Monday, March 5, 2007


Or the last leg of the Bull I learned to hate.

WE BOUGHT OUR 40 contracts of .GPYCR at $5.50 per contract $22,000.00 plus commissions.

Goldman Sachs is the singel most punished stock for 0 reason I had to come back in and buy it.

I hope you are with me.

Our new portfolio is taking shape for the next run and plese become a member if you want the type of returns that double your money every 5-6 months.

PAYPAL $75 for one year premium subscription to

or call me at 352-870 4626

Make the best financial decision of your life and get 30 years professional experience at you beckon call !!!!

My members can call ..e-mail ..text...IM me 24/7 and I will be there for you with honest concise calls ..(LIKE .GPYCR MARCH 190 CALLS ON GOLDMAN SACHS)

All other stocks are OK and no changes needed ...members we will be buying calls on a couple of stocks so e-mail me now !!!!


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