Friday, January 15, 2010


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Friday, January 1, 2010


The bears had a bit of FUN in the last 20 minutes but the futures rallied back strong to UNCH on the week so we will see on mutual fund Monday ! January 4th and 11th are two key dates to keep in mind for the month as it may well decide the year !

I will not give you my predictions for free though as there are hundreds whom pay a small fee to hear my 35 years of wisdom and they were up 1394% last year so I will leave you with 10 stocks that will still beat the market in which after a 10% January correction you can buy for 100% gains using some options on the bottom as picking bottoms is my Business...not a good phrase for 2010 ?

On to my Free gift to you

#1 CSCO will sell off the next 3-5 weeks but buy !

#2 QCOM so undervalued in here ! But wait to buy on a dip !

#3 MSFT but let it get back to 29.00 OK ?

#4 UNP Railroads like UNP are going to correct but buy 10% back

#5 COST is a $75 stock but will hit $55 then !

#6 POT the world is hungry ....BUT POT !

#7 FCX is already correcting and you can buy in the high 60.00 area soon...don't let it slip by ?

#8 OXY has been a will be at $100 2011

#9 JNJ will be undervalued afer this correction buy after the selloff

#10 HPQ was my favorite Tech in 2009 now it needs a break but buy before earnings !

As far as shorts

#1 BMY short
#2 GMCR short

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Happy 2010