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(12:00 PM) eman11: If we stay above 888 for more than 15min would that signal a turnaround day
(12:03 PM) thomas_Poland: lets be carefulll .. I think there is small chance we will sellofff into around 1:25 and than move up
(12:03 PM) thomas_Poland: but if we move higher now it will be good for bulls
(12:04 PM) thomas_Poland: no matter what happens now I think we will close negative today
(12:07 PM) eman11: NYSE AD -1369
tomthetrader: Agree...we need to just hold now hero stuff just hold
(12:10 PM) hibuck2: $TNX 33.32
tomthetrader: 10 year note up big
tomthetrader: trouble
(12:10 PM) eman11: Now resistannce is 891 if we break 891 we could run to 900 pretty quickly
(12:10 PM) arujunaa: massive stops hit in tym & usm after making new week highs this morning. supply massive next week with no scheduled buybacks
(12:10 PM) hibuck2: yes
(12:11 PM) hibuck2: $PCRCO 1.00
(12:11 PM) hibuck2: $TRIN .70 $TRIQE 1.60
(12:12 PM) arujunaa: next week could be an inredible buying opp in tlt
(12:13 PM) arujunaa: and bonds have been decoupled for a while
(12:13 PM) arujunaa: from stocks
(12:14 PM) eman11: Sold ES at 888
(12:15 PM) thomas_Poland: this selloff can be fake
(12:15 PM) thomas_Poland: but hope eman makes money on this
(12:17 PM) eman11: Thanks the ES I just sold I bought at 883. I currently hold no futures.
(12:17 PM) thomas_Poland: oh ok
(12:18 PM) thomas_Poland: the same here
(12:18 PM) thomas_Poland: I thought you shorted 88
(12:18 PM) thomas_Poland: 888
(12:24 PM) eman11: That's good that we are on the same page
(12:24 PM) eman11: Where's Tom? Are you here?
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: Can you see me ?
(12:33 PM) netherbow1: you the one in the pink tights TOM?
tomthetrader: YES...AND A NICE Memorial day Bonnet
tomthetrader: On it !
tomthetrader: See the WEBCAM ....ooops OFF
(12:34 PM) thomas_Poland: you again was watching my photos ??
tomthetrader: GE up 11%
(12:34 PM) thomas_Poland: you really have to stop this
tomthetrader: GM I mean
(12:34 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom .. I have wife
tomthetrader: GE rally
tomthetrader: I know ....not a homo ?
tomthetrader: Right T Bone ?
tomthetrader: TP 24 pack
(12:35 PM) thomas_Poland: Right ...
tomthetrader: go kick the dog and drive your motorcycle 140mph in Gdansk
tomthetrader: I have studied you
(12:36 PM) thomas_Poland: right
(12:36 PM) eman11: Is Tom in here? I don't see him listed. Did he mentionin he was going to be out? - Thanks
(12:37 PM) thomas_Poland: yes he is writing
(12:37 PM) thomas_Poland: just relogin
(12:37 PM) hibuck2: here
(12:37 PM) bogdan07: y
(12:37 PM) tcb66: got kicked off
(12:38 PM) TTTMichael: y
tomthetrader: OK
(12:39 PM) eman11: I can hear you, but I can't see what you type. Kind of spooky I can hear you, but can't see like a ghost - I am going to re-login
(12:41 PM) redliontrader: did tom go away.. or did I go away?
(12:42 PM) eman11: I only could see Thomas typing
(12:43 PM) netherbow1: looks like you are both logged in
tomthetrader: everyone OK
(12:47 PM) redliontrader: thanks nether..
(12:47 PM) tomthetrader: bgbull was bounced from the room by tomthetrader. If you want to learn more about the rules for this room, read the room rules on the groups page or contact the owner: tomthetrader
(12:48 PM) redliontrader: Tom.. twitter is back up
tomthetrader: Thank you RED
(12:48 PM) eman11: OK
(12:48 PM) tomthetrader: gmari was bounced from the room by tomthetrader. If you want to learn more about the rules for this room, read the room rules on the groups page or contact the owner: tomthetrader
(1:02 PM) eman11: Tom- Nice Call on SSO - Great timing
(1:13 PM) azags: I sold my last 5000 of qid at 38.1. I am empty!
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(1:23 PM) thomas_Poland: ok 1:25 ...
(1:23 PM) thomas_Poland: we will see if anything happpens here
(1:27 PM) Fulkdaddy: down at 1:25 Thomas
(1:29 PM) hibuck2: They are talking about PPT on CNBC
(1:30 PM) hibuck2: "Plung protection team"
(1:30 PM) thomas_Poland: Davve please give it at least 5 mins
(1:30 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: 10% of SSO added please give confirms
tomthetrader: SPX at 885.00
tomthetrader: Please show prices filled for RED
tomthetrader: we are now 30% long SSO in Traders
(1:33 PM) hibuck2: yup
(1:33 PM) ajayvee: y
(1:33 PM) steve_45_4: y
(1:33 PM) thomas_Poland: y
(1:33 PM) eman11: y
(1:34 PM) redliontrader: y entering data
(1:34 PM) hibuck2: 24.35
(1:34 PM) eman11: 24.35
tomthetrader: 21.00 Ha Ha !!!!
tomthetrader: 24.35
(1:34 PM) redliontrader: just filled myself 24.34
(1:35 PM) hibuck2: BRCD no stoping it $7.08
(1:38 PM) redliontrader: is paltalk having problems are has everyone left for the weekend
(1:39 PM) ajayvee: i think everyone has left
tomthetrader: Paltalk and a very slow day with memorial plans in everyones heads
tomthetrader: I bounced afew !
(1:39 PM) eman11: I think the only ones that left for the weekend is paltalk tech support
tomthetrader: yes
(1:39 PM) redliontrader:
tomthetrader: I was knocked off for the 1st time in 6 months !
(1:40 PM) hibuck2: ok here
(1:40 PM) hibuck2: $TNX 33.10
(1:40 PM) ajayvee: Naz A/D -1300 Vol -4.4:1 ** NYSE A/D -1550 Vol -3.2:1
(1:40 PM) hibuck2: $TRIN .92 $TRIQE 1.45
tomthetrader: Covered all shorts
(1:41 PM) steve_45_4: great
(1:41 PM) hibuck2: NYSE AD -1707
tomthetrader: HPQ a Buy for IRA needy players
tomthetrader: BUY HPQ
tomthetrader: CTXS look at
tomthetrader: VXX getting attention LONG
tomthetrader: a couple of pros with good records got long ES at 889.75
tomthetrader: Trade Station had some big problems this a.m.
(1:44 PM) steve_45_4: yes knocked off server at TS
(1:44 PM) TTTMichael: No, not
(1:44 PM) redliontrader: ok.. now..
(1:44 PM) ajayvee: TS okay by me!
(1:44 PM) TTTMichael: Quotes OK, I trade on another platform.
(1:46 PM) redliontrader: I have to run for the rest of the day... I will update portfolio's after the market closes
(1:46 PM) steve_45_4: ty for work red
tomthetrader: Thanks RED
tomthetrader: we will grab 10% more at the close or 3:30pm ..or the LOD on SSO !
(1:47 PM) ajayvee: you don't think we have seen the lows?
(1:48 PM) bogdan07: with latest TS 8.6 build 2525 no problem
(1:48 PM) redliontrader: ok.. i'll look through the posts
(1:48 PM) ajayvee: still waiting for 875?
tomthetrader: Yes we hope we can get 100% long at 875 SPX cash
tomthetrader: Heavy selling there another sell program
(1:58 PM) azags: I am waiting for animal entrails to tell me to go long today. It would have to fall another 20 points on the ndx for me to jump in long at the close. Tomorrow might be a different story but I have sold all my qid because I am traveling
tomthetrader: ok
(2:04 PM) PremR: bonds making new lows and gold making new highs
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: adding another layer long here
tomthetrader: sso 10 per cent
tomthetrader: 24.27
tomthetrader: ok
tomthetrader: 10 per cent more at 24.16
tomthetrader: ok
(2:09 PM) azags: Have a good weekend everybody
(2:10 PM) ajayvee: be safe and enjoy zags
(2:10 PM) Fulkdaddy: take care Zags
(2:10 PM) Fulkdaddy: 870 on the close today Tom?
(2:11 PM) Fulkdaddy: probably bounce at 875
(2:12 PM) thomas_Poland: we should see a test of yesterdays lows at least tomorrrow
(2:12 PM) thomas_Poland: so this buy should be a winner for TTT .. as usual
(2:13 PM) Fulkdaddy: Thomas you see a bounce up to 900 and then another sell-off?
(2:14 PM) thomas_Poland: yes
tomthetrader: 24.09 added to 50%
tomthetrader: TREND IS DOWN and TECH IS DEAD
tomthetrader: Banks are surprisingly strong but just got nailed with some QUANT FUND selling
(2:18 PM) hibuck2: $TNX 33.68
(2:19 PM) hibuck2: $TRIN 2.28 $TRIQE 1.45
(2:19 PM) hibuck2: NYSE AD -1886
(2:21 PM) ajayvee: A/D volume -8:1 just sunk during that sell program
tomthetrader: Massive selling on that Quant program
tomthetrader: a HUGE basket of all indices
tomthetrader: all futures too
tomthetrader: looking for 875 test by 3:30pm
(2:22 PM) eman11: Hopefully PPT will come in and save the day.
tomthetrader: doubtful...FED started it by the language in release of minutes ..after several members just 24 hours earlier said the opposite thing ...messed up
(2:25 PM) eman11: I was thinking with some many people anticipating 875 that might not go that low before we bounce back up.
(2:26 PM) eman11: Maybe with the financials holding up well, we might not get the PPT action today
tomthetrader: good idea..that is why I like to buy in at lowerprices ..dollar cost but our last wave unlike Dollar cost abg. will be a 50% position
tomthetrader: so I call it buying in waves and the last is the largest and will be the line in the sand
(2:29 PM) eman11: That why your the man!
tomthetrader: or the class clown ...village idiot ...been preaching a 8-10 correction then miss 50% of it !
(2:33 PM) thomas_Poland: VIX is rising today
tomthetrader: HUGE right on CNBC call
(2:33 PM) thomas_Poland: everybody expect low in VIX is in?
tomthetrader: everyone was telegraphed
tomthetrader: VXX long
(2:34 PM) thomas_Poland: yes
(2:34 PM) thomas_Poland: wouldn't it be nice to go up to 900 so everybody covers those positions and than sell off ?
(2:34 PM) thomas_Poland: this is 'only' 20 points
(2:36 PM) ajayvee: that's tomorrow thomas
(2:36 PM) thomas_Poland: yes .. tomorrow for sure
(2:36 PM) thomas_Poland: and I would not be surprised if they do it on gap up
(2:36 PM) thomas_Poland: and piss me off
(2:36 PM) thomas_Poland: as I hate trading globex
tomthetrader: 880 is a 5% correction
tomthetrader: Normal Bull market corrections ...this has been the worst so far ...or a tie til now we have had 5 corrections
tomthetrader: XLF and XLE did not make a fresh low on the last program
(2:40 PM) netherbow1: STT holds green all day TOM - not in - any opinion ?
tomthetrader: The weakness in about all the currencies is fueling FEAR not seen since March
tomthetrader: STT a great bank of the best plays out there
(2:41 PM) netherbow1: is this a good entry ?
tomthetrader: I am tempted to buy GS MS and WFC but won't
tomthetrader: If you are holding for IRA ..I would look at it
tomthetrader: Not for a trade
(2:42 PM) netherbow1: thxs,will wait
tomthetrader: if for IRA I would buy the close with a 8% stop
(2:43 PM) netherbow1: thxs, no IRA
(2:44 PM) eman11: Tom - How are your indicators?
tomthetrader: Not as good as I would like ...the markets are making it impossible with the up down up down to get any indicators to BITE
tomthetrader: and right now I want a BITE
tomthetrader: still can get another 1% down ! before a buy signal
tomthetrader: and we are at the NQ lows now
tomthetrader: 1414 yesterday and today ?
tomthetrader: what a trade for those bold enought to shprt
tomthetrader: short
tomthetrader: so nervous of getting runoer and then the Bears come back and run the bulls over
tomthetrader: No eco data will kill this until Tuesday
(2:50 PM) ajayvee: Naz A/D -1425 Vol -5:1 ** NYSE A/D -1884 Vol -9.5:1
(2:51 PM) eman11: SPX clawing onto 880 for life
tomthetrader: yes we will go 100% long here in SSO TTT BUY SIGNAL FIRED NOW
tomthetrader: so please add your fills SSO 100% long 200K in Traders
tomthetrader: SSO quote ?
(2:53 PM) steve_45_4: 24.02
tomthetrader: verify
(2:53 PM) hibuck2: 24.01
(2:53 PM) netherbow1: 24.01
(2:53 PM) PremR: 24.01 at 24.02
tomthetrader: 24.00 24.01
tomthetrader: 24.01
tomthetrader: that is a 50% position
tomthetrader: SSO at 24.00 + or minus
(2:55 PM) Hasiba Agic: Beutiful girs from Germany >>
(2:56 PM) hibuck2: $TRIN 2.49 $TRIQE 1.52
(2:56 PM) hibuck2: $TNX 33.44
(2:57 PM) hibuck2: NYSE AD -1967
(2:57 PM) eman11: Tom - what factors made you decide to buy the last 50% position now instead of eaiting for 875 - You think we won't get to 875? - thanks I'm just curious
(3:02 PM) bogdan07: i was close with my spx 880 prediction yesterday "refuse to go long,see you at SPX 880" 879.71 low today,(so far),1200 bgu at avg. 30.34 ,see you spx 900 tomorrow ?
(3:03 PM) hibuck2: $PCRCO .99
(3:03 PM) ajayvee: bogdan, I'd be happy to meet you at 900spx
(3:05 PM) bogdan07: destination SPX 920
(3:15 PM) netherbow1: any opinion on gold TOM ?
(3:28 PM) steve_45_4: test
(3:29 PM) steve_45_4: dont know if paltalk bounced me again?
(3:29 PM) netherbow1: CSIQ acting well today - not in
(3:30 PM) steve_45_4: I am here read that
(3:30 PM) bogdan07: patalk ok
(3:31 PM) steve_45_4: PPT time LOL
(3:35 PM) bogdan07: Tom has problem with paltalk ?
(3:35 PM) steve_45_4: maybe a # of us had problems today
(3:36 PM) bogdan07: anyway rolling up spx 885
(3:37 PM) bogdan07: sso 24.31
(3:37 PM) DE_TTT: More ASX because I enjoy pain.
(3:38 PM) Pete45: I just joined -did we get buy signal today?
(3:38 PM) eman11: Is TRADERS holding the 100% SSO position overnight?
(3:39 PM) bogdan07: we need Tom to confirm
(3:40 PM) ajayvee: tom said tomorrow would be sideways up, so I think so
(3:41 PM) DE_TTT: Earnings tonight...ARO, ADSK, EXM, GPS, LDK CRM, VRGY, ARUN
(3:41 PM) eman11: I remembering discussing that tomorrow seasonally is one of the best markets days of the year. I think he said it was the third best after the day before Christmas and Thanksgiving
(3:42 PM) bogdan07: yes
tomthetrader: 100% swing trade long in SSO
tomthetrader: we will hold and then put in Main fund if not profitable after 5 days
(3:45 PM) eman11: Shorts are running for the exits
(3:46 PM) steve_45_4: getting to believe there really is a PPT
(3:47 PM) steve_45_4: and this time I am rooting for them
tomthetrader: stops moved up to 2% on SSO please
(3:47 PM) billbTN: i'm long 3 es from 881
tomthetrader: again stops moved up on SSO to 2% trailing
(3:47 PM) eman11: trailing stop?
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: 2% trailing
tomthetrader: from here
tomthetrader: again we will shed only on a trail of 2%
tomthetrader: Nice going TTT BUY SIGNAL
(3:55 PM) bogdan07: spx 900,tomorrow ?
(3:55 PM) DE_TTT: Nice call, Tom
(3:55 PM) steve_45_4: so you sold?
(3:55 PM) TTTMichael: Do we have a buy signal??
(3:55 PM) steve_45_4: ok ty
tomthetrader: Yes from my SSO 100% in
tomthetrader: (2:51 PM) eman11: SPX clawing onto 880 for life
tomthetrader: yes we will go 100% long here in SSO
tomthetrader: so please add your fills SSO 100% long 200K in Traders
(3:59 PM) hibuck2: congrats Tom
tomthetrader: 100% long SSO
tomthetrader: Thomas has seen this before ?
(4:00 PM) eman11: Congrats Tom - - Great Call Time the bottom perfectly on the last 50% buy. Thanks
tomthetrader: Thank you E
(4:01 PM) Fulkdaddy: Nice call on the longs Tom!
(4:01 PM) Fulkdaddy: I covered 1/3 of my shorts
(4:02 PM) netherbow1: thxs TOM . Nite everyone - thxs for posts
(4:02 PM) TTTMichael: Nice call. I also bought EEM.
(4:02 PM) billbTN: whoops, sorry, i'm long from 883 not 881
(4:02 PM) ajayvee: I mixed it up SSO TNA BGU
(4:03 PM) DE_TTT: See you tomorrow. Really great calls today, Tom.
tomthetrader: Thank you DE , you've seen them before ?
(4:04 PM) DE_TTT: GPS Gap Inc prelim $0.31 vs $0.30 First Call consensus; revs $3.13 bln vs $3.14 bln First Call consensus
(4:04 PM) DE_TTT: ARO Aeropostale sees Q2 $0.46-0.48, excluding $0.03 in charges, vs $0.37 First Call consensus
(4:04 PM) DE_TTT: ARO Aeropostale prelim $0.49 vs $0.48 First Call consensus; revs $408.02 mln vs $404.65 mln First Call consensus
(4:05 PM) DE_TTT: ZUMZ Zumiez beats by $0.02, reports revs in-line; guides Q2 EPS below consensus (11.10 -0.16)
tomthetrader: Good news
tomthetrader: all retailiers are OK
(4:05 PM) Fulkdaddy: Guidance does not look great
(4:06 PM) DE_TTT: DBRN Dress Barn beats by $0.08, beats on revs; guides FY09 EPS above consensus (14.85 +0.02)
(4:06 PM) don_2007_: say tom... what timeframe do you watch for entries?
(4:07 PM) DE_TTT: EXM Excel Maritime Carriers prelim $2.42 ex-items vs $0.69 First Call consensus; revs $222.1 mln vs $109.32 mln First Call consensus
(4:07 PM) JR Roden: Another good call Tom
(4:07 PM) steve_45_4: great call on last 50 % position on SSo right at 24.00 low
(4:07 PM) bloomert: Masterful calls today Tom and I'm happy to say I participated Thank you TTT
(4:07 PM) DE_TTT: Indeed I have, Tom...over and over again!
(4:07 PM) DE_TTT: PSUN Pacific Sunwear beats by $0.16, beats on revs; guides Q2 EPS below consensus (4.17 +0.06)
(4:08 PM) DE_TTT: VRGY Verigy beats by $0.21, beats on revs; guides Q3 revs above consensus (11.31 -0.33)
(4:08 PM) DE_TTT: CRM prelim $0.15 vs $0.11 First Call consensus; revs $304.9 mln vs $304.73 mln First Call consensus
(4:08 PM) DE_TTT: CRM sees Q2 $0.14-0.15 vs $0.13 First Call consensus; sees revs $312-313 mln vs $319.22 mln First Call consensus
tomthetrader: Thanks the have seen a few of these too ?

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