Thursday, July 26, 2007


OUCH !!!! A Mauling !!!! All of you Bears who have written me over the past 6 years please have a great time again as for the 2nd time this year there is over a 3% correction !!!

WE got hit pretty hard today and made some mistakes that we will fix , not only in our indicators but in our investment ideas as the correction ( which we anticipated and wrote steadily about) was part of the ROTATION and of course credit risks.

We want to extend our invitation for you to come to the TTT HEDGE FUND with a CLEAN slate ...we will probably test 1470 SPX tomorrow but where will it go from there. I like the fact that we have hit some historical unreal oversold readings especially by small speculators and with Investors Intelligence still on a SELL we should test and go sideways to UP by Labor day as I still think a massive mega cap rally is about to brew up and those who were shorting today will be hurting in 30 days !!!

Yes I am Bullish even though I knew it was a bad call ...too many Bulls caused this complacency and by next week it will be history.

Join us and get a free trial :

Remember that the Q's are still a double this bull and they will go to 55.00 by years end !!!



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