Saturday, October 4, 2008


Good Day !

I am writing this message to all TTT members in hopes of getting everyone involved in the 4th quarter and into 2009 ! No I am not selling my service ...we are booked up for Traders and I have all the members I need ! But I am looking to give some money back !
We have some of the best minds in the country here at TTT and I am starting a contest. Now don't drop the e-mail cause this is really serious. I am going to give you the opportunity to get everything from cash to you via PayPal to free memberships in both our E-Mail Service and our exclusive Traders Chat !
As you know this has been the most volatile , historic time in market history. I have traded everything from nat gas to hog bellies and silver during the Hunt bros. scandal. But this market has defied all odds !

Starting with this E-Mail I am going to give back some $5,000 in cash and memberships to my members all of you ! Here is all you have to do.

Rules : Only one entry per week on the following items

1) Best stock performance for the 4th Quarter : Deadline Monday Night midnight !

Award $150.00 cash PayPal to your acount ! Stock has to be over $5.00 per share

Again individual stock performance for now til Jan 1st stock over $5.00

2) Closest to the yearly low on the cash SPX The person who picks the closest to the yearly 2008 low on the cash SPX will receive $150.00

Deadline TONIGHT or by open Monday morning !

3) Weekly Free 2009 memberships for

a) Weekly closest to high and low cash SPX submitted by each Sunday evening
b) Weekly DOW Gainer % of the week submitted by each Sunday evening
c) Weekly QQQQ NAZ 100 Stock Gainer % of the week again by Sunday evening

All will receive free 09 or 2010 memberships and if you win more than once cash $150.00 ( no limit ) up to $1500 !!!

We will run these contests until years end and remember you can win more than once and all winners will be asked to publish a article for TTT on it's main site

Please enter as often as you like !

In this time of economic distress is a way to get the greatest service on the net free plus make a nice Christmas nest egg !

Time to get busy with your charting skills and market timing and tell your friends about me ! Even in this horrible stock market we are killing the market on the year and are calling for the market to be 20% higher by early 09 !

So let me know and I will pass along the results weekly and now is the time to get into the market not out of ...this panic shakes out the weak hands and we at TTT are now stronger than ever as we get to buy this panic and ride the market higher but your opinion will help so enter today !

We might have your picks in our Main fund this week and your weekly highs lows can help us all make money ! I am counting on you for some help in the 4Th Quarter !

Please mail all entries directly to

This E-mail will be posted on both the main site and the sister site and

Who could not use some cash or a free TTT Membership for 2009 and 2010 ?

Investing Made Easy !!!

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