Saturday, March 3, 2007


The facts are clear ...we needed a correction and got one. Got being the most debated word on the Street. What did we get ? If you are a chartist ...we could easily go down to 11,000 or worse. If you are a technician ...12000 is fine with a V -shaped bottom and sentiment hitting never seen before BEARISHNESS right after I criticized the market for being too complacent !!!!

So what do we do as investors who HAVE to double there $$$ by the 4th of July...Be smarter than the other guys...this volatility is GREAT. I had to be really good to go up 100% in a VIX environment of 9-11 !!!! Just think how much we can make with VIX at 15-18 !!!!

That is why my call for the short term is strictly that ...short term ...cause I cannot tell you what I will be doing hour to's impossible. I am not a daytrader but I had 24 trades the other day which broke my all time record. That may continue if the volatility stays.

I am personally calling for a nice rally though this week and want to be the first to make a call on the market so maybe someone will give me some I need it !!!!

Here is the call out there for all to see and then we will have it in PRINT

BUY GS call options 100 contracts of the March 190 calls Monday March 5th at Average prices !!!!!

So that is GOLMAN SACHS MARCH 190 CALLS Monday at average prices !!!!

I am betting the farm on a nice move at least until March 13th-14th ...then I think we may do some testing again.

Finally ...we have our stock portfolio posted and we have added FTEK from a computer glich last week during the "MEGA MALFUNCTION" which we all played our index puts poorly ..except for one member which I will leave alone so I don't ruin his nice run and so I get reminded to follow my own rules and not try to be smarter than the market ...which my exploits cost me about $20,000.

If you feel sorry for me ...thanks I need some comfort ...being right and making 1/10 th of what you should have is no consolation ...I am an idiot !!!! I told the world that this was going to happen and was loaded with puts and VIX calls and the first *k that comes my way I am grasping it like it was my 1st paycheck !!!

It hurts to misplay such an event because they happen so infrequently !!! Now onward , forward ...never backwards....GS big call ..lots of people getting BEARISH on them and remember I got a conscience a while back and said i wouldn't buy them again due to many liberal reasons...well after listening to Hillary C. last week...I am going to make as much money as I can !!!! Which is why my next pick to add on to is MO. Altria group is a core holding now with ZF ...ZTR...HYB and MO for retirement....all the other stocks are trades.

Now to entice new members and to get old members talking on the comments I have a Monday options call that I will only release if someone actully reads this and writes in the comments ...used to get great traffic at no one knows about this site so pass the word.

Write in the comments and I will give you a can't miss trade for MONDAY ....a.m.

Plus become a member and get the service my current members get 24/7 e-mail portfolio help...always there for you and now a yearly fee of just $75 send to PAYPAL to: or call me at 352-870-4626.

Thank you !!! and good luck this week...Tom

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