: Exactly
(12:00 PM) ctmhou: Should we short 963 ES?
(12:01 PM) ctmhou: OK, thanks. I was talking intra-day.
(12:01 PM) ctmhou: That's what I am looking for.
(12:01 PM) ctmhou: 6 points
(12:01 PM) ctmhou: That's all.
tomthetrader: RIMM -10%
tomthetrader: CHIPS doing well
tomthetrader: USD doing well ...a buy
(12:02 PM) ctmhou: California Hwy Patrol? CHPS.
(12:02 PM) ctmhou: Yes
(12:02 PM) thomas_Poland: y
(12:02 PM) PhotosbyDill: y
(12:02 PM) bloomert: y
(12:02 PM) BB1947: y
(12:03 PM) ctmhou: Got you loud enough that I can be playin' with the kids in another room and hear ya.
(12:04 PM) ctmhou: No, NO,no,no,no
(12:04 PM) ctmhou: Stick to the day job.
(12:04 PM) ctmhou: LOL
(12:04 PM) JR Roden: HS Musical ... that would be worth the price to hear you sing that.
(12:04 PM) ctmhou: yw
(12:16 PM) thomas_Poland: have to go for some time .. covered at breakeven ..hate to leave position when I am gone
(12:16 PM) thomas_Poland: And as soon as I covered they give me what I wanted
(12:17 PM) thomas_Poland: look for double top on 5 min chart a little consolidation at lunch and run into 3 pm
(12:18 PM) thomas_Poland: What ?
(12:19 PM) JR Roden: TTT - your thoughts into EOday?
(12:24 PM) JR Roden: Great. So look for dips and buy potential rallies into end of the day.
tomthetrader: MRK 30.56 +2.06 (+7.23%
tomthetrader: Historical Quotes | Time & Sales | Chart | Chain | Pricer | News | Xspreads | Streaming | ARCA*
33.97 +3.89 (+12.93%
tomthetrader: 23.77 +2.17 (+10.05%
tomthetrader: the way to make money is to buy the dips on 2x etf's and futures and options
(12:55 PM) ctmhou: I'll say. Now if I can PRACTICE what you preach............
tomthetrader: GILD 45.23 +2.20 (+5.11%
tomthetrader: GILD 10 day chart
tomthetrader: 3-1 A/D looks like very close to a TREND DAY
tomthetrader: we need to keep the 2-1 advantage at least as the hedgies come in a slap the market early today but just keep an eye on the a/d line
(1:05 PM) ctmhou: What index do you get the A/D line?
tomthetrader: NYSE
tomthetrader: I use all though
tomthetrader: NQ going to give a huge me3ga buy signal here
tomthetrader: But the put call readings don't endorse a huge rally
(1:07 PM) TraderTim: is it a Mean Reversion buy on NQ
tomthetrader: I think it may be a HUGE kiss off a level that can be bought for the long term maybe 500 points
tomthetrader: if we can get a little more selling and some blowout earnings
tomthetrader: can't tell you how bullish this action is here
(1:24 PM) JR Roden: Tom - is there a list of the plays that you are discussing that we can see at this point?
(1:26 PM) billb1947: nyse tick hovering around +800
(1:26 PM) billb1947: now =1200
tomthetrader: JR ...a lot are on the FINVIZ site and mot are ones I talk about daily that I have on my watchlist to 'gauge" the market
(1:30 PM) billb1947: tom-1:56 move down?
(1:31 PM) syzygy111: Tom,
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: has all the makings of a Trend day
(1:32 PM) syzygy111: You always advocate at the money options. If we were to want to playxlk from this point assuming we are not in, which strike?
(1:33 PM) syzygy111: XLKAR
(1:33 PM) syzygy111: Jan 18
(1:34 PM) ctmhou: No TK you?
(1:35 PM) JR Roden: caught some XLKAT's for .40, just a small speculative position.
tomthetrader: WFT up nice
(1:38 PM) thomas_Poland: I am back
(1:38 PM) thomas_Poland: it wasn't as bad as I though
(1:38 PM) thomas_Poland: Well ... it goes like said in the morning
tomthetrader: 1:56pm will be a huge tst to see if support is now 962.50
(1:38 PM) thomas_Poland: I will buy
(1:38 PM) JR Roden: What is significant about 1:56pm?
tomthetrader: Crude oil taking off
tomthetrader: EP UNG CHK NG Futures
(1:41 PM) JR Roden: Thanks
tomthetrader: Your welcome
(1:45 PM) thomas_Poland: Y
(1:45 PM) syzygy111: N
(1:45 PM) billb1947: y
(1:45 PM) tradster_ny: n
(1:45 PM) BB1947: n
(1:45 PM) les13436: n
(1:45 PM) JR Roden: Y
(1:46 PM) TraderTim: n
(1:46 PM) csu30: N
(1:46 PM) Fulkdaddy: n
(1:46 PM) syzygy111: Is this your contrary indicator?
(1:48 PM) billb1947: didn't Cashion(sp) say another test
(1:48 PM) billb1947: and seasonality said Oct 23 a turn down
(1:48 PM) Fulkdaddy: I heard him this morning..he is unsure here
(1:49 PM) Fulkdaddy: Could go either way
(1:49 PM) Fulkdaddy: yes
tomthetrader: .qavkf 2.48 -
(1:53 PM) syzygy111: just qld
tomthetrader: great
tomthetrader: don't be bearish !

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Portfolio Create new portfolioTradersMAINTTT POST -CRASH2x ETF's NEW BULL view | edit | delete | create new | open in screener

No. Ticker Company Price Change% Volume Transaction Date Shares Cost Market Value Gain$ Gain% Change$
1. WFC Wells Fargo & Company 32.06 -5.43% 66,821,440 Buy 09-29-08 5,000 33.35 160300.01 -6449.99 -3.87% -9200.00
2. QLD Ultra QQQ ProShares 34.20 -0.20% 64,190,612 Buy 10-15-08 10,000 30.77 342000.01 34300.01 11.15% -700.00
3. SSO Ultra S&P500 ProShares 30.90 -0.06% 89,978,312 Buy 10-15-08 10,000 29.02 309000.00 18800.00 6.48% -200.00
4. UYG Ultra Financials ProShares 10.33 1.18% 116,941,496 Buy 10-15-08 10,000 10.08 103300.00 2500.00 2.48% 1200.00
5. ROM Ultra Technology ProShares 28.25 -1.29% 629,835 Buy 10-15-08 5,000 26.2 141250.00 10250.00 7.82% -1850.00
6. DDM Ultra Dow30 ProShares 34.78 -2.55% 15,642,446 Buy 10-15-08 5,000 32.68 173899.99 10499.99 6.43% -4550.00
7. UWM Ultra Russell2000 ProShares 25.03 -5.12% 8,879,407 Buy 10-15-08 5,000 23.12 125145.00 9545.00 8.26% -6755.00
8. UYM Ultra Basic Materials ProShares 21.60 -1.82% 2,062,199 Buy 10-15-08 10,000 19.7 216000.00 19000.00 9.64% -4000.00
9. DIG Ultra Oil & Gas ProShares 30.08 -1.38% 22,111,034 Buy 10-15-08 5,000 26.25 150400.00 19150.00 14.59% -2100.00
10. RSU Rydex 2x S&P 500 26.21 0.04% 255,431 Buy 10-15-08 20,000 24.2 524199.98 40199.98 8.31% 199.97
Total 10 Stocks -1.23% 2245494.99 157794.99 7.56% -27955.04

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Thursday, October 16, 2008


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(9:17 AM) Alert: Hi , Welcome to TTT

(9:17 AM) thomas_Poland: Gary .. standard Fibs and pivot , S1, s2 ??
(9:17 AM) PhotosbyDill: y
(9:17 AM) thomas_Poland: y
(9:17 AM) syzygy111: y
(9:17 AM) bogdan07: y
(9:17 AM) BB1947: y
(9:18 AM) ajayvee: y
(9:18 AM) csu30: y
(9:18 AM) breadman8401: y
(9:18 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: no sound
(9:18 AM) jbljudy: No Audio for me
(9:18 AM) syzygy111: y
(9:18 AM) TraderTim: y
tomthetrader: please push to talk or relogin
(9:19 AM) gerry204: y
(9:19 AM) brownmj21: y
(9:19 AM) jbljudy: Did both, no sound.
(9:19 AM) les13436: y
(9:19 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: got sound now
(9:19 AM) TraderTim: exit and come back in
(9:19 AM) syzygy111: Mute?
(9:19 AM) TraderTim: that is what I did
(9:19 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: exit and re log in worked for me
tomthetrader: Judy may have to reboot
(9:20 AM) Fulkdaddy: Mom, close Paltalk and come back in
(9:20 AM) syzygy111: I got caught with sound too low yesterday
(9:20 AM) jbljudy: Second time I did that.
tomthetrader: no hurry ..we have plenty of is in
(9:21 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: no sound again
(9:21 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: got sound now
(9:21 AM) bogdan07: y
(9:21 AM) les13436: y
(9:21 AM) csu30: y
(9:22 AM) PhotosbyDill: Thomas, Yes the Fibs are ratios shown. S1 is the calculated support from the floor pivot point. If you see R1 it is the next resistance point. All calculated from the Daily hi, lo and close
(9:22 AM) PhotosbyDill: Fibs extensions are very good for money management Thomas. I hope this helps
(9:26 AM) Alert: ====SECURITY BULLETIN!=======
Using utilites from third parties such as button holders, remote typers, etc ... are at risk of having their passwords stolen!
Many of these utilities contain trojans that report your nickname and password to the program's creator. We encourage everyone to change their password reguarly, and to uncheck the save password checkbox on the login screen.
If you do this, you will have to enter your password every time you log in, but it is a small price to pay to keep your account and password protected.
(9:26 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: What about XLKAT ?
(9:30 AM) thomas_Poland: no
(9:30 AM) thomas_Poland:
(9:30 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: tomek could you list everything
(9:30 AM) thomas_Poland: no
(9:30 AM) thomas_Poland:
(9:31 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: what about a bear call spread on the VIX playing it will drop from 70 by Tues expiration
(9:32 AM) csu30: Is audio on?
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: now over
(9:33 AM) csu30: thanks, got cut off when you were speaking. More PalTalk west coast server problems I suppose
(9:35 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: y
(9:35 AM) TraderTim: y
(9:35 AM) berniectx: y
(9:35 AM) pupster1: y
(9:35 AM) ajayvee: y
(9:35 AM) syzygy111: y
(9:35 AM) brownmj21: y
(9:35 AM) bogdan07: y
(9:35 AM) PhotosbyDill: y
(9:35 AM) breadman8401: y
(9:36 AM) thomas_Poland: 1 NQ long at 1725; 1 NQ long at 1715; 30 XLKAT at 1.85; 100 XLKAT at 1.70; 100 XLKAT at 1.50; 142 XLKAT at 1.45;
(9:37 AM) thomas_Poland: 100 XLKAT at 1.30; 200 XLKAT at 1.25; 100 XLKAT at 1.10; 30 XLKAt at 1.50; 200 XLKAT at 0.90;
(9:38 AM) thomas_Poland: 2000 QQQX at 12.11; 10 ES long at 1146.50; 2 ES long at 1130.00; 3 ES long at 978 (ES level, the rest is cash level)
(9:38 AM) thomas_Poland: 2 ES long at 967.50; 2 ES long at 920.50;
(9:39 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Is anyone cost averaging down some more on XLKAT now that they are at 20c-35c
(9:39 AM) thomas_Poland: 50 INTCL at 1.50; 50 NOKAG at 2.15; 30 NLVJF at 1.60; 12 OXBKH at 35.00; 50 GDQJH at 1.45; 15 AXVJI at 18.00;
(9:39 AM) thomas_Poland: Tom please confirm after reading carefully
(9:40 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: thx Tomek
(9:40 AM) thomas_Poland: I drink all the time
(9:42 AM) thomas_Poland: I am trading with my daughter on my knees We are alone home waiting for my wife
(9:42 AM) thomas_Poland: Can make few mistakes
(9:42 AM) thomas_Poland:
(9:42 AM) thomas_Poland: She already knows how to say 'chart"
(9:43 AM) pupster1: UPDATE Mc Hugh > I don't mean to scare you tonight, however there is a set-up scenario where we could see a panic plunge, another crash leg, a market meltdown that is simply terrifying over the next three to four days.
(9:43 AM) pupster1: Last night we presented three scenarios calling for a plunge of at least several hundred points that was imminent. We wrote, "Any way we cut it, we should see one more sharp decline, either several hundred points, or several thousand, starting between now and late next week." The Industrials went out and plunged 733.08 points Wednesday.
(9:43 AM) pupster1: The first scenario is where the coming phi mate turn date is a top, with a 2,000 point plunge starting next week. If that scenario is occurring, it means wave 4 up is forming a symmetrical triangle, which requires a series of volatile reversing waves,
(9:44 AM) pupster1: like we have seen so far this week, the first leg up of the triangle the rally Monday and Tuesday; the second of five waves, Wednesday's sharply sell-off. This scenario requires three more reversing "sideways" waves occurring over the next several days,
(9:44 AM) pupster1: then wave 5 down starts next week at our phi mate turn date, scheduled for October 23rd +/-. That decline could be 2,000 points +/-.
(9:45 AM) pupster1: Two other scenarios: One is a catastrophic crash leg that could take the Industrials down to the 6,000's +-, and the That would be wave 5 down, of e down of a-down.
tomthetrader: If we're going to fail, then it should most likely happen within the first hour; if we can go on to make higher intraday highs after that, then I will be anticipating even more gains during the day.
(9:45 AM) pupster1: It suggests wave 4 topped Tuesday, October 14th. It would bottom next week around our coming phi mate turn date. The carnage would be devastating. There are no signs of a final bottom here, precious few buy signals from our many key indicators, so this scenario is frighteningly possible.
(9:45 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: pupster what elliott wave software do you use? And pls explain a phi mate turn date
(9:45 AM) pupster1: The third scenario, is that wave a-down bottomed Friday, October 10th, and that Wednesday's plunge is a nearly completed correction of the first leg up of Minor degree waved b-up which started intraday Friday, continued Monday and finished Tuesday morning.
tomthetrader: If we're going to fail, then it should most likely happen within the first hour; if we can go on to make higher intraday highs after that, then I will be anticipating even more gains during the day.
(9:46 AM) pupster1: That scenario requires an immediate and powerful rally. A break below 7,882.51 eliminates this most optimistic scenario.
(9:46 AM) pupster1: NYSE volume fell to 83 percent of its 10 day average. Downside volume was 98 percent, with declining issues at 90 percent, with downside points at 99 percent, another 90 percent panic selling day.
(9:46 AM) pupster1: S&P 500 Demand Power fell 12 points to 412, while Supply Pressure rose 28 points to 583, telling us once again we saw panic selling, with Plunge Protection Team buying with both hands to support prices.
(9:46 AM) pupster1: The Plunge Protection Team Risk Indicator rose to positive + 11.99 Wednesday, remaining on a "sell" signal from October 1st, which is reason for caution here.
(9:46 AM) pupster1: The NASDAQ 100 plunged 120.36 points Wednesday, closing at 1,244.23. The Russell 2000 plunged 52.54 points Wednesday, closing at 502.11. The RUT Purchasing Power Indicator fell to positive + 0.21 from + 16.33, triggering a "sell" signal October 15th.
(9:46 AM) pupster1: The HUI Amex Gold Bugs Index fell 26.85 points Wednesday, closing at 231.32. December Gold fell to 844.0. Silver fell to 10.15, while Oil fell to 73.10. The Dollar rose to 82.09. Bonds fell half a point to 114^08. The VIX exploded 14.12 higher to 69.25, as fear remains high.
(9:46 AM) thomas_Poland: internals good
tomthetrader: Yes ...
(9:47 AM) thomas_Poland: a/d riing
(9:47 AM) thomas_Poland: rising
tomthetrader: McHugh Short Malone Long
tomthetrader: Been here a few hundred times before !
(9:48 AM) thomas_Poland: let's see 974
(9:50 AM) thomas_Poland: P/C rising
tomthetrader: everyone get audio ?
(9:50 AM) ajayvee: y
(9:50 AM) berniectx: y
(9:50 AM) brownmj21: y
tomthetrader: omthetrader: If we're going to fail, then it should most likely happen within the first hour; if we can go on to make higher intraday highs after that, then I will be anticipating even more gains during the day.
(9:51 AM) thomas_Poland: lets see if the sell program appears
(9:51 AM) thomas_Poland: in the next 5 mins
tomthetrader: Mc Hugh > I don't mean to scare you tonight, however there is a set-up scenario where we could see a panic plunge, another crash leg, a market meltdown that is simply terrifying over the next three to four days.
(9:52 AM) thomas_Poland: pupster just posted it Tom
tomthetrader: I just want to see it makes me feel better
(9:53 AM) pupster1: hope he's DEAD WRONG........would make alot of people happy
(9:54 AM) brownmj21: Tom, i might have missed this discussion yesterday, but if the gov't is going to buy $250billion in stocks, shouldn't that spur on a bull market--at least short term?
(9:54 AM) thomas_Poland: sell program is beeing bought Tom?
(9:55 AM) thomas_Poland: or not unfortunattelly
(9:55 AM) thomas_Poland: sell program
(9:55 AM) thomas_Poland:
(9:55 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom, I just emailed you my Elliott Wave charts....all 3 are showing the start of Wave 4 up
(9:55 AM) thomas_Poland: fork
(9:56 AM) thomas_Poland: I hate selling programs when i want to go up
(9:56 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I would think that for the 9 banks that Treasury invested in, would have a firm support floor in place for those 9
(9:58 AM) Fulkdaddy: my worry is the indicators have not been working under forced selling situations
(9:59 AM) Fulkdaddy: Today: Last week, Tontine Partners, a $10 billion global macro hedge fund, told its investors that it expected to show a loss of 65% for 2008. Fund is under complete liquidation
(10:01 AM) thomas_Poland: Tom we have sell program after sell program now
(10:01 AM) Fulkdaddy: Kass: Hedge funds are now the dominant investor
(10:01 AM) thomas_Poland: but someone is buying
(10:01 AM) ajayvee: how do you tell a sell program has triggered?
(10:02 AM) thomas_Poland: ajay .. when I tell you I have to kill you
(10:02 AM) ajayvee: lol
(10:05 AM) thomas_Poland: Nick?
(10:06 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: yes tomek
(10:06 AM) thomas_Poland: This Elliot wave chart .. I cannot agree
(10:06 AM) thomas_Poland: no Tomek just Thomas
(10:06 AM) thomas_Poland: let me feel that I am from the West
(10:06 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Why do you disagree?
(10:07 AM) thomas_Poland: and another sell program ajay
(10:07 AM) thomas_Poland: proportions of waves are wrong in my opinion
(10:07 AM) thomas_Poland: 2nd wave to short in comparison to wave 3 waves
(10:09 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Elliott Waves are always subject to differing interpretations. This software has tried to condense the very complicated Elliott theory down to very likely scenarios.
(10:09 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: The company ProfitSource has done thousands of back studies to optimize their Elliott charting
(10:09 AM) thomas_Poland: yep but Elliot had rules
(10:09 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: The other thing is they only analzye the past 300 bar
(10:10 AM) thomas_Poland: ajay sell program
(10:10 AM) thomas_Poland: or the same still
(10:10 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I admit I don't know all the rules about Elliott....which is why I use the software!
(10:10 AM) thomas_Poland: the whole move down was done by sell programs .. in my opinion
(10:11 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Anyhow, like any other indicator you have to take it with a grain of salt and give a smell check with your other indicators
(10:11 AM) thomas_Poland: some trade just elliot
(10:11 AM) thomas_Poland: but like you said ..
(10:12 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I've taken the Optionetics courses and Optionetics main tool is the ProfitSource Elliott software. They used to use E-Signal Advanced Get, but switched to ProfitSource because supposedly it's better
(10:13 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom, did you forward all 3 charts around? Because I only received the NDX
tomthetrader: Yes getting them all around
(10:22 AM) thomas_Poland: get ready for another sell program
(10:23 AM) syzygy111: Why doesn't the SEC reinstitute the uptick rule???
(10:24 AM) Fulkdaddy: Incompetent?
(10:25 AM) Fulkdaddy: On the good news lovely wife is due with #3 today!
(10:25 AM) thefish102: congrats
(10:25 AM) syzygy111: best of everything and good luck Dave
(10:25 AM) Fulkdaddy: Thanks...we are pumped!
(10:25 AM) berniectx: you are good man Dave
(10:26 AM) rekon8_TTT: Dave good luck and 16th is a good day for bday mine too.
tomthetrader: yeah happy rekon
(10:27 AM) JR Roden: Dave - best of luck with the birth and enjoy those baby days / years.
(10:27 AM) Fulkdaddy: Our 2nd, Taylor turned 2 on wife was very worried they would share a b-day...
(10:27 AM) Fulkdaddy: so she stood on her head all day
tomthetrader: 72.80 oil
(10:29 AM) thomas_Poland: the selling is very strong
(10:30 AM) bogdan07: never seen so fast trading in SPY ,170 000 000 so far
(10:31 AM) TraderTim: Toddo said something interesting: They SHORT lower and BUY higher. So far that is exactly how it keeps playing out.
(10:32 AM) thomas_Poland: If we cannot rise now we will be down more
(10:32 AM) thomas_Poland: much more
(10:32 AM) TraderTim: Tom, getting near the bottom of the 880/1000 box.
(10:33 AM) Fulkdaddy: Shoot...making new lows
(10:36 AM) thomas_Poland: that is just normal selling
tomthetrader: could it be another Trend day lower
tomthetrader: certainlly would be time to short
tomthetrader: we sold our options plays this a.m.
(10:42 AM) thomas_Poland: it must be a new world .. or people are getting dumber ??
tomthetrader: just like 99 except opposite ..people got rich being DUMB as academia got stuck
(10:46 AM) ctmhou: What is to curl up?
(10:46 AM) ctmhou: Which chart?
(10:47 AM) ctmhou: OK, Thanks
tomthetrader: simple TICK TRIN VIX etc
tomthetrader: Oscillators / p/c ratios
tomthetrader: and a bunch more "stuff
tomthetrader: 888.00 was last successful Buy long and we are there now
tomthetrader: 880.00 is the bottom pivot in my book
(10:50 AM) ctmhou: My indicators say buy on ES.
tomthetrader: I am good with that Craig ..but like Dave says indicators matter now in this free fall
(10:53 AM) TraderTim: I think a TIGHT stop solves that problem. You play the indicators and abort if they FAIL.
tomthetrader: yes ..that is exactly what I am doing ...again with a bullish bias
tomthetrader: I am just too bullish ...I want to make everyone aware of that
(10:54 AM) TraderTim: yep, I finally figured that out about you Tom You are generally optimistic on things.
tomthetrader: I use so much sentiment and historical precedence in my research and programs that it along with mean reversion is failing to make gains more than in 2 hour stretches
(10:55 AM) berniectx: Think there is something wrong with my genetic makeup wanted to short yesterday first hour and today...have trouble committing to short and has cost me
tomthetrader: I can short ....and do but not nearly as much as this latest bear leg has warranted
(10:56 AM) TraderTim: bernietctx: you are not alone. For some reason I have trouble pulling the SHORT trigger but no problem going long the mean reversions that are failing here. Interesting psychology.
tomthetrader: we could / should short every single rally and thought of rally
(10:56 AM) TraderTim: Once the TTT group gets bearish and starts really shorting, the TURN could be at hand
tomthetrader: there is just a black hole of 0 hope out there
(10:56 AM) thomas_Poland: sell program appears even after 10 mins rally
(10:56 AM) thomas_Poland: just insane
tomthetrader: yep
tomthetrader: relentless
(10:57 AM) TraderTim: Short any RIPS Cover any DIPS
tomthetrader: have to to make $$$$$$
(10:57 AM) TraderTim: But executing that is so hard
(10:57 AM) TraderTim: for me
(10:57 AM) TraderTim: I don't like to fight the 14/14 Tom BUY BUY BUY and other confirming indicators suggesting excessive oversold . . .
(10:58 AM) TraderTim: it goes against the whole system of odds we trained on
(10:58 AM) TraderTim: but those systems (mean reversion) are NOT working
tomthetrader: TTT HAS TO LEAVE FOR A DR appointment recheck with my son ....will return for 1:56pm update ...please keep chat alive ...I may check in via mobile
(10:58 AM) Fulkdaddy: I agree Tim..but as Toddo said, indicators do not work in a crash
tomthetrader: OIL 72.33
tomthetrader: -280
tomthetrader: looks like another TREND day lower
tomthetrader: might as well ride it
tomthetrader: Philly Fed joins Empire ..worst ever
tomthetrader: Market now pricing in depression
tomthetrader: got below 72.00 on oil
tomthetrader: 880.00 broken
(11:00 AM) TraderTim: crude stocks up on report
(11:00 AM) TraderTim: oil -4.5%
(11:01 AM) TraderTim: CNBC expert saying we go to $67 range
(11:01 AM) TraderTim: 880 bottom of box was broke so based on Tom strategy you STOP and REVERSE (short at 880). Wow
(11:04 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Can someone explain to me why the 880 level was critical support? Is that the old low?
(11:05 AM) thefish102: 880 was the buy point last friday
(11:07 AM) nangmuapr: hi
tomthetrader: bye
(11:08 AM) nangmuapr: please to meet you
(11:08 AM) tomthetrader: tomthetrader has bounced nangmuapr from the chat room
(11:08 AM) ctmhou: That was quick.........
(11:08 AM) thomas_Poland: I was to late
(11:09 AM) ajayvee: VIX 80.12
(11:09 AM) Fulkdaddy: Tom, we are making lower lows today...should we go short?
tomthetrader: Yes
(11:09 AM) Fulkdaddy: On a bounce?
tomthetrader: oil 69.00
tomthetrader: as we said early this morning 10:30 am this looks to be a trend day and it usually ends on the lows so everyone should short the market via any source
tomthetrader: 80 VIX
(11:11 AM) ctmhou: And gas is still 2.90 a gallon here in Houston. Go figure...............
(11:11 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: tom what are a couple of good short 2x etfs ?
(11:12 AM) ajayvee: we'll probably see it again tomorrow
(11:12 AM) csu30: Nick, I'm in MZZ which seems to be doing well for my hedge
(11:13 AM) thomas_Poland: and today sell program after sell program
tomthetrader: MZZ is a great one to hedge I bought yesterday
(11:13 AM) thomas_Poland: like now .. last 15 mins
tomthetrader: accelerating
(11:13 AM) thomas_Poland: f....g incredible
(11:13 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: so then opening a short right now is probably not smart
(11:14 AM) thefish102: the cry of the market used to be "JBG" for Just buy GOOG, now it is "JGS" for Just Go Short
(11:14 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: The PPT should be coming in
tomthetrader: VIX 80.00
tomthetrader: predicta a 7000 point dow move in coming weeks
tomthetrader: we could go to 0
(11:19 AM) Nick_H_SanDiego: The S&P has already retraced almost 100% of the entire 2002-2007 bull run
(11:31 AM) Frank_TTT: YHOO going straight up last few minutes
tomthetrader: Buyouts need to start Frank /
(11:32 AM) Frank_TTT: i would think so...that may be one of the bright sides that gets market going
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: every time the NYSE TICK has managed to poke above the zero line, another wave of selling pressure has emerged and taken us to new lows. Not good...that will obviously need to change in order to have any expectation of a reversal.
tomthetrader: This is an absolutely vicious tape, and I see no reason at the moment to try to step in front of it with aggressive positions. The best bet from the long side would come in on a reversal back above some kind of support zone, such as 900
tomthetrader: 886.00 buying 2 long with stop at 880.00
tomthetrader: NQ is now a BUY again
tomthetrader: for longer term ....if new money wantsto join in now
tomthetrader: QQQQ MNX NDX XLK NQ
tomthetrader: a great opp
tomthetrader: VIX puts 80 puts Nov
(11:42 AM) ajayvee: program buying Thomas?
tomthetrader: anyone price VIX puts ?
(11:44 AM) thomas_Poland: no ajay
(11:44 AM) thomas_Poland: no program buying
(11:44 AM) ajayvee: VQXKP Nov 80 .65 / 1.00
(11:44 AM) thomas_Poland: just some buying
(11:44 AM) ajayvee: calls
tomthetrader: PUTS
tomthetrader: BUYING
(11:44 AM) ajayvee: VQX WP Nove 80 puts 35 / 36
(11:44 AM) thomas_Poland: nothing great ..but hope it will become program buying later
(11:45 AM) thomas_Poland: VIX has to go down .. unless the world is over
(11:45 AM) thomas_Poland: ajay when I see program buying I will tell you
(11:45 AM) thomas_Poland:
(11:46 AM) thomas_Poland: in my opinion
(11:47 AM) thomas_Poland: if we don't get one or we have more buying it will be bullish
tomthetrader: should end up today 400-600 points
(11:47 AM) thomas_Poland: internals are much better
(11:47 AM) thomas_Poland: TRIN is trending down
(11:47 AM) thomas_Poland: P/C ratio going up
(11:47 AM) thomas_Poland: TICK started to give +600 readings
(11:48 AM) thomas_Poland: and A/D line slowly improving
(11:48 AM) thomas_Poland: just the programs
(11:49 AM) thomas_Poland: some activity now
(11:50 AM) thomas_Poland: sell program ?
tomthetrader: Naz is ready to fly NQ 2 long 1232.00
(11:50 AM) thomas_Poland: ok
(11:50 AM) thefish102: Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said Thursday that he thinks a Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo Inc would still "make sense economically" for both companies shareholders
(11:51 AM) thefish102: Ballmer, who made the comments during a keynote interview at the Gartner ITXpo, said he doesn't know what share price Yahoo would have accepted to be acquired after the company turned down Microsoft's unsolicted $33-a-share offer earlier this year.
(11:51 AM) thomas_Poland: you see ajay?
(11:51 AM) thefish102: Ballmer said that even with the recent drop in Yahoo's share price, the company "probably thinks its still worth as least as much today," as when Microsoft made its offer. Yahoo shares rose 9% to $12.87 in early trading
(11:51 AM) thomas_Poland: it is bullish
(11:51 AM) thefish102: explains yhoo's move
(11:51 AM) thomas_Poland: this sell program was bought?
(11:52 AM) ajayvee: what's the difference of a sell program being bought or a buy program?
(11:52 AM) thomas_Poland: I am not an expert
(11:52 AM) thomas_Poland:
(11:53 AM) thomas_Poland: if we have sell program which does not drive the market down someone is buying it
(11:53 AM) thomas_Poland: and buy program is a buy program ..
(11:53 AM) thomas_Poland:
(11:54 AM) ajayvee: that makes it all clearer for me now Thomas....not!
(11:54 AM) thomas_Poland: not ?
(11:56 AM) thomas_Poland: now 200 sma
(11:56 AM) thomas_Poland: we have to go through it
(11:57 AM) thomas_Poland: still another sell program possible
(11:57 AM) thomas_Poland: that is some fight here
(11:58 AM) thomas_Poland: ok here it goes
(12:00 PM) thomas_Poland: todays selling is almost all program selling
(12:06 PM) PhotosbyDill: Fib Extension from Hi= 931.50 to Lo= 881.50 Then retrace 38.20= 900.53 68.80= 912.65 100= 932.26
(12:10 PM) PhotosbyDill: These on 5min chart
(12:14 PM) ctmhou: Tom must have squeezed the ES like a tube of toothpaste.
(12:16 PM) syzygy111: Tom was an hour and a half off calling the market bottom
(12:16 PM) csu30: Finally hit +1,000 ticks
(12:16 PM) ctmhou: Yahoo is the reason for the market move........? I don't believe it.
(12:17 PM) adham_36:
(12:23 PM) PhotosbyDill: Broke through 38.20% from a swing low on 5min chart @885.50 on @SP.c
(12:24 PM) PhotosbyDill: Low of 885.50
(12:24 PM) PhotosbyDill: next stop 61.80% 912.65
(12:25 PM) PhotosbyDill: See if breaks this but be careful
(12:25 PM) PhotosbyDill: correction stays above here
(12:27 PM) PhotosbyDill: The price of 905.44 is the 38.20% Fib retrace down from previous swing during after hours last night on @SP
(12:29 PM) thanhloan7013: jjj
(12:30 PM) PhotosbyDill: And from swing high at 931.50 to Low of 901 the 61.80% of 907.64 we have Fib Zone Pivots here
(12:33 PM) PhotosbyDill: Anyone see how the Fibs are working for ou?
(12:34 PM) PhotosbyDill: you
(12:35 PM) ctmhou: How much validity do you put in Fib numbers?
(12:36 PM) PhotosbyDill: Just try them yourself and make your decision . There are many ways to use them.
(12:36 PM) PhotosbyDill: I use them with other indicators also. Fibs best for money management
(12:37 PM) PhotosbyDill: New swing high Fibs are 38.20 = 904.28 61.80 = 893.50
(12:38 PM) PhotosbyDill: Remember these are all on 5min charts
(12:38 PM) berniectx: I like fibs also use dynamic fibs on 5 min ES chart
(12:39 PM) PhotosbyDill: 50% = 898.89
(12:41 PM) PhotosbyDill: Now testing the 38.20% down to see if forms a new swing up?
(12:43 PM) PhotosbyDill: The current bigger swing down was calculated from hi= 926.55 Lo= 881.19
(12:44 PM) PhotosbyDill: Remember from my post of testing 38.20 would take 5min to see if swing up
(12:44 PM) PhotosbyDill: building that candle now
(12:46 PM) PhotosbyDill: So far so good
(12:47 PM) Frank_TTT: watching DDM and SSO one minute charts. quotes and trades all over the place. weird trading
(12:48 PM) ctmhou: I'll say..............
(12:49 PM) PhotosbyDill: I have to go shoot so Good Trading to all. I hope some of this has give info to digest?
(12:50 PM) PhotosbyDill: Indicators on 25t say up yet but do not like the lack of Money Flow indicator
(12:52 PM) PhotosbyDill: I am trying to give objective data to everyone as I have no current active day trading positions. Hard to read the charts right now so I am standing aside until I see different look. Hope these things help?
(12:56 PM) syzygy111: Thanks, Craig
(12:56 PM) syzygy111: Sorry...Thanks, Gary
(12:58 PM) ctmhou: I'll take any "Good Credit" that you will offer.......
(1:08 PM) syzygy111: Thanks to you also, Craig
(1:21 PM) Frank_TTT: On October 21st, the settlement of Lehman CDSs will be announced and it could involve payments of between $100 billion and $400 billion.
(1:21 PM) Frank_TTT: this is from an article a friend sent me...has anyone done research to validate this claim?
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: Frank
tomthetrader: that is another big date
(1:23 PM) Frank_TTT: perhaps what we are seeing now then is sellers raising cash for that day...maybe?
tomthetrader: TTT Back
(1:23 PM) csu30: Whiplash, but otherwise OK
(1:23 PM) JR Roden: Any thoughts on the rest of the day?
tomthetrader: could be ....I really think the bottom process is about done
tomthetrader: up 200-400 dow
tomthetrader: We got BUYS on all 14 indicators and the "curl" up
(1:24 PM) JR Roden: wow and it's down 33 now, so that woudl be a big finish.
tomthetrader: and we got our 20 ES
tomthetrader: But I think we can get up to 50ES
tomthetrader: "good" stocks performing well
tomthetrader: bad stocks acting "bad"
tomthetrader: GILD our earnings plays were all dead on
tomthetrader: NOK
tomthetrader: NUE
tomthetrader: 50 NOKAG at 2.15; 30 NLVJF at 1.60; 12 OXBKH at 35.00; 50 GDQJH at 1.45; 15 AXVJI at 18.00;
(1:30 PM) Frank_TTT: ttt...look at DDM trading. it is wild. sales occuring 1 and 2 points outside of bid/ask both up and down. i have never seen this so pronounced. what is going on?
tomthetrader: They are jumping 1% every 20 seconds ??
tomthetrader: it is absolutely nuts
(1:31 PM) youngamerican68_1: i thought it was my datafeed
(1:31 PM) Frank_TTT: and trades aren't anywhere near the bid/ask
tomthetrader: the VIX is on fire and futures are being bought and sold at fast market conditions all day
tomthetrader: very volatile
(1:31 PM) youngamerican68_1: put in a limit for 31
(1:32 PM) Frank_TTT: so...i guess its from volitility being so high
tomthetrader: this is all based off of fair value and buying and selling pressure and STEALING money from investors on the bid ask
tomthetrader: VIX is driving the markets
tomthetrader: 70 billion t-bills ...194 billion in cash management bills so far 74 bil to come
(1:59 PM) ctmhou: A lot of the ES 5 min candles has a 10 point swing..................incredible.
(2:00 PM) ctmhou: How would one play that?
(2:00 PM) Frank_TTT: the down trend day nullified?
(2:00 PM) ctmhou: Hey Frank...where ya been?
(2:01 PM) Frank_TTT: mostly out of the market...can't stand this eratic market
tomthetrader: hang in there Frank ...going much more higher
tomthetrader: Yes the TREND day down should have been broken on the + reversal day
tomthetrader: Market is just tearing people up
tomthetrader: and those that hang in long 2x ETF's are going to be richer in March
tomthetrader: futures buying from 880-920.00 long
tomthetrader: be optimistic
tomthetrader: we have low oil another stimulus package
tomthetrader: another rate cut
tomthetrader: the lowest inflation in years
tomthetrader: best of all environments
(2:13 PM) youngamerican68_1: any chance for the january XLK's to get to even?
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: they will make money for us
(2:14 PM) Fulkdaddy: Wish I had your optimism, Tom
(2:14 PM) youngamerican68_1: we have 3 months.. long time
tomthetrader: VIX at this level ..if it reverts to mean to 34 that will give us a 20% rally and a XLK 25.00
tomthetrader: Not everyone is as happy as me being unrealized 100K down !
tomthetrader: But I have played this for 33 years and feel very good about this ...Like they are talking on TV the TRADING OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME
tomthetrader: Gold collapsing
tomthetrader: P/C ratios acting well
(2:17 PM) Fulkdaddy: Deflation
(2:17 PM) Fulkdaddy: Not good
tomthetrader: It was INFLATION ...then Stagflation now DEFLATION
(2:21 PM) Fulkdaddy: Amazing how fast it changes
tomthetrader: I think we end up on the upside of deflation ..disinflation ...a good term
(2:21 PM) ctmhou: Last night I passed a Valero gas station and gas was 2.89/gal. Lunchtime, today, I go by on the way to the library and gas is at 2.85, come back from the library and it is 2.81/gallon. By this weekend, at the rate it's going, we ccould see 2.50/gallon gas. I wish.
(2:21 PM) Fulkdaddy: Everything I have read says deflation is crushing
tomthetrader: DEFLATION is stocks worst enemy
tomthetrader: stocks can handle a bit of inflation but hate defaltion
tomthetrader: or deflation
tomthetrader: at least the indies are working it just goes in hours not weeks like before
tomthetrader: GOOG after bell
tomthetrader: could they save the tech world ?
(2:23 PM) ctmhou: VIX at 77..................WOW!
tomthetrader: or see the 200?
tomthetrader: Hit 80!
tomthetrader: VIX is a once in a lifetime event
(2:24 PM) youngamerican68_1: does the high VIX mean all options overpriced at this point
tomthetrader: Just think my first trades for TTT were at 7 VIX
(2:24 PM) ctmhou: This makes it hard to trade. Can't go to the bathroom with an open trade.
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: YES Y
tomthetrader: YES
(2:25 PM) ctmhou: 7 VIX. That's the trend I would be looking for.
tomthetrader: all options overpriced and money is being made on every trade ...just look at my option trades today
tomthetrader: 50 NOKAG at 2.15; 30 NLVJF at 1.60; 12 OXBKH at 35.00; 50 GDQJH at 1.45; 15 AXVJI at 18.00;
tomthetrader: These are perfect examples of how the options market gets you
(2:26 PM) ctmhou: I said that I would never want to scalp a trade and now it looks as if that is the only way to make a profit.
(2:26 PM) Frank_TTT: i don't know how accurate there data is on this or if its even coputed the same today, but telechart shows that the VIX spiked to 172.29 (thats not a typo!) at the 1987 crash
(2:27 PM) ctmhou: I remember that day and people were really scared.
(2:30 PM) JR Roden: OK, it's time for that big finish today.
(2:36 PM) Fulkdaddy: I was probably drinking multiple beers back on Black Monday 1987...was it more scary then or now?
(2:36 PM) ctmhou: It seemed to be because of how fast it came on.
(2:37 PM) ctmhou: Now, it's just hopelessness.
(2:37 PM) youngamerican68_1: i think the suddeness of it made it more scary.. i know of friend in college whose father died of a heart attack a day after it happened
(2:37 PM) Fulkdaddy: Whoa
(2:39 PM) youngamerican68_1: i would think cardiac events are up this past month
(2:39 PM) thomas_Poland: ok I am back and don't see 974??
(2:39 PM) thomas_Poland: Are you working ?
(2:39 PM) thomas_Poland:
(2:39 PM) thomas_Poland: buy buy buy
(2:39 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: for those who speculate on earnings trades our last shots at WERN GILD GOOG ISRG WL
tomthetrader: Hi thomas
tomthetrader: Motorcycle ?
(2:41 PM) thomas_Poland: no training
(2:42 PM) thomas_Poland: I have to do it
(2:42 PM) thomas_Poland: without this I would kill my comp many times
(2:42 PM) thomas_Poland: give me one bear close to me and I am mad man
(2:42 PM) thomas_Poland: it is getting to cold for motorcycle here
tomthetrader: really
tomthetrader: 79 and sunny here
(2:44 PM) thomas_Poland: pleeeaaaasssseee
(2:45 PM) thomas_Poland: I wish we have at least one buy program today
(2:45 PM) thomas_Poland: I can see only many sell programs today
(2:47 PM) ajayvee: but they're being bought...right Thomas?
(2:48 PM) ctmhou: Look at this spike on 5 min ES
(2:48 PM) thomas_Poland: ajay .. you kiding me or asking ?
(2:49 PM) ctmhou: I 'm in the kitchen with the kids and miss this . Tom, we need an audio alert from you to tell us what to look out for. Thank you.
(2:50 PM) ajayvee: asking, since I don't know where to look for that info
(2:50 PM) thomas_Poland: obviously someone is buying
(2:50 PM) ctmhou: Tom is buying since we don't see him.
(2:50 PM) thomas_Poland: the first program sell I told you about was at around 10 am
(2:50 PM) thomas_Poland: we did not even get there yet
(2:51 PM) ajayvee: is there an indicator?
(2:51 PM) thomas_Poland: I told you ajay .. I would have to kill you
(2:51 PM) ajayvee: why not tell me and then try to catch me
(2:52 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
(2:52 PM) thomas_Poland: one day I will
(2:52 PM) thomas_Poland: but I can be wrong
(2:52 PM) thomas_Poland: I look at many internals
(2:52 PM) ajayvee: you're a lot like the market, you have your good days and your bad days
(2:53 PM) thomas_Poland: yes
(2:53 PM) thomas_Poland: I am breakeven last two months
(2:53 PM) thomas_Poland: hate it
(2:53 PM) thomas_Poland: hate it
(2:53 PM) thomas_Poland: hate it
(2:53 PM) thomas_Poland: the worse in last few months
(2:53 PM) thomas_Poland: or more
(2:53 PM) thomas_Poland: but I am getting better
(2:54 PM) thomas_Poland: want 100% to the end of the year
(2:55 PM) thomas_Poland: anybody has a bullish pattern on 5 min chart ?
(2:56 PM) csu30: Terrific music!
(2:57 PM) ajayvee: nice mix today tom!
(2:57 PM) thomas_Poland: not terrible?
(2:58 PM) thomas_Poland: Are you all above 80 years old ?
(2:58 PM) ajayvee: no just feel like it!
(3:00 PM) thomas_Poland: a/d line almost at zero
(3:00 PM) thomas_Poland: improving
(3:01 PM) thomas_Poland: TICK reading better an better
(3:01 PM) thomas_Poland: p/c ratio good
(3:01 PM) thomas_Poland: i wish TRIN start to trend lower
(3:01 PM) thomas_Poland: but it is getting better
(3:02 PM) thomas_Poland: only market does not know it
(3:03 PM) thomas_Poland: a/d line positive
(3:03 PM) Frank_TTT: on the 1 minute chart for DDM all the up moves today have been on higher volume than the down moves. maybe buyers finally getting upper hand on sellers. crasping for straws - i know
(3:04 PM) thomas_Poland: can we make 60 points in an hour ? up?
(3:04 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:04 PM) thomas_Poland: or down ?
(3:06 PM) thomas_Poland: good
(3:07 PM) thomas_Poland: if we don't get down now we will move much higher
(3:07 PM) Frank_TTT: shorts probably runnin for cover now
(3:09 PM) thomas_Poland: strong close today means we will be higher tomorrow
(3:09 PM) Frank_TTT: what would be great....if GOOG can blow out numbers after the bell although i don't think thats going to happen
(3:11 PM) PhotosbyDill: I will go photograph more so the market will go up for you. OK?
(3:12 PM) PhotosbyDill: you welcome
(3:12 PM) thomas_Poland: a/d line is rising
(3:12 PM) thomas_Poland: 540
(3:12 PM) thomas_Poland: TRIN trending down as wanted
(3:12 PM) thomas_Poland: TICK good
(3:12 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:13 PM) thomas_Poland: yes WE are great
(3:13 PM) thomas_Poland: 974 today Tom?
(3:14 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:14 PM) JR Roden: Guys, I hate to take credit for this move up, but it wasn't until I jumped on a short position that the market turned around (literally 5 min after I opened that play).
(3:14 PM) thomas_Poland: Can you do it tomorrow?
(3:14 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:14 PM) JR Roden: Fortunately, I listened to you guys and jumped on the up wagon shortly after that play
(3:14 PM) JR Roden: yes, still a GREAT day.
(3:15 PM) thomas_Poland: ajay how did you like it ?
(3:15 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:16 PM) ajayvee: was that a buy program or a sell program being bought?
(3:16 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
(3:16 PM) thomas_Poland: no buy program in my opinion
(3:16 PM) thomas_Poland: just good internals
(3:16 PM) ajayvee: I'm feeling pretty good inside also
(3:16 PM) youngamerican68_1: so where do we short?
(3:19 PM) thomas_Poland: good ajay
(3:23 PM) JR Roden: do you expect a run up or drop off into the close?
(3:24 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: get out and take the profit just from the increase in volatility today
(3:25 PM) JR Roden: Great. thanks.
(3:26 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Thomas can you put the list up agan, pls
(3:27 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: let me look thx
(3:28 PM) thomas_Poland: i will
(3:28 PM) syzygy111: 9:36 am on positions
(3:29 PM) syzygy111: check your email of 11:49 for listing
tomthetrader: Thanks !
tomthetrader: will we get 400
tomthetrader: move up stops on futures to .5% trailing
tomthetrader: OK
(3:32 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Hey if anyone is interested, there is an easy 3.7% return for doing an $NDX Iron Condor right now. The $NDX options settle with open tomorrow. So overnight hold. It's the 1125/1200 Bull Put Spread & 1425/1500 Bear Call Spread = $2.70 total credit on $7300 margin 84.8% probability between
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland: I remember
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland: when the market was great for us
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland: for us
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland: I am singing with Phill
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland: O lord
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland: give us bull market
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:34 PM) ajayvee: the hurt doesn't show, but the pain still grows
(3:34 PM) thomas_Poland: they had to do it
tomthetrader: we are just ready to blast off
(3:35 PM) thomas_Poland: hope so
(3:36 PM) thomas_Poland: not with this music
(3:36 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:36 PM) bloomert: nice Boston
(3:36 PM) thomas_Poland: unless you mean I will blast off
tomthetrader: 1292 NQ sold 2
tomthetrader: 925 ES 2 sold
(3:38 PM) dizzzing: hello
(3:38 PM) tomthetrader: tomthetrader has bounced dizzzing from the chat room
tomthetrader: good bye
tomthetrader: selling options MOC
tomthetrader: 300 is between 200-400 up ?
(3:44 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom 974 today .. come on !
(3:45 PM) Fulkdaddy: yes
(3:45 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom you don't give me a chance to introduce myself to guests
(3:45 PM) thomas_Poland: dizzing wanted to talk
(3:45 PM) thomas_Poland: to early ??
(3:46 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:47 PM) thomas_Poland: 399 positios covered
(3:47 PM) thomas_Poland: 206 wins
(3:47 PM) thomas_Poland: 160 losses
(3:48 PM) thomas_Poland: 33 breakeven
(3:48 PM) thomas_Poland: 51.63 percentage winning trades .. very uncommon for TTT but will be 70 I am sure at the end of the quartere
(3:50 PM) Frank_TTT: ttt...nice call today. do you expect gap up tomorrow?
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: +300
(3:52 PM) Frank_TTT: then its a sell the gap like tuesday morning?
tomthetrader: Pretty much sideways up after tomorrow short squeeze
(3:53 PM) Frank_TTT: thnx
(3:54 PM) thomas_Poland: Realised gain 75640
(3:54 PM) thomas_Poland: for TTT
(3:54 PM) thomas_Poland: some unrealised looses but ..
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland: well maybe a lot of looses
tomthetrader: still margined a bit
(3:56 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom almost 400
(3:56 PM) thomas_Poland: now
(3:58 PM) JR Roden: Great call on the market today!
(4:00 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Incredible. Sorry you had to be out at your Dr's appt.
tomthetrader: MALONE TTT 1 McHUGH 0
(4:00 PM) ctmhou: lpl
(4:00 PM) ctmhou: lol
(4:00 PM) JR Roden: It still feels a little like the wizard of Oz, as your calls for targets seem like magic yet to me! But I'm enjoying the ride.
(4:00 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: I got filled at $4.46 on my Iron Condo at close. Double what I was expecting!
tomthetrader: LOOK at the closes on my options
tomthetrader: GOOG 4.92 rev
(4:01 PM) thefish102: DJ Google 3Q EPS $4.24
tomthetrader: GOOG up big
(4:01 PM) ctmhou: TK probably went long 100% @ 10:10 this morning.
tomthetrader: 4.92 rev GOOG
(4:01 PM) thefish102: DJ Google 3Q Net $1.35B
(4:01 PM) Frank_TTT: those VIX nov calls, VQXWP that we looked at when VIX was around 80 earlier had b/a 35/36. now VIX at 66.76 and the price is 36.9/38.2. not much return for such a move
(4:01 PM) thefish102: DJ Google 3Q Rev $5.54B
(4:01 PM) Frank_TTT: goog up 43
(4:02 PM) thomas_Poland: why not ES?
(4:02 PM) ctmhou: Put the crack pipe down, Tom
tomthetrader: AXVJI OXBKH GDQJH
(4:02 PM) thomas_Poland: Did you cover?
(4:02 PM) ctmhou: Yeah, yeah, yeah
(4:02 PM) thomas_Poland: I guess not
tomthetrader: on the close
tomthetrader: 13 minutes
tomthetrader: 10 minutes
(4:03 PM) thomas_Poland: oh ok
tomthetrader: confirms coming in
tomthetrader: MOC
tomthetrader: 23.6 +10.50 (+80.15%)
(4:04 PM) ctmhou: Manipulation?
tomthetrader: 38.5 +11.50 (+42.59%)
tomthetrader: AXVJI - ISRG OCT 2008 200 Call
23.6 +10.50 (+80.15%

tomthetrader: OXBKH - OEX NOV 2008 440 Call
38.5 +11.50 (+42.59%)

(4:06 PM) thomas_Poland: a/d finished 1242
(4:06 PM) thomas_Poland: was -1800?
tomthetrader: GDQJH - OCT 2008 40 Call
2.4 +1.35 (+128.57%)

(4:07 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom what broker do you use (out of curiosity)?
(4:07 PM) ctmhou: Yeah, Tom.
(4:07 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: kewl
(4:08 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: Am I safe with 112 pt buffer on the NDX for opening settlement tomorrow?
(4:08 PM) ctmhou: Is that all?
(4:08 PM) ctmhou: Like playing Craps........
(4:08 PM) ajayvee: IBM better than preannouncement
tomthetrader: XLK on a roll
(4:09 PM) thomas_Poland: just don't forget to write me those fills
(4:09 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: thank god!
(4:09 PM) Nick_H_SanDiego: we can still buy some more xlkat for 35c-50c
tomthetrader: BUY BUY BUY DCA
tomthetrader: Please save today's chat ...print and put on the calendar