Monday, July 30, 2007


The Bull Market is still intact and No ONE should have lost money yet in the stock markets as the old saying goes "You never lose until you sell !!!". With that said a retracement of the big losses from last week come no where near helping the IWM /RUT /Russell 200 but the MEGA Caps that will lead the final leg are back up and very well thank you ...Ford (F) a position we bought into at $7.96 before earnings is up nicely and we are quite sure it will double.

All our favorites GLW NOK QCOM GS ..they all are back on track !!!

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Saturday, July 28, 2007


Wow!!! The Bears do not even know how good they have it !!! The markets and blogs and newsletters all see the fall in stocks and we see even the bears buying call options !!!! Now I will be the 1st to admit that I missed the fall and the magnitude of the fall that is still going on as the market rolled over into the close on Friday. I will also admit that the timing signals that I got put me into short positions on FXI ( China ) XOM (Exxon Mobil ) and OIH Oil Service holders. Unfortunately we were stopped out on the weak 90 point runup the day before and were left staring at 100% long stocks and then we still felt compelled to "buy the dip" and saw those call options stopped out again !!!

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Thursday, July 26, 2007


OUCH !!!! A Mauling !!!! All of you Bears who have written me over the past 6 years please have a great time again as for the 2nd time this year there is over a 3% correction !!!

WE got hit pretty hard today and made some mistakes that we will fix , not only in our indicators but in our investment ideas as the correction ( which we anticipated and wrote steadily about) was part of the ROTATION and of course credit risks.

We want to extend our invitation for you to come to the TTT HEDGE FUND with a CLEAN slate ...we will probably test 1470 SPX tomorrow but where will it go from there. I like the fact that we have hit some historical unreal oversold readings especially by small speculators and with Investors Intelligence still on a SELL we should test and go sideways to UP by Labor day as I still think a massive mega cap rally is about to brew up and those who were shorting today will be hurting in 30 days !!!

Yes I am Bullish even though I knew it was a bad call ...too many Bulls caused this complacency and by next week it will be history.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


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Saturday, July 21, 2007


Well we again saw the whipsaw action come into play as the July options expired and now we sit at another crucial stage in this Bull Markets history. Since I began this blog we have been pretty much dead on the market moves and have been ready for every turn. Making money in all kinds of market conditions is what I feel is my best attribute. The TTT HEDGE FUND was born with the idea that you can trade like a hedge fund manager at home on your time. Does it take work ?? Heck yes...but anything that can give you 1000% returns is ...we know that these returns can't be duplicated quickly especially in this environment but we also know that the strategies we have implemented WORK !!!

Starting Monday there will be a real attempt for the BEARS to regain control after not so much as a 7% correction over almost 6 years !!!

That is a impressive streak and the most important factor or I should say factors are ...the public does NOT believe it !!! Short interest is a record levels ...US investment at all time lows in US equities and THE FED WANTS YOU TO INVEST another highly rated market timer has suggested "THE PLUNGE PROTECTION TEAM " is hard at work making sure you make money in the stock market ...SO WHY NOT JOIN IN !!!!!

THE FED CANNOT LET THE STOCK MARKET FALL ...with housing , sub prime and consumer debt ...a collapse in equities would kill any hopes of the economy staying positive. My thoughts ...having followed the FED for 31 years and playing stocks and options in concert with Dr. Greenspan for years and now accepting Bernanke as he is ...He is telling us that investing in Technology and healthcare and alt energy and basic industry is OK and if you do you will be rewarded ..if you speculate in anything you will be punished ..he has let the sub prime guys take their beating and loan loss reserves are now skyrocketing at ALL regional and international money center banks for ALL mortgage related issues ..which means ..the end is not near for the housing problems and lower rates are probably on the way ....What gets in the way ???

OIL OIL OIL and resources ...I have said that a rotation is coming and perhaps the rotation away from cyclical stocks like X US STEEL and 100's of others began this past week ???? I believe it has and whether this means a full fledged 10% correction then so be it but Banks and Biotech and tech will have to lead the next leg and inflation has to slow dramatically for this to happen ...

Our position ...we are BULLISH ...but we know that short term we can get hit hard and we know intermediate term we will get hit also if we don't get it short term ..??? From here on out until we get a TREND really comes down to TRADING TRADING TRADING cannot buy and hold unless you are a millionaire or you hit the perfect stock. The advance will get narrower and narrower in the next 6 months until we get the RATE CUT !!!! then IWM and small caps will come alive but for now the action in that sector is poor !!!!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007


We remain 100% long stocks but are ready for a major change in here shortly as something is going to give. Oil / resources continue to rise and the FED says they will not ..that tell me to short the OIL MARKET .

The shorting of OIL at this level seems too easy so it will probably have one more blowoff and then we will buy puts on everything to do with oil !!!!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


After a very refreshing vacation I am back with a aggressive approach to the 3rd and 4th QUARTER !!!

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Friday, July 13, 2007


Just as I left to go on vacation to watch my son play minor league baseball in the Midwest League I made the statement here that "There is a better chance now of a 200 point up day than down day " well sure enough we went to 100% long and into some great stocks and options and we got the big move ...I will be back from vacation on Tuesday night and if all remains we will have moved our Fund from $21,000.00 to over $280,000.00 in just over a year and my predictions of QQQQ at $50.00 was just a few days off !!!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


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Monday, July 2, 2007


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