Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hi ,

For those whom have followed me over the years know I have slowed down my blogging to concentrate on out TTT Traders room even though it has hurt total membership I have always promised current members all my efforts ...I am still looking for new members but the fact is the markets are in what I call THE LOOTING PHASE wheras if you stay to long you will get clocked ! So I am trying to manage several portfolios with nearly hourly precision and it is very time consuming...most know me for the calling the majority of short and int. term swings for the past 7 years nearly perfect and if you want this type of service with great stock picks 100% up YOY and futures calls you should be !

Please take the time to sign up and navigate these difficult seas with me.

Maybe a bigger top than we know is setting up ...THIS WEEK !


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