Thursday, March 29, 2007


Our members got one of the best times market calls of the year as right at the climax bottom of the QQQQ fall , our members were given specific recommendations to buy 50 contracts of the QQQQ options that went up within 10 minutes to fiinish with a Big Profit.

Our stocks mentioned hear recently ...CNQ has gone up like 9 straight days !!!! We have been in a correction but it doesn't feel like it at the Hedge Fund !!! Up again today and with our strategies and the upcoming earnings season right around the corner ...why not JOIN TODAY ?

Our model portfolio is waiting for you and we will be fully subscribed soo the way the internet is buzzing about our returns....and our members are making money everyday !!!

Be part od something special !! Join today ..the one year $ 75 fee runs out next week and then goes to $249 per year ....and the BLOG will have no more freebies ...well maybe one or two to let you know ...some of our memebrs were in AVCI and SIM this week ...only up 25% in a down market !!!

Why not get with TTT and double your money by the 4th of July ...PAYPAL $75 to

Do it today ..make money today ...we aresetting off on a big bull run and i have the stocks and the service 24/7 for you ...whether you jave $500 or $5 strategies will double your money.

Don't waste another day losing money / get into TTT HEDGE FUND BEFORE IT IS OFF THE WEB !!!!

21k to 150k in 10 months we are really getting going ...the best $75 you could ever invest !!!



Competing for you !!!


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