Sunday, April 6, 2008


FOSTER WHEELER +1.51% 63.15
GILEAD SCIENCES +1.34% 52.35
ZWEIG FUND INC +0.21% 4.76
INTL BUSINESS MAC -0.22% 115.76
MICROSOFT CP +0.55% 29.16
INTEL CP -0.27% 21.87
GOLDMAN SACHS GRP -0.64% 175.40

We are still

100% Long our IRA in ZF which has performed well Stop 4.50

Our Model Portfolio continues to sprint ahead 60% Long now in 10% positions Of :

FWLT acting very well stop 58.00

GILD acting AMAZING !!!! stop 48.00

IBM acting well Stop 110.00

MSFT acting well Stop 27.50

INTC doing better Stop 20.00

GS off the floor and will be the market leader ....stop 160.00

No options at this point

No futures at this point

Overall Portfolio 60% Long 40% cash and looking for a 1-3% correction to add to longs

The main TTT HEDGE FUND is very Neutral after taking large gains in the 1000 point rally which we were the only ones I could find 100% long at the BOTTOM and taking profits in 2x Long ETF's options and Futures I am very proud of that ....

TRADERS : We left off Friday very defensive with a small 5% long position in XLK and a 20% short position in QID the inverse 2x ETF as we may be aggressively shorting a near term 1-3% correction.

Overall we are looking at April as a month that could get ...too much too fast as Bears start to give up ...but the problem for stock bulls now is inflation and commodities ...will we have to have another !!!! Yes another downturn ????

My view is if you are a very lucky optimist you could become a millionaire if you are right buying even now as the market bottoms ...unfortunately ..even I do not think this will happen ..I think we will have another downturn come late summer fall ...but the good news for TRADERS and TTT HEDGE FUND members ....I will do everything I can to keep you on the right side of the trade !!!!

We will be "playing a lot of earnings in the next few weeks so please look over my recommendations carefully and the options market is a risky business so please take your time and double check with me if you like !!!

I am here 24/7 !!!


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