Tuesday, March 13, 2007


First off , my apologies for not getting us in some index puts...my rules going back to the inception was to be 10% hedged at all times and breaking that rule hurt today. With that said I hate paying the prices on those when they are only going to be used for one day ...more on that later. First a compilation of stocks since inception and the price bought at so you can see what stocks I have owned.

Current Portfolio

QLD 76.06
NDAQ 27.50
GS 193.75
MS 72.01
LEH 71.38
NSM 24.40
STM 18.55
SMH 33.41
MO 82.42
XLK 22.60 STOPPED SOLD XLF TODAY * All options stopped or Sold !!!

previously owned and still a buy when conditions warrant

FTEK Stopped bought at 23.57
OIH 132.20
ADM 33.10
ANDE 40.40
MRO 88.14
TSO 89.75

AAPL 52.38
ALL 55.99
ANF 54.60
AMGN 64.12
AMR 24.88
BAC 48.77
BMY 24.60
CAL 28.30
DB 107.10
EGLE 15.60
GILD 59.81
GS 159.09
JPM 40.60
MRK 36.66
MSB 18.09
MS 62.90
NOK 18.55
TRB 32.50
SCHW 14.40
QCOM 36.90
QLD 62.05
WB 52.98
WIN 11.75
XLF 31.90
XLK 19.77
ZF 4.88
ZTR 4.75

The top group ...our portfolio stocks are still in pretty good shape if we don't crater from here. I got too bullish too soon and didn't think that the market would go the bears way this dramatically ...one of the biggest one day losses in 5 years !!!

Will it continue and how do I stop the bleeding from the portfoilio ? Not sit on my hands like I want to !!! You all saw what happened today and pretty much know what is going on in the economy so let's keep it to stock picks ...How can you have a better earnings report than GS ?
Got caught in a bad tape but they ( as you can see by our purchase price) didn't kill us.

We will stick with our portfolio and we added puts on X US STEEL in the agternoon and made a nice profit we will keep those ....also we will add at average prices puts on MA MasterCard and COF Capital One. These will be 2.5% positions to get us 100% invested.

The Chartist in me says we may make a bottom tomorrow either by a double bottom near today's close or the low close set on the last selloff. The technical picture is ugly as the a/d line and all other indicators got swamped but again we broke a onlt two week old record of put buying which is very BULLISH longer term.

Most 90% believe we are in an intermediate correction ...another 4-8 weeks of down action to get their 10-20% major correction ...they still haven't got 6% have they ??? Either GS is going to be selling at 2x earnings or we better get a rally going.

Has the government been lying to us about how strong the economy is ??? Yes ...will they lie about inflation ...I hope so !!!! because gas prices along will kick it up 1.8% so keep out the food and energy and pray !!!

Tough times but we are still doing the right thing ..it is one day in a semi panic...analysts will upgrade GS ...LEH...MS after the season and selloff and get it at lower prices. Let's see what tomorrow brings and we will either cutback or or get more aggressive with options.

Best of luck to you and PREMIUM MEMBERS will get their all day 24/7 service and options recommendations on the hour if needed.

To become a member Please PayPal $75 to : tomandprisha@msn.com

I will have a post made up of members comments one day but they are the best in the world...many are playing the market well and have done well in up and down very tough conditions...keep up the good work !!!


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