Thursday, March 22, 2007


History tells us what to expect in the future...we have had historic technical indicators and sentiment numbers that say we will be up 25% by Christmas...are you a believer ? Rate cuts are the key or will it happen without the FED ?

9-1 up to down volume days have created 22% returns in the following year. All I need to say right !!! Oh well , I can't get off that easy. I know there is some debate about our recent huge up down volume day following a down as the same but the BULL call is set from sentiment too. All the facts line up for the Bulls so lets get to stocks.

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EMC shot up on it's takeoff to 14 ...then 20
NDAQ basing for an explosion to 50

NKE had a problem with interpetting earnings but we will see where NIKE is in June !

The consolidation is setting up for another run.

Be prepared for the tough couple of days upcoming and the BIG BULL RUN INTO THE FALL !!!

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