Friday, March 30, 2007


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Thursday, March 29, 2007


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Monday, March 26, 2007


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Friday, March 23, 2007


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Thursday, March 22, 2007


History tells us what to expect in the future...we have had historic technical indicators and sentiment numbers that say we will be up 25% by Christmas...are you a believer ? Rate cuts are the key or will it happen without the FED ?

9-1 up to down volume days have created 22% returns in the following year. All I need to say right !!! Oh well , I can't get off that easy. I know there is some debate about our recent huge up down volume day following a down as the same but the BULL call is set from sentiment too. All the facts line up for the Bulls so lets get to stocks.

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EMC shot up on it's takeoff to 14 ...then 20
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NKE had a problem with interpetting earnings but we will see where NIKE is in June !

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


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Monday, March 19, 2007


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Friday, March 16, 2007


So was it all that bad ??? A key reversal in the S and P may be the end of the market correction and the new leg up ??? I examine more technical inicators and charts than Alan Greenspan and I certainy am not nearly as wise as he but I certainly can see this orchestrated play that is going on with his public statements and the economy. The good cop / bad cop between Uncle Ben and Greenie is very obvious and they are the two most powerful men in the world. Ben is saying it's OK the economy is getting stronger ...we have achieved a soft landing ...which is good for stocks. Greenie is saying WHOOOOA....spillovers and recessions and all the crud I had to deal with are out guys can't get away with just a 5% correction !!!

You would rather hear what to buy and sell than my political opinions but when the market starts to tank because the latvian currency is falling ...I am a bit skeptical of what the Bears can throw at me next ??? And don't even get me started on GS ...Goldman is the most profitable stock in the history of the world making some 20 million dollars per hour !!!! In profits per employee !!! And their stock goes down in a week it announces those earnings....I blame it as much on them ...they could have bought back stock at times this week to bail me out but I guess I am not their biggest shareholder. Members ? Remember ? I said I would never play GS again because they are part of the crooks on Wall time ring a bell for me !!!

We still own GS and will aggressively buy options into Summer as the stock will PRINT $250 before 4th of July . QQQQ will be at 50 + and NDAQ will also ...those are the predictions that I made on my 1st blog and I am sticking with them.

My members got instant e-mail service on a number of sitiuations this week as always and I answered some 100 e-mails but that is not enough ..I want more members ...especially with my special edition ..THE LAST LEG OF THE GREAT BULL ....where I will detail a number of themes for the next 3 motnhs and my members will know the timing calls that no one else gets ...the exact time and option to take advantage of the upcoming run.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007


OK , I am a little stubborn and get mouthy once in a while !!! That is when I usually get put back in my place !!! But I have been calling for bad inflation numbers since last month and we got them , but no fireworks down !!! Actually , there was some really bad news out there today couldn't find good news but the a/d line and technicals other than strong volume were tremendous for the Bulls.

So how do we play the last day of expiration and into the Spring? Anyone who wants to play one day of expiration either is a millionaire or as nuts as I am !!! I like to play EXPIRATION week because there is no premium...but as we found out today...the HOUSE holds all the cards...1000's of stocks stuck on their strike prices ..LEH and MS moved some which shocked me , but selling at about 7x next years earnings ..GS STUCK AT 200 !!!! On Monday the analyst recommendations will fly ...but for now ...the put buyers are holding back the stocks of alot of good companies artificially as the rollovers and other deeds go on.

Enouhg about tomorrow was good technically as it set a sound footing if we get normal #'s tomorrow...then we are into confessional season and earnings full tilt in April. I love our portfolio !!! And all the new option plays that only you members get daily !!! Which is why ...if you are reading this you should join and get 24/7 e-mail... IM... phone and house calls if in Tallahassee !!!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I wanted to buy index puts so bad but I just couldn't do it ...maybe I could have gotten in and out but I couldn't prove it on the BLOG or to you. I want to be especially honest with all my members and the public. I do not want to hide behind maybes and shoulda's and coulda's. I give my members the trades and they make up their minds. Many of them had absolutely spectacular days today !!!!

Official stock portfolio after today

MO -wi

Our puts on COF and X and MA all were profitable and stopped out on the rally.

next move is to hold off on the inflation numbers that I have been so concerned about. We are 100 % exposed to the market again after a 190 turnaround today and some say ...( I NEVER SAW IT ) Dow 11,990 ??? I did say we would never see a DJIA CLOSE BELOW 12000 in our lifetime.

Nice day bragging ...just time to get to work. Lots of shorts out there and lots of PUTS still in play. Stocks should act better tomorrow ..i.e. not option expiration anymore as the action from expiration is about you can buy in the money and get what you pay for.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


First off , my apologies for not getting us in some index rules going back to the inception was to be 10% hedged at all times and breaking that rule hurt today. With that said I hate paying the prices on those when they are only going to be used for one day ...more on that later. First a compilation of stocks since inception and the price bought at so you can see what stocks I have owned.

Current Portfolio

QLD 76.06
NDAQ 27.50
GS 193.75
MS 72.01
LEH 71.38
NSM 24.40
STM 18.55
SMH 33.41
MO 82.42
XLK 22.60 STOPPED SOLD XLF TODAY * All options stopped or Sold !!!

previously owned and still a buy when conditions warrant

FTEK Stopped bought at 23.57
OIH 132.20
ADM 33.10
ANDE 40.40
MRO 88.14
TSO 89.75

AAPL 52.38
ALL 55.99
ANF 54.60
AMGN 64.12
AMR 24.88
BAC 48.77
BMY 24.60
CAL 28.30
DB 107.10
EGLE 15.60
GILD 59.81
GS 159.09
JPM 40.60
MRK 36.66
MSB 18.09
MS 62.90
NOK 18.55
TRB 32.50
SCHW 14.40
QCOM 36.90
QLD 62.05
WB 52.98
WIN 11.75
XLF 31.90
XLK 19.77
ZF 4.88
ZTR 4.75

The top group ...our portfolio stocks are still in pretty good shape if we don't crater from here. I got too bullish too soon and didn't think that the market would go the bears way this dramatically of the biggest one day losses in 5 years !!!

Will it continue and how do I stop the bleeding from the portfoilio ? Not sit on my hands like I want to !!! You all saw what happened today and pretty much know what is going on in the economy so let's keep it to stock picks ...How can you have a better earnings report than GS ?
Got caught in a bad tape but they ( as you can see by our purchase price) didn't kill us.

We will stick with our portfolio and we added puts on X US STEEL in the agternoon and made a nice profit we will keep those ....also we will add at average prices puts on MA MasterCard and COF Capital One. These will be 2.5% positions to get us 100% invested.

The Chartist in me says we may make a bottom tomorrow either by a double bottom near today's close or the low close set on the last selloff. The technical picture is ugly as the a/d line and all other indicators got swamped but again we broke a onlt two week old record of put buying which is very BULLISH longer term.

Most 90% believe we are in an intermediate correction ...another 4-8 weeks of down action to get their 10-20% major correction ...they still haven't got 6% have they ??? Either GS is going to be selling at 2x earnings or we better get a rally going.

Has the government been lying to us about how strong the economy is ??? Yes ...will they lie about inflation ...I hope so !!!! because gas prices along will kick it up 1.8% so keep out the food and energy and pray !!!

Tough times but we are still doing the right thing is one day in a semi panic...analysts will upgrade GS ...LEH...MS after the season and selloff and get it at lower prices. Let's see what tomorrow brings and we will either cutback or or get more aggressive with options.

Best of luck to you and PREMIUM MEMBERS will get their all day 24/7 service and options recommendations on the hour if needed.

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I will have a post made up of members comments one day but they are the best in the world...many are playing the market well and have done well in up and down very tough conditions...keep up the good work !!!



With fears of $4- 4.90 per share and my outrageous estimate of $5.5--75 what does GS do ...just $6.67 with a extra BILLION in revenue....Brokers should be OK but the futures players have to get the SPX down to the 1200-1210 level to get the BEARS hackles up .

We are not recommending index puts even though some still have them or have bought them on the recent runup. We will stay Long our 10 stocks and 3 option positions and hope we don't get clawed by those BEARS.

Join us today for great stock plays and option calls...especially timing calls which has gotten our portfolio up 500% in less than 9 months in a not so good market.

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TTT HedgeFund

Monday, March 12, 2007


We do not want to get giddy here at the TTT HEDGE FUND but with all the panic and bearishness and end of the economy as we know it ( Heck we are closing down sub-p's left and right ) our portfolio jumped another 27% !!!! These are not unrealized gains or selling covered calls or doubling down or any of that nonsense ...just money...pure and simple !!!

Some websites caveat there trades by first saying that they said something they didn't a month ago that has no bearing anyway and then lying about the basics of the game which is buying and selling and winning and losing.

Enough on the fantasy sites ..but wait ..I saw today a chartist was back on the blogger that is a good man but falls in the traps of leaving a way out, you know it could go either way ...well if it could go either way ...why don't we just flip a coin and you save alot of time not making those pretty charts ...which by the way can't tell when a CEO is stealing or a dividend is going to be paid or a goldmine is found in its' backyard. Simple buy GS march 190 calls today at avg prices. Ok got them for $5.50 they are ???? OK enough bragging.

I do love charting and technical analysis but I have said since June 7th 2006 when I started this blog have to be good at 3 things ...and the biggest is experience as time teaches you that charts and indicators with a good understanding of the economy will get you right on the market more than 60% of the time and out of that time all you really need is a couple of winners and you are profitable.

We have been extremely lucky from day one because #1 we are in a Bull market and #2 we have screened nearly perfectly all of our stocks....I think TRB is our only real loser in all that time ..I am sure I may have missed one along the way but we have a pretty much 100% record on all our stocks going up and up big ...that has been a blessing.

Next ...we have played them fairly well ...some bad calls on ALL STATE EARNINGS ( but stock is still up nicely)and Index puts ( which i played like a child ) have kept me up a few nights but I have forgiven myself now and have moved on to this gorgeous portfolio we have now. I could be like some and have 97 positions hoping that some would win so i could "told you so" ..but that is not what TTT is about. I am about letting you sleep at night and making you a ton of money. Most of us cannot even afford the 400 share full postion in the 10 stocks i recommend. I certainly cannot...but with picking a couple and using our dividend plays ( ZTR ZF ) we can create enough income to speculate in puts and calls on the market ...where the real leverage is.

So we have had a remarkable run and some think the other shoe will fall tomorrow as GS will probably say something wrong and the market will be down 20%...but what if they don't ..what if they hit $5.50 per share 25 higher than expectations and say that ..Hey Things look great out there America !!!...Maybe they will be a $250 stock like I predicted.

And speaking of predictions two things got my attention today as i deleted the old TOMTHETRADER BLOG Due to technical problems

1 I called for the QQQQ to be at 52 on my anniversary June 7th 2007. Now I looked and we are 10 points away from there so we either better buy some June qqqq 45 calls or call me an idiot. SO YOU may want to take a look at those soon. I know I am .

Finally , with this huge upswing in the portfolio and the great feelings about my stock picks and the HEDGE FUND...I crossed by another members notes today . I mentioned this before but I have to again....One of our members absolutely called for the destrction of NEW and LEND simply written words he laid out a case for these two firms to go out of meet alot of people in this business and believe me ....I never would have thought what we are seeing is coming true ...what a CALL...the gains you have made are well deserved and we are proud to have you as a member ...but next time hit me in the head and say SHORT NEW you idiot !!!!!

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We had some stocks soar today know which ones and how much...all of us made alot of money today !!! What will tomorrow bring it time to buy puts ???

Did we make any portfolio changes to affect the dat tomorrow and the rest of the week.

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P.S. A special thanks to my charter members and I hope you all got the late message to BUY MS options at 2:10 and made a bundle !!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hard to read the jibberish below but what it tells you is that option players have gone completely MAD !!! Jim Cramer has lost his mind ...Neal Cavuto is crazy !!! Cramer on says to BUY PUTS on GS as many as you can. The Bears are going to bury the brokers !!! Cavuto says the second shoe is going to fall this week and it could be 10% !!! FEAR is running amuck !!! Are you that scared...maybe I should be more fearful ??? Fact is we made enough money last week and raised our stops up where we CAN'T get hurt...too bad. We have ten stocks and are not holding any index puts ...I am very rarely this bullish ??? So why is everyone else so darned bearish !!!! Cramer ...of all things ...buying puts on his favorite stock !!! ha this Sub-Prime thing really gotten out of control ???

All I know is that sentiment is breaking all kinds of records ...valuation is the lowest it has been in a decade ...companies are buying back stock at a record pace and even though world markets are overvalued ...guess where the US market is since the last correction in May ....RUT or most Russell Indexes are exactly where they were then !!!! So much for the huge blowoff rally that most Bulls end on !!!!

I may be wrong but I Just don't see any more than another 2% at most on the down side and that can happen anytime ...the dangers are the opposite...not being invested...if we are down 10% this week and I am eating crow ...It is still a good time to buy...we will be stopped out of all our stocks and 100% in cash.

Why not buy PUTS ??? The answer is below ..though hard to read ...what it is saying is that the number of puts compared to the number of calls on the RUT is 3-1...when the average is .8-1. So if the market makes the most money for the most people then run the market down because every one and there sister has 1000 contracts of .IOWCY and expect 200 points down this week to pay off the house and refinance !!!!

Sure , I have called for an intraday spike down to test some technical levels on some bad news this week...but that is only to keep the Bulls honest and keep the strong hands LONG. Most of us don't have millions in the market and we try to get what we can out of our portfoilio, I don't want to lose our gains and make a fool of myself here !!!! I have had more Index puts in the last 60 days than in my lifetime ....and it was warranted ...I played them like a fool but I was there with the RIGHT CALL...Am I right on this call...staying with the Bull and the brokers and tech ??? I may get whacked for a bit this week but if I do not ....just remember ...I took on CRAMER and Cavuto and the 99% of the GURUS who expected the other shoe to fall this week. Cramer says the market is rigged and they are going down so might as well join them. I haven't gotten that synical yet ...and maybe I am is not all roses out there but I do believe we did our time correction and our price correction now some backing and filling and maybe even a LAUNCH TO NEW HIGHS BY MAY 1st !!! How many people are calling that ....could we have caught earnings in a sweet spot where they still come in better than expected and ...even though inflation bugs me is the short term inflation long term inflation is TREMENDOUS.

So interest rates hiccupped this last week ..the stock market tried to get it's legs back and now all the BEARS are coming out of the woodwork...the most respected of which is whom I have the utmost respect for and everyone should buy his new book...he has gotten extremely bearish after holding a neutral for a few days as we rallied.

So at the worst we get mauled out of our stocks and take a 10% hit to our best we are sitting on the best stocks in the world and we may ...just may be that 1% left that thinks that ...hey we have the highest levels of bearishness in years and these put buyers listed below are going home this options expiration week with alot of worthless PUTS ..Like 20 million at last count !!!!

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**** Figures from options express on open interest in IWM puts / calls
206,102.00 That is 206,102 open put options vs. 33,751 open call options if the puts win out CRAMER IS RIGHT ...the market is manipulated ...even if it is and all those folks get in the money this week with a 2-8% fall. We will be in 100% cash !!!

If we are right ...we may add on a couple more thousand from our measly 21k that has grown 4x that in 10 months !!!! Could we make 100K by July 4th !!!!!

Only time will tell ...we will talk soon


Friday, March 9, 2007


Again , please read the previous articles if you are new to TTT...but we had a wild moneymaking week. The biggest gains since August and our PORTFOLIO HAS QUADRUPLED !!!!

What a great feeling knowing that your system is a one of a kind and the stocks we choose have a great chance of making huge money. My only regret is that we couldn't keep more stocks !!!

Had to sell stocks like OIH TSO MRO all up 5-10% on the week !!! Our options players mad 10's of thousands of dollars on stocks we have to sell to keep to our discipline.

I could give you all the stats and figures but you can look at the Barrons this weekend and see how these stocks did !!!!


If ou can find any service that had anything close to this portfolio...well there fibbing !!!

Plus the story that just keeps on giving ....

GS Calls March 190' of the greatest trades and it is not done yet !!!!

Looking for a triple and some of our members got the 195 and homered (4x) and some got the 200 and 7x their money !!!

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Thursday, March 8, 2007


I hope you will take the time to read the previous articles as they will set you up better for my article today. Today , again , was a VERY good day. Goldman Sachs continues to PRINT MONEY FOR US !!!! NDAQ is the most undervalued stock on the exchange. We are in such high quality stocks and options that I can hardly remember the selloff "Was that a computer malfunction " ????

By going 100% into stocks and options we took advantage of the biggest 3 day rally since August. With our options leverage and QLD , NDAQ and our boatload of winners we now have officially QUADRUPLED OUR MONEY SINCE INCEPTION !!!!!

We began this journey with a plan ...a strategy that I had developed after years of trading for a living and not getting paid for it. The last 10 years I had felt so strongly about the options market that I was letting relatives turn $200 into $10,000 with using the strong trends and putting money into undervalued stocks and their options. A lot of relatives went to college on tips and I am ready now to help you make your life a lot better.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Whether investors get their somewhat infamous Turnaround Tuesday won’t be known for several more hours, but the action is potentially a good start for intermediate strategists. In our last report the market-based concept of the FTD or Follow-Through-Day was reintroduced. It’s been a while, several months in fact, since we’ve had the opportunity to use this method designed to locate an intermediate bottom of notice. If Tuesday’s positive price action holds up, it will mark the first step in this process, as we could define the session as an Attempted Rally Day. From there, a time window starting on Friday begins for an event known as the Follow-Through-Day and described quite well in our last report, for those in need of quick review.Technically, directional strategists might also be interested in the quality of strength, for the market, in the interim. While we can anticipate the FTD, a move that’s too severe and / or into potential overhead resistance, could represent a bear market rally, and hence an opportunity to locate strategic shorting opportunities. In fact, looking at the above daily view of the S&P500 ($SPX) we can see just how oversold the market was based upon Bollinger and RSI analysis, and why the bulls shouldn’t get too excited beyond seeing “a bounce” just yet. The observation is that until a corrective low is established, the bears will attempt to have some staying power, particularly so, when conditions like the fore mentioned are in place. And after a very persistent eight-month rally to cap off a four-plus and twenty-year bullish cycle, that means the burden of proof is still on the bulls’ shoulders. The following factors and anecdotal evidence might be considered relevant in determining a suitable, limited-risk strategy in the coming days and weeks ahead.MARKET LABBullish Technicals
January Effect positive finish
Correction underway with -3.5% to -6.7% tallies in both majors
Extreme readings such as record breaking VIX percentage spike and NYSE TRIN
ETF Liquidity Premium relative to cash index trading
Monday marks potential pivot for FTD count and intermediate trend reversal
Bearish Technicals
‘Extended’ 4 / 20-year bearish cycle convergence
No FTD signal or count underway as of Monday evening
30% [versus highs of 19.8%] in VIX has historically marked fear in the marketplace
Potential overhead resistance and three months worth of traders looking to ‘breakeven’
Corrective periods up to 10%
GROWTH STOCK ANALYSISWith further oversold conditions in many and most products now (Tuesday premarket) setting up for some version of a relief rally off a hard opening gap, there’s not much to do to the existing watchlists, except peel off a couple of stocks from the Bears Screen that are now in very oversold territories. While that’s a good thing of course, names such as Goldman (GS) and American Eagle (AEOS) are more in position in the short-term to haunt fresh short initiations than not. At the same time, of course, monitored longs from the Bull Screen have mostly pulled lower too. However, oversold in those stocks is viewed as being a potentially benevolent technical situation. It almost goes without saying, but I will anyway, that with so many stocks in the listed universe demonstrating similar extended patterns of investor panic, no changes have been made. Traders could always try to switch gears and look for a few issues that showed relative strength over the last two sessions, while the market forged fresh lows. However, that’s by no means a guarantee that those stocks, the few that exist, will demonstrate the same tenacity when traders are performing functions such as scrambling to ‘snap up bargains

That was an opinion of a professional trader. My take is the following.

We have been in a very long Bull Market ...we were overdue (as was the world markets) for a correction. We had what was from my 30 years ...a pretty scary event. Even though it was the most advertised correction in those 30 years put in some pain. So we are in the last thows of a Bull market and the question is ...why do we drop and when do we drop ...1st things first for the very short term ...the INFLATION NUMBERS PPI/CPI are going to STINK unless the gov't cheats them again ...this will not be good for stocks may be just one day ..a test or it could be several days testing ...but there is definitely not an all clear out there yet...But again I have said since we hit the lows ...we will not go through 12,000 in my lifetime and that should give everyone the motivation to buy stocks for this last Bull Run....these historically have been pretty amazing ...let's put it in context ...pre-pres -electio years normally up 15% thats 18% from hear...last leg of a Bull market usually up 10% from the day one rally so if we put our heads together and say that this BULL market may only last until OCTOBER ..and we need to rally some 205 between now and then .....I say ..BUY BUY BUY TECH TECH TECH



And for those of you that hit the Double in a day with GS calls ....YOUR WELCOME ...I Know you would have bought them without me right ???

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Monday, March 5, 2007


Or the last leg of the Bull I learned to hate.

WE BOUGHT OUR 40 contracts of .GPYCR at $5.50 per contract $22,000.00 plus commissions.

Goldman Sachs is the singel most punished stock for 0 reason I had to come back in and buy it.

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Saturday, March 3, 2007


Below is my Options Express account log....Now you can see how I positioned my self for the biggest drop in 4 years !!!!

What I do not show you is how when we were down 200 points I was selling them like Air Conditoners In July

I humuliate myself but fact is ...I was right and I did make a bunch of money ...just didn't hold through and use stops ...let emotion dictate....We all learn ...but our TTT HEDGE FUND PROSPERED as will you if you join today !!!!

read and weep !!!!
2/21/2007 8:31:54 AM
Order Filled
You have bought 20 contract(s) of IWN APR 83

2/21/2007 8:54:55 AM
Order Filled
You have bought 10 contract(s) of QQQQ MAR 46 Put.

2/21/2007 12:50:21 PM
Order Filled
You have bought 1 contract(s) of SPX MAR 1430 Put.

2/23/2007 8:43:05 AM
Order Filled
You have bought 2 contract(s) of SPX MAR 1450 Put.

9:42:26 AM
Order Filled
You have bought 7 contract(s) of QQQQ MAR 46 Put.

2/26/2007 9:46:04 AM
Order Filled
You have bought 10 contract(s) of IWN MAY 83 Put.
2/26/2007 9:09:39 AM
Order Filled
You have bought 5 contract(s) of SPY JUN 147 Put.
2/26/2007 8:55:11 AM
Order Filled
You have bought 10 contract(s) of QQQQ MAR 46 Put.

2/26/2007 11:23:07 AM
Order Filled
You have bought 1 contract(s) of OEX MAR WK A 665 Put.

2/27/2007 9:22:37 AM
Order Filled
You have bought 10 contract(s) of IWM MAR 82 Put.

The OEX weekly BTW was the 1 day trade that went up 1000% ...only the 3rd time I have done that....

Stay tuned and be part of #4



The facts are clear ...we needed a correction and got one. Got being the most debated word on the Street. What did we get ? If you are a chartist ...we could easily go down to 11,000 or worse. If you are a technician ...12000 is fine with a V -shaped bottom and sentiment hitting never seen before BEARISHNESS right after I criticized the market for being too complacent !!!!

So what do we do as investors who HAVE to double there $$$ by the 4th of July...Be smarter than the other guys...this volatility is GREAT. I had to be really good to go up 100% in a VIX environment of 9-11 !!!! Just think how much we can make with VIX at 15-18 !!!!

That is why my call for the short term is strictly that ...short term ...cause I cannot tell you what I will be doing hour to's impossible. I am not a daytrader but I had 24 trades the other day which broke my all time record. That may continue if the volatility stays.

I am personally calling for a nice rally though this week and want to be the first to make a call on the market so maybe someone will give me some I need it !!!!

Here is the call out there for all to see and then we will have it in PRINT

BUY GS call options 100 contracts of the March 190 calls Monday March 5th at Average prices !!!!!

So that is GOLMAN SACHS MARCH 190 CALLS Monday at average prices !!!!

I am betting the farm on a nice move at least until March 13th-14th ...then I think we may do some testing again.

Finally ...we have our stock portfolio posted and we have added FTEK from a computer glich last week during the "MEGA MALFUNCTION" which we all played our index puts poorly ..except for one member which I will leave alone so I don't ruin his nice run and so I get reminded to follow my own rules and not try to be smarter than the market ...which my exploits cost me about $20,000.

If you feel sorry for me ...thanks I need some comfort ...being right and making 1/10 th of what you should have is no consolation ...I am an idiot !!!! I told the world that this was going to happen and was loaded with puts and VIX calls and the first *k that comes my way I am grasping it like it was my 1st paycheck !!!

It hurts to misplay such an event because they happen so infrequently !!! Now onward , forward ...never backwards....GS big call ..lots of people getting BEARISH on them and remember I got a conscience a while back and said i wouldn't buy them again due to many liberal reasons...well after listening to Hillary C. last week...I am going to make as much money as I can !!!! Which is why my next pick to add on to is MO. Altria group is a core holding now with ZF ...ZTR...HYB and MO for retirement....all the other stocks are trades.

Now to entice new members and to get old members talking on the comments I have a Monday options call that I will only release if someone actully reads this and writes in the comments ...used to get great traffic at no one knows about this site so pass the word.

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Friday, March 2, 2007


The only hope for the Bulls for Monday is that everyone reads the new issue of Barrons and that all world markets peace out !

Remember I am always early so calling a new Bull market may be like ...months away but hopefully it gets your attention,

I spent the best part of the last 100 days saying this exact "event " would occur. I even said that it would be precipitated by foreign governments and that US investments in OVERSEAS ETF's would play a big role.

Now I am ready for a new Bull market ...but one problem I have is the fact that the correction or BEAR has a mind of it's own !!!!!

So I have to guess and look at history and predict cause I have to double my money again...wait ...we already did now wiith all the puts sold a ( except 40 contracts of the June 46 puts on QQQQ which I am savoring !!!! I am done with index puts. I am officially a Bull and no one can talk me out of it ..until we are crashing on Monday after India loses 25% of it's value !!!

Seriously ....we are going to buy the dips and give the Bulls the benefit of the doubt ...I got an early copy of Barrons and I recommend you read it ..cover to cover...

The stock recommendation I sent out the other night that was revoked because of computer problems was FTEK and we added it Feb 28th. And we are out of ADM so that is 10 stocks for now.

One option call for Monday is to buy the DIA April calls deep in the money....115-117 40 of average prices.

That will be our speculative play for the day !!!

Please start to write in comments and feel free to go to my freinds site which I share charts and opinions with on occassion

My outlook is very sloppy but up week and the world will glow on GS as the shorts and put buyers will get burnt as pessimism in the best stock in America shows off it's earnings on March 13th ...Bears win about 2% of the time ...they were left for dead for several years ...may / June wwas there last 5 week run ...this one will be shorter but probably just as ugly !!!

Good Luck


Remember to join to get the premium package of all day access via e-mail or IM just jointoday

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Thanks !

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Of course I jest about a new Bull market but I have had enough of the old one. We held more index puts than any group in the world and how much money did we make out of it !!!! Not enough to buy a 07 Escalade !!! That is embarrassing !!! I ranted and raved about how we are going down and how just 5% is OK and just own the VIX may 10 calls and all the IWN and IWN and SPY and DIA PUTS you can handle !!!
Now we got down to 12000 DJIA and rallied.
We have to become very bullish here and start to reload.
History tells us that we had to have the second leg down and everything has been textbook correction.

So why do I get to call it a new BULL market ...because I am sick of the old one I want it to act like a new one .

The historical TICK / TRIN up/down volume me comfort that we will NEVER SEE 11,999 again in our lifetime.

So I was going to bore you all with many longwinded stories of how much money we have made in the last 10 months and how I called this and that but WHY ???

We want to know what is next....OK here goes and here is the new portfolio.

We go sideways to up for 3 weeks and every decent rally will be sold and every decent selloff will be bought. We got a lot of week hands out to clear the deck for a Spring run!!!

Portfoilio :


No call options right now puts ...Daily reports will get my E-MAIL SERVICE UP TO 10 x per day .

10 stocks 10% each we have our retirement fund of ZTR ZF AND HYB

Please join us Paypal $75 to and get the full benefits of my 30 years of experience ...OK

TTT HEDGE FUND 2007 Double your money every 5-6 months it or not !!!