Thursday, March 8, 2007


I hope you will take the time to read the previous articles as they will set you up better for my article today. Today , again , was a VERY good day. Goldman Sachs continues to PRINT MONEY FOR US !!!! NDAQ is the most undervalued stock on the exchange. We are in such high quality stocks and options that I can hardly remember the selloff "Was that a computer malfunction " ????

By going 100% into stocks and options we took advantage of the biggest 3 day rally since August. With our options leverage and QLD , NDAQ and our boatload of winners we now have officially QUADRUPLED OUR MONEY SINCE INCEPTION !!!!!

We began this journey with a plan ...a strategy that I had developed after years of trading for a living and not getting paid for it. The last 10 years I had felt so strongly about the options market that I was letting relatives turn $200 into $10,000 with using the strong trends and putting money into undervalued stocks and their options. A lot of relatives went to college on tips and I am ready now to help you make your life a lot better.

I am posting this today as I want more members...I want you to get my exclusive 24/7 service plus IM service and instant e-mail returns and phone calls !!! You get the service that costs others $2-5 k per year and I will do it for $75 per year.

Why would I do this ???? I am retired now and want to use the internet to help people use the greatest tool for wealth building in the world...the US Stock Market to make their financial goals easier. Just this past week we have shown you how ...not if you do this and that you can get that ...we told you BUY GS MARCH 190 CALLS...and we went to a RARE position ...we are usually 75% long stocks and options and the rest in income stocks and index puts for protection. But my indicators told me to go 100% long ...even buy the QLD and options on GS and others. Even my most loyal members thought I had lost it !!! But thank goodness they all took part and I have dozens of letters to share with you thanking me and even one subscriber that knows how hard an effort we put in the last month and she graciously sent me a tip via PayPal. What a compliment. !!!!

Turning a mere 21k to now well over 87k is quite an accomplishment..but when the market is down on the year and we have made more in the past 3 days than all the money managers will make all year !!! because we work harder and have more experience. I want to help you make money and the only way that can happen is to JOIN TODAY !!!!!

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The rest of the portfolio is listed in the articles below...please take the time to read them ...OK

Thanks for your time and the next 6 months could be the most memorable of your life ...let me show you how to double your money before the 4th of July !!! Conditions are right and for only $75 in my 1st year special won't get a better deal ANYWHERE.

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