Thursday, March 1, 2007


Of course I jest about a new Bull market but I have had enough of the old one. We held more index puts than any group in the world and how much money did we make out of it !!!! Not enough to buy a 07 Escalade !!! That is embarrassing !!! I ranted and raved about how we are going down and how just 5% is OK and just own the VIX may 10 calls and all the IWN and IWN and SPY and DIA PUTS you can handle !!!
Now we got down to 12000 DJIA and rallied.
We have to become very bullish here and start to reload.
History tells us that we had to have the second leg down and everything has been textbook correction.

So why do I get to call it a new BULL market ...because I am sick of the old one I want it to act like a new one .

The historical TICK / TRIN up/down volume me comfort that we will NEVER SEE 11,999 again in our lifetime.

So I was going to bore you all with many longwinded stories of how much money we have made in the last 10 months and how I called this and that but WHY ???

We want to know what is next....OK here goes and here is the new portfolio.

We go sideways to up for 3 weeks and every decent rally will be sold and every decent selloff will be bought. We got a lot of week hands out to clear the deck for a Spring run!!!

Portfoilio :


No call options right now puts ...Daily reports will get my E-MAIL SERVICE UP TO 10 x per day .

10 stocks 10% each we have our retirement fund of ZTR ZF AND HYB

Please join us Paypal $75 to and get the full benefits of my 30 years of experience ...OK

TTT HEDGE FUND 2007 Double your money every 5-6 months it or not !!!


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