Friday, July 13, 2007


Just as I left to go on vacation to watch my son play minor league baseball in the Midwest League I made the statement here that "There is a better chance now of a 200 point up day than down day " well sure enough we went to 100% long and into some great stocks and options and we got the big move ...I will be back from vacation on Tuesday night and if all remains we will have moved our Fund from $21,000.00 to over $280,000.00 in just over a year and my predictions of QQQQ at $50.00 was just a few days off !!!

Yes one even considered it could happen but I put it in print a year ago with the target date of July 4th !!!!

QQQQ is still a underowned index / etf and will go much higher !!!

We are looking now for some exit points on some big money making trades and hope you can join us into the Fall !!!!

We are now going to take a very aggressive approach to our earnings trades for HUGE SHORT TERM GAINS !!!!

Join us today !!!!

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New record highs like we predicted ..hundreds of our stocks at all time highs !!!!

We have led the way and now want to to join always a 30 day money back guarantee and a real need for 100% satisfaction that you will be HAPPY and sleep at night while making great profits in the US stock and options markets



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