Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The best move since August came when our portfolio was 120% long with stocks including QLD 2x QQQQ and options on the best stocks in the world !!!
GS up $5 in 2 days
MS up 3% in 2 days

Our members got 2 spotlight stocks via e-mail ...and got a special report on another stock that went skyrocketing upward for the biggest gains in the Nasdaq...I am going to release these two just to show you and make sure when you read this that you can get detailed daily stock information with clear buy and sell signals !!! Members also got a SPECIAL REPORT on the next week ...month and 3 Months that is perfect so far as we have been perfect since JUNE 2006! Up an amazing 5x initial investment $21k is now worth over $100K as our system has been tested in the worst of times !!!

Our members were told to BUY GLW May 22.50 calls ...yes they are up 4x since recommended !!! NKE was up nearly a % today and we are raking in the profits on all of our portfolio stocks. Whether you daytrade with $300 or manage a portfolio worth millions !!! I am your man.

Airlines = AMR doing great but TECH is the way to go. We are purchasing 100's of contracts of the JANUARY 2008 23.00 XLK calls The most undervalued option on the planet...there is no easier way to make money with 300 days left to expiration our members are already up 25% and there is nearly 9 months and we are in the MONEY .35 cents !!!! We may be at 24.00 at weeks end with the ORCL earnings .

Please take the time to read previous articles and join today ..it's simple ..just PAYPAL $75 for a 1 year membership to the TTT HEDGE FUND : tomandprisha@msn.com or call me at 352-870-4626 or catch me on IM anytime !!!

I am here for you and I would hate you to miss the last leg of a tremendous BULL MARKET.

You need not worry anymore as I will do the worrying for you and guarantee you to be a winner ...your membership fee is 100% guarnteed and we will return it immediately if you don't make it back in the 1st trade !!!!

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XLK JANUARY 08 CALLS !!!! $2.00 will be $8.00 at Expiration !!!!

Competing everyday for you !!!

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