Friday, March 16, 2007


So was it all that bad ??? A key reversal in the S and P may be the end of the market correction and the new leg up ??? I examine more technical inicators and charts than Alan Greenspan and I certainy am not nearly as wise as he but I certainly can see this orchestrated play that is going on with his public statements and the economy. The good cop / bad cop between Uncle Ben and Greenie is very obvious and they are the two most powerful men in the world. Ben is saying it's OK the economy is getting stronger ...we have achieved a soft landing ...which is good for stocks. Greenie is saying WHOOOOA....spillovers and recessions and all the crud I had to deal with are out guys can't get away with just a 5% correction !!!

You would rather hear what to buy and sell than my political opinions but when the market starts to tank because the latvian currency is falling ...I am a bit skeptical of what the Bears can throw at me next ??? And don't even get me started on GS ...Goldman is the most profitable stock in the history of the world making some 20 million dollars per hour !!!! In profits per employee !!! And their stock goes down in a week it announces those earnings....I blame it as much on them ...they could have bought back stock at times this week to bail me out but I guess I am not their biggest shareholder. Members ? Remember ? I said I would never play GS again because they are part of the crooks on Wall time ring a bell for me !!!

We still own GS and will aggressively buy options into Summer as the stock will PRINT $250 before 4th of July . QQQQ will be at 50 + and NDAQ will also ...those are the predictions that I made on my 1st blog and I am sticking with them.

My members got instant e-mail service on a number of sitiuations this week as always and I answered some 100 e-mails but that is not enough ..I want more members ...especially with my special edition ..THE LAST LEG OF THE GREAT BULL ....where I will detail a number of themes for the next 3 motnhs and my members will know the timing calls that no one else gets ...the exact time and option to take advantage of the upcoming run.

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My members ...(please read comments and previous stories) are doing extremely well with doubles and more while the market lags behind ...we are skyrocketing forward !!!

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SMH ALL you need to know for now ...the timing is next and the special report SUNDAY !!!!

Have a great week !!!

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