Wednesday, May 13, 2009


(1:59 PM) nimesh_: 888 acts as resistance now?
(1:59 PM) PremR: cme and ice news on cds listing (cds=credit default swap)
tomthetrader: NAZ is broken
tomthetrader: FAZ at 6.00 may go to 7.00 ?
tomthetrader: XLF puts worked well
tomthetrader: This last leg down will ....probably get us a BUY signal ..if we hold the lows on ES at 880.00 I will issue a BUY TTT BUY SIGNAL
(2:07 PM) Fulkdaddy: Tom, I am so impressed with how well you have played this market since the low in November all the way to today....6 months of nearly perfect market calls. Absolutely, the best on the planet.
tomthetrader: Thank you for those kind words Dave
(2:09 PM) DE_TTT: Great work, Tom.
(2:09 PM) desertone: fulkdaddy what is Tom feeding U ?
(2:10 PM) desertone: I want some too
tomthetrader: Very professional of you and very much appreciated from a money manager who has done very well for his clients ..Thank you
(2:10 PM) eman11: It's OPEX week, so I suspect that market will have at least one solid up day this week.
tomthetrader: agree ...may be Friday
tomthetrader: and bears will blame it on Opex
(2:10 PM) eman11: True
tomthetrader: so it will be good and we will give it all back Monday and then the rally into memorial day
(2:11 PM) Fulkdaddy: Desertone, he is feeding US unbelievable market calls!
(2:12 PM) desertone: Great
(2:12 PM) desertone: Seidman Died
tomthetrader: FLASH ..My son Nolan and his Santa Fe Saints JUCO baseball team just beat the National Juco champs 5-3 and advance to Grand Junction Colorado for the JUCO nationals 8 teams
(2:13 PM) steve_45_4: congrads
(2:13 PM) Fulkdaddy: Awesome news, Tom
tomthetrader: My oldest boy Ryne won 3 ACC Rings now my youngest gets at min a State Ring 1st time for SantA FE IN 30 years
(2:13 PM) nimesh_: good to hear
tomthetrader: very excited !
(2:13 PM) Fulkdaddy: Chips off the old block
(2:14 PM) hibuck2: congrats tom
(2:14 PM) Fulkdaddy: You've been known to take a curve ball or two deep haven't you?
(2:14 PM) DE_TTT: Cool, Tom!
(2:16 PM) eman11: Wow -That's is incredible if sons keep winning they might want to open a jewerly store
tomthetrader: agree...
tomthetrader: really very happy .....thanks for the nice words
(2:18 PM) dhmohan1963: congrats be proud
tomthetrader: I am very proud of my boys ...all-americans and champions plus good to be with big decisions I go to Grand Junction CO next week ???
(2:20 PM) hibuck2: QQQQ 32.97
(2:21 PM) PremR: ung lows of day.
(2:22 PM) PremR: let me guess tom you are a Nolan Ryan fan?
tomthetrader: ok
(2:22 PM) desertone: What is better here with UNG Tom common shares or leaps?
(2:22 PM) redliontrader: yes, on Grand Junction... I hear the WIFI there almost as good as the baseball!
(2:25 PM) JR Roden: TTT Congrats - that is big news for your son.
(2:29 PM) dhmohan1963: tom when we turn around you expect tech to lead or financial to lead
(2:34 PM) eman11: Huge Bid at 882.50 on ES
(2:35 PM) Fulkdaddy: Tom, it is my assessment you just have to go to Grand Junction if you can. Life is short and these successes need to be cherished.
tomthetrader: agree
tomthetrader: BGZ ..easy in and out
tomthetrader: 10000 sh can get you some nic e$$$$$
(2:46 PM) JR Roden: TTT - go to Grand Junction.
(2:47 PM) JR Roden: From David Nichols daily report:
tomthetrader: Thanks...I will bring trusty laptop and headset
(2:48 PM) JR Roden: If the SPX closes under 893, then I recommend shutting down all long trading positions. If the SPX drops too far under this 893 level intraday, then go ahead and close them out during the day, as ideally we want to see a fairly quick "slingshot" recovery off another trip down to this 896 area. If this slingshot doesn't happen, it's not a good sign.
tomthetrader: Thank you JR
tomthetrader: what time was it updated ?
(2:49 PM) JR Roden: That was from last night.
(2:50 PM) PremR: just some stats someone sent me. if highs are made in the 3rd 30min bar there is a 69% chance the low will be made in the last 1.5hours of trading. the lows today were made in the 9th 30min bar which has only happened 5% of the time since jan 2008. so good chance we will see lows later still
tomthetrader: Great data
(2:52 PM) hibuck2: $TRIN 1.33 $TRIQE 1.95
(2:53 PM) thomas_Poland: PremR .. I also would like to know how it looked on every Wednesday
(2:53 PM) thomas_Poland:
(2:54 PM) thomas_Poland: and maybe on every Wed after unemployment report

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