Monday, March 19, 2007


Our 120 % Bullish stance proved to be the right call as our portfolio headed by QLD the double the QQQQ worked wonders along with NDAQ and AMR. Also options on GLW went up 600% as many members were loaded up after recommendations from last week . Why did the market go up ...If you would have received our members only SPECIAL REPORT last evening would have been so BULLISH and in the profits today.
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Our small portfolio of 12 stocks and 4 options gained an amazing 12% just today ...add in options and $10,000 would have turned into $14,912.90...we can work with amounts of $300 and still guarantee you will be profitable or you wil get your money back...we need members to take part in this LAST LEG OF A GREAT BULL MARKET and our goal is to make you wealthy...please consider giving me a chance to help you and your family !!!

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