Wednesday, March 21, 2007

$21,000 - $126,667 SINCE JUNE 7th 2006 JOIN TODAY

The market exploded exactly like we thought and now has gained more in a three day period than the start of the BULL. I got you 120% long into stocks and options and the best stocks in the world. My members got flooded with special reports on great stock and options plays and the call to buy XBD options plus options on MS and GS were enough for most people to retire on. Just putting $1,000.00 in any of these plays would have 6-8x your money. The key to my system ...that is specially designed for this STOCK PICKING !!! We do nothing without great stock picks.

Then it is timing timing has been near perfect and the combination of super stocks and super timing equals SUPER PROFITS.

I research for 10 hours per day all the services and blogs but there is not one that comes close to my performance. Trader Trac has my Portfolio #1 by over 358%. My system is working perfectly and I need you to come on board.

My members got several daily e-mails today telling them how the reaction would set off a huge 1000 point run in the market. All the planets were in place to go for a wild ride this week and even though I think we are short term overbought and may go grinding for awhile ...there is still so much to make in this CHEAP US MARKET !!! Last week our members got an updated portfolio loaded with FINANCIALS and TECH and guess what led the markets today. I have told my members QQQQ $50 by July 4th ....we are well on our way !!! QLD has exploded since the correction and is a great play ...please read the previous articles and JOIN TODAY !!!

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