Monday, March 12, 2007


We do not want to get giddy here at the TTT HEDGE FUND but with all the panic and bearishness and end of the economy as we know it ( Heck we are closing down sub-p's left and right ) our portfolio jumped another 27% !!!! These are not unrealized gains or selling covered calls or doubling down or any of that nonsense ...just money...pure and simple !!!

Some websites caveat there trades by first saying that they said something they didn't a month ago that has no bearing anyway and then lying about the basics of the game which is buying and selling and winning and losing.

Enough on the fantasy sites ..but wait ..I saw today a chartist was back on the blogger that is a good man but falls in the traps of leaving a way out, you know it could go either way ...well if it could go either way ...why don't we just flip a coin and you save alot of time not making those pretty charts ...which by the way can't tell when a CEO is stealing or a dividend is going to be paid or a goldmine is found in its' backyard. Simple buy GS march 190 calls today at avg prices. Ok got them for $5.50 they are ???? OK enough bragging.

I do love charting and technical analysis but I have said since June 7th 2006 when I started this blog have to be good at 3 things ...and the biggest is experience as time teaches you that charts and indicators with a good understanding of the economy will get you right on the market more than 60% of the time and out of that time all you really need is a couple of winners and you are profitable.

We have been extremely lucky from day one because #1 we are in a Bull market and #2 we have screened nearly perfectly all of our stocks....I think TRB is our only real loser in all that time ..I am sure I may have missed one along the way but we have a pretty much 100% record on all our stocks going up and up big ...that has been a blessing.

Next ...we have played them fairly well ...some bad calls on ALL STATE EARNINGS ( but stock is still up nicely)and Index puts ( which i played like a child ) have kept me up a few nights but I have forgiven myself now and have moved on to this gorgeous portfolio we have now. I could be like some and have 97 positions hoping that some would win so i could "told you so" ..but that is not what TTT is about. I am about letting you sleep at night and making you a ton of money. Most of us cannot even afford the 400 share full postion in the 10 stocks i recommend. I certainly cannot...but with picking a couple and using our dividend plays ( ZTR ZF ) we can create enough income to speculate in puts and calls on the market ...where the real leverage is.

So we have had a remarkable run and some think the other shoe will fall tomorrow as GS will probably say something wrong and the market will be down 20%...but what if they don't ..what if they hit $5.50 per share 25 higher than expectations and say that ..Hey Things look great out there America !!!...Maybe they will be a $250 stock like I predicted.

And speaking of predictions two things got my attention today as i deleted the old TOMTHETRADER BLOG Due to technical problems

1 I called for the QQQQ to be at 52 on my anniversary June 7th 2007. Now I looked and we are 10 points away from there so we either better buy some June qqqq 45 calls or call me an idiot. SO YOU may want to take a look at those soon. I know I am .

Finally , with this huge upswing in the portfolio and the great feelings about my stock picks and the HEDGE FUND...I crossed by another members notes today . I mentioned this before but I have to again....One of our members absolutely called for the destrction of NEW and LEND simply written words he laid out a case for these two firms to go out of meet alot of people in this business and believe me ....I never would have thought what we are seeing is coming true ...what a CALL...the gains you have made are well deserved and we are proud to have you as a member ...but next time hit me in the head and say SHORT NEW you idiot !!!!!

Please take time to write and help me recruit new members as we try our best to keep you on top. Our next move is probably just moving up stops on our winners as we are not ready to buy even a 10% stke in puts even though our rules say we should be ...I am very bullish until the tape turns ...that could be tomorrow ...but for now ...let's enjoy another great day for TTT HEDGE FUND 2007

New Members can join by PAYPAL $75 : call 352-870-4626

Best of tading to you !!!!!! PLEASE LOOK at previous articles for a recent portfolio but only premium members get options and stock daily updates please join ..It is the best $75 you will ever spend !!!


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