Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Our TTT members made a ton of cash yesterday !!! Tremendous ...extremely proud of my call and of the execution of our members. Nearly quadrupling our cash since June is quite a remarkable accomplishment considering we play the market so 99% of the time you can sleep at night.We buy only screened high quality stocks and buy puts and calls when market conditions warrant and we hedge buy staying in protective options nearly 100% of the time. For the 1st time in 3 motnhs we were 100% long stocks and stock options.As you know we bought and sold 40 contracts of Goldman Sachs March 190 calls for a double yesterday from 21k to 40 k and it was a rewarding event. ....but we also made over 7500 dollars on our stock portfolio which had every stock up between 1-5%."Best day I ever should take the place of the monkey on TV ..I am with you 100%" said J who had a good day. "Sold the GS and that with other brokers puts made it a great week" says B "I don't know how I can make more money in the stock market...never thought a day like today was possible!" Thank you so much" T stated.I am very pleased with our results but not surprised. My members get 100% access to the highest quality of INFORMATION available to MONEY MANAGERS, 24/7 e-mail ...IM, TEXT and phone service ....all for the paltry cost of $75 per year !!! Just enough to keep the ads and subscriptions afloat.Why do i give 20 hours a day to my limited amount of members? Because I don't work outside the home and have 30 years experience trading and the INTERNET gives us a way of connecting and prospering from IT and this makes it a great deal for you and keeps me very happy and passionate about the STOCK MARKET which I truly love and respect.So I am driving for new members at the SPECIAL RATE of $75 per year which is 100% refundable if you don't make that back in your 1st week. I will work with you to make sure you understand our portfolio rules and how you can get in anytime with only as much as $500 and still double and triple your money ...all part time or full time !!! I do all the research , timing and make the calls just have to have the time to read and place the trades.Please give me a shot at doubling your money this season ...if you read our archives back to June you can see we started with a mere $21.000 and are near $80, 000 now ...qutie an accomplishment , but you are getting in on the best part...the last leg of what I think is a tremendous BULL MARKET. This spectacular run could pay off huge and we plan on doubling our 8ok by July and hen some .Take a shot at becoming a memebr of the most talked about traders website and become a member todayJust PAYPAL $75 to : simple or call me anytime at 352-870-4626 and I will be happy to arrange payments. Or simply e-mail me or get on IM OKDon't lose any money from today on !!!! Double your dough with a proven method of stocks options and unbelievable timing skills that keep you out of trouble and IN THE MONEYPlease Join Today !!!!30 years of making Investors big MONEYTTTHEDGEFUND 2007Sincerely ,TOM


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