Monday, October 20, 2008


(11:31 AM) ctmhou: Income? I like that.
(11:33 AM) ctmhou: Thanks, Tom.
tomthetrader: YW
tomthetrader: BIDU up GOOG down
tomthetrader: remember too about FXI and EEV
tomthetrader: sorry EEM
(11:36 AM) ctmhou: OK, I was thinkin'........
(11:38 AM) ctmhou: He takes no questions, does he?
tomthetrader: 53.50 RIMM an excellent LONG TERM BUYING OPP stock or LEAPS
(11:41 AM) ctmhou: Interesting.........
(11:43 AM) ctmhou: Wow! The NYSE is up pretty big. More so than the Dow.
tomthetrader: Very nice gains today for those who bought anything last week or the week before
(11:46 AM) thomas_Poland: you are increible
(11:46 AM) thomas_Poland: incredible
(11:46 AM) thomas_Poland: I think that we will have good move after the lunch today
(11:49 AM) thomas_Poland: quick long before I leave
tomthetrader: Thanks Thomas ...Craig ..have Corey Call me !
(11:49 AM) ctmhou: LOL
(11:50 AM) ctmhou: You made money last week, won't get an email from Corey unless you lose.
(11:51 AM) thomas_Poland: will I get 10 points in the next 30 mins?
tomthetrader: no
tomthetrader: 6
(11:52 AM) thomas_Poland: in 6 mins?
(11:52 AM) thomas_Poland: great
(11:55 AM) thomas_Poland: die bears
tomthetrader: get your 4-6 points and get out
(11:56 AM) thomas_Poland: I want 8
(11:56 AM) thomas_Poland: before lunch
tomthetrader: 962.50
(11:58 AM) PhotosbyDill: TOM 963.85 Looks pretty good also
(12:00 PM) PhotosbyDill: Exactly
(12:00 PM) ctmhou: Should we short 963 ES?
(12:01 PM) ctmhou: OK, thanks. I was talking intra-day.
(12:01 PM) ctmhou: That's what I am looking for.
(12:01 PM) ctmhou: 6 points
(12:01 PM) ctmhou: That's all.
tomthetrader: RIMM -10%
tomthetrader: CHIPS doing well
tomthetrader: USD doing well ...a buy
(12:02 PM) ctmhou: California Hwy Patrol? CHPS.
(12:02 PM) ctmhou: Yes
(12:02 PM) thomas_Poland: y
(12:02 PM) PhotosbyDill: y
(12:02 PM) bloomert: y
(12:02 PM) BB1947: y
(12:03 PM) ctmhou: Got you loud enough that I can be playin' with the kids in another room and hear ya.
(12:04 PM) ctmhou: No, NO,no,no,no
(12:04 PM) ctmhou: Stick to the day job.
(12:04 PM) ctmhou: LOL
(12:04 PM) JR Roden: HS Musical ... that would be worth the price to hear you sing that.
(12:04 PM) ctmhou: yw
(12:16 PM) thomas_Poland: have to go for some time .. covered at breakeven ..hate to leave position when I am gone
(12:16 PM) thomas_Poland: And as soon as I covered they give me what I wanted
(12:17 PM) thomas_Poland: look for double top on 5 min chart a little consolidation at lunch and run into 3 pm
(12:18 PM) thomas_Poland: What ?
(12:19 PM) JR Roden: TTT - your thoughts into EOday?
(12:24 PM) JR Roden: Great. So look for dips and buy potential rallies into end of the day.
tomthetrader: MRK 30.56 +2.06 (+7.23%
tomthetrader: Historical Quotes | Time & Sales | Chart | Chain | Pricer | News | Xspreads | Streaming | ARCA*
33.97 +3.89 (+12.93%
tomthetrader: 23.77 +2.17 (+10.05%
tomthetrader: the way to make money is to buy the dips on 2x etf's and futures and options
(12:55 PM) ctmhou: I'll say. Now if I can PRACTICE what you preach............
tomthetrader: GILD 45.23 +2.20 (+5.11%
tomthetrader: GILD 10 day chart
tomthetrader: 3-1 A/D looks like very close to a TREND DAY
tomthetrader: we need to keep the 2-1 advantage at least as the hedgies come in a slap the market early today but just keep an eye on the a/d line
(1:05 PM) ctmhou: What index do you get the A/D line?
tomthetrader: NYSE
tomthetrader: I use all though
tomthetrader: NQ going to give a huge me3ga buy signal here
tomthetrader: But the put call readings don't endorse a huge rally
(1:07 PM) TraderTim: is it a Mean Reversion buy on NQ
tomthetrader: I think it may be a HUGE kiss off a level that can be bought for the long term maybe 500 points
tomthetrader: if we can get a little more selling and some blowout earnings
tomthetrader: can't tell you how bullish this action is here
(1:24 PM) JR Roden: Tom - is there a list of the plays that you are discussing that we can see at this point?
(1:26 PM) billb1947: nyse tick hovering around +800
(1:26 PM) billb1947: now =1200
tomthetrader: JR ...a lot are on the FINVIZ site and mot are ones I talk about daily that I have on my watchlist to 'gauge" the market
(1:30 PM) billb1947: tom-1:56 move down?
(1:31 PM) syzygy111: Tom,
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: has all the makings of a Trend day
(1:32 PM) syzygy111: You always advocate at the money options. If we were to want to playxlk from this point assuming we are not in, which strike?
(1:33 PM) syzygy111: XLKAR
(1:33 PM) syzygy111: Jan 18
(1:34 PM) ctmhou: No TK you?
(1:35 PM) JR Roden: caught some XLKAT's for .40, just a small speculative position.
tomthetrader: WFT up nice
(1:38 PM) thomas_Poland: I am back
(1:38 PM) thomas_Poland: it wasn't as bad as I though
(1:38 PM) thomas_Poland: Well ... it goes like said in the morning
tomthetrader: 1:56pm will be a huge tst to see if support is now 962.50
(1:38 PM) thomas_Poland: I will buy
(1:38 PM) JR Roden: What is significant about 1:56pm?
tomthetrader: Crude oil taking off
tomthetrader: EP UNG CHK NG Futures
(1:41 PM) JR Roden: Thanks
tomthetrader: Your welcome
(1:45 PM) thomas_Poland: Y
(1:45 PM) syzygy111: N
(1:45 PM) billb1947: y
(1:45 PM) tradster_ny: n
(1:45 PM) BB1947: n
(1:45 PM) les13436: n
(1:45 PM) JR Roden: Y
(1:46 PM) TraderTim: n
(1:46 PM) csu30: N
(1:46 PM) Fulkdaddy: n
(1:46 PM) syzygy111: Is this your contrary indicator?
(1:48 PM) billb1947: didn't Cashion(sp) say another test
(1:48 PM) billb1947: and seasonality said Oct 23 a turn down
(1:48 PM) Fulkdaddy: I heard him this morning..he is unsure here
(1:49 PM) Fulkdaddy: Could go either way
(1:49 PM) Fulkdaddy: yes
tomthetrader: .qavkf 2.48 -
(1:53 PM) syzygy111: just qld
tomthetrader: great
tomthetrader: don't be bearish !

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