Monday, March 12, 2007


Sure it is great that we are just killing the market with our portfolio...but as we have seen...the Bears would like to crush us like a TOAD !!!

We had some stocks soar today know which ones and how much...all of us made alot of money today !!! What will tomorrow bring it time to buy puts ???

Did we make any portfolio changes to affect the dat tomorrow and the rest of the week.

We sold 2 and bought 2 if you want to know JOIN !!! It is only $75 per year and you get instant 24/7 access !!!

I believe it is the best deal on the internet in any form ...Our GS call at minimumm doubled your money and I am getting verified reports that several are now 9X their initial investment. And that is just one portion of the story ...the call on the semis and the top in oil all make us the only place I would trust in this turbulent market.

We just bought AMR and it responded up 35 and up 100% in the options !!! Please look at the previous articles and see for yourself what this portfoilio has done !!! It truly is amazing ..the power of great stockpicking and power of options and finding the "TIMING TREND TO BUY"

My system now has us in such a great postion ...we cannot get hurt...our stops are so tight and we just let our profits run.

Please join today PAYPAL $75 to and start to double and 5x your money today !!!!

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let's have a great call from TXN and a better report from GS and head up to 1420 SPX and then we will make another run !!!


P.S. A special thanks to my charter members and I hope you all got the late message to BUY MS options at 2:10 and made a bundle !!!

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