Thursday, March 15, 2007


OK , I am a little stubborn and get mouthy once in a while !!! That is when I usually get put back in my place !!! But I have been calling for bad inflation numbers since last month and we got them , but no fireworks down !!! Actually , there was some really bad news out there today couldn't find good news but the a/d line and technicals other than strong volume were tremendous for the Bulls.

So how do we play the last day of expiration and into the Spring? Anyone who wants to play one day of expiration either is a millionaire or as nuts as I am !!! I like to play EXPIRATION week because there is no premium...but as we found out today...the HOUSE holds all the cards...1000's of stocks stuck on their strike prices ..LEH and MS moved some which shocked me , but selling at about 7x next years earnings ..GS STUCK AT 200 !!!! On Monday the analyst recommendations will fly ...but for now ...the put buyers are holding back the stocks of alot of good companies artificially as the rollovers and other deeds go on.

Enouhg about tomorrow was good technically as it set a sound footing if we get normal #'s tomorrow...then we are into confessional season and earnings full tilt in April. I love our portfolio !!! And all the new option plays that only you members get daily !!! Which is why ...if you are reading this you should join and get 24/7 e-mail... IM... phone and house calls if in Tallahassee !!!

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Tom 24/7 Working Hard To Beat The Street

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