Monday, July 30, 2007


The Bull Market is still intact and No ONE should have lost money yet in the stock markets as the old saying goes "You never lose until you sell !!!". With that said a retracement of the big losses from last week come no where near helping the IWM /RUT /Russell 200 but the MEGA Caps that will lead the final leg are back up and very well thank you ...Ford (F) a position we bought into at $7.96 before earnings is up nicely and we are quite sure it will double.

All our favorites GLW NOK QCOM GS ..they all are back on track !!!

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A new run may be on after one more pullback (test) and then the Bears may be in trouble gain !!!

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We are up over 12x in 14 months and hope it continues !!!

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Have a wonderful day !!!


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