Saturday, July 28, 2007


Wow!!! The Bears do not even know how good they have it !!! The markets and blogs and newsletters all see the fall in stocks and we see even the bears buying call options !!!! Now I will be the 1st to admit that I missed the fall and the magnitude of the fall that is still going on as the market rolled over into the close on Friday. I will also admit that the timing signals that I got put me into short positions on FXI ( China ) XOM (Exxon Mobil ) and OIH Oil Service holders. Unfortunately we were stopped out on the weak 90 point runup the day before and were left staring at 100% long stocks and then we still felt compelled to "buy the dip" and saw those call options stopped out again !!!

The good thing about the TTT Hedge Fund sytem is you have to be pretty stupid to really lose any money !!! 8% stop losses and never investing over 10% in one investment gives you 12 losses to lose all your money ...this is the worst week the TTT Hedge Fund has EVER had ...and it was simply because we broke Rule #1 Always be hedged !!! Our By laws state the minimum short position will be 10% ...well we were so bullish and so sure we could spot a top ...we threw those rules out after the May runup !!!! No more can come to us with a FREE TRIAL and a CLEAN SLATE !!!!

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