Friday, March 2, 2007


The only hope for the Bulls for Monday is that everyone reads the new issue of Barrons and that all world markets peace out !

Remember I am always early so calling a new Bull market may be like ...months away but hopefully it gets your attention,

I spent the best part of the last 100 days saying this exact "event " would occur. I even said that it would be precipitated by foreign governments and that US investments in OVERSEAS ETF's would play a big role.

Now I am ready for a new Bull market ...but one problem I have is the fact that the correction or BEAR has a mind of it's own !!!!!

So I have to guess and look at history and predict cause I have to double my money again...wait ...we already did now wiith all the puts sold a ( except 40 contracts of the June 46 puts on QQQQ which I am savoring !!!! I am done with index puts. I am officially a Bull and no one can talk me out of it ..until we are crashing on Monday after India loses 25% of it's value !!!

Seriously ....we are going to buy the dips and give the Bulls the benefit of the doubt ...I got an early copy of Barrons and I recommend you read it ..cover to cover...

The stock recommendation I sent out the other night that was revoked because of computer problems was FTEK and we added it Feb 28th. And we are out of ADM so that is 10 stocks for now.

One option call for Monday is to buy the DIA April calls deep in the money....115-117 40 of average prices.

That will be our speculative play for the day !!!

Please start to write in comments and feel free to go to my freinds site which I share charts and opinions with on occassion

My outlook is very sloppy but up week and the world will glow on GS as the shorts and put buyers will get burnt as pessimism in the best stock in America shows off it's earnings on March 13th ...Bears win about 2% of the time ...they were left for dead for several years ...may / June wwas there last 5 week run ...this one will be shorter but probably just as ugly !!!

Good Luck


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